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Display Shelves for Collectibles and Prized Possessions

Ian Mutuli
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Ian Mutuli

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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Most homeowners decorate their homes with display shelves for collectibles because they take someone a trip down memory lane. The collectibles can be collections or prized possessions that are very valuable to be left on a shelf or handled without care. Therefore, an ideal display case is necessary for preserving the integrity of an item while still showcasing it to be admired.

Display cases for your collectibles come in different options and styles where you should choose only the ones with a strong glass and security system to keep your ornaments safe.

If you are looking for a decorative yet nostalgic home experience, we have listed the best display shelves for collectibles to help you with easy shopping. Read on. The displaying shelves we have listed are suitable for different collectibles ranging in size from small items such as toys and jewelry to large items to hold multiple oversized items.

What are Display Shelves?

A display shelf is a furniture piece with shelves where you can store plants, books, collectibles, picture frames and other decor elements to your taste. As much as you may like other furniture, display wall shelves add some character and spice to your house.

Displaying shelves for collectibles is a safe place to showcase your collectibles without worrying about damage, deterioration, stick fingers or environmental distractions. There are many types of shelving, cabinets and boxes designed for the best setting of showcasing your collectibles, such as coins, ornaments, stamps, family heirlooms and anything that brings you happiness.

Notably, displaying shelves are not the only places to store your collectibles. You can also achieve the unexpected by displaying your small collectibles on window sills and the large items in an unused fireplace.

Pros and Cons of Using Display Shelves for Collectibles

With plenty of considerations in mind, you may find it difficult to decide whether to purchase display wall shelves for collectibles or not. For clarity to your predicament, here are some pros and cons for you to contemplate.


  • Maximizes your vertical space
  • Increases your storage options
  • Easy to access and convenient
  • Space-saving feature


  • The shelves could look crowded and disorganized
  • The open shelves are not dustproof since everything is out in the open, but this can be solved by using closed displays.

Making display shelves for collectibles?

1. DisplayGifts Collectible Solid Wood Display Case

DisplayGifts Collectible Solid Wood Display Case Wall...
  • Cherry Finish. Crafted from solid wood, Overall Measurements:...
  • Please Measure your Collectibles to make sure they fit slots...
  • Real Glass door to Protect and prevent dust, easy access. Felt...
  • No assembly required, comes in one piece
  • Wall mountable, easy to hang. Shot Glass NOT included.

DisplayGifts display case is crafted from solid wood, and it features a real glass door that prevents and protects your collection from dust and easy access to your collections. It also features a felt interior background that gives the case a great look.

DisplayGifts display case needs no assembly as it comes as one piece, and it can be wall-mounted, is easy to hang, and can stand on a table. It is a great option to display rocks, small curios or other figurines. It includes door latches and brass hinges, and wall brackets on the back for hanging.

2. COASTER 5-Shelf Glass Curio Cabinet

COASTER 5-Shelf Glass Curio Cabinet Black and Clear
  • Set includes: One (1) curio cabinet
  • Materials: Pine and paper veneer
  • Finish Color: Black and clear
  • Material Content: 30% Sheen
  • Assembly Required: YES

The Coaster glass curio cabinet has a slender black frame and linear styling that complements modern decor. It features glass panels on all its sides to shed maximum light on your collections. To offer easy access to the interior shelving, there are push-to-open doors, and it also has deep shelves that make your collectibles and action figures the center of attention.

The curio cabinet comes in three sizes which allows you to choose the best size according to your collectibles and ornaments. This showcase works well in an end wall or a living room, and the curio cabinet gives a breathtaking look to both modern and traditional interiors.

3. Ikee Design Wooden Wall-Mounted Display Shelves

Ikee Design Wooden Wall-Mounted Display Shelves Rack...
  • WOODEN DISPLAY RACK - 5 shelves wooden rack for displaying your...
  • REMOVABLE SHELVES - The wooden shelves slide in and out easily,...
  • WALL-MOUNTING DISPLAY SHELF - It can be easily mounted on the...
  • MATERIAL & SIZE - Wood; Overall: 11"W x 3 1/8"D x 16 1/8"H;...
  • Accessories are NOT included

Ikee design shelves are a perfect wooden example of where you can store your collectibles, small plants, action figures, picture frames and other memorable collections to make your space feels special. It has a classic natural oak finish, and this shelf can be mounted on the wall if you need extra space for other decor pieces.

Ikee Design Wooden shelf customizes its shelving by pulling wood out of the shelf and allows you to create several height options. Aside from the shelves being removable, it has a minimalist and trendy style for displaying your figurines, collectibles, collections and action figures.

4. ANDGOO Display Risers Acrylic Showcase

ANDGOO Display Risers, 6 Pcs Rectangular Clear Acrylic...
  • 💕Premium Materials - Large Size: 8.8*3*3.9in, 8.4*3*2.8in,...
  • 💕Floating Visual Experience - Crystal clear food-grade acrylic...
  • 💕Easy to Clean and Maintain - No assembly! ANDGOO acrylic...
  • 💕Versatile Uses Meet All Your Needs - From jewelry to toys,...
  • 💕You will Get - Comes with 6pcs Acrylic Display Risers. If the...

ANDGOO display risers come with thick transparent acrylic that has extra durability and long-lasting service. In addition, the display shelf gives a floating visual experience thanks to the food-grade acrylic that gives this stand a stylish and exquisite look.

The ANDGOO display risers are easy to clean and does not need any assembly where it features two protective films on the inside and outside. The display set has a laser-cut finish smooth surface and comes with two sets, and has three differently sized risers to show your different collections. In addition, this display shelf is super versatile as it can be used to store collectibles, succulent plants, shot glasses and any other crafts.

5. Ikea Detolf Glass Display Cabinet-White

Ikea Detolf Glass Curio Display Cabinet White
  • With a glass-door cabinet, you can show off as well as protect...
  • You can easily brighten up your display objects as the glass-door...

Ikea is a popular brand that needs no introduction or advertising, and this glass-door cabinet is from the company. The display shelf features top and bottom panels made from particleboard, foil and ABS. The displaying shelf has a polyester/ epoxy powder coating, giving a lustrous and smooth finish.

Ikea Detolf Glass display case has sturdy and well-built tempered glass panels, and it helps to showcase your favorite collection while offering the best protection. Also, you can install some lighting fixtures to help in brightening up all the collectibles you are showcasing in the display cabinet.

The installation is easy and simple when you follow all the instructions given in the box, but it may take about two hours to unbox and install the glass door cabinet fully. Notably, thanks to the compact design, it easily fits in small spaces, but you need to be careful when handling glass panels.

What to Consider When Purchasing the Best Display Shelves for Collectibles

If it's your first time purchasing display storage for collectibles and you don't know what to look for, you might feel worried. However, we got you. We have listed some factors to consider when shopping for the right shelving for your prized possessions.

1. Size

The size of your cabinet or display shelves is one of the most important factors to consider before purchasing. If you are working with a tall frame, it will make your room look airy and uncrowded. In addition, it creates the likelihood to focus more on the decor and not how bulky the display cabinet is.

2. Design

You shouldn't buy display shelves without thinking of your house's interior, such as chairs and accent lamps, because display shelves can make and break the look of your place. In simple terms, a contemporary and sleek display cabinet should be matched with modern interior design, but a vintage one can give an overall aesthetic of a classically themed space.

3. Type

Display shelves usually vary from various styles to offer functionality and specific features. For example, vitrines or glass display shelves are suitable for your collectibles and other decors needing special attention but safe for occasional falling or dust.

Contrarily, a display rack or a bookshelf allows interaction and visual focus. As with wall-mounted display shelves, it gives a clean and bright approach to your house decor, and it will need constant cleaning because of debris and dust.

4. Price

The cost or budget of displaying shelves always matters because the price is not always correlated with quality. You can DIY your display shelves to give a personalized yet more accommodating piece if you have a low budget.

For instance, versatile pegboard shelves are suitable for people who often redesign their shelves. It gives the option of changing the amount of storage and placement as long as it fits your current needs.

5. Frame and Construction

Without a doubt, the display's shelf case construction and the frame are important to consider when you shop for a display shelf. If the frame is flimsy and not created with high-quality materials, it could easily fall apart with time becoming useless and could destroy your collection.

In addition, the frame should be solid and resistant enough to protect your collection while simultaneously preserving the structure of your display case.

6. Lighting System

When shopping, you will realize that most display shelves for action figures and collectibles have lighting to make the items more enjoyable and visible. Most manufacturers use LED lighting to achieve the light details and give your setup more filters. Notably, if you search widely, some display cases feature other lighting types, including regular bulbs of different sizes.

7. Shelves

Generally, having a displaying case with more shelves means showcasing more action figures and collections. However, a display case featuring too many shelves may not have enough height to accommodate the larger figures out there. So, to make sure your collections fit in your display case, ensure you measure the tallest items you plan to display and check if they will fit in your new displaying shelf.

8. Door

Almost all the closed display cases feature a door that allows you to place your items inside, whereas most have a sliding door. Normally, most sliding doors are acrylic, transparent or glass, with exceptions. However, some display shelves come with a swinging door, not a sliding one. No matter the displaying case, all the closed display cases should have additional security.

9. Backing Materials

The backing material of a display shelf gives the background for the items you have displayed in it. Several materials are used to make the backing, and they include cork barking, mirror backing, loop fabric, a white laminate, and a large variety of wood types. Largely, a display shelf backing will be present for aesthetic reasons, but some materials will offer extra protection for the items on display.

What are the Types of Display Shelves for Collectibles?

a). Wall Mounted Display Cases

These cases are the ones you hang on a wall, and they are preferred because they are practical, convenient, and they don't occupy a lot of space. Also, they don't need counter space or a stand, which adds convenience, and they are less expensive than the freestanding display cases.

The wall showcase is meant to be displayed against a wall where the products can be accessed and displayed from the same side. This type is heavily used by schools, museums, stores and homes to showcase their prized possessions.

b). Freestanding Display Cases

These displaying cases can be placed against a wall, corner, or stand, and they are more spacious and larger than the mounted display cases. There are three types of freestanding showcases, wall, counter and middle floor showcases.

A counter showcase is designed to display items through one side, the customer side, and allow them to be accessible on the other side. These displays are mostly used for retail stores.

On the other hand, the middle floor case is meant for displaying items from all sides, and it is meant to be positioned in the middle of a room. Schools, museums, and stores mostly use this showcase to showcase any valuable collections.

How Much Weight Can Wall Mounted Display Shelves Hold?

On average, standard wall-mounted display shelves support about 30-50 lbs. However, this depends on the shelf materials, how many studs should be used to mount and the depth on the wall-mounted shelf.

Some wall-mounted display shelves can support over 300 lbs, but these shelves have to be built and installed properly to carry this amount of weight. In addition, you can also consider what your shelf will be holding, how much objects weigh and how it will affect the dimensions you need for your shelf. The answers will help you decide how big your shelf should be and the type of wood you should use.

Notably, if you want your shelf to handle a substantial amount of weight, specific wood types are sturdy and durable. Some include mahogany, cherry, walnut, plywood, pine and MDF (medium-density fiberboard).

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Ian Mutuli

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Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.