How Does Drampid Work?

How Does DampRid Work To Eliminate Humidity?

Ian Mutuli
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Ian Mutuli

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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Dampness and humidity are a part of everyday life. Be it the weather or a leaky roof, no one is ever free of excessive moisture from the air. However, there are ways to remove moisture using moisture absorbers. A humidity problem is not necessarily a death sentence. However, it is capable of attracting mold growth. Mold damage can cause a catastrophe throughout your house. Products such as DampRid crystals can help to reduce moisture from the air. So how does DampRid work?

What Is DampRid, And What Is It Used For?

DampRid is a product that is designed for moisture control. If your humidity levels are high in your house, you will require DampRid crystals to absorb excess moisture from the air. DampRid moisture absorbers are not toxic. This means they are safe to have in a room, even with a baby. However, even if they can trap excess moisture and they are non-toxic, they should not be ingested. The crystals should be kept away from any crawling infants and small children.

Using DampRid refillable moisture absorbers to remove moisture is like using a dehumidifier. It is a product designed to remove moisture from the air by absorbing as much as possible. A moisture problem is serious, and you should tackle it head-on before you get severe moisture damage. Additionally, rooms such as laundry rooms are where humidity levels might be at an increased moisture level.

As soon as you get a mold problem, you should begin immediately to use DampRid in all humid areas. Furthermore, DampRid works even in a large room, not only a laundry room. When you use DampRid, you should start to see results within a few days. Absorbing excess moisture is the primary goal of DampRid. Therefore an excessive humidity problem should not be much of a problem for any DampRid moisture absorber.

How Does DampRid Work?

Before we answer how DampRid works, we have to first explain what DampRid is made of. DampRid is made of sodium chloride crystals. Sodium chloride is a naturally occurring substance that can hold and absorb excess moisture from the air. It is also used to melt snow. Some other DampRid moisture absorbers consist of an inorganic mineral salt called calcium chloride. Calcium chloride crystals also work in the same way as potassium chloride.

Sodium and calcium chloride are perfect for high humidity areas and act as a dehumidifier. In many cases, they stop and prevent and mold growth. You can also place DampRid products anywhere in a room. DampRid products do not need any electricity to function and come ready to use. After purchase, place the DampRid in a container and wait for the liquid to pool at the bottom of the container.

The DampRid will absorb any moisture in the air and are perfect even for small spaces. The DampRid crystals and even the larger crystals harden and form a solid mass. The mass absorbs moisture from the air and then begins to crumble and drip into the bottom chamber. You can continue to place calcium chloride even after you reduce humidity and water vapor. After the mold has taken over a room or house, ensure you get a mold removal professional before using any DampRid products.

DampRid works in three phases:

a) First Phase

The DampRid moisture absorbers work by absorbing excess humidity. Therefore, after exposing the crystals to the air, they will harden. Depending on how much moisture there is, they might take a few days to work. After absorbing moisture in the air, it will begin to drip from the top chamber into the bottom chamber. The liquid will pool in a small container.

b) Second Phase

After the crystal mass absorbs moisture in an effort to reduce humidity, it will start to dissolve. By the time a few days have passed, half of the crystal mass should have dripped into the chamber below. As a result, high humidity areas should begin to feel less damp.

c) Third Phase

If you got a scented DampRid dehumidifier, then you should notice the freshener beads it will leave behind on the top chamber. Any remaining crystals and freshener beads should be discarded. The saltwater solution in the bottom should be poured into the toilet. If you have a refill pack, then you should replace them after removing the DampRid cover. Because it is non-toxic, this makes DampRid safe for households.

What Does DampRid Safeguard From?

The primary reason for using DampRid is to reduce humidity by acting as a dehumidifier. While the DampRid can be helpful in the right musty conditions, it might not be suitable for other conditions. DampRid isn't toxic, but it can cause skin irritation if held without gloves or tongs. Therefore it is not recommended to touch it. DampRid safeguards from the following:

i) Mildew

Mildew can exist in many forms, including a powdery substance. It usually has a flat growth habit. Additionally, fungi will thrive on any organic matter as long as there is humidity and the right temperature. You may have noticed growing in your bathroom, laundry room, and even the kitchen. Mildew is dangerous to your health. It requires quick action before it defaces your home, walls and any other place it grows.

Putting in a dehumidifier or a container of DampRid will do wonders to keep the humidity under control. Additionally, DampRid contains calcium chloride, which is a hygroscopic substance as well.

ii) Mold

Mold growth is an unwelcome sight. While it is not very unusual to find a mold problem every now and then, mold has adverse health effects when inhaled. Other species are downright toxic. Inhaling the spores could lead to breathing problems and sudden death. Other people might also be severely affected, especially with conditions such as asthma. Therefore, quick mold removal is essential to prevent mold problem in the future.

Reducing moisture and humidity in the air is important to keep mold away. Without requiring electricity, a DampRid device will get rid of up to 20 percent of humidity. As it decreases humidity, it also leaves behind a fresh scent and no mold.

iii) Unpleasant Smells

You can place a DampRid container where you have unwanted smells. From garbage smells to funny closet smells, you can easily get rid of them. Since mold appears even on clothes, you might want to prevent mold by putting one of the DampRid merchandise in your closets. Not only will this prevent mold, but it will also ensure you have fresh clothes.

Types Of DampRid Merchandise

DampRid comes in different ways. Most noticeably, it comes in three packages.

1) Large Buckets

DampRid works by absorbing moisture. In large buckets, they are left un-sealed at the top. Therefore, this might not exactly be the best option for you if you have infants or pets. If the bucket is sealed, then it will not do its job. However, large buckets last longer and absorb more moisture from the air. Additionally, it should be emptied out as fast as possible when it is full.

2) Small Buckets

Small containers are perfect for small spaces. They fit well and are very unproblematic. The issue, however, is having to refill it every time it runs out. Filling it every time can be tiring. However, they can also topple over easily. So ensure not to leave them near furniture, or carpets or any clothes because they stain.

3) Hanging Bags

Hanging bags are super convenient for your car, closet and other spaces. Additionally, they leave any space smelling fresh and dry. No moisture from the air will be able to get into the spaces you place a hanging bag in. Additionally, they are great if you have pets and children. You can hang them in places they can't reach.

Safety Guidelines For DampRid

  • DampRid is a natural substance and is safe to be around children and pets. However, every substance that is safe to be around children and pets might not be safe to be within their reach.
  • Ingesting DampRid should be avoided at all costs. If you ingest it, be sure to seek medical advice as soon as possible.
  • If it accidentally does comes in contact with your skin or eyes, wash the area thoroughly. However, if irritation persists, ensure to go to the emergency room. Purchase products with safety lids.
  • Do not remove the safety lids except when doing a refill. If you do, ensure your child or pet can't reach the container.

The Bottom Line

Apart from reducing condensation in a room, the crystalline in a DampRid don't need to be replaced very often. Therefore apart from being an investment, they also save your house and any other organic items. Having fans in your house might help the efficacy of the DampRid, by circulating air throughout the room. Damprid is effective at eliminating humidity and might help you out with bad or unwanted smells.

Ian Mutuli

About the author

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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