The Glass-Cabinet Doors Kitchen Trend

Why You Should Embrace The Glass-Cabinet Doors Kitchen Trend

Ian Mutuli
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Ian Mutuli

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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When renovating your kitchen, it's essential to think about all the details. Every detail must be considered and reconsidered to create a beautiful and coherent kitchen, whether it's the flooring, furniture, work surfaces, colors, or décor. However, some of these details are more important than others. 

Believe it or not, the cabinets are one of the most important factors to consider when renovating a kitchen. But what's so special about kitchen cabinets? The question shouldn't be how special they are but how hard it is to match kitchen cabinets with the rest of your kitchen. You can drive yourself mad attempting to find the perfect kitchen cabinet designs for your aesthetic.

Even with a minimalist, modern kitchen, you're not saved the same trouble – especially with the tendency for white gloss cabinets to look cheap and tacky rather than luxurious! And this is why the latest glass-cabinet doors kitchen trend has become so popular. Across the internet, more and more interior designers are showing off their glass kitchen cabinets, which appear to fit perfectly in any kitchen they've been installed in.

So are glass cabinets really the solution, and what exactly are the reasons you should embrace them? We'll try to answer those questions below:

Benefits of Glass Kitchen Cabinet Doors

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1. Coherency

First of all, glass cabinets have the ability to blend into any style of kitchen. Whether you're renovating a contemporary kitchen, a traditional kitchen, a cottage-style kitchen, or even a bohemian kitchen, glass cabinets are an easy option to ensure the space remains coherent and everything fits.

2. Transparency

Glass cabinets are also useful from a practical point of view. Not only can you and your guests immediately know where utensils are kept, but you can also utilize some cabinets to become a mounted ornamental display. This is especially useful if you only bring out the posh wine jug or the sterling silver candelabra for special holidays! With glass cabinets, all of your most beautiful items can be displayed year-round, not just once or twice a year.

3. Visibility

Sticking with practicality, glass cabinets can also be particularly useful for those with a dark kitchen. Not every kitchen faces the sun, and it can be challenging to adequately light the space without it feeling too clinical. With glass cabinets, light flow can be targeted towards darker corners, and even low lighting can be reflected to make the room appear brighter than it actually is.

4. Luxury

Glass cabinets are the most expensive option of cabinets for a reason. They are beautiful. Many interior designers attempt to integrate a sense of luxury into their homes, and – although there is a hefty price tag involved – glass cabinets can easily radiate this luxury and ensure any kitchen looks impressive.

5. Trickery

One last reason you should embrace glass cabinets is that they make a small kitchen look bigger. Removing cabinet doors and replacing solid materials with glass can help pull the eye past the cabinet frame and into the depths of the cabinet, making the wall feel further away. Even if you have a big kitchen, you'll be surprised how small solid-fronted cabinets can make it look. This way, glass can be a great option to add a few extra inches and make your big kitchen even bigger.

6. Ease To Clean

Compared to traditional cabinetry, glass cabinet doors are much easier to clean. All you need is a glass cleaner spray and a paper towel for them to look their best in no time. An added benefit is that you can easily tell if they need cleaning. For dark, wooden cabinetry, it might take a long time before you realize that your cabinets are filthy, meaning you have to work much harder to get them clean.

7. More Decorative Elements

Glass cabinet doors in a kitchen let you incorporate more décor. All your plates, mugs, and glasses don't have to be hidden away. Instead, they can add to your kitchen design. And if you don't want them on full display, you can use frosted glass or any glass that isn't entirely transparent. This way, one can only get a hint at the items behind the glass cabinet door.

Glass Front for Kitchen Cabinets Doors

Glass cabinet door fronts are available in various textures, but there are three distinct trends that homeowners often pick for their kitchen remodeling product selections.

1. Reeded Glass

The plain glasses are transparent, and you can see right through them. So, they're brilliant if you use them in cabinets that house seasonal décor or decorative dishes. However, some households may be intimidated by clear glass cabinet doors because while there is storage, there are less or no places to hide household items.

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In such cases, fluted or reeded glass inserts are a savvy choice. They provide all the benefits of glass cabinet doors while simultaneously camouflaging the contents inside.

The reeded glass features a repetitive pattern of vertical lines. Take note of that and consider how it will complement other patterns and textures you plan to incorporate into your kitchen design.

2. Water Glass

A water glass panel is another popular option for glass kitchen cabinet doors. It has a more complex and non-linear pattern, which works well in both traditional and contemporary kitchen designs. However, the water glass is slightly more transparent than the reeded glass, so you'll have to be mindful of what you want to display behind them.

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If you have a streamlined contemporary kitchen, you may prefer the more complex patterns water glass can provide. Conversely, if your countertop, floors, or backsplash have a more complex pattern, you can benefit from the more simple texture of water glass.

3. Clear Glass

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Clear glass is selected by most remodeling homeowners for replacement cabinet doors. Clear glass-front cabinets suit traditional, farmhouse-styled, transitional, and modern kitchen designs. This type of glass focuses on showing off what is stored inside and the willingness to maintain them so they don't get overshadowed by prints and smudges.

Frequently Asked Questions on Glass Kitchen Cabinet Doors

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1. Are glass doors suitable for kitchen cabinets?

Glass cabinet doors are becoming trendy in new kitchen constructions and remodeling. They better display and illuminate décor items and kitchenware in a versatile way, enabling you to see directly into your cabinets from all angles. Also, glass cabinets allow light to flow through to illuminate the otherwise darker areas of your kitchen.

2. Are kitchen cabinets with glass doors in style?

If you are a fan of airy kitchen designs, perhaps you have seen glass-front cabinets. They are an ideal alternative to open shelves because they protect kitchenware from debris and dust while elegantly displaying them. Glass kitchen cabinet doors balance functionality and aesthetics. Therefore, they are a practical element to incorporate in any kitchen.

Additionally, glass cabinet doors are suitable for industrial, farmhouse, rustic, and modern spaces, so various homeowners with different styles can use them. Therefore this design choice continues to be popular and is not going out of style.

3. Which spaces wouldn’t work best with glass kitchen cabinet doors?

Glass-door cabinets are not suitable for every space. For instance, if you want to embrace the look of your traditional kitchen, you should steer clear of glass-front cabinets as they bring in a modern appearance that will detract from the traditional elements in your space.

Additionally, if you have a bustling kitchen, you should choose a closed cabinet because glass is fragile and can easily break. Also, for the most practical choice, you don't need to have glass inserts because glass doesn't make the cabinets more functional. Instead, it only adds to the aesthetic.

4. What are the disadvantages of glass cabinet doors?

Glass doors are fragile and can shatter and break. This can pose a problem for repairs and safety concerns. You can choose strong, tempered glass made for cupboard doors or a glass insert with a thin plastic covering that will prevent the spread of shattered glass should a breakage occur.

Moreover, glass front cabinet doors quickly show fingerprints, smudges, and food. Therefore, they must be cleaned regularly. You must frequently wipe the glass with a cleaner to avoid looking dirty. Furthermore, the cabinet's contents are visible, so you must ensure your cabinet contents are kept neat and orderly.

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Ian Mutuli

About the author

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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