Honeywell Airgenius 5 Review

Honeywell Airgenius 5 Review: Best Odor-Reducer Machine

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Air quality is a major thing for most families, especially those with environmental allergies that may cause blinding headaches, watery eyes, or sniffles to full-on.

With plenty of air cleaners from all brands, especially the Honeywell model, different ranges have different features and are suitable for different people. One of the best air purifiers in the Honeywell universe is the Honeywell AirGenius 5 HFD320 but is it for you? Honeywell Airgenius 5 Review will tell you all about this air purifier, its pros and cons, and also who it is meant for. Read on.

What is the Honeywell Airgenius 5?

Honeywell AirGenius 5 (HFD320) is a top-rated air purifier, the latest upgrade in the AirGenius products. It features a statistically charged ifD filter that caters to any home during allergy season and sucks up allergens, including pet dander, household dust, mold spores, cigarette smoke, or tobacco smoke.

The Honeywell air purifier has a sleek design that easily blends on with your interior decor since it is made in a tall and narrow form, and this will also help save a lot of space. Whether it's the best air purifier for your home will depend on several things, but it may be worth giving a shot if it's your first time using it.

Are Honeywell Airgenius Good?

1. Design and Size

Honeywell AirGenius 5 (HFD320) is designed like a tall and black tower and is 27 inches, and it has a blue light at the bottom when you are using it. It has a small footprint with a base that takes up about 10 inches of each side and a height of 2feet, making it suitable for placement anywhere in your room.

On top of the unit, it features a control panel and some grilles on the front of the air purifier, making it an attractive-looking machine. The air purifier is suitable for small offices or small rooms, and it weighs only 18 lbs, making it lightweight and portable.

2. Air Purification

The main air purification filter on the Honeywell AirGenius 5 HFD320 is an ifD filter that is different from the HEPA filtration. However, the difference is not major, as you can still achieve a high purification level with an ifD filter. One of the major advantages of the IFD filters is that they are permanent filters meaning they are re-usable as many times as you would like as the filter is washable with water.

The air cleaner comes with a purification level button symbolized with a leaf symbol, and you have to press it to select your desired setting. Some of the five modes or settings with their functions include:

a). Level 1:

Sleep mode is the quietest fan speed is designed to give a user extra quietness for the best nighttime filtration in quiet homes. However, this fan speed does not dim the control panel lights

b). Level 2:

Germs mode is a setting that uses a slow airflow so that viral and bacterial germ particles can remain in the air filter instead of getting circulated back into the air. It is designed to e used on the flu and cold air seasons or when sick people are in your house.

c). Level 3:

This general setting is for your stock standard for everyday cleaning of smoke, dust, cooking smells, and pet odors. It should be the go-to setting if you don't need any quietness or germ or allergy reduction.

d). Level 4:

The allergen mode is the setting that switched the cleaning function into an optimum allergen-catching rate. It ensures any pet hair or pollen is removed from the air during an allergy season. It is the best setting to use all day, especially if you have pets in your home.

e). Level 5:

Max mode is a level that boosts the airflow to give a super-charged clean, and it's ideal for dusty rooms after cleaning sessions, strong odors of thick cooking smells or musty rooms, or for a home with a heavy-shedding pet. The odor reducer setting creates more noise than the other modes, allowing shorter and intense cleaning bouts.

3. Filtration System

The filtration system is made of three parts an ifD filter and two other filters that help with volatile organic compounds, and they include:

  • A washable foam pre-filter or an odor-absorbing pre-filter where you can choose between any of the two to help get rid of any household smells
  • A Permanent washable ifD filter where the main filter is the ifD filter captures 99.9% of allergens which can be as small as 0.3 microns. However, it can not be classified as a True HEPA since it may need to catch 99.97% of airborne particles or smoke particles as small as 0.3 microns.

Unlike HEPA filters, ifD uses a different approach where the air's impurities are electrically charged. These charged particles get attracted by electrodes within the ifD filter, which then collects them.

4. User Friendliness

Honeywell AirGenius 5 comes with a few user-friendly features that ensure it's convenient and easy to operate, and some of them include:

  • Multiple operation modes that depend on the level of filtration are called an allergen, sleep, germ, general, and max. The sleep mode is for the night, and in this setting, you get the most silence, and you can comfortably sleep knowing your room is continuously getting purified
  • An auto timer that ensures the air purifiers stay switched off when you are not around
  • Controls on the touch screen deliver a smooth and sleek feel
  • Oscillation, where you can opt for an air cleaner model to move from one side to another or have the feature switched off

5. Sound

Honeywell AirGenius 5 HFD320 is very quiet, thanks to the lack of a HEPA filter because the fan is silent. Air cleaners with a True HEPA filter cannot easily deliver a quiet noise level, but you are guaranteed silence since this model has an ifD air filter.

The Honeywell AirGenius 5 HFD320 model works well for any quiet place such as your office or bedroom, even with its five fan speeds.

6. Power Consumption

Honeywell AirGenius 5 HFD320 air purifier is Energy Star Qualified, unlike other air purifier brands. As a result, the air cleaner uses about the same energy as a regular light bulb, saving energy.

7. Room Coverage

Honeywell AirGenius 5 HFD320 has about 250 square feet of room coverage and a high ACH rating of 5X, meaning it can clean the air in your room every 12 minutes.

The CADR rating of the Honeywell AirGenius 5 model is 160 Dust/ 161 Smoke/ 170 Pollen (cfm), and with such a CADR rating, the air cleaner cleans your room faster than other models. The rule of thumb for CADR ratings is that they should be at least 2/3 of the size of your room and for this air purifier of 25 square feet, the numbers are acceptable.

8. Additional Features

These popular air purifiers feature some additional features, including an oscillation button that is useful for air blowing back and forth, an advanced timer that can go up to 12 hours, an accent light function, and an LED indicator that will help a user know their filter status. The filter status light usually illuminates depending on the number of hours your unit has been running from the last filter replacement.

However, this model lacks smart controls or features such as Wi-Fi connectivity or a Smart Sensor.

9. Maintenance and Filter Requirements

Honeywell AirGenius 5 air purifier comes with permanent and washable filters, and therefore if you choose washable foam pre-filters, you will not need any replacement filters. This makes the air cleaner a great option for people who want to keep or lower their maintenance costs.


  • The Honeywell air purifier delivers an awesome performance using the ifD air filter
  • Reduces allergy symptoms for people with allergies to dust and pets and also asthmatics
  • It comes with a washable pre-filter, and therefore it's easy to cleanifD air purification technology with permanent filter
  • Top-notch purifications thanks to the three internal HEPA filters
  • Quiet with five quiet settings depending on the level of silence you are looking for
  • Energy Star Qualified
  • It has an auto-off timer feature and touches controls
  • 5-year warranty and a detailed owner's manual


  • It has a low CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) rating
  • The fan power is quite low for the price
  • It gives off a bad smell where some people describe the smell like ozone, and others say it smells like plastic, but the smell dissipates after a few hours.
  • The ionizer cannot be turned off.

Who is the Honeywell AirGenius 5 Air Purifier For?

a). People with Allergies

This is one of the best Honeywell air purifiers recommended for people with allergies as it efficiently eliminates and reduces any allergy symptoms. The superb allergy-clearing abilities can result from the filter that catches all the common allergens of 0.3 microns or larger and a dedicated allergen cleaning stage.

b). For Medium Sized Rooms

The air cleaner is suitable for medium-sized rooms of up to 250 square feet to cover a small living room or a large master bedroom.

c). To get rid of pet odors

As one of the most popular air purifiers, it would be a disservice if your air cleaner could not odor control. Thanks to the optional odor-reducing carbon filter, the air cleaner works great for reducing odors in your home, especially any pet-related smells. In addition, the maximum cleaning mode of level 5 is suitable for dealing with many odors.

How Does the Honeywell AirGenius 5 Compare to other Models?

a). Honeywell Airgenius 5 vs. Airgenius 3

The Honeywell Airgenius 3 is a more basic version of the AirGenius model. The differences include: It lacks an auto-off timer feature, doesn't feature an accent light, and lacks touch screen buttons. In addition, Honeywell Airgenius 3 caters to a smaller room of 225 square feet compared to the Honeywell Airgenius 5 250 square feet.

b). Honeywell Airgenius 5 (HFD320) vs. Airgenius 4 (HFD310)

Honeywell Airgenius 4 (HFD310) is a similar model to the Airgenius 5 (HFD320). Still, it lacks a few features, and they include: Airgenius 4 (HFD310) lacks a germ setting, lacks the auto-off timer, and also only has three timer options of 2, 4, and 8 hours. In addition, Honeywell Airgenius 4 (HFD310) have regular buttons and don't have the touch-screen style of the Honeywell Airgenius 5 (HFD320)

c). Honeywell Airgenius 5 vs. GermGuardian AC4825

GermGuardian AC4825 is a different air purifier than the Airgenius 5 because of some reason. The filtration is a true HEPA and comes with a UV-C light that kills bacteria and a pre-filter with a charcoal layer that reduces odors.

Airgenius 5 is more versatile and complex with plenty of settings where the GermGuardian only has an option of three fan speeds, with no special purification settings, timer, or oscillation. However, the two air purifying machines feature a similar shape and construction with a tower-style slim body.

d). Honeywell Airgenius 5 vs. Honeywell HPA200

Honeywell HPA200 is different since it features a true HEPA filter, not an ifD filter like the AirGenius models, and even if it has a pre-filter, it is not an odor-reducing pre-filter. Also, Honeywell HPA200 lacks washable filters, and they need to be replaced; it comes with four cleaning settings (turbo, general, germ, and allergen). The HPA200 features a different control button setup and is wider than the AirGenius range.

Frequently Asked Questions on Air Purifiers

1. How often do filters need to be changed, and can’t they just be cleaned?

This is a trick question as you can only clean two filters and not the other. The permanent ifD filter, which is the main filter, is washable, and it should be washed every three months to guarantee cleaner air in our room. It requires to be rinsed with soapy and warm water before it's left to dry to guarantee the best air quality thoroughly.

The washable pre-filter is also permanent and washable, and even though the odor-reducing pre-filter is not washable, it must be replaced every three months for the best fresh air. Also, you can clean the outer unit using a dry microfiber cloth or use the brush attachment in your vacuum cleaner to get the dust out of the grilles.

2. Does the air clear produce ozone?

Yes, it has an electronic ionizer meaning there are small amounts of ozone produced, but for it to be legally sold, it must conform to the safe ozone level regulations. Therefore, the product will compile a maximum allowable ozone concentration of 0.050 parts per million by volume every 24 hours.

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