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What You Need to Know About Hybrid Mattresses

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Just when you understood and learned the differences between latex, memory foam, and innerspring mattresses along comes another type of mattress to deal with: the hybrid mattress. Where does it fall under the options, and what is it?

Well, technically speaking, hybrid mattresses can be, for the most part, any bed designed from different materials. However, if you go buying a mattress, you will notice the term most usually related to an innerspring mattress that comprises a coil support system at the same time memory foam.

The combination of the contouring comfort of memory foam and traditional coil support is what conveys or imparts a hybrid mattress its charm. A lot of people will say that hybrid mattresses bear the best of both worlds. So, if you are in the hunt for a new mattress, here is what must know about hybrid mattresses. Read on!


What composes a hybrid mattress, and what is it precisely? Well, the materials in this mattress can, more often than not, greatly differ from one to another relying upon the manufacturer of the model and the bed. However, for the most part, hybrid mattresses include several of the following:

  • Pillow Top. It provides extra cushioning. A pillow top can be Euro-style or standard and are made from fiberfill, wool, or foam.
  • Cooling Materials. It includes graphite copper materials or gel that are, without a doubt, low conductors of heat and aids in slowing down the transmittance of body warmth to the bed. And it can be a component of the foam comfort layer.
  • Comfort Layer. It is made from polyfoam, latex, memory foam, or other kinds of foam.
  • Steel Support Coil System. The best hybrid mattresses, for example, oceano mattress, presents individually encased coils, which reduce motion transfer and move independently.

What Does It Feel Like?

The particular sensation of any hybrid beds relies upon the kind of materials inside it. However, it’ll typically be different from what you will feel when you rest on a pure foam mattress or a traditional innerspring.

Firstly, you will feel that soft sensation that foam offers. However, you will feel fortified support from the coils, making it uncomplicated to toss and turn, as well as shifting from one sleeping position to another compared to an all-foam bed.

Rather than sinking down into the bed, like what you’d do in an all-foam bed, the spring-foam combination makes you feel more buoyant and elevated. Also, hybrid spring-foam beds tend to sleep cooler compared to an all-foam mattress, since more air can flow through the springs than the foam layers.

Is it Best for You?

Whether you love or not a hybrid bed relies upon your comfort preferences, sleep preferences, sleep, body shape, and size. However, generally speaking, people who sleep on their backs or sides are likely to love this mattress type.

For people sleeping on their side, your hips and shoulders, two pressure points, are susceptible as they support your weight as you sleep. Hybrid mattresses provide you the foam’s pressure relief, plus, you have got the elevation that is given by the support of the innerspring.

Also, this mattress type is ideal for reducing the amount of movement you will feel if you share your bed from your partner. Moreover, it offers the quality of reacting quickly of a coil support system.

How to Choose the Right Hybrid Mattress?

When buying a mattress, the first thing you must ensure is to pick a mattress that is going to feel cozy, snug, and pleasant to them. From there on, inspect the quality of the materials utilized in the construction of the bed.

Are the coils encased or pocketed? Keep in mind that this coil type reduces the movement you’ll feel from your mattress, and thus, allowing you to get an improved night’s sleep. Moreover, search for high-density foams because they will not get damaged quickly.

Also, keep in mind that all materials arrive at different quality levels. For example, with regards to latex mattresses, natural models are likely to last longer compared to synthetic varieties.


If you decide to buy a hybrid mattress, you must look closely to critical things, for example, the comfort level it provides and the materials utilized to create the mattress. Although these factors are crucial, your choice might be restricted by your budget.

Though there are inexpensive materials with excellent qualities, some hybrid beds that are of best qualities can be more expensive. So, as you think about the price, always remember that the most costly bed might not be ideal for your situation. Also, the most affordable bed might not be as bad as you believe. Above all else, if you cannot decide between a foam mattress or innerspring mattress, you do not have to make that decision. Why? It’s because hybrid mattresses will provide or offer you the best of a spring and foam mattress.

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