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Kinross House Prices and Reviews: All You Need to Know

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Brenda Nyawara

Brenda Nyawara is an editor at Archute. She is a graduate architect with a passion for edge-cutting ideas in design, fashion, art and modern world interests.
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Are you preparing a visit to Scotland soon but unsure where to stay? The Kinross House is one of Scotland's historical and architectural jewels and is your best destination for a vacation stay or an event such as a wedding or corporate meeting. So, we researched the best Kinross House prices and reviews to help you decide.

The Kinross House is a place full of history and architectural grandeur, so a visit guarantees an experience you've never had before. In addition, you can book exclusive stays for numerous events with a promise of timeless elegance. While prices are available as you book, they normally range from £11 500 for 5-night stays for up to 9 people, while bigger events like weddings with many guests will cost around £24 000.

Still unsure if this is the right destination for you? Then, read on for our detailed review that starts with a little history plus more venue features you will not want to miss.

The Historical Kinross House

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When we talk about the best architects, we always look back at those who shaped the newness of today's architecture, such as Sir William Bruce. He lived between 1630 to 1710 and is the man who introduced classical architecture to a Scotland that was then shedding its medieval skin. He most notably built the Holyroodhouse and Kinross House.

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Though an untrained architect, Sir William Bruce worked as a messenger for King Charles II and amassed enough wealth to acquire well-positioned lands where he would then build his famous houses. He learned the best architecture by traveling the world then, and the Kinross house speaks volumes of his great skill.

This over 300-year-old house still looks refreshingly new today, thanks to the new owner, Mr. Fothergill, who restored the property to its original glory in 2011.

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The house, known as the first classical house in Scotland, was built for the comfort and convenience of all guests. It sits on perfectly-manicured landscapes that Sir William Bruce designed and nurtured 10 years before he started building the Kinross House.

The Kinross House reveals the novelty of avant-garde architecture with excellent stonework regularity and precision that created the best harmonic quality for the house to withstand the test of time. Sir William Bruce used Roman-quality stone that influenced the country's golden age.

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But, besides the architect and the high-quality construction of this house, knowing Sir William Bruce's intentions for the house is another reason you may want to visit.

As a messenger for King Charles II, Sir William Bruce wanted better association with royalty, so he also aligned the house to the Lochleven castle across the Loch Leven. The Lochleven castle has a great history in Scotland as it is the castle where Mary, the Queen of Scots, was held captive and forced to abdicate the throne to her newborn son James.

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Even when designing the house, Sir William Bruce ensured the house could host the most elite starting with a long driveway that preceded the Processional Route, also called the secret of Four rooms.

This design featured a welcoming gathering place by a fireplace where all guests would relax and mingle. After this, the "VIP" guests would be welcomed to the Gentleman's drawing room. Then, the "VVIP" would be welcomed to a waiting or anteroom where they could mingle with Sir William Bruce.

The final room was a closet room only the most privileged guests could enter. It was a small, richly decorated room with great architectural pieces and class.

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In addition, since the house was designed for the most elite guests, it was built so that the masters could not mingle with servants. As such, there were passages designed for servants, and this was a new style of house planning introduced in Britain in the 17th century to guarantee better privacy.

Unfortunately, Sir William Bruce could not complete the construction or move into the house before his death.

Today, the Kinross House maintains most of its original history. However, renovations with modern features make it an even better luxury place to stay at. Since the property was open to public booking, it is time to look at the features that make it a top destination in Scotland today.

The Kinross House Today

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As mentioned above, the Kinross properties still maintain the original design and history, but with some renovations to make it the best place for today's tourism. So, if you are looking for the perfect wedding venue, meeting place, or even vacation home, you can consider Kinross House.

a) The House

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You can visit this beautiful and new-looking 17th-century Palladian country house for your 5-star luxury events and vacations. It features a wonderful landscape, wonderfully bright and intimate rooms, a host of outdoor sporting and leisure activities, a spa, and a coach.

The Kinross House maintains its original welcoming look, complete with a long drive towards the towering house.

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The garden is ever fresh, and it leads to Loch Leven, Scotland's largest lowland freshwater loch and designated National Nature Reserve, for activities such as fishing. You can even consult the Kinross management to arrange a visit to the ruined Lochleven castle that sits in perfect alignment with the Kinross House.

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The house can host up to 28 guests in beautiful, intimate ensuite bedrooms. Each room is fitted with the highest quality furniture and upholstery, and only two people are allowed in one.

b) The Coach House

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If you need to book the entire estate, you also have the spacious Coach House at your disposal. This beautiful construction is the perfect overflow accommodation for 10 more people. It has 10 individually designed ensuite bedrooms; like The House, only two can book each.

Besides overnight accommodation, The Coach House has ample space for dining up to 60 guests and is home to the Kinross Spa facilities.

c) The Kinross Spa

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You don't need to book your stay at Kinross House to enjoy their luxury spa facilities and treatments; you can book spa appointments for yourself or a group. The spa experience is relatively affordable, and you are even in for great offers and discounts when you spend over £55.

Nothing helps you relax and enjoy life better than a good spa treatment when you want to unwind after a busy day. The Kinross Coach House spa has been a part of the estate since the 17th century, featuring the best architecture with high-quality finishes to help you relax. In addition to calming interiors, the spa's beautiful scents and soft aromatherapy oils only make your experience worth enjoying.

The Spa has three cottage-style treatment rooms for the most luxurious experience. Your booking gives you access to the Relaxation Room, the Sauna, and the Hydrotherapy Pool.

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The Relaxation room is where you get the best facial, body, and nail treatments on top of other add-on and day treatments. Some of the treatments you can look forward to are:

1. Facial and Body treatments

The spa offers three types of treatments of aromatherapy and facial and body massages. The Lavender Dream is an 80-minute session where you inhale wild lavender as you get a full body massage with lavender oil at £105. The Ginger Renewal is another 80-minute session where you inhale ginger and get head-to-toe exfoliation and head, back, neck, and shoulder massage using ginger oil at £105. Finally, the Brighter Body Glow Scrub costs £80 and is a 55-minute full-body exfoliation session.

2. Signature treatments

The Essentials treatment is a face, back and shoulder treatment 60 min-session priced at £65. The 45-minute Tranquil Trio session will cost £55 for a head, neck, and back treatment. The Signature Massage costs £80 for 55 minutes of pressure massage starting with a hot towel treatment, while the Signature Facial includes expert skin analysis for £80 for 55 minutes. The Hot Stone Massage Therapy costs £85 for 55 minutes, while the Reflexology session will cost £70 for every 60 minutes.

3. Aromatherapy Associates Treatments

These treatments nourish your skin, enhance blood circulation, detoxify, and restore muscle health. Options you can book include the Essential Rose Hydrating Facial at £80 for 55 minutes, 55-minute Essential Oil Aromatherapy at £80, the 55-minute Intensive Full Body Muscle Release at £85, the 74-minute The Ultimate Detox Reviver at £95, or a 55-minute Ultimate Rose Pregnancy Massage at £80.

4. The Nail treatments

You will get nail treatments in the Relaxation room, including a Deluxe Manicure at £60 and a Deluxe Pedicure at £65.

5. The Spa daily experience

The Kinross Spa's daily experience includes massages and skin treatments for restoration and relaxation. These include the 55-minute Repair Me treatment at £90, the 90-minute Indulge Me treatment at £115, a 180-minute Ultimate Experience treatment at £200, a 60-minute Pamper Me session at £111.5, and a 120-minute Face and Body Wellness session at £155.

While booking for these treatments, you will also be able to use the Sauna and Hydrotherapy pool.

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While you decide whether to enjoy these facilities before or after your skin and body treatments, Kinross recommends getting the treatments last. If you spend £55 on any treatment above, you will be offered 2 more hours to enjoy the Sauna and Hydrotherapy Pool.

d) Accommodation

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The entire Kinross Estate has 24 rooms that can sleep up to 48 people. The Kinross house has perfectly lit, intimate, and well-designed ensuite bedrooms, while the Coach House has 10 more. You can book your stay for a minimum of two days, while you are also eligible for more discounts the longer you stay.

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If you book for 5 days for nine people, you will pay around £11 500 for each person, while you will enjoy better discounts for 6 nights or longer. For example, if booking the entire estate for 5 nights, you will pay a nightly rate of £14,500 with more discounts from day 6 onward.

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The estate, seeing as it's your ultimate event destination, has wheelchair accessibility, PA/music systems, marquee setups, allows the use of confetti, plus lots of free parking. If booking Kinross House to host a wedding or other big event, you can invite up to 400 standing or 200 dining guests.

e) Dining

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As one of the main attractions in Scotland, Kinross brings you the best Scottish culinary delicacies made from locally sourced produce for the best dining experience. In addition, they even have a walled garden where they grow organic vegetables and herbs that make the most delicious meals.

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They will prepare the best meals for formal and informal events. Formal events are tailored for 28 guests, while the Kitchen Dining Room can host 12 guests who interact with the master chef for the most intimate experience.

You are eligible for 5-star in-house catering for all your guests for an event, and outside catering is not allowed. While alcohol is sold at the estate, you can also bring your own.

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Finally, as Scotland is famous for its famous tipple, Kinross exposes guests to the best whiskey collection stored in The House. The library is built with traditional wooden furniture for an inviting environment where you can enjoy over 70 different whiskies as aperitifs or after meals.

f) Fun Activities

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While you can set base at the Kinross House and explore most of what Scotland offers, you might also choose to stay at the estate and enjoy various outdoor activities. Some activities you can enjoy in the estate include trail walks or bike rides at the 21km Loch Leven Heritage Trail and fishing and shooting at the Loch Leven.

If you want to explore more properties and activities across Scotland, the Kinross staff can help you hire a classic car to race at the nearby Knockhill Racing Circuit. They can also help you plan a hot air balloon trip that soars you above the estate or book a gliding trip with the Scottish Gliding Centre across the estate.

If you are a golf lover, the estate is surrounded by world-class golf courses you can play at. Alternatively, you can play at Kinross's two 18-hole parkland golf courses.

g) Location

The Kinross House is located 40 minutes away from Scotland's capital, Edinburgh. It sits in an enchanting location that takes your mind away from the hustle and bustle of normal city life.

The Kinross House is accessible by car, air, train, chauffeur and coach transfers, or helicopter. If visiting by car, you can access it from Edinburgh through the 3rd exit onto the A977, onto A922 until the B918, where you will turn right at the High Street junction, then left onto Avenue Street until you see the Kinross entrance.

If visiting by air, you can land at the Edinburgh Airport via private or public means, then travel for 30 minutes on the road or train to Kinross. If you have a private jet, you can also use Edinburgh Airport's private jet terminal or Fife Airfield, which is just 15 minutes away from the estate. Alternatively, you can reach Kinross via helicopter, but with prior arrangements with the estate to prepare the helipad.

You can also use a train to the Inverkeithing Station, which is only 20 minutes away from the Kinross property. As you plan your travel, remember that the Kinross Estate can help you plan a private jet, taxi, chauffeur, or transfer to make your journey easier.

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Brenda Nyawara is an editor at Archute. She is a graduate architect with a passion for edge-cutting ideas in design, fashion, art and modern world interests.
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