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Best Multi-Position Ladder (All Professional Grade Types!)

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Brenda Nyawara

Brenda Nyawara is an editor at Archute. She is a graduate architect with a passion for edge-cutting ideas in design, fashion, art and modern world interests.
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There are three types of multi-position ladders. To get the best multi-position ladder, you need to know which one to choose from among the three options. While ladders help us reach high points that we would not in a normal situation, safety and functionality should be our main focus when buying ladders for household and industrial use.

Why are multi-position ladders different from other ladders?

What is a Multi-Position Ladder, and What are the Types?

Multi-position ladders come in handy in different ways and are not as limited as normal ladders. A multi-position ladder would be more versatile than a straight ladder in terms of usage, storage, and transportation.

There are three main types of multi-position ladders;

1) Telescoping Ladder

What telescope feature do you know best? It extends and collapses to get longer or shorter. The telescoping ladder does this as you can extend it and simultaneously reduce the length.

The main advantage of these ladders is the compact size that is collapsible into ridiculously small sizes. As a result, you can fit these ladders in your car's smallest spaces compared to other ladders.

Image source: ThisOldHouse

These ladders are strong as they have been tried and tested. Some telescoping ladders can fold into two to have the A-frame ladder shape. These ladders are the most versatile.

2) A-Frame Ladder

This is probably the most common ladder shape you are used to seeing in most households. These ladders are independent and do not require any surface to lean on to function safely.

Image source: HSN

You can use the A-frame ladder as a staircase ladder, ensuring your safety when doing a project. Better yet, two people can simultaneously use the ladder.

3) Multi-Function Ladder

These ladders are transformers as you can turn them into your assistant in different scenarios. In addition, these ladders have different locking positions that allow you to change the ladder into different positions and shapes.

Image source: Prenil

These ladders turn into step stools. There is a higher chance of using a step ladder than other ladders. The ladder can act as scaffolding trestles and paint holders. If you are a DIYer, this is the ladder for you.

What are the Best Multi-Position Ladders

Here are the best multi-position ladders. We have separated them into three types to make your search easier.

Best Telescoping Ladder

As we said earlier, this ladder is the most useful for people who use ladders daily and those who do not. This is because the ladders are compact and easy to store or transport without taking up much space. So here are the telescoping ladders to watch out for.

1) Ohuhu Aluminum Telescoping Ladder

Aluminum Telescoping Ladder, Ohuhu Upgraded 12.5 FT...
  • One Button Retraction: Convenience is key! That’s why we’ve...
  • America National Standards Type I Ladder: Ohuhu extension ladder...
  • More Than 60% Overlapping: This collapsible ladder is crafted...
  • Rock-Solid Stability: This retractable ladder is as sturdy as...
  • Safe to Use: No more pinched fingers! Each rung will retract...


Weight capacity-330 lbs

Item weight-11.5 kg

Ohuhu has taken ladder technology to a whole new height. The extension ladder emphasizes convenience and has features that make the ladder the easiest to use compared to other ladders. For example, you need to press only one button to retract the ladder, and you are good to go. In addition, the ladder folds without pinching your fingers as the other ladders do.

Image source:

Ohuhu ladders are a sturdy choice capable of supporting up to 330 pounds. There is no way this ladder is buckling under your weight if you consider all the ladder safety precautions. Even at the maximum height, the ladder holds steady.

The high-quality aluminum makes the ladder the best portable ladder because of its weightlessness. Ohuhu ladder is easy to store and move around because it does not take up much space. You can now enjoy your home projects and repairs with Ohuhu ladders.


  • Sturdy ladder design
  • Lightweight material
  • One-button retraction
  • Best ladders for moving around because of the compact size


  • You need to lean the ladder against something to use it.

2) Yvan Telescoping Ladder

Yvan Telescoping Ladder,12.5 FT One Button Retraction...
  • ◆ Premium Materials : Yvan‘s telescoping Extension Ladder is...
  • ◆ One Button Retraction : While guaranteeing the quality, our...
  • ◆ Intelligent Locking Mechanism : We have upgraded the internal...
  • ◆ Portable and Space Saving : This foldable ladder is...
  • ◆ Versatility : The maximum height of the ladder is 12.5FT...

Maximum weight capacity-330 pounds

Maximum height- 12.5 ft

Item weight- 11.2 kg

Yvan is made of premium aluminum alloy, making the ladder one of the toughest you will ever use. With its capabilities, you would expect Yvan to be a heavy ladder. It is, in fact, one of the lightest in the market. You can store the ladder in the tightest of spaces, including under the bed, if you have to. The compact size makes transporting the ladder a lot easier than other ladders.

Image source:

Yvan is a safe option for you as it has an intelligent locking mechanism to avoid pinching your fingers. The Yvan aluminum ladder has a lot of uses, including climbing trees, use in the attic, stairs, replacing lights, painting, and more.


  • Lightweight ladder
  • Tough and steady
  • Compact storage size
  • One button retraction
  • Versatile


  • Only one person can use the Yvan ladder at a time.

3) Bowoshen Telescoping Ladder

Telescoping Ladder 12.5ft Aluminum Telescopic Extension...
  • 1.Adjustable Height: Compacting from handy 88cm to 3.8M, easy to...
  • 2.Independent Locking: Separate locking bottoms on rungs 2 to 11....
  • 3.Safe & Compact: Featuring durable Aluminium design,...
  • 4.Light Weight & Strong: Net weight approximate 23.15 lbs...
  • 5.Application: For Indoors and Outdoors. This useful ladder...

Maximum weight capacity- 330lbs

Maximum height- 12.5ft

Item weight- 11kgs

Bowoshen has a solution to the biggest fear people using ladders have. Slipping. The ladder has anti-slip surfaces on each step to prevent any accidents. The ladder can work both indoors and outdoors regardless of the weather. Most extension ladders leave your safety to the grip on your sole.

Image source:

The ladder has rubber feet to retain the friction when scaling the ladder. In addition, the ladder has height-locking latches with industrial-grade strength to keep you from falling.

Bowoshen ladder has independent locks to allow for customizable heights. Not all the time will you use a ladder for the same height. Most ladders have only one ladder for retraction.


  • Lightweight
  • Industrial grade strength
  • Multiple stops
  • Rubber feet for safety


  • Retracting the ladder can be a bit time-consuming.

4) Boweiti Telescoping Extension Ladder

Telescoping Extension Ladder 15.5FT, Aluminum...
  • 【HEIGHT & LOAD-BEARING】The MAX height is 15.5 ft and MIN is...
  • 【SUPERIOR QUALITY】This extendable ladder is crafted from...
  • 【WIDE APPLICATION】Great partner for both commercial and home...
  • 【EASY CARRYING】Telescopic extension ladders differ from...
  • 【WHAT YOU GET】1*ladder,1*carry bag,1*user manual,1*work...

Maximum weight capacity- 330lbs

Maximum height- 15.5ft

Boweiti is a strong contender in this list because of its advantages over other ladders. The ladder height is 3 feet clear of most ladders, helping you access even higher points in your house. Apart from the height, the ladder can support a lot of weight while remaining steady on its feet.

Image source:

Aluminum ladders are known for their lightweight nature and their strength. Boweiti is no exception when it comes to sheer strength. In addition, the heavy-duty ladder has performance that puts other ladders to task.

Boweiti has a carry bag, making it easier to transport or store the bag safely for the next project. However, Boweiti has to be the ladder to get if you want to access the furthest heights in your house.


  • A tall ladder to reach your desired height.
  • Industrial grade safety locks
  • Wide application
  • Decent carrying weight
  • Best extension ladder for moving around because it has a carry bag


  • Retracting the ladder might take longer than other ladders.

5) ZhanGe Telescoping Ladder

Aluminum Telescoping Telescopic Ladder 5M/16.5Ft A...
  • ☑️-Adjustable Height: Compacting from handy 2.8ft to 16.5ft...
  • ☑️-Independent Locking: Separate locking bottoms on rungs 2...
  • ☑️-This extension ladder constructed with durable and sturdy...
  • ☑️-Telescoping Ladder Extends to 16.5 ft, and it’s equipped...
  • ☑️-Lightweight and compact size, easy to transport and store;...

Maximum height- 16.5ft

Maximum weight capacity-330lbs

This is the best telescoping ladder you will get if you have a lot of home projects to work on and if you will be working with someone else. The ZhanGe ladder has a telescopic design that folds in the middle to create the a-shape ladder. This two-in-one ladder has a maximum height of 16.5 feet or 5 meters, which is at least four feet clear of most ladders in this category.

Image source:

The ZhanGe ladder has a weight capacity of 330lbs, which is high considering the maximum height it can achieve. In addition, the ladder has an adjustable height despite its folding ladder design. This makes it easier to use as a stair ladder. Step ladders are not easy to find, but here is one that will serve you best.


  • Folding ladder design
  • Best extension ladder for use as a staircase ladder
  • Decent weight capacity
  • Locking features every step for safety
  • Lightweight and compact size
  • Two people can use the ladder simultaneously


  • The ladder might pinch when closing it.

A-Frame Ladder

The A-frame ladder is the most useful multi-position ladder you can get. The stability of this ladder is assured, and there are many situations under which you can use the ladder. In addition, the double-sided ladder comes in handy whenever you need a hand from someone else.

Here are some a-frame ladders to check out when looking for ladders.

1) Little Giant Ladders

Little Giant Ladders, Velocity with Wheels, M22, 22 Ft,...
  • Multi-position ladder converts to A-frame, extension,...
  • Rock Lock adjusters quickly alter your ladder into different...
  • Tip & Glide wheels for easy transport from job to job
  • Type IA ladder is rated to hold 300 pounds. Stepladder Size- 5...
  • Meets or exceeds all OSHA and ANSI standards

Maximum weight capacity- 300lbs

Maximum height- 22ft

Item weight- 39lbs

Little giant ladders are the real deal regarding home projects or bringing your ladder to the job site. The ladder is designed for almost all kinds of situations. The little giant ladders have a maximum height of 22ft, which multiple ladders do not have in the market. There is almost no ladder of this nature in the market.

Image source:

The Little giant ladders convert into different useful ladders, including the trestle and plank design, a-frame, extension ladder, stairway ladder, and 90-degree ladder. Buying the Little giants ladder is like buying five different ladders. d

Little Giants Ladder has a tip and glide-wheel for easy transportation from one place to another when working on site. You will not worry about carrying the whole 39lbs the ladder weighs.

Little giant ladders are well-reviewed, making them the safest choice in the market compared to the other ladders. Little giant ladders exceed all industry standards and are the ladders you will find in every home or site.


  • Wheels for movement
  • Convert into five different ladders
  • Best multi-position ladders for very high maximum height fixes
  • Sturdy aluminum ladder
  • Vertical position and a-frame ladder
  • Little giant ladder systems are the best in the market


  • The ladder might be a bit bulky to carry around.

2) Louisville Fiberglass Ladders

Louisville Ladder FS1523 FS1512 12' Fiberglass Ladder,...
  • STURDY AND STRONG: With its 300-Pound capacity, elegant design...
  • WORK BECOMES EASIER: Molded Top With Handyman's Tool Slots
  • 300-POUND LOAD CAPACITY, includes weight of user and tools
  • DESIGNED FOR YOUR NEEDS: Molded top with recessed tray,...
  • PROTECTED: Inside spreader braces keep your ladder protected...

Item weight- 47lbs

Maximum weight capacity- 300lbs

Maximum height- 12ft

Louisville ladders bring sheer strength to the game. The ladders can support any kind of weight you put on them. In addition, the ladder increases its stability by having impact-resistant shoes with a non-marring tread. The ladder further has braces to keep it safe during transportation at all times.

Image source:

Louisville is a straight ladder but competes favorably with other ladders. The wall ladder has a raptor top system to hold all your tools and equipment without needing a tool tray. Regardless of the tools' weight, it is all distributed through the ladder.

The fiber glass on the ladder is non-conductive, making the ladder one of the safest on the market. You will not worry about accidental conduction anymore. In addition, fiberglass is a lightweight material that makes the ladder easy to move around.


  • Lightweight non-conductive fiberglass material
  • As safe as wood ladders
  • Raptor top system to hold tools
  • Superior stability


  • No multi-ladder design

3) Werner Telescoping Ladders

Werner MT-22 telescoping-ladders, 22 feet, Aluminum
  • 22-foot telescoping multiladder with 300-pound duty rating
  • 28 different working heights or positions by converting into a...
  • Soft-touch push knobs are the key to this versatile ladder,...
  • Professional-grade ladder with double-riveted steps and...
  • Extension ladder height: 11' to 19', Stepladder height: 5' to 9'

Maximum height- 22ft

Maximum weight capacity- 300 lbs

Item weight- 42lbs

When buying a multi-position ladder, there are some things that you have to look at. If there were ever a ladder to have as a standard for telescoping ladders, it would be a the Werner ladder. This ladder has a 300-pound working capacity and will not buckle under your weight with tools. In addition, the ladder's duty rating is high and above industry standards.

Image source:

Werner has 28 working heights that you can customize to suit your needs. This means that there is no fine adjustment that you can not make on the ladder height. The ladder further converts from a telescoping ladder to an a-frame allowing two people to use the ladder simultaneously.

The Werner extension ladder has double rivetted steps to avoid slippage by creating the best friction for any weather. As a result, no spillage will cause a hazard when you are on the ladder. Werner is a heavy-duty ladder for your home and work projects.


  • Best extension ladders with 28 working height adjustments
  • Two people can use the ladder in its a-frame position
  • Extension ladder for home and work projects
  • Rivetted safety rails to avoid slippage
  • Best podium ladder with a wider base


  • No raptor top system to hold tools

4) Beetro Aluminum Telescoping Ladder

BEETRO 18.4ft Aluminum Telescoping Ladder with Wheels,...
  • FOR YOUR SAFETY --- This type of our extension ladder is designed...
  • A TYPE --- This type of our BEETRO extension ladder is of A type....
  • SELECTED MATERIAL --- The telescoping ladder is made of aluminum...
  • MAX CAPACITY --- The maximum load-bearing capacity is up to...
  • VARIOUS FUNCTION --- The height of ladder can be adjusted to meet...

Maximum weight capacity- 330lbs

Maximum height- 18.4ft (telescoping height)

Item weight- 45.9lbs

When using a ladder, balance is the name of the game. Beetro is designed just for this. The ladder has a balancing rod to ensure you know whether you are balanced or not at all times. In addition, the ladder has a non-slip bottom to keep you safe as you do your project.

Image source:

Beetro is a multi-position ladder that converts from a-type to telescoping. The a-type height is 2.8m while the extension ladder height is 5.6 meters which is a very long ladder if you think about it. With Beetro, you are safe on uneven surfaces even when two people are on the ladder.

The ladder is made of aluminum, giving you the lifelong service you need when using a ladder. In addition, the ladder is lightweight and easy to transport because it retracts, unlike other ladders of this category.


  • Multi-position ladder
  • Lightweight
  • The ladder has a balancing rod
  • Non-slip bottoms for maximum safety
  • Safety locking hinge


  • Heavy ladder

Best Multifunction Ladder

When looking for the best multi-position ladders, the multifunction ladder is a strong contender because of the advantages you get when using this ladder. In addition, these ladders can come in multiple shapes, making your projects easier to execute. Here are the best multifunction ladders to look at when making a purchase.

1) Comie Multi-Purpose Ladder

Comie 330lb 12.5ft Multi Purpose Aluminum Extension 7...
  • Safe and Reliable - Heavy-duty aircraft-grade aluminium...
  • Anti-slip Design - Adopting the design of zigzag anti-slip foot...
  • Large Joints and Security Locks - Adopting large joints, whose...
  • Great Step Stool - Great for attic, library, above ground pool,...
  • Multi-function - This aluminium ladder can be used as scaffold,...

Maximum height- 12.5ft

Maximum weight- 330lbs

Comie is a 7-in-1 folding ladder that makes the ladder useful in any situation. The ladder can work in 9 different ways: a step ladder, leaning, stair ladder, telescoping, single ladder, double-sided ladder, work platform ladder, trestle, or scaffolding ladder.

Image source:

Buying one Comie ladder is like buying 10 other individual ladders with single uses. This makes Comie an industry favorite, making the ladder a useful helper in many situations where a person works independently.

With the many working positions, the ladder is safe. The ladder has large joints with security locks. The locks are six times more efficient than small locks, and you can achieve multiple shapes with the locks without worrying about them buckling under any weight. This ladder is handy in daily home activities like cleaning windows or changing lights.


  • 9 different locking positions
  • Large security locks on joints
  • Anti-slip design
  • Multifunction
  • Efficient ladder for daily home use


  • The ladder is a bit bulky for small storage spaces.
2) Luisladders Folding Ladder
LUISLADDERS 18.5FT Folding Ladder Multi-Purpose...
  • 【Multi-function】 This aluminium ladder can be used as...
  • 【Safe and Reliable】 Heavy-duty aircraft-grade aluminium...
  • 【Security 'click & Lock' System】 Connected by six security...
  • 【Anti-slip Design】 Adopting the design of zigzag anti-slip...
  • 【Warning】 Under the condition of STRAIGHT LADDER, if you want...

Maximum weight capacity- 330lbs

Maximum height- 18.5ft

Item weight- 17.8kgs

Ladders have become a necessity, and you need various ladders for different uses. LUISLADDERS have a ladder to do everything any other ladder would do. In addition, the ladder has a heavy-duty combination that allows you to do anything you wish with the ladder.

Image source:

The ladder is safe and reliable with an anti-slip design that will not put you at risk when scaling the ladder. The aluminum ladder is lightweight and has a foolproof construction. In addition, the aircraft-grade aluminum used on the ladder increases the strength of the ladder to handle weights that other ladders can not.

You can convert the ladder into many other ladders for different uses in your house. For example, the hardest place to use a ladder in the house is on the staircase, and this ladder is perfect for such situations.


  • Heavy-duty ladder
  • Convert into all types of ladders, including platform ladders
  • Strong aircraft-grade aluminum body
  • Heavy-duty rubber pads for safety


  • The ladder might be heavy to move around.

3) Ergomaster 7-in-1 Ladder

ERGOMASTER Extension Ladder 7 in 1 Aluminum Folding...
  • 【Sturdy & Reliable Constructions】 This extension ladders is...
  • 【7 In 1 Multi Function】 With 4 x 3 Rungs adjustable design,...
  • 【Safety & Anti-slip Design】 Equipped with 6 large joint locks...
  • 【Space Saving & Easy Storage】 This extension ladder weighs 23...
  • 【Versatile Usage】 The folding step ladders is good for...

Maximum weight capacity- 330lbs

Maximum height- 12.5ft

Item weight- 23lbs

Nothing beats a ladder that can transform into all other ladders with ease. This ladder is not only useful, it is one of the safest ladders you can have in your house. The ladder converts into an A-frame ladder to give you the chance to do projects together with someone else. In addition, the ladder has a lightweight build to make moving it around easy.

Image source: abunda

Ergomaster has large locks to keep it safe, making it the best ladder to use daily. The ladder has an anti-slip base to keep you steady on the ladder all the time. This extension ladder has a compact size to make storage easy and convenient. You can store the ladder in the tightest spots in your house or in the car.

The ladder is made for convenience and has detachable wheels to make moving around a walk in the park. You can simply pull the ladder from one position to another without a sweat.


  • Compact size for easy storage and transportation
  • Easy to set up and set down
  • Multiple safety features
  • Strong aluminum body
  • Non-slip footsteps
  • Versatile ladder


  • No tool tray

Final Take

Ladders have become one of the most useful household tools. In this information age, you can do repairs and projects on your own. More people are doing DIY projects than ever before. For instance, how many times have you searched for deck lights ideas online? Therefore, you must pick the best in the market when getting a ladder.

The things to consider when looking for a ladder can vary due to your needs. However, safety outweighs all the features you may like on a ladder. As with any tool or equipment, your safety comes first.

Look for features that favor you, including adjustable legs, inward slide latches, rubber feet, good angulation to avoid foot fatigue, and any other feature that will ensure your safety when changing ceiling lights.

The ladders we have highlighted above are the safest in the market, and you can never go wrong with them.

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Brenda Nyawara is an editor at Archute. She is a graduate architect with a passion for edge-cutting ideas in design, fashion, art and modern world interests.
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