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Ian Mutuli

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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Designing your own home has been made easy, just by clicking a button by some of the best online interior design services. The biggest problem is it can be very time consuming and can cost you a large sum of money to achieve your perfect space. Some pricing plans are hourly, some fixed some multi-room, some per room depending on the company and also the interior designer.

1. Laurel & Wolf

This is the top best company in offering online interior design services. Laurel Wolf is a company that has created a marketplace for online designers and it avails professional and affordable designs for any client within their budget. This company that connects professional designers with customers providing personalized online interior design services for both commercial spaces and residential spaces.

With the rise of e-commerce sites that were selling great designs affordably and design growing because of inspirational boards shared on Instagram and Pinterest boards, Lauren and Wolf's company came to be. Leura Fine created this interior design service to bridge the gap of the traditional prices and smooth user experience that the majority of people could not afford. This online interior design offers multiple digital styles boards from various professional designers who create your personalized designs for your office or home at a flat rate.

Pricing Rate:

Light Package- This is the cheapest package at $79 per room and this price is inclusive of interior designer input on the interiors and style.

Classic Package- This design package comprises the interior designer's input and suggestions on the design, appropriate furniture, and decor, and also the room layouts at a flat rate of $149 per room.

Signature/Luxe Package- In this design package, the designer provides two design concepts and advice, furniture and decor suggestions, and room layout ideas. It costs $499 per room

The digital style boards are based on the information you provided in the initial stages. The information you provide includes identifying the items you would like to remain in your final design, take a style quiz, and also sharing some pictures of the space you want to work on. This is followed by selecting favorite boards then working hand in hand with a designer to make necessary adjustments. The designer generates a concept board with your information. The result of all the steps is a shopping list of product recommendations that you need to purchase to achieve the desired look and style in your picture.


  • The turnaround for this online interior design service takes roughly two weeks for a single room project
  • You can order an express order to shorten the turnaround time.


  • They do not provide room models in 3D design formats

2. HomePolish

Recommended For:

This online interior design service is the best if you are looking for a service where you can choose how much you want to be involved

How It Works

The first step to working with Homepolish is to fill in details about the space you want to work on. You will be matched to a designer but you also have an option to choose a specific Homepolish designer that you like. When you are matched with a designer, what follows is a free consultation for the designer to understand your project better and hence suggest ideas on how to revamp your space from the choice of furniture to the paint to use.

Following the consultation, the online designer comes up with a proposal that contains the suggested designer's fee, the products you need to buy, and all the things that need to be done. If you are impressed by the design and have no problem with the fee, proceed with the designing of your space.

During the designing process, if you have any questions, need any design advice or interior design help you can pose them to the designer's service team. Also, on request, this interior design service can offer an ordering service for the products you need to purchase for you and also connect you with the best professionals for installation services in the market. These services are also available for commercial spaces projects.

Pricing Rate:

HomePolish goes by an hourly rate and the rates start at $130 depending on which designer you get or choose. The service comes with at least 10 hours but you can there's a choice to buy 5 more hours. However, consultations are free.


  • HomePolish can offer ordering services for you for the products that you need to purchase
  • Can connect you to the best professionals in the market


  • There is no freedom to pick your own designer as the company matches you with the one they think is the best.

3. Modsy

Recommended for: Anyone in a search of 3D rendering home design services? If yes then Modsy is the right kind of online interior design for you. The 3D renderings that come with Modsy are very realistic almost looking real and they fill the models with products that can be shopped and are in your budget range. This is a bonus as it helps you visualize the exact room design you will achieve after you have finished working with the design.

How It Works

The first step of using Modsy is taking some photos and measurements of the spaces that you want to work on. This is followed by filling in a style quiz with your style and budget, what you would like to remain in your space, whether decor or furniture and all your needs. After the style quiz, you get two 3D renderings of personalized design plans for the actual space you will be working on.

With the design plans, you can use Modsy's style editor or you can choose to work with your designer's team. Plus, the style editor is a great tool to achieve your exact design concept because it allows unlimited revisions until you make sure you are satisfied with the room design. It allows you to work on your bedroom and living room to perfection. Afterward, you can purchase all the required products through Modsy and hence an easy experience and have a happiness guarantee.

Pricing Rate:

Modsy has two pricing plans. The first is Modsy which goes for $59 and comes with a 360 degree visual, a personal shopping list, a 3D room concept, two custom designs, insider discounts, and also design revisions. The second plan is the Modsy Plus which totals to $199 and is inclusive of everything in the first plan plus direct chats with an advisor, product shopping list recommendations, customized design tips, and floor plans layout suggestions.


  • The design services for an E-design plan takes about 2weeks.


4. Havenly

Recommended for: Havenly is considered the best interior design service if you are looking for a budget price no matter how big or small your project is. It is a very budget-friendly interior design platform.

Pricing Rate :

The first one is the Havenly mini which is priced at $79 and comes with three ideas, only two revisions, and one online design concept. The other one is Havenly full which goes for $199 and comes with a single online design concept, a 3D room layout, three ideas, and a custom floor plan. Havenly Full pricing is for full either designing a room from scratch or for celebrity room design makeovers.

How It Works

Havenly requires one to fill in a form answering questions that describe your style and then submit photos of the room you want to design. This is followed by a discussion with the designers about your needs, likes, dislikes, ideas but alternatively you can fill a design survey online. After a few days, the designer will provide two initial different design concepts and a recommendation of a floor plan, and wait for your feedback to do revisions until you are satisfied. Lastly, the interior designer will deliver a curated shopping list of the recommended products to purchase for your final design.


  • Havenly gives the client freedom to pair with the designer they prefer.


  • They do not provide room models in 3D design formats

5. Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn, an online interior design service, only offers a one on one service that assists you in creating your perfect space at no cost whatsoever. The company only gives you product recommendations but it includes its sister brands, for example, West Elm, Rejuvenation, and Pottery Barn Kids.

How It Works

You start using this service by setting up a meeting and speak directly to an interior design consultant. Alternatively, you can do it virtually. The interior designer then comes up with a solution according to what your search was and comes up with floor plans, setup instructions, and product suggestions.


  • It is free of charge
  • You can directly consult by meeting up with an interior design consultant


  • The company only provides recommendations.


What is the best online school for interior design?

The best online school for interior design in the New York School of Interior Design. This is because it is the only institution that specializes in interior design learning. Aside from that, it is a top-ranked school for interior design and therefore indicates a strong foundation and better post-grad success.

How much do online interior designers charge?

Online interior designers charge differently and the price is dependent on a lot of factors. Some designers charge hourly, some fixed some multi room, some per room depending on the company they work for and also the interior designer. Design services do not have a fixed price. Designers may earn up to $49948 per month.

Which is better Modsy or Havenly?

Modsy is the better option for a home as it provides the room concepts in a realistic 3D rendering format while Havenly provides the final concepts in mood boards. Also, Modsy pairs the customers with the best designer in accordance with the answers to the survey while Havenly leave the pairing work to the client.

How do online interior designers work?

Online interior design services work almost similarly always. The first step entails understanding the customers’ ideas. This is done by analyzing the customer’s answers of style, budget, and any preferences. The customers type keyword s and this is what helps the designer know what services to offer. After knowing what the customer is looking for, they search close ideas for they suggest according to which room is being designed. Some designers work on all rooms while others might only work in the living room and bedroom.

Ian Mutuli

About the author

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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