Predator 2000 Generator Review – Everything you Want To Know

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Ian Mutuli

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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When you want a convenient power supply for activities such as camping outdoors, you need to go for the best generator possible. There are many generator brands out there, with as many different features for you to consider. Being able to consider all these factors is crucial for your user experience, especially since generators are delicate tools.

We have developed this comprehensive guide to help you make an informed decision for your needs. It’s a review of the Predator Generator 2000, which is both powerful and reliable for indoor use. 

Generators have come a long way over the years, and many people increasingly realize the benefits of owning one of these tools. Not only are they simple to set up, but they can also provide reliable power for all your electrical appliances.

Featuring inbuilt inverter technology, this inverter generator provides clean power, which is perfect for sensitive devices. Moreover, the efficient design of this inverter generator delivers more power, and with exceptional fuel consumption levels. Designed to be lighter in weight than most generators, this inverter generator is ideal for various applications, including RVs, boating, camping, and more. We also liked the fact that this unit is lighter than most generators and that it's ideal for camping, rafting, and more. 

The best tip for buying a generator for your needs is: Never wait until the lights go out. Whether you live in an area with hurricanes, snowstorms, or even heat waves, a lack of power can be a significant issue.

Key Features

The predator 2000 boasts of many unique features which can make it convenient for your devices. The primary ones include:

1. Run time: 12 hours @ 25% capacity

Perhaps the most significant feature in this unit is that it offers an exceptional run time, which is more than sufficient for your work or time spent outdoors. The run time of a good generator should average more than 7 hours. Furthermore, the runtime should be based on the capacity of the unit, and the number of power outlets it has available. Capable of providing well over 12 hours of run time, and at 25% capacity, the Predator 2000 generator is an excellent recommendation for your needs. The highly efficient generator is designed with efficiency in mind, and it's also easy to set up.

2. Super Quiet Only 65 dB

Noise can be a significant issue, primarily when you use gas-powered generators. Thus, you need a good generator that is not only powerful but also silent in operation. You will also appreciate the fact that this generator is super quiet, and will only produce a 65db sound level. This is a sound level, which is close to a human conversation level. Thus, the Predator 200 generator makes up for an excellent addition to your indoor space. When it is in use, it won’t affect the neighbors, or perhaps your little one who is asleep in the next room.

3. Electronic Overload Protection

When buying a generator, it's essential to consider the power supply features that are available with the machine. In this case, the Predator 2000 comes with electronic overload protection, which helps safeguard your devices from damage. More so, the electronic overload helps equalize the power supply, such that your devices never overcharge, which is a leading cause of battery damage. When it comes to starting the generator, the convenient recoil start makes things easy. It ensures the engine starts easily, even when it’s cold.

4. 79.7cc Air-cooled OHV Gas Engine

As far as power goes, this generator features the powerful and highly efficient 79.7 cc air-cooled OHV gas engine. The engine is highly efficient and suitable for powering your small appliances, including lights, computers, and more. While the engine on this unit is sturdy, its whisper-quiet in operation and rarely requires maintenance. The main benefit of an OHV engine is that it provides a high torque level while being efficient at the same time.

5. 2000 Starting Watts, 1600 Running Watts

Yes, the Predator 2000 is a small generator, but it packs a punch, and you will be surprised at the exceptional performance this unit can provide. With a starting watt level averaging at 2000, and a running level of 1600 watts, this generator is perfect for your needs. Simply put, it’s a small generator, which you can use to supply your large devices with power. It can provide more than two devices with power at the same time, and without issues such as overloading.

6. Parallel Compatibility

In the rare case that you need more power for your devices, the Predator 2000 still has you covered. To be specific, this generator has a power limit and may have to use the parallel kit if you want more power. The parallel kit lets you add a second Predator Generator, with the optional kit available. Thus, with two generators connected, you will have a total of 4,000 watts of power, which is more than enough for most devices.

7. Low Oil Indicator and High Impact Housing

The generator even comes with a low oil indicator, which makes it easy to perform machine maintenance. The low oil indicator comes in the form of a convenient LED light, which is placed on the front section of this unit. There is nothing better than when you have a heavy-duty generator, which ensures years of longevity. Thus, this is why the Predator 2000 generator has a high impact housing, which can withstand anything you throw at it. Besides that, such a unique structure means that the generator does not mind getting tossed around the trunk of your car.


  • Heavy-duty housing offers longevity
  • Low oil indicator makes tool maintenance convenient
  • Capable of parallel connectivity for double the power output
  • Powerful air-cooled OHV engine
  • Offers super quiet operation at 65 dB


  • Has only two ports
  • Could use a large LCD screen

How to Use A Gas Generator

When a flood, hurricane, or natural disaster starts to bear down, people notice the importance of getting an excellent generator for when the power goes out. Never wait until you need a back up power unit before investing. Get a generator now, and be ready for anything. 

That said, it’s a significant investment, and there are many options for home generators to consider. If you want to buy a generator, these are the five essential safety tips for you to consider.

1. Never Use a Generator Indoors or In Enclosed Spaces

A generator is a mechanical tool, and it's likely to produce fumes during operation. Thus, the last thing you want is to use it indoors, where the fumes are likely to cause a health hazard. More so, issues such as wind are likely to push poisonous gases such as C02 inside the house, and this also a health hazard. The best advice would be to use generators outdoors, in places where there is adequate ventilation

2. Never “Back Feed”

For those who are not aware, a back feed occurs when you make an extension cord, which has prongs at both ends. Usually, people take this extension cord and plug into the generator on the side, and a power outlet may be indoors on the other end. Every component existing on the same circuit as the outlet receives electricity. However, this is not good for many reasons. The most common cause is that people will forget to throw the primary breaker on the service panel, and this has many issues. Now the high voltage electricity travels out to the grid, and this can be dangerous.

3. Never Use a Damaged Cord

People invest lots of money to purchase generators, and often forget about the importance of a suitable cord. Never use a damaged cable, or one which is taped, as this has various dangers associated with it.

4. Never Fuel the Generator When It’s Hot

Keep the fuel indoors, and not close to the generator. Even if this is common sense, not many people are keen on its benefits. A generator might cool down fast once you shut it down, and this often the case when you use the machine outdoors during winter. All it takes would be a small fuel spill on a red-hot generator to cause an explosion of petroleum. With the power already out, the last thing you want is an exploding generator in your space.

5. Use A Fuel Stabilizer

Some types of fuel will degrade fast unless you use a fuel stabilizer. Use the stabilizer when you want to store your generator for a few days without use. As far as fuel goes, you also have to remember to get the correct can for moving your fuel supply. Ensure the can is large enough to carry the fuel and has a good spout for ease of application.

6. Pick Your Features

Some brands feature a recoil handle or electric push-button start function, which makes the machine convenient to use. Even more, some of these tools also feature one or more outlets, which you can use to install extension cords. Other brands also feature covered outlets, illuminated control panels, and automatic shutdowns for when the oil runs low. More so, the portable brands can weigh between 100 to 250 pounds; you consider getting a wheel kit for your convenience. Once you install the wheels, you will find it easy to move the generator around your spaces.

7. Generator Fuel Type

Once you have determined the amount of power you need to keep your appliances running, you also have to consider the type of fuel. As previously mentioned, the electricity generators have an engine, which is responsible for power production. Usually, the engine can run on various sources of power include natural gas, gasoline, diesel, and even propane. Each of these fuel types has its benefits and drawbacks. Therefore, ensure that you give some thought to the fuel type of your generator before investing. This way, you can plan ahead of time, and determine whether the power supply is suitable for your needs.


When the power is out and you need to keep your devices supplied with power, you have to make decisions before time. The Predator 2000 Generator Review is an excellent place for you to start addressing your power supply needs. The generator is compact and powerful at the same time, and you can move with it around outdoors with ease. Even more, this unit is parallel compatible, and you can get double the power output when connected.

Thus, you can avoid any issues such as electrical outages, when you have the correct power supply units. Get a good generator, and your power supply needs easy to address.

Ian Mutuli

About the author

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.