Predator 3500 Inverter Generator Reviews

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Ian Mutuli

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast such as a camper, or you perhaps run delicate devices such as computer servers, you need a reliable power supply. You need a reliable power supply unit, which is both convenient and powerful to use. The range of suitable power supply products on the market is vast and diverse, which can make it hard to choose a good product. Fortunately, we have done all the hard work for you – we have developed this predator 3500 inverter generator reviews to help you make a good choice. Equip yourself with a powerful generator, and you will enjoy reliable power for your appliances.

Before you can buy an excellent generator for your needs, there are a few key factors that you have to consider to ensure the best results. A generator is a technical machine, and you also have to be keen on these aspects so that you get a device that suits your appliance. The last thing you want is to get a portable generator when you have high capacity demands at home or the office.

While this unit is compact in size, it surely packs a punch – when it comes to power supply purposes. The generator features a powerful 212cc air-cooled gas OHV engine, which is reliable for your needs. With such a powerful motor, you can expect this unit to provide over 11 hours of reliable power.

The power generator is not only efficient, but it also produces minimal noise during operation. Even more, the generator also features a small screen, which lets you check the status of the machine conveniently. Also, the sound produced during operation is a crucial factor to consider. This is why the Predator 3500 Inverter Generator is silent in operation and will produce only 57db sound level.

Inverter Generator Benefits

High Quality Power Output

Perhaps the most notable benefit of inverter technology, is that you are sure of high-quality power output each time. An inverter is a special electrical mechanism, which makes it easy to regulate the quality of power. Thus, you are devices are safe from issues such as overcharging, and the generator can even perform equalization of the charge. The inverter generators are specially calibrated to ensure the power supply is clean and equalized.

Compact Structures

There is nothing better than when you have a compact generator, which you can around with ease. The inverter types are popular for being compact, and without causing any compromise on the quality of power produced. These types of generators comprise of few components, which makes the relatively compact. Thus, when you have an inverter generator, you are sure of a unit which is relatively small in size and suitable for portability.

Silent Operation

Not only are inverter generators compact, but they also produce a small amount of noise when in operation. Thus, the generators are perfect for use in various settings because the motor won't produce noise when in us. Some other high-end brands even incorporate their products with sound dampening materials, which make their machines even quieter.

Key Features

212cc air-cooled OHV gas engine

Perhaps the most significant feature in this unit is the powerful engine. While the generator is compact, it features a powerful engine, which can power most of your small appliances. The gas generator engine is both powerful and efficient at the same time. It can provide over 11 hours of power and produces a small amount of emissions. The best part about using the engine on this unit is that its highly efficient.

11-hour run-time @ 25% capacity

Run time is a crucial factor to consider when getting a good generator for your needs. Thus, this is why the Predator 3500 generator ensures optimal run time before you can plan on the next power supply. When you need more power, you can just add more fuel to the tank and continue operating your devices. With such an immense amount of run time, you are more than sure of a reliable power supply for all your electrical devices. You can even customize the load capacity of the generator to suit the power demands of your devices.

Digital LCD Screen

To make things better, the generator comes with a digital LCD screen that has a low oil indicator. The LCD screen is well positioned and is easy to view, even in brightly lit settings. Moreover, the LCDs various other useful metrics such as the overload and output light indicators. The overload indicator informs you when the generator is overloaded and requires additional power. Furthermore, the output light indicators demonstrate the amount of energy the generator can produce in a given duration.

Integrated smooth-rolling casters for portability

Mobility is a crucial factor to consider when you want to get a generator for your needs. Not only do you want to look at the weight of the device, but you also want to evaluate the handles. Weighing in at 9.9lbs, this generator is not necessarily easy to carry around for some users. Therefore, this Predator generator has done well to incorporate the generator with smooth-rolling casters, which makes it convenient to move around. The casters are durable and suitable for movement over various types of outdoor terrains. All these features are backed by the outstanding design ergonomics of the handles, which make the generator comfortable in your hands.

Electronic overload protection and Parallel Compatibility

When using generators, you have to be cautious about issues such as overload and overcharging. In this case, the predator 3500 comes with an electronic overload protection, which ensures your device is safe from damage each time. The overload protection unit keeps the power supply regulated and clean regardless of the type of device you attach to the generator. 

Similar to all the flagship predator generators on the market, this unit is parallel compatible for increased power output. In other words, you can connect the generator in parallel to increase the level of power output from the machine.


  • Comes with electronic overload protection
  • Easy to use generator design with ergonomic dials
  • 212 cc air-cooled engine is efficient
  • Can provide an exceptional 11 hour run time


  • The motor warms up when used for long durations
  • Could use improved handle ergonomics for comfort

How to Buy a Good Gas Generator

Buying a generator can be a challenging procedure. That said, you can become more informed by using proper guides and getting the correct information. Here are a few key factors to know before buying a generator:

  • Determine your wattage needs – you have to come up with an average of the amount of power required to run your devices.
  • Establish your budget – generators range between different price categories, so determining the amount you want to spend is crucial.
  • Choose your generator – for home backup; you can go for the portable or standby generators. It all depends on factors such as power needs, convenience, and budget. Also, remember to use a transfer switch, which you will use to power the circuits in your home.
  • Consider the accessories included – does the generator come with components such as a warrant or maintenance package? What about parts such as wheels, a funnel, or a power cord? How much more will installation cost DIY vs. when you go to a professional? Will you need an accessory such as a cover to protect your generator from elements?
  • Check out exclusive features – generators are available with many different elements to make them easy to use and safe. Ensure that you check your generator for these factors before investing.
  • Understanding Your Wattage & Runtime Needs

    There are two basic power measurements when it comes to buying generators; these are the starting watts and continuous watts. The starting watt is the amount required to run appliances at starts-ups, or perhaps when the devices are running at full capacity. Moreover, continuous power refers to the wattage needed for operating these appliances under a normal load, which is a metric measured in watts.

    Common Applications

    The way you plan to use the generator has a significant impact on the type of generator you select for your needs. The common ones include:

    • Storm and emergency power – if you want a generator for areas that are prone to hurricanes and bad weather, start by determining the appliances that you will use at that time. Will you need to power the entire house or just a few essential circuits? If you need a power supply for the whole house, then your best bet would be to go for a home standby generator. If you just want to power a few appliances and electronics, then a sizeable portable generator would be best.
    • Leisure and recreation – an inverter generator is perfect for activities such as camping and tailgating. A prevailing school of thought is to go for inverter generators, which are usually quiet and have low Total Harmonic Distortion. Thus, these tools are safe to use with electronics. Furthermore, most generators will provide only 3000W of power, so if you need more, go for a parallel kit. Or, you can go for generators that have Automate Voltage Regulation functions to make them convenient to use.
    • Jobsite – portable generators are most suitable for job site applications because they are portable and can supply different tools with power. Go for generators that have adequate running and starting watt power levels to suit your needs. Also, consider going for a generator with professional functions such as durable, heavy-duty frames, pneumatic tires, and idle technology. 
    • When buying a generator, remember to consider aspects such as the ports and outlets on the user panel, and the cables included with the unit as well. The outlets will make it easy to determine the types of appliances you need to power with your generator. There are various types of outlet types you will find on generators. For instance, if you want to power your RV with a generator, then ensure it features a 120-v outlet. Also, if you're going to power a small device such as a smartphone, consider outlets such as USB ports, which make it convenient to power your tools.

    Generator Safety

    Always consult the owner’s manual and instructions on the generator before using your machines. Also, carefully follow all warnings and guidelines before you start operating the generator. These tips are merely supplemental, and you can always learn more for optimal safety. They include:

    • Never operate a generator indoors or in enclosed spaces indoors. Only use the generator outdoors and away from doors, vents, crawl spaces, windows, and more. You need an area with adequate ventilation. Using a fan or opening the windows is not necessarily a good safety measure.
    • Always read the owner’s manual and instructions for your generator and carefully follow all instructions and warnings to safely start and operate the generator. These tips are merely supplemental and are not intended to substitute reading of the owner’s manual.
    • Use the generator on level surfaces, where you will not expose it to elements such as dust and moisture. These elements will easily compromise the functionality of your generator.
    • Never overfill the fuel tank, and leave some room for the expansion of fuel.
    • Never add fuel to the generator when the engine is still hot or running. Let the generator cool completely, before adding some fuel
    • Never store the generator with fuel in the tank, where gasoline vapors might make contact with an open flame, spark or light
    • Never connect your generator directly to the home wiring or a standard household power port. Connecting a portable electric generator to your installation can be a significant issue and other people. Connecting a generator directly to your home wiring can cause a ‘back feed’ on the power lines connecting to your home.
    • You must ground the generators properly. If your unit is not correctly grounded, then you run the risk of electrocution issues. The best recommendation is to ensure you adhere to all the rules required for safely operating a generator.
    • Leave at least 6 feet of clearance on either side of the generator when in its operation
    • Check the generator regularly, and contact a local dealer if you require any replacement parts.

    Check out our review on predator 2000 generator.


    When it comes to buying good power supply products, the range of products and options available is diverse. Thus, you have to make a precise decision when you want to get the correct power supply unit for your needs. You can never go wrong with a product from a reliable brand because you are sure of reliable power delivery each time. More so, you are also confident of a generator that offers safe and clean power each time. 

    With the Predator 3500 inverter generator review, you are sure of starting in a good place. It’s a powerful generator, which sets up simple, and has a heavy-duty construction. The generator is also parallel compatible and can provide well over 10 hours of run time.  Get it, and instantly make it easy to manage power outages.

    Ian Mutuli

    About the author

    Ian Mutuli

    Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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