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Best Queen Anne Recliner: Elegant & Fascinating Designs

Ian Mutuli
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Ian Mutuli

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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If you want a touch of elegance in your living room, bedroom, or in your home office, the Queen Anne recliner sounds just like the right option. It was a prototypical design in 18th-century furniture that gave the consumer both elegance and style.

Although the Queen Anne recliner is a past design, it has endured to date and emulated by others who want to produce the same high-quality furniture.

Queen Anne Style

This style of decorative arts started evolving during the tenure of King William III of England and even reached importance during the reign of Queen Anne herself.

The most distinctive feature of Queen Anne furniture is a cabriole leg, shaped in the form of a double curve, whereby the upper part is convex while the lower part is concave. Social tea-drinking developed in the Queen Anne period, which led to the need for small movable chairs and tables.

Other things designed in the Queen Anne style include bookcases, secretaries, and veneering, inlay, marquetry, and lacquer work were applied to the decorative furniture of Queen Anne design.

Queen Anne recliner is one of the pieces of furniture constructed during the 18th century. And because they have been emulated, let's see what we can find in the market now, in that category.

Queen Anne Recliner Style

1. GDF Studio Elizabeth Tufted Fabric Recliner

GDF Studio Elizabeth Tufted Fabric Recliner, Vintage...
  • EASILY RECLINES: Sit back and relax in the Elizabeth Recliner....
  • MODERN HOME DECOR: This armchair will make a statement in any...
  • COMFORTABLE CUSHIONED SEAT: This accent chair will become your...
  • STURDY LEGS: The legs of this club chair are made from durable...
  • DIMENSIONS: Knowing the dimensions of new furniture is essential...

Here is one recliner you can buy to improve the look of your office, bedroom, or living room. This armchair features a tufted diamond design which gives it a stylish look. Reclining this chair is easy; you simply lean back to recline, and the leg recliner will also pop out to let you sit comfortably.

The padded cushion of this recliner is firm but soft to make you as cozy as possible. It also has a high back that commands attention and supports your spine, and you can rest your arms on the armrest for added comfort and luxury.

The legs of this chair are made from durable birch wood, which makes the chair stable and firm and allows it to hold up under the pressure of your weight. The weight limit of this recliner chair is 250-350 pounds.


  • The classic design makes it look good in the living room
  • It is easy to assemble, and you can do it alone
  • It is comfortable


  • Material is a little scratchy

2. Westeros Traditional Wingback Fabric Recliner

Westeros Traditional Wingback Fabric Recliner Chair...
  • This wingback, traditional recliner is an ideal chair for any...
  • Includes: One (1) Recliner
  • Dimensions: 33.25"D x 26.50"W x 40.00"H
  • Material: Fabric | Colors available in: White & Blue Floral or...
  • Leg Material: Birch | Leg Finish: Dark Brown | No Assembly...

If you want our house to look like a castle without overspending. This wingback chair is ideal for any room. This chair has a studded border on either side which makes it stylish, and the extra padded cushion gives optimum comfort to relax your back, especially after a busy workday.

The fabric used to make this recliner is 100% polyester, which is durable, so it gives you long service before wearing out. You will also love that this seat comes assembled, ready to carry you for a moment of relaxation.

Operating this recliner is simple, so if you want to recline or elevate your position, you can do it easily and sit in whichever position you like.


  • Assembly is easy
  • Good value for the price
  • It offers a full reclination so you can sit in any position


  • Not good for heavy use

3. Best Choice Products Push Back Recliner

Best Choice Products Tufted Upholstered Wingback Push...
  • MODERN HOME FURNITURE: Makes a statement in any room, elegantly...
  • 160-DEGREE RECLINING FUNCTIONALITY: Simply lay back to pop the...
  • OPTIMAL COMFORT: Made with 100% polyester linen stuffed with...
  • DURABLE, STURDY DESIGN: The composite wood frame, metal reclining...
  • EASY ASSEMBLY: Comes together in as little as 10 minutes, so you...

This recliner by Best Choice products is a recliner that will give your living room a new look as it is elegantly crafted will nailhead trim. It also features a button-tufted diamond design that gives it a sophisticated look. You can enjoy watching your favorite movie or reading a book while relaxing on your recliner as it can recline to 160 degrees.

Once you sit on this wingback chair, you won't want to leave. But, the comfort that comes with it is on another level. It is made with 100% polyester linen stuffed with plush cushioning and a wingback design to keep you relaxed and super comfortable.

With its durable and sturdy design, you will enjoy years of relaxing on your favorite chair. The frame is made of composite wood, and the metal reclining mechanism makes it strong, hence being suitable for supporting your weight. Moreover, assembling the parts is easy and will take about only ten minutes of your time.


  • It is easy to assemble
  • Comfortable
  • Classic style looks great in the room


  • Not good for heavy people
  • Has a bad smell which fades after a few weeks
  • Material soils quickly

4. Great Deal Furniture Dufour Recliner

Great Deal Furniture Dufour White and Blue Floral...
  • Includes: One (1) Recliner
  • Dimensions: 34.00"L x 26.75"W x 36.25"H
  • Leg Material: Birch | Material: Fabric | Color: White and Blue...
  • Assembly Required
  • Relax in style with this recliner club chair featuring a solid...

Another Queen Anne recliner design that lets you relax in style and read your favorite novel or magazine. This chair is suitable for small places as its dimensions are 34 by 27 by 36 inches. It is also a great size because it does not take up all your space. Its total weight capacity is 71.2 pounds.

The chair has a solid frame, and the feet are very sturdy to make it stable and give it the strength to hold your weight. It also features a leg recliner that you can extend to sit more comfortably so you can take a nap in your new chair. Great

Great Deal Furniture Dufour recliner is a white and blue floral pattern that makes it beautiful. It is also easy to assemble, so you won't spend all your time doing the same.


  • Thick and durable fabric
  • Elegant design and color scheme
  • It is easy to assemble


  • Not long enough when reclined

5. Christopher Knight Wescott Traditional Fabric Recliner

Christopher Knight Home Wescott Traditional Fabric...
  • CONTEMPORARY DESIGN: Featuring smooth upholstery and tonal...
  • NAILHEAD ACCENTS: This recliner spares no expense when it comes...
  • WINGBACK: Framed by two “wings” that are designed to trap...
  • PUSHBACK MECHANISM: Our chairs use a pushback mechanism to open...
  • DIMENSIONS: Choose an accessory that is the perfect size for you...

Christopher Knight designs some of the best recliners with cozy and soft seat cushions to keep you comfortable when you want to relax on your favorite chair. This deep red recliner also provides you with the exact comfort you'd get from any other chair from Christopher Knight.

Its Queen Anne recliner design makes it look great when placed in any room. It features smooth upholstery and tonal piping, which give it an elegant design. It also has nailhead accents that border the edges, and they are applied to create a beautiful handcrafted finish.

It is a wingback chair with two 'wings' designed to trap heat and cover your body from drafts. The backrest gives you style and comfort. The chair uses a push-back mechanism to recline. So if you want to be in a reclined position, you will have to push the seat backward with your body weight. Once you do that, the chair will be reclined, and the leg recliner will also pop out to give you feet support for maximum comfort.


  • It is light, so you can easily move it
  • Assembling it is easy
  • Great size; neither too small nor bulky


  • Arms are unpadded
  • Attaching the wingbacks is not as easy

How Can You Identify Queen Anne Furniture?

If you are keen to add Queen Anne furniture to your home, you can find them at auction today. Their prices vary depending on the condition and size of each piece of furniture.

If you want to get yourself a piece of furniture by Queen Anne and wonder how to identify them, read on to find out. Queen Anne furniture has specific characteristics that make identifying them easier. So let's find out those characteristics.

a). S-Curve

Queen Anne furniture bears a form of an S-curve element. From the gentle curve of the characteristic cabriole legs to the subtle swoop of S-curve chair backs, organic vase-shaped back splat, and a yoke-shaped top rail.

b). Ornament

Queen Anne furniture also features ornamentation. However, ornamentation is sparse due to the style's emphasis on streamlined form. Although, some pieces feature delicate fan or shell motifs.

c). Medium

Queen Anne craftsmen preferred richly toned woods like cherry, walnut, cherry, and maple.

d). Padded Feet

Most of Queen Anne furniture has pad feet. The feet entail soft round corners that culminate in a flat disk, which rests on the floor. At times, the pad feet come secreted away under claw motifs.

What are the Factors to Consider When Buying a Recliner Chair?

When buying a recliner, you may need to consider some factors to ensure you get the highest value for your money. These factors will help you choose the kind of recliner you want to buy.

a). Comfort

When you buy a recliner, it is because you want to maximize your comfort. Therefore, if you buy a recliner, ensure that it will provide the comfort that you need. If it is comfortable enough, your body can feel relaxed, and your back will also relax.

b). Type of recliner

There are two types of recliners; two-position recliners and push-back recliners. A two-position recliner has only two positions. You can either sit upright or be fully reclined. Once you release the foot lever, the chair back flattens completely.

As the name suggests, push-back recliner reclines with a push from your back. Therefore, you can recline it to different positions as you desire. However, in most cases, a push-back recliner will not have a leg recliner. Therefore, that is a factor to keep in mind as well.

c). Materials

The materials used to construct a recliner play a major role in the overall look and durability of the chair. Chairs are usually made with different materials, including fabric and leather upholstery.

You can get one made with cotton, velvet, or chenille if you want a recliner chair with fabric upholstery. This gives you options to choose from, and they are also comfortable. However, such chairs may get easily stained, and they also need more care and maintenance.

Leather recliners look attractive, and cleaning them is easy. A leather chair also looks classic. However, leather can easily get scratched, leading to loss of its attractiveness.

You should pay attention to the material used to make the skeleton of the recliner chair. Choose a chair made with hardwood frames as they can stand the test of time.

d). Cost

Cost is one of the most important factors to consider when buying a recliner chair. A recliner is not just a chair, so its price will be higher than average fabric and leather chairs. In addition, a recliner will be more expensive if it has more features. Therefore, you can first check the most important features and spend on what you need instead of getting an extremely expensive recliner with features that you don't need. You would need to be strict on yourself and spend only what you need to.

e). Legs

Wingback recliner chairs feature various leg styles. However, Queen Anne wingbacks are well-known to have S-shaped or curvy wooded cabriole legs. No matter the design of a chair's legs, they should be firmly fixed to support the chair's weight limit. Even if the recliner has a strongly built frame and the legs are weak, you may break the chair and get hurt as well. Therefore, you may need to check the material used in constructing the recliner's legs before selecting it.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does a dual-motor Queen Anne recliner work?

A dual-motor Queen Anne recliner gives you control over your recliner's footrest and backrest. What does that mean? Okay, it means that you can have your leg recliner up while the backrest is in an upright position and vice versa. On the other hand, a single motor lifts to a standing position and reclines to a comfy position in a single function. est

4. What kind of legs do Queen Anne chairs have?

Queen Anne chairs have cabriole-shaped legs. However, this does not apply to the chairs only. Even bed frames and accent tales have that same type of legs. They also have the pad foot, which is the most common on the Queen Anna pieces of furniture. However, spade and trifid feet were also used.

Ian Mutuli

About the author

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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