Best Recliners for Sleeping, Lumbar Support and Pain Relief

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Ian Mutuli

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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If you experience sleep apnea, back pain, or other health-related conditions that make it difficult to sleep in bed, then the best recliners for sleeping are definitely a must-have. If you regularly doze off while watching TVor get lost while reading a book, then you also fall in this lot.

You might want to get a recliner because of a medical condition or getting yourself a comfy chair to snooze sometimes after a long day at work while in the living room. However, finding the best recliner is a tall order on its own. The many products available in the market make it hard to know what product is worth investing in.

When buying a reclining chair, you need to consider the padding, the positions your sleeping recliner can be adjusted to, how you usually sleep, the price, etc. Choosing the best recliner for sleeping means that you have to consider that some recliners recline fully open to a flat position while others only recline to a certain degree. Depending on the medical conditions and your sleeping positions, you’ll need recliner features and a recliner chair for sleeping that you can sleep in the best position.

There are plenty of recliners in the market that come in different designs, styles, fabrics, and colours, meaning that the best recliners for catnappers might be slightly different from the best recliner chairs for people who need the extra lumbar support. Also, you might have to engage in a minor assembly before you can finally stretch your back and take that comfy nap.

The Best Recliners for Sleeping in Different Positions

1. Yandel Power Lift Recliner

Signature Design by Ashley Yandel Upholstered Power...
  • CONTEMPORARY POWER LIFT RECLINER: Style and functionality merge...
  • SMOOTH BROWN UPHOLSTERY: Saddle brown upholstery looks like...
  • SLOW POWER MOVEMENT: Estimated time to complete a full cycle with...
  • GENEROUS SIZING: Oversized recliner measures 35"W x 40"D x 42.5"H...
  • EASY ASSEMBLY: Instructions, hardware and tools included, Fits...

This is among the best power lift recliners from Ashley Furniture that looks like it's made from leather but is actually made from 100 % polyester. That not only means that it’s less pricey than the actual thing, but it's also animal-lover-friendly.

You’ll definitely get a good night’s rest in this chair since the chair reclines to an adjustable positioning all at the touch of a button. The remote control of this recliner chair is easy to operate and is used to adjust the leg rest and the back of the recliner to the exact angle and comfortable position you'd prefer for getting some sleep.

It comes with two cup holders or side pockets to hold the TV remote, books, magazines, or whatever else you'd want to keep close. It being a power lift recliner, it’ll do most of the work for you, especially on those days where getting up is difficult.


  • This is a stylish and functional dual motor lift chair recliner
  • On the touch of a button, this power lift eases you back and elevates your legs for the ultimate lounge experience while in an upright position
  • It comes in a smooth brown upholstery that looks like actual leather but is an actually thick polyester fibre that is cosy and feels good to the touch
  • It is designed for maximum comfort with the high back, thick cushions and a sturdy corner-block frame with a seat that is reinforced by metal
  • It has a slow power movement with an estimated time for the full cycle, which is ideal for seniors or individuals living with disabilities
  • This recliner has a generous sizing
  • It has an easy assembly


  • It has limited sleep positions

2. Perfect Sleep Chair - Lift Chair and Medical Recliner

Perfect Sleep Chair - Lift Chair & Medical Recliner –...
  • AMAZING COMFORT! Duralux Microfiber is very breathable, ultra...
  • ADJUSTABLE HEAT in seat and back keeps you warm & comfy
  • EASY TO USE REMOTE controls all functions. It even has a battery...
  • WHITE GLOVE DELIVERY. It's delivered to your home, set up exactly...

Another one, rated as one of the best recliners for sleeping, is precisely what its name suggests, perfect. The Lift Chair and Medical Recliner by the Perfect Sleep Chair is one that is the most recommended recliners you will find on the market for sleeping purposes. The main reason why experts recommend this recliner is because it's not just designed to function as a comfortable recliner, but it also works well as both a lift recliner and a medical chair.

It efficiently lifts to help you stand, and the entire chair lays flat to provide maximum comfort. The Perfect Sleep Chair Lift Chair and Medical recliner is highly versatile and works to provide many different sleep positions than most recliners in the market. It also comes with a very easy-to-use remote control to operate your recliner for sleeping efficiently.

Another thing, it comes integrated with a heating system on the back of the seat which you can adjust at will. This overstuffed recliner for sleeping design is guaranteed to offer amazing comfort while the extra coils provide the support that's most needed.


  • Its construction makes it very comfortable
  • It has plenty of positioning options
  • It comes with remote control and battery backup
  • It has an integrated heating system
  • It lays flat as a sleeping recliner and is also a lift that lifts to help you stand and is also a medical recliner for a good night's sleep
  • It has a Duralux Microfiber upholstery that is very breathable, soft and durable
  • It is overstuffed for maximum comfort
  • It is easy to clean with mild soap and water
  • It has an adjustable heat in the seat and on the back to keep you warm
  • It comes with a white glove delivery 


  • It is relatively pricey
  • If not well handled, the leather might rip off after roughly 12-months of use

3. .Esright Massage Recliner Chair 

NHI Express Addison Large Contemporary Microfiber...
  • Large contemporary recliner
  • Very comfortable stain-resistant blue color microfiber upholstery
  • Very comfortable stain-resistant blue color microfiber upholstery
  • 35-inch wide by 40-inch deep by 40 Inch high
  • Hardwood frames

The Esright Massage Recliner chair is rated as one of the most comfortable massage recliner chair that comes with a lot of extra perks. One is that it features polyurethane leather that's just not comfortable but also very easy to clean. Esright massage chair comes with extra padding giving you the feeling of 'sinking in' with comfort.

It has exquisite padding throughout the chair from the back of the seat, through the armrests and to the leg rest. The Esright Massage Recliner for sleeping has a 360-degree swivel that is most ideal and convenient for people with injuries since it allows moving in all directions. People who want the most comfortable recliner chair with this can set the angle 150-degrees and swivel in all the different directions.

This is also a rocking recliner that can also rock, so don’t forget to take plenty of advantage of that. In addition, it features a massage function with five intensity mode settings. It also comes with its power cord and remote control to make the operation easy, allowing you to conveniently have your massage therapy at the comfort of your home.


  • It features 5 massage intensity functions
  • It has a rocking motion
  • It is easy to operate
  • It comes with a PU leather that is really soft
  • It can double as a rocking recliner


  • The swivel function cannot be disabled
  • Once inclined, it cannot be locked into position

4. Homall Recliner Chair Padded Seat

Homall Recliner Chair Padded Seat Pu Leather for Living...
  • Material: High quality pu leather, comfortable skin friendly and...
  • Adjustable Recliner: This recliner can be used as three kinds of...
  • Upgraded Footrest: Highly durable steel frame with thicker foam...
  • Maximum Capacity: 265 lbs; Seat height: 17.7 inch; Seat...
  • Foot protection: This single recliner is supported by four sturdy...

This recliner chair padded seat is simple yet elegant with features that you can conveniently and reliably depend on. Homall boasts that this recliner comes with dual stitching to make it look both elegant and regal at the same time. Homall uses polyethene upholstery, making it easier to clean it.

Like most sleeping recliners, its construction makes it feel really comfortable to the skin, and it comes with a warranty lifetime claim. For extra comfort, this recliner chair consists of a thick, high-density sponge on the back of this seat, the arms and the footrest to provide all the comfort you will need while you lie down to sleep or relax while watching TV.

The high-density foam also ensures that the recliner chair doesn’t lose its form or comfort no matter how much it is used. It is one of the most comfortable recliner chairs that can easily support a maximum weight capacity of more than 256lbs without having to dent your hardwood floor.

The Homall reclining chair is also constructed with a double-layer footrest which makes it even more comfortable.


  • It is very comfortable
  • It is very easy to assemble
  • It is stylish
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty protection
  • It is made of high-quality materials such as high-quality PU leather that is comfortable, can easily be cleaned and is skin-friendly
  • It is made of a high density thicker sponge for high resilience and permeability
  • It is an adjustable recline
  • It has a highly durable steel frame with thick foam padding on its leg rest


  • It might be a little small for tall people

5. Lifestyle Power Recliner Fabric

Lifestyle Power Recliner Fabric, Taupe
  • Power Recliner
  • Heavy duty and plush fabric
  • USB Plug on Activation Switch
  • Wallsaver mechanism
  • Layflat Premium Mechanism

An electronic budget recliner that is both sleek and easy on your budget. The Lifestyle Power recliner feels and looks good and works well for people who want an affordable recliner that is also elegant. Unlike the other manual recliners, it is one of the best electric recliners, powered by electricity for a much easier and convenient way to find your perfect positions, with just the push of a button.

It is covered with a soft plush chenille fabric that is easier to clean, stain-resistant and doesn’t tear or wear out easily, while the high-density padding ensures to give you all the comfort you'd need.

This is a good recliner for back pain because it features a fully reclined mechanism that allows you to lie down completely flat. Its also integrated with a USB outlet that works great for people who cannot stay away from their gadgets for long. It has a max weight capacity of around 250lbs, and even at its maximum weight, it doesn't lose the cradle-like feeling.

Despite having all the features, it is worth mentioning that this recliner is extremely quiet compared to other recliner chairs integrated with an electric motor.


  • It is very comfortable
  • It is easy to operate
  • It is very quiet
  • It is sleek
  • It is affordable
  • It will lay flat and fully recline like other sleeping chairs


  • The footrest could’ve been raised a little higher

Factors to Consider When Getting Best Recliners for Sleeping

A. The Material

Obviously, a leather recliner is far more expensive than a fabric recliner. Others use real wood base, while others use composite. The detailing, including the nailhead accent trim, also makes the difference in the chair’s durability and price tag.

B. Function 

If you’re looking for a chair with heat, massage functions, power lift chairs, rocker recliners, etc., you’ll probably pay a bit more than you would for a basic manual recliner model. Consider which recliner features are must-haves for you to determine which recliner.

C. Brand

 Trusted brand names, such as Esright, Serta, Homall, Catnapper, La-Z-Boy etc., may be a little more expensive than the generic brands, but they are also well-made and have a sturdy backing and track record of reliably durable and comfortable recliners.

Frequently Asked Questions on the Best Recliners for Sleeping

1. Can I sleep all night on recliners? 

Sleeping on the couch is definitely not the best for your health; you may fall asleep and wake up with neck or back pain. However, reclining chairs can be a lifesaver for people who have trouble sleeping in traditional beds due to different medical issues. In fact, sometimes experts and doctors recommend sleeping on a recliner.

The downside of sleeping on a recliner comes down to the quality. Chairs poorly constructed or worn out can cause back pain or blood circulation issues since they won’t adequately support your body weight. In the end, the best recliner chair will be a supportive recliner that’ll give you the quality sleep that you need. 

Generally, sleeping in a recliner is safe for people with GERD, sleep apnea, or back pain may get a good night's sleep in a recliner rather than if they fall asleep in a bed.

2. Why is it that I sleep better in a recliner than in bed?

The reclining body position takes the pressure off your spine to allow your body's core muscles to rest, heal and grow stronger in the process. The reclined sleeping position is much better than the upright sleep sitting position, especially since sitting up can still stress your back muscles.

Ian Mutuli

About the author

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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