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What Size Washer for King Comforter Cleans Your Bedding Safely?

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Ian Mutuli

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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King-size comforters are growing ever so popular for offering a feeling of snuggling in luxury, even for beds smaller than king size. However, they can be challenging to clean simply because they are quite huge and heavy, thus seem to not fit easily in a regular capacity washer. That said, modern washing machines are coming with larger capacities, meaning you no longer need to take a trip to the local laundromat to wash your king-size comforter.

Can You Wash a King-Size Comforter in a Washing Machine?

Yes! Ideally, you need a large capacity washing machine that holds at least 3.7 cubic feet to safely handle washing a king-size comforter. It's best not to put anything else in the machine when you're washing the comforter. So, what is your best option for what size washer for king comforter?

Front Loading or Top Loading Washer?

For large capacity washing machines, it all trickles down to choosing between a front loading washer and a top load washer. Each kind has its pros and cons, so what works best varies from one individual to another. Let's look at what each has to offer:

1. Front Load Washer

This type has a front opening where you insert your load.


  • Less energy consumption
  • Can use more secondary water
  • Causes minor wear and tear
  • Accessible to short people or those in wheelchairs
  • Stackable, therefore you can have a washer and dryer
  • Laundry takes up less room


  • More expensive
  • Can be challenging to load and unload
  • Shorter lifespan
  • Can't add clothes after operation starts
  • No reversible door feature

2. Top Load Washer

This type comes with a top opening to load your laundry.


  • Easier to load
  • Cheaper, thus more affordable
  • Longer lifespan


  • Unloading can be harder for shorter people
  • Use more water
  • Lower performance

The most important thing to consider is tub size when choosing a washing machine that can let you wash your king-size comforter. However, you have to consider a comforter holds A LOT of water when washing, which can cause excessive strain on the motor. This can either shorten or end the life span of a top-loading washer.

What Is The Best washer For A king size comforter?

Your ideal option is a large-capacity front-loading washing machine. These models typically have bigger drums that can accommodate a higher laundry capacity. Furthermore, they don't feature an agitator in the center like top-loading units that can ruin large comforters and bulkier blankets. Over time, the water and electricity savings costs will set off the higher price tag.

Plus, a front-load washing machine tends to damage laundry less hence your clothes last longer. If your king-size comforter fit has a lightweight to medium tog, a 3.7 cubic feet washing machine should get the job done. However, if you have a winter king comforter with a higher tog, you'll need a larger capacity model with at least 4.2 cubic feet.

1. LG WM3998HBA Front Load Washer & Dryer

LG WM3998HBA 4.5 cu.ft. Front Load Washer & Dryer Combo
  • 4.5 Cu.ft. Ultra Large Capacity
  • Cut Your Wash Time By Up To 30 Minutes With LGs TurboWash
  • 6Motion Includes 6 Wash Motions To Maximize Performance
  • LoDecibel Quiet Operation

The LG WM39998HBA comes as a front-loading washing machine and a vent-less dryer in one. It has a 4.5-cubic-foot high-capacity drum that can fit your king-sized comforter easily. The TurboWash technology reduces cycle length by up to 30 minutes. Furthermore, this larger capacity unit can dry them using the vent-less condensing system when the washing cycle is done.

This washing machine has six different washing motions to give you optimal cleaning performance while still gentle on your laundry. That includes 14 different wash cycles, five temperature settings as well as five spin speeds. It can also steam your clothes to help get rid of stains. It's also Wi-Fi enabled for better operating convenience.


  • Washer and dryer combo
  • Large capacity
  • Optimal performance
  • Wi-Fi enabled


  • Longer dry cycles

2. Samsung WA50R5400AV

Samsung WA50R5400AV 5.0 cu. ft. Black Stainless Top...
  • 5.0 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Tub
  • 12 Wash Cycles | 8 Wash Options
  • ADA Compliant
  • Energy Star Rated

This 28" top-loading washing machine features a 5.0 cubic feet capacity and awesome perks at a reasonable price. Plus, the black stainless steel finish looks fantastic. If you are tackling stubborn stains on your king comforter, the built-in faucet comes in handy to pretreat the fabric. Afterward, you have 12 options in pre-set cycles that have you covered regardless of the material requirements.

The Energy Star certification on this washer guarantees its low power consumption for environmental and economical benefits. Additionally, the Self Clean cycle keeps residues from building up within the drum. Hence, this model is simple to clean and maintain.


  • 5 temperature settings, 12 wash cycles and 8 wash options for versatility.
  • 5 cubic feet offers ample space for your king comforter.
  • Impressively quick - full load in about 36 minutes.
  • Active water jet for pretreating heavily stained fabrics.
  • Pretty quiet, thanks to VRT Plus technology for damping vibrations. 


  • Does not have an allergy cycle.

3. GE GFW5SPNRS Smart Front Load Washer

GE GFW850SPNRS 28" Smart Front Load Washer with 5 cu....
  • 5.0 Cu.Ft. Stainless Steel Drum
  • 12 Wash Cycles | 10 Wash Options | 5 Temperatures
  • UltraFresh Vent With OdorBlock
  • Microban Antimicrobial Technology

This 5 Cubic feet Sapphire Blue front-loading washer has 12 wash cycles to ensure that your laundry is cleaned thoroughly. It also comes with several handy features and settings that come in handy when you want to machine wash a king-size comforter. The best part is perhaps the dryer combo, meaning you don't have to transfer your load.

It features GE's UltraFresh Technology which is excellent at preventing mold growth in the washer. This washing machine also has OdorBlock features and a Self-Clean Cycle to make sure your laundry doesn't get stinky. Furthermore, it has an automatic detergent dispenser that can hold enough soap for up to 32 loads. It's also Wi-Fi enabled, allowing you to program it remotely.


  • UltraFresh anti-mold technology
  • GE Antimicrobial OdorBlock
  • Self-clean cycle
  • Automatic detergent dispenser
  • One-Step Wash + Dry


  • Quite expensive

Tips for Machine Washing King Size Comforters

1. Read Care Label

Reading the care label before attempting to wash your king comforter tells you if it's suitable for washing a home. Machine washing delicate materials such as silk or wool can cause damage or shrinkage, therefore requiring a trip to the dry cleaners. The care label also specifies the temperature setting required to wash the comforter to avoid causing irreversible damage.

2. Wash Individually

Always wash your king- or queen-size comforter by itself. A comforter required adequate space to allow the detergent and water to penetrate all the material sufficiently.

3. Treat Stains

If the comforter has any stains, you must treat them with an anti-stain formula before adding the bedding to the washer. Follow the manufacturer's directions to do this correctly.

4. Use Gentle Detergent

To prolong your king comforter's lifespan, it would be best to use a mild detergent. These are usually more gentle on fabrics, allowing the colors to remain vibrant and the material to stay softer for longer.

5. Select Correct Washing Setting

If the care label doesn't indicate the ideal temperature setting, a gentle or delicate cycle with an extra rinse is usually the best choice for washing your comforter. Cool or warm water is more appropriate for protecting fabrics and colors. However, if you are worried about mites, wash your comforter in a hot setting to wipe them out.

6. Use Fabric Conditioner

Using a fabric conditioner helps keep the comforter soft while also giving it a lasting, pleasant fragrance. This is particularly crucial if you don't intend to dry it in a tumble dryer. Line-dried laundry tends to develop a tough or stiff texture without a fabric conditioner.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Washing Machine for King-Size Comforter

1. How often should you machine wash your heavy comforter?

Thick, heavy comforters don't usually need frequent washings—cleaning once or twice a year before storing for the off-season should be enough. 

2. How to dry a king-size comforter?

Hanging the comforter outside on the line to dry is always a good option if the weather is appropriate. This is even better for pale-colored comforters because the sun can bleach any stains and restore bright white fabrics.

If you have a clothes dryer with sufficient capacity, it would be a good idea to throw your comforter in after it has dried on the hanging line. The dryer fluffs up the comforter, giving it a more plush feel.

When there's cold or wet weather, we recommend moving your comforter right from the large capacity machine to the dryer. You can consider adding a few tennis balls in the dryer to ensure your comforter dries more evenly since the balls ensure the filling is evenly distributed. If you don't have tennis balls, you'll need to pause the dryer every half hour and shake the comforter out to spread the filling. 

Ian Mutuli

About the author

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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