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Ian Mutuli

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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Sizzix Big Shot Plus 660340 Manual Die Cutting &...
  • MACHINE COMES WITH – 1 pair of Big Shot Plus Cutting Pads, 1...
  • DIE CUTTING AND EMBOSSING - It's everything you love about the...
  • THE A4 SIZED OPENING - The larger platform means you can now use...
  • MULTITUDE OF MATERIALS - Cut and emboss anything from paper,...
  • COMPATIBILITY - With the larger platform you unlock access to our...

Whether you need a suitable machine for card making or you are interested in other DIY projects, we are here to help you. A die-cutting machine and embosser are some of the products that can go a long way to support your creative mind, and they are a staple tool every crafter needs to win.

As one of the most popular manual machines out there, Sizzix Big Shot Plus Machine is highlighted by its compact design and user-friendly interface. But, first, let's take a look at our Sizzix Big Shot Plus review.

Sizzix Big Shot Plus Die Cutting and Embossing Machine

Looking at the cutting and embossing machines, we can confidently say that Sizzix Big Shot Plus is among the most reputable brands in the field. It offers a 2-year warranty on all its products and includes some accessories. We love that Big Shot Plus Machine is beginner-friendly and doesn't require much physical effort to get started. It is highlighted by an easy roller.

The main concept of the Sizzix Big Shot Plus Machine is that you can cut and emboss with ease. If you are a creative enthusiast who enjoys card-making, this might be the machine for you. While Sizzix Big Shot Plus Machine is not as big as some of its competitors, it still has great potential to cover different formats up to A4. Overall, the Big Shot Plus Machine is an affordable product that can serve as a long-term investment for your personal and professional needs!

Who Is This Big Shot Plus Machine For?

Considering the versatility of this product, we are tempted to say that everyone can benefit from the Sizzix Big Shot Plus Machine. The Big Shot Plus is a machine that can be used for cutting a variety of different materials. This, whether you are a carpenter or in the catering business, will serve its purpose.

Additionally, even if you are not a professional and enjoy DIY projects, it is a fair investment considering the affordable price. Also, we see the Sizzix Big Shot Plus Machine as a great gift for your creative friend. You can't go wrong, given the number of things it can be used for, whether you are an expert or a beginner.

What’s Included in the Sizzix Big Shot Machine?

Apart from the machine itself, a couple of accessories come with the Sizzix Big Shot Plus Machine, and it is available as a beginner's kit. The Big Shot Plus machine will include a pair of standard cutting pads come in the A4 format, adapters for both A and B to use other embossing folders and dies that aren't compatible with the Big Shot Plus, one Big Shot Plus Machine, one Thinlit Plus Die Set, one Framelit Die, four Double Sided A4 Cardstock Sheets, and ten double-sided 13,97 x 15,24 cm Cardstock Sheets.

As for the instructions, they are displayed through diagrams on the platforms and adapters. The Sizzix Big Shot Plus Machine is compatible with most brands, and this makes it perfect if you would want to switch to another brand, but you still have a lot of leftover stock.


We have already mentioned that Sizzix is one of the best brands on the market. It focuses on customer satisfaction and always strives to listen to feedback and upgrade its products accordingly. In addition, this particular product has a couple of innovative features that make it a worthy investment.

1. Wide Big Shot Plus Platform

First, the portable roller machine cuts and embosses over 20 different materials, limiting wedding events to regular card-making projects. Maybe the most important thing is how wide the platform is. It measures approximately 15 ¾" x 11 ¾" x 7 ½ inches, and this Big Shot Plus machine can travel with you anywhere you go.

While with high-end products, you might be looking at 10" or wider, this one is set at 9". Still, that is more than enough space to support the A4 format, and in most cases, you will not need it to be any bigger.

2. Construction

The Big Shot Plus machine has a solid cutter core created with steel rollers where steel is among the strongest materials. Therefore, this die-cutting machine is a workhorse with a solid core and solid steel gears, which work well when slicing the stubborn and tough materials.

Sizzix Big Shot Plus machine also features a solid base with hinged tabs, and the base is specifically made for Sizzix machines. The die-cutting machine base is made of a mix of steel, POM plastic, mylar and PP plastic.

This Big Shot Plus machine base can be used with wafer-thin dies and all the cutting pads together. In addition, it has helpful diagrams that will show users the page or type of embossing folders or Bigz dies to use.

3. Compact Design

Sizzix Big Shot Plus machine is a compact and sturdy die-cutting machine with sides that don't fold up, and this may seem less appealing to users looking for a portable cutter. However, these large sides usually work to the advantage as they offer users extra space to work on.

The Sizzix Big Shot Plus machine weighs about 7.5 pounds. However, it is not a heavy die-cutting machine, and it's quite portable, allowing crafters to use it in different locations.

4. Easy Roller Handle

As mentioned above, this machine is a great choice for beginners is an easy roller handle. The comfortable grip handle reduces arm cramping and hand strain and allows you to enjoy an efficient performance with less physical effort.

The handle has the Sizzix logo embossed, and the design is compact and highlighted by a steel core system and a sturdy outer casing. It weighs just over 15 pounds and, as such, is transportable with this carry handle.

5. Dies

There are a variety of dies that it can work with, including Thinlits and Framelits, classical Sizzix Bigz and the 9" wide plastic-backed dies and embossing tools. If you already own Sizzix dies, you can use them in the Sizzix Big Shot Plus, except the Bigz Pro dies.

Sizzix Big Shot Plus machine offers plenty of dies in the entire Sizzix product library, making this among the most versatile Sizzix products. You can craft from words to basic shapes and also everything between.

Additionally, you can try this machine out with different embossing folders and thus expand the range of creative possibilities. As for the materials you can use with it, you can use anything from wood and regular fabric to cardboard, tissue, and wool.

6. Wide Range of Colours

Sizzix Big Shot Plus machine is a user-friendly die-cutting machine that comes in different colors, including grey, white, blue and teal, to compliment people's different appliances and home décor.

The ABS plastic exterior has a classy and stylish appeal, and the design of the die-cutting machine has a stylish versatile knit that you can use in projects such as:

  • Scrapbook pages
  • Fashion
  • Making home decor
  • Quilting
  • Altered art
  • Making cards

7. Machine Accessories

Sizzix Big Shot Plus machine also includes a pair of standard cutting pads and the Big Shot Plus Platform. It also comes with Adapters A&B, where diagrams on the platforms and adapters offer easy guidelines for making the perfect Sizzix sandwich. However, if you have Sizzix components thinner than Bigz Die, the adapters will make them compatible with the Sizzix Big Shot Plus machine. This will also include the other brands' dies and embossing tools.

8. Warranty and Maintenance

Sizzix Big Shot Plus machine needs basic assembly, and you will only need to place its handle using a screw and hex wrench included in the package. In addition, the unit will not need a lot of maintenance, and all you will need to do is keep your cutter free from debris and dirt.

Sizzix Big Shot Plus machine is a low-maintenance die-cutting machine covered with a three-year warranty and amazing customer service.

Additional Information

When discussing drawbacks, we would like if the machine had a more intricate design. It is not as heavy, but it can't be folded, making it less ideal for storage. Additionally, the instructions provided in the diagrams may not be the best solution. Other than that, this product is a great choice, especially for people who enjoy making invitation cards and other promotional material!

What Can You Do with the Sizzix Big Shot?

Even though a Sizzix Big Shot is compact, it can cut various materials, including felt, cardboard, foam, fabric, metallic foil, craft aluminum, chipboard, natural paper and window film.

Sizzix Big Shot Plus machine includes a very handy feature of the Sizzix Big Shot slicer, which is very easy to use, and with just three steps, you can create beautiful results. First, you will need to make a sandwich using your die, material and cutting mats and then feed the sandwich to the machine, and you should swing through.

Why Use the Sizzix Big Shot?

Although the market is filled with various manual embossing tools and die-cutting machines, the Why Use the Sizzix Big Shot Plus is worth all your money because it stands out.

Several things make this die-cutting machine special, and one of the things is how super versatile it is since it works with other brands' dies and embossing folders. In addition, it's not easy to find this type of compatibility, and since it will ensure compatibility, crafters won't have restricted opportunities and options. However, check machine and accessory requirements where the machine accessories are sold separately to ensure compatibility.

Another reason for using this new machine is that you will make unique patterns on different materials. It is also a very straightforward starter kit, meaning it will be super easy to use for both beginners and experts.

Sizzix Big Shot Plus uses a hand crank, meaning it can be used with or without electricity, and this will not affect its performing ability with both thick and thin materials. Additionally, maintenance is little as it needs little to no maintenance, and therefore you will hardly experience any issues since it doesn't need oils to work. All you will need to do is keep the machine free of dirt and debris.

How Does the Sizzix Big Shot Plus Machine Work?

You should put the material for slicing between cutting plates and follow the points marked on the multipurpose base to achieve the correct thickness before you send it through the Sizzix Big Shot Plus Machine. Try using a shim if you want a deeper cut or emboss where the shim is a super-thin sheet applied to your perfect Sizzix sandwich where it offers extra thickness if needed.

It is easy to turn the handle of this great machine, but it may be difficult at times depending on the material and the die. The cutting pad is sturdy, and it has rubber feet that prevent it from slipping when you are cutting or embossing, and the cutting pads will start curving at some point.

When the Sizzix Big Shot Plus Machine cutting pads curve, it shouldn't worry you since it's normal, and it shows how much you love and use your Sizzix Big Shot. If the Sizzix die-cutting machine cutting plates curves, flip them over when using your machine, and it will bring them back to their initial condition.

How To Use Sizzix Big Shot Plus Machine?

The machine itself is easy to use, considering the roller action that is built in the design. On the other hand, we would like the user's guide to be more detailed, as setting up the adequate alignment requires that you understand the diagrams.

These diagrams ensure a creative selects the right material thickness before transferring it to the unit. Once it's finished, you should turn the needle, and the work will start immediately.

The cutting and embossing is a manual process, and therefore you will need to exert some more pressure when using stubborn materials and less pressure with light materials. Nevertheless, the Sizzix Big Shot machine offers great value as it can perform with a broad selection of materials. If you are confused, we suggest contacting their customer support and asking for further instructions.


Gemini Cutting and Embossing Machine

Because the main concern with the product mentioned above was the size, we have a great substitute. This product can be set at any office desk or workstation without taking up a lot of space. It is incredibly fast and should go through multiple layers within 16 seconds. This machine works with most industry-standard dies and embossing folders and is a great choice.


  • Good price
  • Compact design and hence ease of portability thanks to a carrying handle
  • Easy roller action
  • Versatile as it works with different materials where you can cut both fabric and paper hexies together and at the same time
  • Huge cutting area and therefore easy to use with large sheets of paper
  • Comfortable and simple to use
  • 9 inches wide
  • Works with the entire Sizzix product library apart from the Bigz Pro dies
  • Compatible with almost all Sizzix die collection
    Includes adapters to make
  • Sizzix components thinner and cutting pads in the package


  • Unclear diagram instructions
  • Bulky to move around
  • It doesn't come with longer plates as they are sold separately.
  • Not Bigz die compatible and only meant for use with premade dies
  • You will incur additional costs having to purchase dies
  • Some people are not fans of the manual hand crank

What are the Similarities Between Sizzix Big Shot and Sizzix Big Shot Plus?

Both the Sizzix machines are of great quality and reliable, and if you are on the fence on which one to get, it can be a difficult decision.

There are several similarities between the two Sizzix Big Shot machines, and they include:

  • It is compatible with embossing folders and dies on the market
  • They are both hand-cranked
  • Both die-cutting machines include platforms for die-cutting and embossing
  • When using the right die (fabric, paper, felt, fun foam, leather etc.)
  • Both are available in a sleek white, and gray color scheme with the Sizzix logo embossed on its handle.

What are the Differences Between Sizzix Big Shot and Sizzix Big Shot Plus?

Sizzix Big Shot Plus

  • It has a 9-inch wide Sizzix Big Shot Plus platform area
  • It uses slightly more pressure because of the large size rollers
  • Its platform fits 8.5x11in or A4 sized cards, and therefore you are not limited to embossing folder or die size since it can work with larger platform dies.
  • Contains larger adapters and platforms for die-cutting and embossing with larger dies and embossing folders
  • It can use bigger dies and embossing folders on the market
  • Needs space, so you will need to have room for it in your craft room
  • Heavy and bulky so that it could be tiresome

Sizzix Big Shot

  • It has a 6-inch wide platform area; therefore, embossing folders, card stock, and dies must be less than 6 inches to fit in the die-cutting machine.
  • The Big Shot is more popular than the Sizzix machines, and more accessories can fit with the magnetic platform of an accessory tool.
  • Includes multipurpose platform

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing the Sizzix Big Shot Plus Machine

Before you purchase your big shot machine, there are a couple of elements that you should consider.

1. Portability and Ease of Use

First and foremost, you want the machine to be portable and easy to use. It is quite common that fabric cutters require a lot of physical effort and leave you with some arm/hand strain. Thus, getting a machine with an easy-to-turn handle should prevent this issue.

2. Versatility

Additionally, you want it to work with various materials, including wool, balsa wood, cardstock, etc. Also, it should be sturdy and heavy-duty, especially if you are planning to use it for professional purposes. Considering these factors, we have done some market research and found the Sizzix Big Shot Plus to be a great choice, and the same versatility is hard to find.


It all comes down to whether you want to get a die cutter for personal or professional use. The Sizzix Big Shot Plus is a reliable machine if it is the latter. Yes, it does take a bit of space, but it is worth trying considering the user-friendly interface and versatility!


1. What is the difference between the Sizzix Bigshot and Bigshot Plus?

These Sizzix machines are arguably similar in their opening depth, i.e., how far their rollers sit apart. However, the major difference is that the Sizzix pro deep design makes it possible to use dies instead of crafting ones.

2. Is the Sizzix Bigshot discontinued?

The partnership of Stampin' Up (Creators of the Bigshot) with Sizzix ended, discontinuing the production of their Bigshot machine. However, they have assured customers and enthusiasts that they will keep creating dies and folders (newer versions than those before) that will still be used with Bigshot machines.

3. Which is the best Sizzix machine?

Sizzix Big Shot is probably the companies best and most popular machine. This is probably the name that crafters and designers give when relating to this field. It offers a lot, from its cutting width and length that accommodates longer cutting pads. This is an undeniable quality product.

4. What can you use with Sizzix Bigshot?

Using only Sizzix dies and other dies in the market, you can also use the Bigshot to die cut and emboss your desired materials. In addition, it can work with a large number of materials, including some fabrics.

5. Can you use any dies with Sizzix?

Yes, for sure! The Big Shot can use dies from Cuttlebug, Boss cut, Quick cut and even SpellBinder.

6. Can you use Spellbinder dies in Sizzix?

Most definitely! This die cutter machine uses Spellbinder's dies to cut or emboss.

Ian Mutuli

About the author

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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