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How to Wash A Ruggable Rug in Three Easy Methods

Ian Mutuli
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Ian Mutuli

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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Area rugs are great for anchoring the design or theme of your entire room. However, these rugs are exposed to so much dirt, so you must wash them regularly. The cleaning process is not often easy unless you get a rug you can toss into the washing machine, such as a Ruggable rug. This article will show you how to wash a Ruggable rug in simple steps.

How to Wash A Ruggable Rug: Methods

Ruggable is a company that makes low-maintenance rugs. Their rugs come in a patented design incorporating two layers, a flat or cushioned non-slip pad and the rug cover. The two layers are joined by a hook and loop closure. Luckily, these rugs are available in different colors and sizes, so you will easily find an option for your home.

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These Ruggable rugs are easy to clean since they are lightweight, stain-resistant, and water-resistant. Therefore, you can wash them in the following ways;

  1. You can vacuum the rugs to get rid of pet hairs and dirt debris
  2. You can spot clean the rugs
  3. You can toss the rug covers in the washing machine.

With three cleaning options, keeping your rugs clean is not hard. However, you might want to air-dry the rugs to prevent heat damage. Did you know, cleaning rugs and carpets has three main aesthetic and health benefits? If you are ready to give your Ruggable washable rug a cleaner look, here is how to follow each of the three cleaning methods mentioned above.

Method 1: How to Vacuum Ruggable Rugs

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Vacuuming your washable rug is an important step, even when you want to machine wash the rug cover. Vacuuming removed dirt particles and pet hairs from the surface to make cleaning the rug easier. Here are some vacuuming recommendations you can follow;

  • Suction: According to Ruggable, it is best to select a low-suction or low-power setting on your vacuum. In addition, select a high-pile height setting if your vacuum has one.
  • Attachments: You need to use soft brittles if your vacuum has a rotating brush. So, avoid using the beater bar brush to allow the rug covers fibers to re-fluff after cleaning. If you have no option but to use hard-bristled rotating brushes, avoid vacuuming the edges and corners of your Ruggable rug to prolong the lifespan of its joining closure.
  • Vacuuming technique: You also need to consider the best vacuuming techniques depending on how well-joined your rug cover and pad are. You can use a push and pull vacuuming technique for your new Ruggable rugs.
  • Type of vacuum: Ruggable advises against using robot vacuums on your Ruggable rugs as these will apply a lot of suction along with the corners and edges of your rug, thus potentially damaging the closure system. However, you can use the uprightstick, and canister vacuums on the rugs as long as you use the low suction/power setting.

Method 2: How to Spot Clean or Treat Your Ruggable Rug

While these Ruggable rugs are easy to vacuum or clean, there will be one or two instances where you spill something on them. Spot cleaning is your best alternative if you cannot remove the spill with the vacuum or if you are not ready to clean the entire rug. Here is how to do it:

Step 1:  If you spill liquid on your Ruggable rug, use a microfiber cloth to harvest most of it from the surface. Luckily, the Ruggable rug is water, so the liquid or stain will not seep through. However, the liquid can leave an odor once it dries up, so you need to proceed to the next cleaning step.

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Step 2: When you collect all the liquid, you need to use a stain remover or mild detergent to remove any spill residue and odor. You can use a damp microfiber cloth for this cleaning process. Once you've wiped everything off, leave the rug to dry on the floor or spread it outside for faster drying and odor removal.

Method 3: How to Machine Wash A Ruggable Rug

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While spot cleaning is ideal for minor spills, major spills require deeper cleaning. So, if you spill marinara sauce or red wine on your rug, remove the rug cover immediately and follow the following cleaning steps.

Step 1: Separate the Ruggable rug cover from the Ruggable rug pad. Importantly, remember only the rug covers are machine washable, so leave the rug pad on the floor.

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Step 2: Place the Ruggable rug cover in the washing machine, leaving the pile or design side out. Doing so is important as the spill will not have seeped through the inside of the rug cover, so you want the spill to be exposed to water and detergent directly.

Step 3: Add a mild detergent for the cleaning. Ensure you only use a non-bleach detergent to avoid damaging the colors, especially when you have a colored rug. According to Ruggable, you do not need to use a fabric softener, and in the case where you want to eradicate pet odors, you can add 1/2 cup of white vinegar. The white vinegar is good for odor elimination and, additionally, a safer alternative to fabric softeners.

Step 4: Select the delicate cycle and cold water and start the washing process. Cold water is ideal for keeping the rug in tiptop shape as it does not affect the rug's fluff. Once the cycle is complete, confirm the spill is removed completely and, if not, run another wash cycle.

Step 5: Once the rug cover is clean, hang it to dry outside. Alternatively, you can also dry it in the drier if outdoor conditions are unfavorable. However, the drying process will depend on your type of Ruggable rug. For instance, you can use the lowest heat t dry your Chenille, Plush, or Outdoor rug. On the other hand, you will need to use the tumble dry on low or air-fluff setting to dry Ruggable shag rugs.

In both cases, you will need to place the washable rugs with the design or pile side out. If you have a large rug cover, you can also run a second drying cycle to guarantee the best results.

How to Clean A Ruggable Rug Pad

Ruggables are machine washable rugs, but that is only true when cleaning the rug covers. If the Ruggable rug pad also gets dirty, you need some good cleaning tips. These rug pads are made with the same latex-free material you find in yoga mats to guarantee the non-slip design. As a result, they are not hard to clean and will not absorb moisture or stains.

However, the Ruggable rug pads can store dirt on the surface and on the floor, which calls for the following cleaning tips:

  • Microfiber Washcloth: If you accidentally spill something on the Ruggable rug pad, spot clean the area with a microfiber washcloth and soapy water. You can use a mild detergent or even dish soap for this process. Once the area is clean, rinse thoroughly using a garden hose and leave the pad to air dry.

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  • Vacuum: To prevent a build-up of dust and debris, you will need to also periodically vacuum the rug pads each time you clean the Ruggable cover. It is ideal to use a low suction/power vacuum setting when vacuuming.
  • Clean Underneath the Rug Pad: The rug pads grip the floor when installed, so you also need to periodically clean the floor underneath them to keep your house clean. After cleaning the rug pad, fold it up and vacuum the floor before you lay it again. If the floor is dirty, you can also mop it clean, but leave it to dry completely before installing the rug pad.

Frequently Asked Questions About How to Wash A Ruggable Rug

a) Is a Ruggable rug really machine washable?

Yes. Thanks to the patented two-piece rug design, you can remove the rug cover and wash it in the machine at any time. Unfortunately, you cannot machine wash the rug pad, but it is quite easy to vacuum or spot clean with a damp cloth.

The rugs are washable in top load, front load, and washer-drier combo washing machines. You will only need to use cold water to preserve the integrity of the pile material and the closure loops.

b) Can I put the Ruggable rug in the drier?

You can dry your Ruggable rug cover in the drier under the lowest heat setting. If your drier has the setting, it might be best to use the delicate or air-fluff setting to maintain the rug pile integrity.

Alternatively, you can also dry the rugs outdoors if the conditions allow it. However, the drying process could take longer with air-drying, but it is the best way to preserve the best design features, e.g., the pile and closure loops.

c) How often do I need to wash my Ruggable?

You should wash your Ruggable rug cover immediately after a large spill. In cases where you do not spill liquids on the rugs, you can vacuum the rugs as often as you do other carpets and then machine wash the rug at least twice a year.

d) Can I wash my 9'x12' Ruggable in the washer?

You can clean the big 9'x12' Ruggable rug in a 4.2 cubic feet washer.

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Ian Mutuli

About the author

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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