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The Best .155 Trimmer Line in the Market Today

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The best 155 trimmer line in the market is made up of lengthy materials that are like strings. They are very important in string trimmer tools as they are used to cut through weeds and grass. The trimmer line you should get is determined by the amount of cutting job you will need to do. For little cutting, a simple thin nylon trimmer line can work effectively but for a large area get a thick, tough trimmer line.

The trimmer lines today are a variety and to get the most out of your money, below is a list of the best 155 trimmer lines in the market.

Types of the Best 155 trimmer line

1. Cyclone Red CY155S3, 155-Inch-by-315-Foot-Trimmer Line

Cyclone Desert Extrusion CY155S3 .155" x315' Commercial...
  • 0.155 Inch Diameter and 315 Feet Long
  • Special copolymer formulation provides longer lasting commercial...
  • Patented 6 bladed shape for added cutting power
  • Choice of landscaping professionals
  • Made in the U.S.A.

This is one of the best high performance and most popular trimmer in the market. It is made up of nylon copolymer nylon material that comes in a six-bladed shape. This shape makes it extremely powerful, durable, and strong. The six-bladed shape guarantees small, medium, and large clean cuts without any hesitation. This trimmer length is 315 feet long and compatible with most of the gas-powered trimmer models.

This Cyclone Red is the best .155 trimmer line for any heavy trimming or commercial yard trimming purposes. This is because it does not break easily, is very cost-effective and efficient.

This multi-sided trimmer works at high speeds, cutting through large weeds, and delivers an excellent performance cutting through small to thick yards.


  •  It is the preferred trimmer for gardeners and landscapers
  • Leakproof
  • Multiple refills
  • The design uses high-grade polymers
  • Has a 6-blade shape
  • It is very sturdy and lasts over a period
  • Delivers beautiful and precise cuts
  • Multi Sided and therefore easily cutting through weeds and grass
  • Ideal trimmer for thick weeds


  • Can be noisy as a result of the shape
  • It is fragile when it encounters hard surfaces
  • Can be quite expensive
  • While being used it can toss the debris

2. Oregon 22-855 Magnum Gatorline Square String 155 Trimmer Line

Oregon 22-855 Heavy-Duty Professional Magnum Gatorline...
  • High cutting efficiency – Magnum Gatorline allows you to get...
  • Durable -- High-strength inner core resists breakage which means...
  • Square trimmer line -- Slices through vegetation with a clean,...
  • .155" diameter trimmer line is ideal for professionals cutting...
  • Fits several string trimmer models including, but not limited to:...

This square shape trimmer, made up of double polymer material, can be used for heavy trimming and commercial trimming. This is the most robust trimmer and its core layer made up of polymer material is very resistant to breaking. It is made to fit machines with a diameter allowance of .155inches and can be used on most trimming machines. Oregon 22-855 is squarely shaped and is the best for trimming down thick weeds and does not break when it hits big rocks or even trees.

Oregon 22-855 trimmer becomes brittle as time goes by because of exposure to heat and sunlight and therefore the loss of moisture. It is normally advised that to return the trimmer lines to their normal state, you submerge the trimmer in water for a minimum of 24 hours.


  • It is perfect for professional landscapers
  • Very strong and durable
  • Square shape and hence trims down very efficiently
  • Affordable pricing
  • Compatible with several trimmer machines
  • Recommended for heavy trimming
  • Very efficient and yet powerful


  • The length can be an inconvenience at only 84feet
  • The line is quite expensive
  • Not the best for light jobs

3. Arnold Xtreme Professional Grade Trimmer Line .155 Trimmer line 109-Foot

Arnold .155-Inch x 109-Foot Xtreme Professional Grade...
  • Fits MTD, Swisher, Poulan, Ariens, Troy-Bilt, Craftsman and...
  • For walk behind edgers
  • .155" diameter, maroon line, twisted
  • Contains 6 refills, 109 ft. Includes cutting tool.

This trimmer comes in a design of a maroon twisted shape and hence it is easier to see than the dull colours. The twisted shape helps in reducing the vibration and the noise and the colour it packs is not the best but has an advantage over the trimmers with grey colour. It is the best affordable trimmer line choice in the market and among the best deals you can get to reduce the lawn maintenance time.

Arnold Extreme comes with a length of 109 feet and up to six refills for efficient trimming and reduced wear and tear. The product packs a cutting tool to ensure the work is done perfectly. Trimmer lines for this model are compatible with the majority of the big brands’ weed whackers and are the best for heavy-duty landscapers. This model’s package also comes with cutting tools.


  • Has an affordable pricing
  • Durable twisted line
  • Produces less vibration and noise
  • Delivers strong cuts


  • The cord is not that strong and might break off easily

4. Oregon 19-005 Gatorline Square String Trimmer Line Precut .155-Inch

Oregon 19-005 Gatorline Square String Trimmer Line...
  • Quick and easy loading
  • Long lasting co-polymer material
  • Commercial grade
  • Green color
  • .155-inch diameter

This medium-duty trimmer line is made up of reinforced nylon that is resistant to wear and tear from slashing weeds. It is best for use with professionals and casual landscapers. This model of a trimmer is a thick spiral trimmer line that comes in a spool of 685feet at a reasonable price. The line does not easily break and lasts a long time. Aside from its durability, the product the easy to use and does not tangle making it very convenient.

Oregon 19-005 is multi-sided and edged to enable easy cutting through of weeds and grass. It also packs 24-piece tubes of each 18 inches in length hence the loading into the trimmer becomes very easy.


  • Pocket friendly and hence value for your money
  • Durable
  • Does not tangle
  • The color is visible
  • Lasts a long time because of the lengthy spool
  • Recommended for landscapers with heavy-duty jobs
  • Has a square shape


  • Bends before it breaks
  • It is not compatible with some weed eaters

5. Craftsman 71-85906, High Wheel Trimmer Line .155 XQ 85′

Craftsman .155 High Wheel Trimmer Line XQ 85', 71-85906
  • Patented spiral shape means less noise
  • Commercial-quality line provides extra long wear with less...
  • Includes 85 feet of .155 diameter trimmer line
  • Designed for use with high wheel trimmers
  • Backed by Craftsman's Lifetime Guarantee

This 85feet red spiral-shaped trimmer is designed for the work best in high wheel trimmers. The shape enables high performance and as a result, easy trimming of thick weeds helps to minimize the noise and less vibration of the string trimmer and enhance the durability of the tool. This trimmer line can therefore be used in places with noise restrictions.

Additionally, because of the shape, there is less vibration and this trimmer lessens fatigue. Besides, you will only require to do a few reloading sessions. This trimmer line also comes with its string trimmer and is the best for trimming jobs where you use a wheeled trimmer.


  • Affordable price
  • Produces less noise
  • Designed to work well in high wheel trimmers
  • It is a durable and strong line
  • It is an extremely powerful line
  • It comes in a visible red color


  • The length is too short at only 85 feet

6. Cyclone CY155D1-12 Commercial Trimmer Line 0.155-Inch by 105-Feet

Desert Extrusion Cyclone CY155D1 .155" x 105'...
  • 0.155 Inch Diameter and 105 Feet Long
  • Proprietary commercial grade copolymer nylon provides superior...
  • Patented 6 bladed shape for added cutting power
  • Perfect for high-wheel trimmers; for use with all 0.155-Inch...
  • Made in the U.S.A.

This is considered as one of the best .155 trimmer lines to use with any kind of high wheel trimmers. It is very thin in diameter measuring 0.155 and 105 feet in length. This string 6-bladed shaped line trimmer provides additional power and is a good option for professional landscapers.

It cuts easily through thick weeds, grass, and thick crops without experiencing any damage making it very convenient. Cyclone CY155D1-12 is made of copolymer nylon and it is recognized for its durability and superior strength. Since the line lasts for a long time, it helps to avoid reloading work. It is ideal for professional landscapers or large pieces of land.


  • Mostly used for commercial purposes and heavy-duty jobs
  • Has a thick trimmer line
  • Comes in a red visible color
  • Uses a 6 bladed shape for additional cutting power
  • Contains several polymer layers that assist in reinforcing


  • It is a short line of 105 feet in length
  • It is not that affordable in comparison to other best .155 trimmer lines in the market
  • It is very noisy

7. Oregon 22-455 Magnum Gatorline Trimmer Line .155-Inch

Oregon 22-455 Heavy-Duty Professional Magnum Gatorline...
  • High cutting efficiency – Magnum Gatorline allows you to get...
  • Durable -- High-strength inner core resists breakage which means...
  • Square trimmer line -- Slices through vegetation with a clean,...
  • .155" diameter trimmer line is ideal for professionals cutting...
  • Fits several string trimmer models including, but not limited to...

This is one of the best .155 trimmer lines in the market with a length of 85 feet long, and weighs about one pound. It is made up of multiple polymer materials and contains aramid fibres. This line trimmer is in square shape and hence has excellent cutting power for heavy-duty and commercial trimming. The shape remains intact when it gets hit by any trees or rocks. Its core layer made up of polymer material is very resistant to breaking while the outer layer is made up of another polymer material that has anti welding properties that resist scratches.

The aramid fibres also help to reinforce the outer layer and as a result increase the durability. The increased durability makes the trimmer line better to trim any overgrown bushes or through tall grass. Just as the other Oregon trimmers, this line also becomes brittle as time goes by because of exposure to heat and sunlight and therefore the loss of moisture. It is normally advised that to return the trimmer lines to their normal state, you submerge the trimmer in water for a minimum of 24hours.


  • Price is highly affordable
  • It is durable and strong
  • Has a powerful cutting efficiency
  • Ideal for commercial and heavy-duty jobs


  • Quite short with 84feet

8. Anleolife 3-Pound Commercial Square .155 Trimmer Line

A ANLEOLIFE 3-Pound Commercial Square...
  • Multi-side Cords Slice through heavier weeds and thicker grass...
  • Made from tough nylon 66 copolymere, plasticized materials for...
  • Perfect replacement line for all gas and electric trimmers,...
  • Robust, Efficient and Easy to use, keep your garden looking tidy...
  • Includes a bonus cutting tools for convenient and quick line cuts

This line trimmer is built in a durable and robust design and it is affordably priced. It is superior to other trimming lines in the market because it offers a multi-side design that boosts the cutting ability. Made of plastic nylon, it is a damage-resistant line that produces excellent results even with the hardest jobs in the yard. This best .155 trimmer line can be used on several other models whether they are electric or gas models.

Additionally, the package comes with a line cutter with a cord that produces more convenient cuts while offering comfort. Anleolife is the best optimum option for any heavy-duty tasks and speedily trims thick grass, heavy weeds within a short period of time because of how it has been designed.


  • Very easy and convenient to use
  • Adapts to a variety of trimmers
  • Offers a long-lasting performance
  • Very efficient


  • The line cutter is not as useful as one would expect

9. Grass Gator 20155A 10-Count .155-Inch by 21-Inch Trimmer Line

Grass Gator 20155A 10-Count 0.155-Inch by 21-Inch...
  • Replacement line for all gas and electric trimmers, including...
  • Superior wear formulated using the highest quality copolymers to...
  • Outstanding toughness engineered for ultimate impact resistance
  • 5 cutting edges
  • Directional aerodynamics always presents the cutting blade...

This Grass Gator trimmer line has the material of quality copolymers providing one of the best cutting experiences you will ever encounter. The package it comes in is small but holds a line trimmer with an exceptional cutting experience.

Being a very durable trimmer, it serves as a replacement for electric and gas trimmers of different brands and types perfectly. It comes in a pre-cut design and as a result, can be loaded to the trimmer easily and efficiently. Grass Gator trimmer line is built tough and withstands a lot of impacts. This quality of the trimmer line makes it economical to use for trails considering also how long they can last. This line trimmer ensures perfect work in the yard when trimming the grass and weeds.


  • Very durable
  • Delivers cuts and trims professionally
  • Comes in a pre-cut design
  • Considered for trials as it is economical


  • Not affordable for constant use

Best 155 trimmer line Buying Guide

Any landscaper or gardener can use any trimming line in the market but it is important to check some features in those trimming lines.

1. The shape

The vibration power and sound from trimming equipment are determined by the shape of its trimming line. The market has four major shapes and they include the twisted shaped (spiralled), round shape, bladed shapes (serrated) and multi-sided shapes. The shape of your trimmer line will depend majorly on the type of weed eater you own.

2. The diameter sizes

The size of the diameter determines the type of trimming work to be done. For the large scale landscape, the diameter is mostly .155inches. The tougher the work, the larger the diameter required while the smaller the weeds, the smaller the diameter lines needed. The large diameters increase the power of the lines and the durability resulting in a low possibility of breakage and minimal wear out.

3. The trimmer line material

The materials normally manufactured are mainly Titanium, Nylon, and Copolymer. Copolymer and nylon are the most used materials that work well together in cutting different types of weeds. Titanium is the most expensive material and new in the market.

Additional features to consider

1.    The sound it produces especially if it’s for use in residential spaces where noise can be an issue.

2.    Trimmer lines that also work well in the snow are a feature to consider especially if you live in a location that snows.

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