Best Electric Fence Charger To Protect Animals

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Ian Mutuli

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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If you intend to protect your property or livestock, you will need an electric fence that will protect your pets and deter them from straying. Furthermore, to keep the fence energized you will need to buy the best electric fence charger.

If you have been wondering which electric fence charger is the best, you do not need to search any longer. This article has provided details on the five best electric fence chargers so that you can protect your property well. Additionally, we have also provided a comprehensive review guide to assist you in making the right decision.

1. Zareba EAC200M-Z Electric Fence Charger

Zareba EAC200M-Z 200-Mile AC-Powered Low-Impedance...
  • Features 15 output joules
  • For use on up to 200 miles of steel fencing
  • The most powerful U.S built electric fence charger available
  • Helps to contain cattle, horses, pigs, sheep, goats, exotics
  • With a properly designed fence, use to keep out predators and...

Zareba Electric Fence Charger is the best electric fence charger used to power up a large electric fence. This charger is designed and built in the USA, and it can remit 15 output joules on an electric fence line, which is enough to contain small and larger animals.

The electric fence chargers should be mounted in a shielded area to prevent destruction from harsh weather. The charger is easy to use or install, and you will require to secure the cables to the ground rods and the fence and then plug it into the power outlet.

Additionally, the fence will function perfectly even if wet weed or vegetation is in contact with the fence, but the mile range can go slightly lower. The amazing thing is that the Zareba electric fence comes with a Storm Guard unit that protects the fence, especially in areas prone to lightning strikes.


  • Energizes up to 10 miles of electric fencing.
  • Has 15 output joules that will power up even large farms.
  • It is a heavy-duty electric fence charger.
  • It can be used to contain both wild and domestic animals.
  • Has a solar panel that charges the battery.
  • Ideal for high tensile, poly wire, and poly tape fences.


  • It is quite pricey.

2. Taylor Fence Cyclops Boss 32 Joule AC Fence Charger

Cyclops Boss 32 Joule AC Fence Charger
  • Strongest Line, Battery and Solar Operated Chargers Built in the...
  • Strongest Lightning Protection in the World
  • Best Quality Parts Available Worldwide
  • Price/Performance - Beats New Zealand Imports
  • Built in the U.S.A. / Unsurpassed Animal Holding Power

Cyclops Boss 32 Joule AC is the best electric fence charger that will keep your electric fences or perimeter fence sufficiently charged all the time. The electric fence chargers are made in the USA, and the AC chargers remit 2o joule, which can contain animals in large areas of up to 20 miles or 640 acres. Therefore, it is a perfect option that will keep your livestock protected against predators.

Taylor Fence Cyclops Boss 32 Joule AC Fence Charger is constructed with a low impedance design that will enable the electric charger to perform well even with thick weed and grass and still protect animals from electric shocks.

The best part is that the electric fence chargers are compatible with most fences; however, you will need to use fiberglass to prevent animals from getting injured from the electric shock. Moreover, Cyclops Boss Fence Charger has higher lighting protection and a built-in load detector that distinguishes any electrical capacity. In addition, the fence charger is easy to install.


  • Most powerful Lightning Protection.
  • Has one-year limited warranty.
  • Perfect to use with Poly Wire and Turbo Wire.
  • Helps it keep the fence powered even in weedy places.
  • Can power fences up to a 20-mile range.
  • LED indicator pulses when the charger is functioning properly.


  • It does not have digital controls.

3. Patriot P10 Dual Purpose Electric Fence Energizer

Patriot P10 Dual Purpose Electric Fence Energizer, 1.0...
  • A great choice for fencing a small number of livestock
  • No load voltage = 9,700
  • 500 ohm load voltage = 5,400
  • 2 year full replacement warranty
  • Main color is black

Patriot P10 Dual Purpose Electric Fence Energizer is a great charger in three different ways. You could use the solar panel system, 12V battery, and AC, which gives you the liberty to choose the best option in different situations or based on your requirements.

The AC option can be a perfect option if you want to power up a fence that is closer to a power outlet. Also, for both solar and battery power, you could use it in remote areas or in case of power shortages.

Patriot P10 Dual Purpose Electric Fence Energizer is super convenient. However, it is quite pricey because you will need to purchase the solar panel for the solar power and a battery separately. In addition, you will also need to purchase an AC adaptor if charging.


  • Charges the fence with electric current.
  • Has a waterproof casing to protect it against bad weather.
  • It can be solar-powered, AC powered, and DC powered.
  • Durable build.
  • A perfect option for large and small animals.


  • It is expensive.

4. Gallagher S100 Solar Electric Fence Charger

Gallagher S100 Solar Electric Fence Charger | Powers Up...
  • TAKE IT ANYWHERE – The S100 Electric Fence Charger is perfect...
  • PACKED WITH FEATURES – The S100 Solar Electric Fence Charger...
  • BUILT TO LAST - Gallagher is the trusted name in animal...

Gallagher S100 Solar Electric Fence Charger is arguably one of the best electric fence chargers that are available in the market today. It is the best solution for everyone who resides in remote regions with no or limited access to mains electricity. The solar units can charge properties of roughly 60 - 100 acres sufficiently. What makes the Gallagher S100 electric fence charger to stand out is the fact that it is super convenient and safe.

These are some of the most efficient solar panels out there and they are very simple to mount. It is intended for use as a solar charger, but you can incorporate a 12-volt battery. The battery charger features a battery-saver function that allows it to maintain the stored energy for as long as three weeks without the need to draw power from the solar panel. Furthermore, the S100 Solar Electric Fence Charger shares two power sources, and it has a waterproof and weatherproof housing that guards the faster and the irreparable.

The charger has the ability to mount in any position and has an LED light for checking the charger. These solar chargers are great for animal protection or ideal with rotational grazing.


  • Fast and easy to install because of its has 360-degree mounting ability.
  • Strong built-in lightning protection to help absorb electrical breakers.
  • Perfect to use with Poly Wire and Turbo Wire.
  • Comes in a package that is fully integrated and ready to use.
  • Fence voltage lead set included in the package.
  • Has 75-second pulses prevent feedback.
  • Has an indicator light to check the charger.


  • Has wire covering and internal circuitry short circuit problem.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing the Best Electric Fence Chargers

1. Power Source

While Purchasing an electric charger, you much have in mind the type of power source you are planning to use. All-electric chargers are either powered by solar, battery, or electricity. The electrically charged or AC-powered fences are charged by AC power current, and they give you constant and steady power. It functions by plugging your charger into an electrical outlet, and it will also be great to get a heavy-duty surge suppressor to prevent electrical damage.

The battery-powered chargers or DC chargers are a very affordable choice for convenient backup in case of power shortages, for example, in a remote location. Battery power is a safe energy source, but the only downside is that the battery chargers have to be charged up all the time to keep the fence charged.

The solar-powered charger is another safe, clean and affordable choice, especially for small fenced areas. These solar-powered options will function perfectly in areas that they can get direct sunlight.

2. Joules

Another important factor to consider if you are looking to get the right electric fence charger is the overall strength of the charger or the Joule. Joule is a unit of power in the international system unit equivalent to the energy conveyed to an object. The strength of the fence will mainly be affected by the type of charger you have. You should try and get an electric fence charger that has strong shock and will keep large animals and small animals away and, at the same time, is not dangerous for you.

An important thing to note is that the electric fence will not kill the animals but will impact their nerves. Therefore, getting a charger with lower joules is ideal because you will only need a maximum of three joules for a standard-sized area. For instance, in an area that is around 30 to 40 acres, you will only need a charger with an output of 0.1 or o.10, and for an area that is 75 acres or so, you will need a 4.9-joule charger.

3. Impedance

Electrical impedance is the count of the entire opposition that a circuit presents to electric flow. It is important to take account of it while purchasing or shopping for an electric fence charger. Take note that tree branches, bushes, or weeds can lower the power output of the fence if they come in contact with it. Hence you should look for a charger with a low impedance charger because it will deliver great energy even if the trees, bushes, or wet vegetation contact the fence.

4. Installing

While shopping to buy the best electric fence charger you should consider the installation. A vast majority of electric fences are used for confinement of farm animals and they will require a strong charger to deter wild animals. To install the fence charger, you will need to understand the chargers book guide that comes with the chargers.

Just remember that if you decide to have an AC charger, it will have a 110-volt input, and it is advised to use protected ground wire. Also, you should know that you need to have separate ground rods for the charger and the home.

5. Safety

Safety is a factor that you have to consider while you purchase an electric fence charger. You have to note that most high impedance chargers are likely to cause a fire. Therefore it is advisable to get the low impedance chargers that have a lower chance of causing fire even if they contact wet vegetation.

In addition, you should get a DC charger or pulse charger that will counterbalance the inner electrolyte of the charger and lower the risks of having a fire. Also, it will be great to get a stronger fence charger with great lightning protection to reduce injuries and fires. Finally, you will need to get your electric fence properly grounded to reduce the chances of having short circuits.

6. Fence Length And Location

Another important issue that you should note is how long your fence is and what location you will be using the electric fence charger, let's say the size of your yard or farm. To prevent short-circuiting, you will have to choose a charger that is sufficient enough. Remember that if a fence is longer or has increased wires, you will need a more powerful source that is sufficient enough.

7. Compatibility

The electric fence charger you purchase must also meet the specifications of the electric fence you have. The market has many chargers designed for specific fence types, and it is necessary to be aware of what type of electric fence charger is compatible with yours.

Frequently Asked Questions about an Electric Fence Charger

1. Who makes the best electric fence charger?

The market has great brands that make great electric fence chargers that will deliver a great job. However, you have to get high-quality chargers from well-known brands like; Gallagher, Patriot, and Zareba.

2. What does Joule output mean?

Joule basically means the energy that is being sent to the fence. Low joule is enough to contain your small and large animals, but the higher joule output can harm the smaller animals. However, factors like the length of the fence will affect the joule output you need.

Ian Mutuli

About the author

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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