Best free-standing punching bag for home

Best Free-Standing Punching Bag for Home Fitness

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Brenda Nyawara

Brenda Nyawara is an editor at Archute. She is a graduate architect with a passion for edge-cutting ideas in design, fashion, art and modern world interests.
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Whether you are into combat sports or releasing the pressure by punching away, getting the right punching bag for your space is one of the biggest choices. While I have been used to seeing the hanging bag in most gyms and settings, the free-standing punching bag has proven more useful for my home gym. Therefore, I have listed the best free-standing punching bag for home gyms.

Here is a tip when working out in a small house. Get foldable/ extendable tables to create space each time you want to work out. Best choice I ever made.

Best Free Standing Punching Bags

Getting the best punching bags is a great place to start. However, getting the right punching bag is what you need to do. I have separated the bags into three categories to make it easier for you to find a bag that might work better.

1) Free Standing Punching Bag

a) FITVEN Freestanding Punching Bag

FITVEN Freestanding Punching Bag 70''-205lbs with...
  • 【Shock Absorbing System】: Dual TPU absorbers+4 springs...
  • 【Stable Floor Sucking Base】: 5MM thicken ABS round base...
  • 【Durable&Reliable Material】: Designed with multi-layer...
  • 【Professional Protection】: Constructed with 10mm thicken foam...
  • 【Please Note】: Base will be more stable if filled with sand...

Before I got my bag, my gym had the FITVEN bag, and I loved it. This is a power bag with a weight of up to 205 pounds. The punching bag has suction cups to increase stability; from my experience, this is one of the best punching bags I have tried.

Image Source:

Here is the special thing about the bag. It has a shock-absorbing system that ensures a fast rebound. Apart from the rebound, the spring gives you great shock absorption on the punching bag.

The best thing about the FITVEN punch bags is that the springs are removable whenever I want to have a more intensive practice. The bag has a multi-layered construction on its body with a stainless steel tube stand. The thick foam on the bag ensures I am safe and can get the most out of each punch and kick.


  • Have more intensive training
  • Better than the traditional heavy bag with a sturdy base
  • Suction cups for more stability
  • Best free standing punch bag in the market
  • Rebound spring for better engagement.


  • The bag works better with sand.

b) Dripex freestanding Punching Bag

Dripex Freestanding Punching Bag 69''- 182lb Heavy...
  • 【Adult Freestanding Punching Bag】Works on any even floors in...
  • 【Stable Floor Sucking Base】Rounded ABS base tank is...
  • 【Durable&Reliable Material】 Stainless steel tube stand is...
  • 【Upgraded Shock Absorbing System】Dual TPU absorbers + springs...
  • 【Please Note】 Base will be more stable if filled with sand...

Image Source:

Your home gym look will never be the same once you get this punch bag. Mine has never been, and I have enjoyed every moment of it.

There is no looking back once you feel what punching this bag feels like. You do not need a special floor to use this bag, and ever since I bought the bag, I have traveled with it every time I am on holiday.

The bag has a PU grain leather outer and a stainless steel frame for comfort. It further has tear resistance and quick rebound. So it never mattered how hard I came on the bag with kicks and punches; it handled them well.


  • Great rebound
  • Suction pads for great stability
  • Great punching bags for gym and home workout
  • Shock absorbing system
  • Great for combat sports and home workout


  • Base and bag shipped separately.

c) Twomaples Free-standing Punching Bags

Twomaples 4 in 1 Freestanding Punching Bag with Stand...
  • 【 Freestanding Punching Bag】 Stands approx 70" tall, the...
  • 【Additional Punching Targets】 Our punching bag comes with an...
  • 【 Comprehensive Training is Better】 With the adjustable...
  • 【Shock Absorbing System Patent】 Dual TPU absorbers + 4...
  • 【Super Stable Floor Sucking Base】 Rounded ABS base tank is...

Image Source:

A larger punching surface is great, and that is what Twomaples offers. The punching bag further has punching targets for better technique when punching on the punching bag. I noticed that the punching targets have an adjustable height to suit everyone and to make the training more efficient. For example, I liked that I could try uppercut targets or straight shots; I only needed to move the target up and down.

The foam loop that comes with the punch bag makes it easier for kids to use the bag without getting hurt on the springs.

Twomaples uses patented shock-absorbing technology and has the best punching bags for the hard kicks and punches to keep your technique on point.


  • A patented shock absorption system.
  • Works as efficiently as the heavy bags
  • Just what you need when you have kids
  • Heavy punching bag with great stability
  • Additional punching targets
  • Fast rebound
  • Large striking surface


  • The shipping might happen separately for the base and boxing bag. Do not be in a rush to get both at once.

d) Protocol Punching Bag

Protocol Punching Bag with Stand - for Adults & Kids -...
  • ALL IN ONE PUNCHING BAG WITH STAND: Set includes inflatable...
  • BRING THE GYM HOME: Sets up in basements, garages, or spare...
  • PERFECT FOR BEGINNER USE: This set is great for adult beginners...
  • EASY SET UP: Includes easy to follow instructions for the base of...
  • PROTOCOL: Where form, function, and fun play together. Gifts and...

At first, I was never sure how I would be able to use this punching bag when I walked into the gym. However, with time I realized that this bag was perfect for any beginner or someone interested in light boxing practice. In addition, the bag is inflatable, meaning it will not take up much space and is easy to set up.

Image Source:

This punching bag was initially elusive because I am used to sparring with my hands and feet. But the bag proved useful with time, and my technique was better because I could target it accurately. In addition, the punch bag has an adjustable height to accommodate our height differences.

Protocol Bag is easy to set up and use and will not take up much of your space. You can use the bag in your living room comfortably.


  • Easy to install free-standing punch bags
  • Great for beginners
  • It takes up less space
  • Reflex bags for hand-eye coordination
  • Rebound is great for technique
  • High-quality bags
  • All in one deal with bag, gloves, pump, and stand


  • Smaller surface area for sparring

e) Cobra Reflex Bag

Cobra Reflex Bag – Advanced Reflex Punching Bag with...
  • Bring Home the Belt – You’re a master in the ring, but to...
  • Rapid Returns – Don’t leave winning up to chance. Ensure you...
  • Fight with Flexibility – Boxing equipment set at the wrong...
  • Secure on All Floors – Sharpen your skills no matter where you...
  • Champ-Level Challenge – Show them what you’re made of with a...

After years in the gym, I felt like I needed to challenge myself more. So finally, I found the right challenge in the Cobra reflex punch bag, which has a high set spring and high returns. The adrenaline never stops flowing with the Cobra Reflex bag.

Image Source:

The Cobra high-intensity bag has suction pads underneath to keep it steady on the ground. The product is meant to push your reflexes to the edge, exactly what you get from it. The punch bag can take the hit; it is for you to see just how far you can go.


  • Professional level boxing free-standing punching bags
  • High set spring for high returns
  • High-intensity punch bag
  • Adjustable height
  • Secure on all floors
  • Focuses on reflex and speed


  • The surface area of the punch bag is a bit limited.

2) Body Opponent Bag

Image Source:

There are moments when you need an opponent to spar with. This is where the body opponent bags come in handy. Here are some examples I liked most once I tried them out in the gym I was registered in.

a) Century Bob Punch Bag

Century BOB XL with Base Unit | Body Opponet Bag |...
  • Freestanding heavy bag with life-like upper torso
  • Creates more striking surface for head or body shot training
  • High-strength plastisol body filled with urethane foam
  • Polyethylene base holds up to 270 pounds of water or sand
  • Rolls easily for transport; multiple height settings

You will love this bag if you are a martial arts artist or a fitness pro. The body punch bag made me want to try different techniques, and it was a great experience throwing a punch or two in all the right places.

Image Source:

The body is filled with urethane foam, giving the impression of what a real body would feel like. The base is sturdy enough to take the best shots you can muster. The heavy bag stand works well with water and sand, unlike most bases that use only sand.

The bag has multiple height adjustments, which makes it easier for anyone to practice confidently.


  • Adjustable height for efficient punching bag workout
  • Rolls easily for transport
  • Century Bob has the best reputation
  • Sturdy base
  • Better practice than the round bag


  • Sand might be difficult to remove if it catches moisture from the bag.

3) Free Standing Punching Bag for Kids

a) Inflatable Punching Bag for Kids

Inflatable Kids Punching Bag – Free Standing Ninja...
  • 👊THE ULTIMATE XL ENERGY BUSTER - Atlasonix brings you this...
  • 👊PERFECT SIZE FOR CHILDREN AND ADULTS, this punching bag for...
  • 👊SAFETY AND QUALITY TOYS FROM ATLASONIX so that you can enjoy...

Image Source:

I wanted to be a karate kid when I was a young boy. While this dream did not come to pass, my son had the chance to enjoy combat sports. Whenever he sees me sparring, he wants to take part. I found him this inflatable punching bag, and practice has never been the same in my home gym.

This bag has a strong surface and will not tear regardless of how strong the punches and kicks come. It is better to start them off early if you want a formidable force of a fighter out of the kids in the future.


  • A bit cheaper than the adult bag, yet functional
  • Maximum stability
  • Great for high-intensity workout for the kids
  • Durable material
  • The best punching bag in the market today


  • Kids can use adult punching bags but never vice versa.

Is a Free Standing Punching Bag Better than a Hanging Bag?

A home gym is one of the best man cave ideas. The free-standing punching bag and the hanging bag have advantages and downsides. Both bags serve their purpose uniquely, and you only choose based on the one that suits you most. Furthermore, each bag fits in a situation that others would not, which is the sport's beauty.

Image Source:

When it comes down to it, hanging bags might not be as suitable for a home gym as free-standing punching bags. Finding a place to hang the punch bag can sometimes be a challenge.

My first house never had a home gym, and I would have to look at different living room designs to create space to work out. In such instances, the free-standing punch bag came in handy because I would easily move it in and out of the training space.

a) Advantages of the Free-Standing Punching Bag over the Hanging Bag

The free-standing bag is one I have loved using over the years just to keep me fit. There are lots of reasons why I chose to buy this bag, and this does not mean that the other bag is not useful. The free-standing bag was just more practical in my situation compared to hanging the heavy bag. Here are some advantages you will enjoy with the free-standing options.

Image Source:

i) Easy on Knuckles

Free-standing punch bags are not as heavy as their hanging counterparts. My training was not competitive, and I did not need to pack the heaviest punches. A heavy bag would be great if you were to fight Tyson Fury or Wilder. I did not need boxing gloves with the free-standing option.

The free-hanging bag is great if you just want to throw hands for relaxation and mental recalibration.

ii) Easy to Move

If you do not have a gym, you can move the punching bag in and out of your living room. You do not have to worry about the bag being too heavy. You can either fill the bag with water or sand and remove it whenever you have to move it.

Moving the bag is as easy as rolling it on its side and getting it where you need it.

Tip: Buy an affordable home projector to watch tutorials when working out.

Image Source:

iii) Great for Low Kicks

This is the only time I enjoyed giving low blows and kicks. The bag is great. If you do not have a high Van-Damme kick, this is the bag for you. My kick is terrible, but the bag lets me get some out. I enjoyed some knee strikes too.

iv) Less Space

The swinging bag requires a lot of swinging space during heavy bag workouts. I do not have a lot of that space, whether I install the punch bag on the roof or a stand. The free-standing bag easily swings within your control, and best uses the floor space around you.

v) Easy Installation

Image Source:

You do not need to install the bag or get a professional to hook it up for you. Some bags come weighted, and you do not have to look for water or sand to fill the bags up. However, you can use water if the bag is not weighted on delivery.

Even better, the bags have suction cups to keep them steady on the ground.

vi) Versatile

You can have a bag with a wider base if you are going for stronger kicks. The bag comes in different heights. An MMA enthusiast will not need a high bag height, and the height options come in handy.

b) Advantages of the Hanging Bag over the Free-Standing Punching Bag

i) Free Movements

The hanging bag workout differs from the free-standing punching bag. Whenever I am working out, I try to do some foot-works and movements as this helps my technique. In addition, the hanging bag gives me space to engage my feet more freely than the free-standing punching bag.

ii) Heavier Bag

Image Source:

The hanging punching bag is heavier than the free-standing alternative and can take heavier punches or kicks. Weight has a huge influence on your technique over time. In addition, the hanging bag also emulates your opponent more accurately, and your response will be more practical.

iii) More Techniques

There are more workout techniques that you can try out with the hanging bag. Unfortunately, I am not a martial arts professional and just needed to work out. However, if you are a martial arts pro and need to work on your technique, go for the hanging bag.

iv) Budget Friendly

While the hanging bag is heavier, it is more budget-friendly. However, this is not the cause for buying the bag. Practicality is key when buying sports equipment; it is only better to buy something you will use.

v) Durable

The hanging bag is slightly more durable than its free-standing counterpart. This is one of the reasons why I would prefer the hanging option.

What to Consider Before Buying a Freestanding Punch Bag

Image Source:

While there are two clear choices between the hanging and free-standing heavy bags, there are other things to look at when narrowing down on the free-standing punching bags. This guide helped me get the right bag for me.

a) Purpose of the Punching Bag

If you are an MMA fighter, you will need a slightly different bag from a boxer or a kickboxer. I am not a professional fighter, and it never mattered so much whether I needed to be keen on the sizes. However, you can choose the size that you feel suits you most. It is better to try out the punching bags before actually buying them. I went to a store and threw a few punches just to feel how effective each option would be for me.

b) Type

Image Source:

Have you ever seen the torso that is meant to be punched and kicked around? It falls in the free-standing bag category. You can get the torso bag to practice more targeted shots that simulate the feeling of punching a real human. Going for a normal free-standing heavy bag is a great choice, too, because it will serve a similar purpose.

c) Base

The base will determine many things when using the free-standing bags. I had to choose between a sand-filled base and a water-filled base. The choice was not hard for me as I felt the water was easier than the sand, especially in a house setting. For instance, I know that I would prefer cleaning water to sand in case of an accident.

Using water is better for me because I can choose what level to have the water at. If you want the base to be full for stronger strikes and halfway for lighter punches and kicks.

Fitness equipment is sensitive because it can impede or improve your technique. You can get either a wide or a narrow base. A punching bag with a narrow base will dance around with you, and if you want that, go for it, as it will be more fun.

d) Material

Image Source:

Buying a punching bag with high-quality materials will be more advantageous in the long run. So I got myself a bag with high-density foam and well-balanced weight, and three years later, I still go at it with my sparring partner in the form of the punching bag.

A high-quality bag will not only be better for you economically, but your technique will be better if the bag is better. You need a bag that will give you the right feedback when you strike it or kick it around. A sturdy base will prevent injuries, and you will have a more comfortable practice.

There was a time I had a very light base on the punching bag. I threw a kick anticipating a heavier resistance and got an injury. As a result, I was not walking well for the first few days. My workmates would joke that I have a Walking Dead audition coming up.

e) Price

Image Source:

While free-standing punching bags are the more expensive punching bag type, you still need to put your money on great sporting equipment. I can not emphasize enough how great quality your gym equipment needs to be. This is because substandard equipment will either hurt you or ruin your technique. Nothing is worse than wasting lots of time on a technique you will have to relearn.

If you have to save up, do so. If you can have a gym membership while you wait for a new punching bag, please do so. But when you decide to get a quality bag, go for the best, and we have them listed above.

f) Warranty

Getting equipment with an extended warranty is great because you are guaranteed a not-so-bad outcome in case of anything. Warranty proves quality as it shows the manufacturer's confidence in their product. Always look at the options you have on refunds and warranties. This is very important, especially when buying equipment online.

Should I get a Water/Rock/Sand Filled Free-Standing Punching Bag?

Image Source:

Getting a punching bag with a pre-filled base might sound like a great idea to save you the effort of having to do the work of filling up the bag. However, I chose to go for one that was not already filled so that I could weigh out my options. Here are some bases you should expect to find when looking for a bag.

i) Water Filled Base

Water is great for a punching bag because it is easy to fill and empty. Filling the bag with water is convenient as it is easily accessible. With water, I can choose whether I want a heavier or lighter base and make the adjustments in minutes.

I enjoy using this option as it has the advantage of convenience. After all, the perk of using water is that I can get it from a tap in my bathroom, unlike sand or stones, which I have to buy from a store.

Image Source:

The disadvantage of using water at the base is that it can sometimes leak. For example, I noticed that water started leaking out of the screw cap whenever I was throwing in some heavy punches. This can be worrying. However, water is a great choice for a punching bag base, and I would still go for it.

ii) Sand-Filled Punching Bags

Sand is a great choice because it covers the bases that water leaves out. The weather will not be a big issue if the sand is dry enough. There will be no spillage whenever you are in high action.

One disadvantage of sand is that it can get into a semi-solid state if water condenses on the particles. This wet sand can cause a problem when trying to empty the bag. You will have a hard time when the sand is stuck in the bag.

Getting sand from a supplier is a bit hectic compared to water from the bathroom. You have to find a landscaping shop to get the sand you need. I would not recommend sand unless you live in a place with not-so-moist weather.

iii) Rock-Filled Punching Bags

Image Source:

Rock-filled bases sound great when you hit. Rocks will not leak out of any small cracks on old bags. The only challenge you will have with rocks is loading them in and out of the free-standing punching bags; otherwise, they rock.

Final Thoughts

Whether training professionally or working out, you should get the right equipment. If you have to get a shorter bag, do so. Watch out for the fill material, as that directly impacts your knuckles. If you have to use boxing gloves, do so. You will have a lot of fun training with the free-standing punching bags we have listed above.

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Brenda Nyawara is an editor at Archute. She is a graduate architect with a passion for edge-cutting ideas in design, fashion, art and modern world interests.
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