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Best HVAC Multimeter For The System Checkup And Repair

Ian Mutuli
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Ian Mutuli

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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Are you looking to find and solve any problems in your HVAC systems easily? The best HVAC multimeter is a necessary device to help diagnose different HVAC systems quickly, providing accurate and clear measurements of the mechanical and electrical components.

Finding the best multimeter for HVAC systems is not an easy task, especially if you're a beginner. However, the guide below will give you some guidance by providing you with the necessary information you need to know before buying the best HVAC multimeter for your home.

What Is An HVAC Multimeter?

An HVAC multimeter is a standard tool used by electricians to diagnose and troubleshoot wiring and electronic appliances. It is also a piece of electronic test equipment used to find out whether or not an electronic voltage is present.

The best multimeter for HVAC systems is an accurate and safe way to check the current in electronic gadgets like batteries and lamps. It can also be used to check anything that runs on electricity like outlets, wires, and switches.

So, we have compiled the five best HVAC multimeters on the market today, their reviews, pros, and cons, other relevant information to help you pick the right one for you.

Which Multimeter Brand Is Best?

1. Fieldpiece HS33 Expandable Manual Ranging Stick Multimeter For HVAC

Fieldpiece HS33 Expandable Manual Ranging Stick...
  • Non-contact Voltage
  • 400AAC and Capacitance
  • High Voltage and Continuity Indicators
  • MIN / MAX and Data HOLD
  • Inculded in package : Expandable Manual Ranging Stick Multimeter...

The Fieldpiece HS33 Expandable Manual Ranging Stick Multimeter for HVAC is a great option for both professionals and beginners. It comes with a user manual and design that is favorable for novice users.

It features a non-contact voltage detection if you're planning to use it occasionally or every day. This means that if you're looking to examine the presence of a voltage, you need to switch on the NVC mode and wait.

This model has no auto-ranging functions, which can be a bit hectic if you're an amateur. However, it comes with manual ranging multimeters that provide a more accurate reading. In addition, the indicator and alarm functionality will go off when it detects a high voltage.

Other important features of this model are the data hold which provides the last reading, and an auto shut off feature to preserve the battery life. Additionally, the safety rating of Cat-III 600V ensures that you can use the meter in different environments.


  • Auto power off functionality
  • A great option for beginners
  • The efficient magnetic hanger that is easy to use
  • Sleek design
  • LED screen for easy reading
  • Advanced safety technology
  • Precise and accurate readings


  • A small backlit display

2. Fieldpiece LT17A Classic Style Digital Multimeter

Fieldpiece LT17A Classic Style Digital Multimeter...
  • Temperature up to 1400F. 400AAC with included clamp. Capacitance...
  • Works with Accessory heads. Microamps for flame diode test....
  • Silicone Leads with Detachable Probe Tips.
  • Tilt Stand and Magnetic Hanger.
  • MAX/MIN Hold. Volts AC. Volts DC. Resistance (ohms). Diode Test....

The Fieldpiece LT17A Classic Style Digital Multimeter features a classic style that is compact enough to fit comfortably in your hands. It comes with the ability to volt AC/DC voltage and current. It also includes micro-amps for a flame diode test.

This Fieldpiece multimeter for HVAC features a bright blue light making it a great voltage meter to observe the readings accurately. When measuring, it can read both the minimum and maximum reading, and to exit the minimum and maximum screen, you only need to hold the button for two seconds.

It's auto power-off feature comes in handy to shut down the device automatically and save its battery life. If you're on a tight budget or are looking to make a safe choice by spending a small amount of money, then this option would make a great choice.


  • Measures microfarads, motor-start capacitors, and motor run using a range.
  • Detachable probe tips
  • Rugged ABS case for durability
  • Auto power off to save battery
  • Bright blue light display
  • Compact multimeter


  • Proper maintenance is required because the device might not run perfectly if it is not done.

3. UEi Test Instruments DL369 Digital Clamp Meter HVAC Amp Meter

UEi DL369 Digital Clamp Meter HVAC Auto-Ranging 4000...
  • 📺 DUAL DISPLAY: The DL369 comes with a Dual 4000 Count Display...
  • 🧰 CAPACITANCE & FREQUENCY: The DL369 measures both capacitance...
  • ⚡ AC/DC Microamps: The DL369 measures AC current up to 400A and...
  • 🔌 NCV: The DL369 has audible Non-Contact Voltage to be able to...
  • ✅ 3-YEAR WARRANTY: The DL369 has a 3-year limited warranty. All...

One of the recommended HVAC multimeters that are digital is the UEi Test Instruments DL369 Digital Clamp-On Meter HVAC Amp Meter. This model has been designed to have a built-in test lead storage.

The UEi Test Instruments DL369 Digital Clamp Meter HVAC Amp Meter features a dual display for simultaneous and accurate measurements. The max and min displays are the two screens for taking and measuring the reading.

This True RMS Clamp meter is able to measure the capacitance 400AC, 750VAC, or 1000VDC, micro-amps, continuity, and duty cycle. It features a magnetic mount which is very convenient use. The one-hand testing, the Hi-voltage indicator, and the Diode test are other great features of this model.


  • Highly accurate reading
  • Comes with test leads and a pouch
  • Effective safety certificates
  • Good value of the money
  • Easy and effortless maintenance
  • Dual display
  • Wide testing range
  • True RMS clamp meter


  • Lacks temperature readings

4. Triplett Compact CAT II 1999 Count Digital Multimeter

Another one of the best HVAC multimeters in the market today is the Triplett Compact CAT II 1999 Count Digital Multimeter. It is a 3-1/2 digit multimeter that features an auto power-off feature to ensure the battery doesn't get wasted.

This HVAC multimeter comes with a large backlit LCD display that makes it easier for the user to read accurately. Its built-in overload protection protects the meter setting. The resistance of this model ranges from 2M to 200 ohms.

It includes a 9V battery, red rubber boots, K-type beads for accurate temperature measurements, and safety test leads that come along with alligator clips. In addition, the rubberized boot provides impact and drops resistance.


  • Bright LED backlight display
  • Great test leads
  • Comes with micro-amps for a flame diode test
  • Maximizes battery life
  • Sleek ergonomic design
  • Rubberized boot for impact
  • Comes with test leads


  • Doesn't have an auto-ranging

5. Fluke 116/323 HVAC Multimeter And Clamp Meter Combo Kit

Fluke 116 HVAC Multimeter
  • Your unit is calibrated prior to shipment with a new...
  • The NIST calibration provides you assurance your instrument Meets...
  • : helps prevent false readings due to ghost Voltage
  • Large white LED Backlight to work in poorly lit areas
  • Resistance, continuity, frequency and capacitance

The Fluke 116/323 kit HVAC Multimeter and Clamp Meter is the best HVAC multimeter, especially when it comes to its simple design and functionality. It comes with a proper setup of the thermometer and accurately measures temperature, voltage, resistance, and current.

These functions help to check the strength and temperatures in circuits and wires. In addition, the thermometer in the Fluke 116 HVAC multimeter helps come in handy for all HVAC applications and control the temperature.

Additionally, the flame sensor will provide accurate testing flame at a high level. This clamp meter is helpful to measure electricity accurately and read out all the texts. The LCD display ensures you can easily read the values with full functional settings.

This Fluke 116/323 kit or Fluke 116 HVAC Multimeter comes with a compact design that is quite good and best for all users. The assembly of the multimeter is also quite easy, and it is small in size using a single hand.


  • Heavy-duty design
  • Great compact shape
  • Easy to use
  • Gives accurate readings
  • The low input impedance prevents ghost readings
  • Three years warranty
  • Cat iii 600v meter with a resolution of 6000 counts


  • Lacks a 100 amp input

Benefits Of Owning An HVAC Multimeter

Having an HVAC multimeter gives you a chance to repair and diagnose your HVAC system without having to call a technician. Users can test the switches, fuses, and other HVAC components and check if they are working correctly.

Moreover, whenever you're making adjustments to an HVAC system, it is crucial to know how the problem is affecting the output of the system. Some multimeters with thermocouples and temperature probes allow the user to track and check changes in refrigerant lines, air temperature, heating pipes and return using one tool.

HVAC meters are not only useful in air conditioning, ventilation, and heating situations but are also quite helpful when it comes to electrical applications. These devices can do almost everything a standard electrical multimeter would do, including checking household outlets, switches, fuses, etc.

What Do You Consider Before Buying The Best HVAC Multimeter?

1. Analog Vs. Digital

There are two main basic types of HVAC multimeters, including analog and digital meters. An analog multimeter is the original, and they measure two or more electrical properties and display readings with the use of a gauge and needle. They use leads or contacts to transfer the amperage, resistance, or voltage to the gauge.

On the other hand, HVAC digital meters have circuit boards, sensors, and other electronic components to help you take readings from the leads. They display them on a digital readout, making them easier to use and more accurate than an analog meter.

2. Accuracy

HVAC technicians require accurate and operations tools, but if the multimeter is off by one volt or two. The pinpoint accuracy is important for an electrical technician that might diagnose why the control is not working well.

The best HVAC multimeter should provide different reading types. For example, you or the technicians may need to know if the control board, compressor, pump, or motor is working properly. For this reason, the best multimeter for HVAC should offer amperage, voltage, resistance, and temperature readings.

3. Ease Of Use

There are a good number of easy-to-use multimeters to ensure you don't spend your coins on a complicated device. However, while it may be simple to use a multimeter, some of them might come with complicated features and a hard-to-read display.

The best HVAC meter should provide measurements and readings that are easier to read and interpret. Switching between the resistance, amperage, voltage as well as other readings should be easy to do even using one hand.

Some devices will include a non-contact voltage or an automatic voltage range detection to automatically detect the AC and DC voltage without the input of the user.

Some of them also have clamps that close and open overtop of an electrical wire. Such models provide one-handed readings and a great way to hang the meter while working with a lead on each hand.

4. Temperature Probe

Once you make the required adjustments or repairs, you need to ensure that the system is working the way it should. This is where the temperature probe comes in. An HVAC multimeter with temperature probes will take readings from inside the heating water systems, ductwork, refrigerant lines, as well as other points of measurements.

For technicians, this function can help ensure the vital parts are working the way they should. The temperature probes are less important when it comes to a residential setting. Most multimeters have thermocouple sensors and cuffs that wrap around the refrigerant lines. This way, technicians can test whether the refrigerant requires attention or if the system is running.

5. Other Features

Some HVAC multimeters may also include some additional features. For example, some models may have an automatic shut-off feature that disables the meter to save battery life. In addition, some have a low battery indicator, while others might have LED displays with a backlight to ensure you can easily read even in low light conditions.

Additionally, some of the multimeters have a wireless data transfer. This function allows the user to check how the adjustment made affects the system up to 100 feet or more using a wireless app or Bluetooth.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) On HVAC Multimeters

1. Is It Safe To Use The Multimeter?

Before buying any multimeter, you should check out the user manual or description to ensure that the product is safe for industrial and household use. If the multimeter is not recommended for home use, then it might not be very safe to use, especially for a beginner.

2. What One Is The Best Between Analog And Digital Multimeters?

Digital multimeters are an upgraded version of the analog which means you get features that make the multimeter easier to read and give more accurate results. Nowadays, most professionals use digitals since it is easier to use a digital multimeter.

3. What Is The Difference Between Peak And Min/Max Modes On The Multimeter?

The max and min modes indicate the highest and lowest readings, respectively. On the other hand, the peak mode will measure a certain signal's positive and negative peak voltages. They tend to work on peaks that are equal to or longer than 250 microseconds.

Ian Mutuli

About the author

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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