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Best Mouse for Autocad to Fast-Track Your Projects

Ian Mutuli
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Ian Mutuli

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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Autocad is among the top-rated software solutions for architects. However, without an efficient mouse, its performance is merely average and can lead to excessive time consumption for your projects. To alleviate the strain of working with a subpar mouse, I am presenting my comprehensively curated list of the most suitable mice for Autocad today.

In my search for the best mouse, I came across some competitive options. My first pick is the UtechSmart Venus, which has five profiles on which I can save different settings for all the buttons without having to re-program each time. My second pick is the Logitech MX Ergo for its space navigator trackball. The Logitech further allows me to work simultaneously with one mouse across multiple computers. Logitech MX Master comes third and would do better if not for its lack of a trackball.

So, what should you expect a CAD mouse to look like?

What is a CAD Mouse?

Computer-Aided Design (CAD), involves a lot of cursor-related actions, which are controlled mainly by the mouse or the trackpad. To make these actions easier, architects have been looking for the best mouse with good ergonomics, response, tracking, and additional features to aid in design.

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As a student architect, you may be looking for a mouse for convenience. But if you are a professional architect like me, who works in one of the world's best architecture firms, I have to look for a mouse that will get the job done without a single hitch. Let the search begin!

Best Mouse for Autocad

1) UtechSmart Venus Mouse

UtechSmart Venus Gaming Mouse RGB Wired, 16400 DPI High...
  • 『SENSITIVE DPI MMO MOUSE』Focus on MMO gamers: this...
  • 『PROGRAMMABLE MOUSE BUTTONS』All the macro buttons allow you...
  • 『PRECISE CONTROL IN YOUR HAND』Venus MMO mouse is also an...
  • 『COMFORTABLE SHAPE & TEXTURED GRIP』 Ergonomic Right-Handed...

The UtechSmart mouse is my best pick among the best computer mice for its features that are not only fully customizable but easy to navigate. UtechSmart has up to five customizable profiles for everyone using the mouse to save their preferred mouse settings. This makes sharing projects easy, as I never worry about someone changing my settings. Whenever I switch from projects to gaming, I can switch to my gaming profile, a feature that makes UtechSmart the main mouse in my bag.

Image Source:

UtechSmart is an ergonomic mouse with specs that any architect would enjoy using. The mouse has 12000 FPS to its name, with a DPI of close to 16500. The mouse further has a 30G acceleration, with a cursor speed of up to 150 inches per second. What's better is the adjustable sensitivity of the mouse, making it easier for me to make certain sticky keys less active.

UtechSmart has proven itself to be one of the best mice with its customizable ergonomics, a feature you will hardly see on any other mouse. I can add weights to the mouse to give it the preferred weight. The shape and texture design is made for highly engaging gaming moments, making CAD software easier to navigate using the mouse. UtechSmart features a resting surface for the thumb, a feature often neglected by other mice.


  • Customizable RGB lights for each profile
  • Computer mouse with great ergonomic design
  • Dedicated middle mouse button options
  • The mouse features 12 customizable buttons on the side
  • Great mouse for fast action
  • Up to 16400 DPI with a 30G acceleration
  • The single mouse is sharable with up to 5 customizable profiles


  • Designed for right-handed users
  • Corded mice are quite limited for use within the cord length

2) Logitech MX Ergo

Logitech MX Ergo Wireless Trackball Mouse, Ergonomic...
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN FOR MORE COMFORT: Customize the trackball angle...
  • PRECISION SCROLL WHEEL: Featuring horizontal scrolling and a...
  • ADVANCED PRECISION-MODE TRACKING: Switch instantly between...
  • MULTI-COMPUTER WORKFLOW: Move your cursor, files, and links...
  • USB-C CHARGING BATTERY: Up to 4 months on a full charge*, gain 3...

Logitech mice are not only the best in the market but mice that most CAD users prefer for the following reasons. A Logitech mouse like the Logitech mx ergo allows for sharing of files between two computers using the Logitech flow technology. This feature is the single reason every architect should get this Logitech mouse, as sharing projects is a frequent activity in an architecture firm.

Image Source:

Logitech mx ergo has a dual connectivity feature that can connect two Macs or Windows computers using USB receivers. The mouse has a sensitivity range of 10 meters, which is perfect for any office space. The dual-connectivity feature is perfect for switching to a different computer to show an intern how to navigate software while using the mouse I am used to. Better yet, I don't have to leave my desk.

I can switch the Logitech MX Ergo mouse between speed and accuracy tracking modes. These two modes allow me to customize the mouse between different software needs. The mouse features six customizable buttons that make it great for CAD work. Furthermore, I can choose the best angle of tilt for the mouse between 0-20 degrees to find a comfortable spot for my hands.


  • Move the cursor and files across two devices using the Logitech flow technology.
  • Works within a radius of 10 meters
  • Customizable buttons
  • Perfect wireless mouse for CAD
  • Hyper fast scrolling
  • Trackball for easy space navigation
  • Customizable angle


  • Battery lasts four months

3) Logitech MX Master 3x

Logitech MX Master 3 Advanced Wireless Mouse
  • MAGSPEED WHEEL: Ultra-fast, precise, quiet MagSpeed...
  • DARKFIELD 4000 DPI SENSOR: Darkfield 4000 DPI sensor for precise...
  • COMFORTABLE DESIGN: Tactile reference for hand positioning makes...
  • FLOW CROSS-COMPUTER CONTROL: Supports flow cross-computer control...

Logitech is still dominating this list with its MX Master 3x model, which is the perfect mouse to carry around and use in the most unlikely of places without any inconveniences. I love using the mouse at home or in the library because it is a quiet mouse with no click sounds. The mouse is not only quiet but fast, too, with a MagSpeed electromagnetic scrolling technology.

Image Source:

Just like most other Logitech mice, the MX Master 3x allows work across different computers, with the ability to pair up to 3 devices. This feature is perfect for any shared architecture workspace, which is most architecture firms.


  • Cross-computer workflow
  • Connect up to three devices simultaneously
  • Comfortable design
  • Ultra-quiet buttons
  • 4000 DPI


  • No trackball

4) Logitech Signature M650

Logitech Signature M650 L Full Size Wireless Mouse -...
  • Scroll smarter: With Logitech Signature M650 Wireless Mouse you...
  • The optimal fit for your hand: This comfortable full size mouse...
  • Upgrade your comfort: This work mouse provides long hours of...
  • Connect the way you like: Connect this cordless computer mouse in...
  • Less noise, more focus: Whether working at the office or at home,...

As an architect, working in CAD is not the only thing I do all day. When I need to switch between CAD and other programs, the Logitech Signature M650 is all I need. The mouse works well for me whenever I am doing presentations by not attracting too much attention as other mice would because of their transformer-like designs.

Image Source:

The Logitech Signature M650 is just a simple, regular mouse, but the most powerful with silent buttons perfect for use at home and in libraries.


  • Two programmable thumb buttons
  • Simple design
  • Silent click
  • Works seamlessly in wireless mode
  • Standard mouse with long battery life


  • No trackball for navigating 3D space

5) 3D Connexion SpaceMouse Pro

3Dconnexion 3DX-700040 SpaceMouse Pro 3D Mouse
  • Full sized, soft coated hand rest, 3dconnexion...
  • On-screen display, keyboard modifiers (ctrl, Alt, shift, ESC),...
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 204 x 142mm x 58mm/ 8″ x 5.6″ x 2.3″
  • Corded Mouse - cord length: approx. 3ft. Supported Operating...
  • Battery life: 2 months. Rechargeable Lithium-ion-polymer

The 3D Connexion SpaceMouse Pro is the perfect tool for a heavy CAD user because of its ergonomic design made for maximum comfort and performance. While the mouse looks like something from a sci-fi movie, it does work and is perhaps the best choice for anyone who has a lot of 3D rendering to do. The mouse has a space navigator right in the middle, a perfect spot for design projects.

Image Source:

The 3D Connexion mouse works when corded and wireless, adding to its convenience. The mouse has enough dedicated keys, making it great for heavy CAD users.


  • Great for space navigation
  • Programmable buttons
  • Comfortable
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion polymer


  • Too many dedicated keys

Buying Guide for the Best Mouse for CAD

Buying Guide For The Best Mouse For CAD

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a) Dedicated Programmable Keys

There are certain actions in any software that will be more useful than other actions. For instance, in CAD, you will rotate your design a lot, and having a mouse with programmable buttons helps you navigate such actions easily.

When designing, imagine how often you have to go to the toolbar to get a different tool. A good CAD mouse lets you dedicate the tools you need most to a button, something a conventional mouse can not do.

b) DPI

Dots Per Inch determine how slow or fast the mouse moves across the screen. DPI is something you need to pay attention to if you are working on a lot of products that

c) Wired vs. Wireless

Whether to get a wired or wireless mouse boils down to preference. However, both have their downsides and advantages. When using the wired mouse, I never have to worry about the battery running out since it does not need one. Furthermore, the wired mouse will not lag because it is connected directly to the computer.

A wired mouse looks untidy on the desk and archaic, especially when I have to present multi-million dollar project designs to my clients.

Wired vs Wireless

Image Source:

On the other hand, a wireless mouse gives me all the independence and control I need when working. I find using the wired mouse easy and convenient, especially when working with a student or a colleague and sharing the mouse. A wireless mouse will need new batteries to work seamlessly, but getting them is never a huge setback.

A downside of using the wireless CAD mouse is having my PC on Bluetooth mode, a background app that may make the PC do a little more work than it otherwise would.

d) Battery Life

The battery life is never an issue when picking a mouse because most mice do not use up too much power. However, I have to remember that to work seamlessly at an optimal speed, I need to change my batteries often. The more powerful the mouse I use, the more frequently I must change the batteries.

e) Ergonomic Shape

The shape is one of the most important features when picking a mouse. A less-fitting mouse will take a toll on you after a while. Comfort is a huge ranking factor in the race for the best CAD mouse since it determines how long and fast you can work on a project.

f) Weight

Most CAD software users rely on fast actions, and weight increases over time, especially if the mouse is heavy. CAD mice are relatively lightweight, and weight is not a problem I deal with in a general sense. Depending on the user’s preference, some mice have weights to add or remove.

g) Grip

A gaming mouse will likely have rubber on the sides to register every tiny movement. Gaming mice are commonly used by heavy CAD users and are made for high precision, an advantage every architect would enjoy.

While the grip is a big deal, it is mostly compensated for by the shape of the mouse. A well-shaped mouse will have a better grip than an out-of-shape mouse.

h) Price


Image Source:

A good mouse will cost you some money and is worth it. The options I have provided above are within a good price range and with a good performance. If a good mouse is out of your budget, it is better to save up for it than get a mouse that won’t be as helpful.

i) Left or Right?

While the world is built around right-handed people, many architects are left-handed. Some mice are built for use both by left and right-handed folk. The beauty of a mouse with programmable buttons is the ability to assign function keys in the most comfortable way, whether right or left-handed.

j) Space Navigation

Most Autocad projects are 3D in nature, and getting a mouse that can navigate a 3D space is a must for an architect. CAD-oriented peripherals and systems have to go beyond the scroll wheel, which is limited in many ways, including limited use in a 3D space. The parts you should expect on your setup include a joystick, trackball, thumb buttons, wheels, scroll wheels, and more. These parts will help you navigate CAD programs better.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Best Mouse for Autocad

i) Which mouse is best for Autocad?

The UtechSmart Venus mouse is a great mouse for architects because it has 12 customizable buttons, a high DPI, great ergonomics, a sleek design, and a dedicated middle mouse. Furthermore, the mouse has sharable and customizable profiles to make switching the mouse between projects and users easier. Each profile has its dedicated RGB lighting to prevent confusion.

ii) Which mouse is good for 3D modeling?

When looking for a 3D modeling mouse, there are certain factors you should keep in mind, like the space navigation of the mouse. A mouse that can only scroll upwards or downwards won’t be used much in 3D modeling. Any mouse featuring a trackball would be the right mouse for 3D modeling.

iii) Do I need a mouse for CAD?

While the trackpad comes in handy in many cases, including using the computer on a small surface or going on a train, the mouse still gives me the most advantage when working on CAD projects. When executing fast and complex actions, it is best to get a mouse pad as most features in CAD software are easy to navigate using the mouse.

iv) What is the best DPI for Autocad?

Short form for dots-per-inch, DPI is a feature you need to be on the lookout for if you are working on a program with a lot of rapid actions. DPI is one of the features we use to measure the sensitivity of a mouse. The higher the DPI, the better the mouse sensitivity, and vice versa. For Autocad, a DPI between 300 and 600 will get the job done.

High DPI is why a gaming mouse would be great for Autocad, as they can reach DPIs as high as 30,000.

Final Thoughts

A good mouse is the secret difference between delivering projects on time and being late. With high DPIs, great ergonomics, customizable buttons, and space navigators, there are features you can not miss on your mouse as an architect. Remember, if you know an architect, a good mouse is one of the best architectural gifts ever!

Ian Mutuli

About the author

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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