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Best Step Stool & Ladder for Household and Industrial Use

Ian Mutuli
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Ian Mutuli

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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We interact with spaces around us in our daily living in different ways, both at home or in the workplace. From top shelves to bulbs, ceiling pipes, and a picture frame that needs to be hanged, one needs not to be tall to access these spaces. Ladders and step stools are arguably some of the critical inventions ever in the different civilizations by man. From scaling enemy walls to fixing the light bulb, ladders and step stools have proven helpful through the years. We will look at the best step stool to help you access the high places in your house or workplace.

What is a Step Stool?

A step stool is a type of stool with ladders that are used to reach higher objects. Some step stools have foldable ladders, while others have a fixed-step. You will find step stools helpful in places like the kitchen or a store with high shelves that need easy access at all times. A stepping stool can double up as a normal stool in some cases, while in other cases, a step stool can fall into the category of a step ladder. A step stool can stay fixed, or in some cases, it folds flat for storage purposes. Now that we know where we have seen a step stool before, here are the best step stools to use at home and work.

How to get the Best Step Stool?

Best Step Stool

1. Handy Step Stool

Folding Step Stool - The Lightweight Step Stool is...
  • 300 lb. capacity with grip-dot textured surface makes the folding...
  • The anti-skid foot-pads feature makes it safety certified and...
  • The lightweight, but sturdy folding step stool is easy to use...
  • It’s a great step up for the kitchen, bathroom, closets, RV's,...
  • The maximum standing height is 9", and it easily folds away for...

Handy is a great choice when choosing a step stool that is strong and sturdy for a household. The stool is lightweight but strong, supporting up to 300 pounds. Your safety is guaranteed with Handy products, and the step stool is one of them. The step stool has a maximum height of 9 inches, which is high enough to reach the top shelves in the house. You can use the stool to hang clothes after doing laundry and other chores in the house. You no longer need to call an electrician to fix your bulb with this magnificent creation.


  • Foldable
  • Lightweight
  • Easy storage
  • Affordable
  • Aesthetically pleasing


  • Single-step

2. HBTower 3-Step Ladder

HBTower 3 Step Ladder, Folding Step Stool with Wide...
  • 2021 UPGRADE STEP LADDER—Open: 20.1" x 26.8" x 40.9", Folded:...
  • PORTABLE AND SPACE-SAVING: This Folding Step Stools Comes fully...
  • SECURITY AND STABILITY—High-grade steel frame is constructed...
  • NON-SLIP DESIGN: The 3 step ladder has non-slip rubber handgrip...
  • HASSLE FREE WARRANTY: You can get 2 years warranty, 100% money...

HBTower brings a wide anti-slip pedal to the table, assuring you that you will be stable at all times on the stool. The ladder has a weight capacity of up to 500 pounds, which is not easy to surpass. In addition, your safety is guaranteed with the sturdy step ladder with a convenient hand grip to aid in climbing up or down. HBTower is your best bet for safety, convenience, and functionality at its best.

HBTower has a non-slip design with rubber added to the legs to prevent any slippage. In addition, the two-year warranty on the ladder is proof that the brand is reliable and will serve you for the longest time.


  • Three steps
  • Sturdy
  • 2-year warranty
  • Non-slip features
  • Hand grip


3. ACSTEP Foldable Step Stool

ACSTEP Foldable Step Stool - 11 Inches Wide and 9...
  • PREMIUM QUALITY - Manufactured to Acko standards, made of tough &...
  • CARRYING HANDLE - Ergonomic carrying handle is designed for easy...
  • SQUASH and ROUND CORNER PROTECTION FEATURE - We have designed a...
  • ANTI SLIP - Special rubber dots on the surface and anti-slip...
  • PROPER USE - The maximum load capacity of the folding step is 300...

ACSTEP stool is the best thing you can have in store. The stool will open the DIY world and its possibilities because of its reliable design that supports up to 300 pounds. The step stool has a sleek design that will look good in the house without looking too industrial. The design is foldable, making storage a non-issue for the owner. You can fit the stool in tight spaces after folding. ACSTEP has a safety-oriented design that ensures the user is protected at all times. The stool is affordable for all households.


  • Lightweight
  • Sleek
  • Foldable
  • Sturdy
  • Affordable


  • Single-step

4. Rubbermaid Step Stool

Rubbermaid RM-P2 2-Step Molded Plastic Stool with...
  • 2-step molded plastic stool with a black finish
  • Designed with cutout handles and non-slip step treads
  • Lightweight for easy portability
  • 300-pound load capacity

Rubbermaid is a powerhouse in the household equipment world. As the name suggests, the stool's surface is made of rubber, increasing safety and exponentially reducing the chances of slippage. The rubber surface further has treads that increase friction even when the surface is slightly wet. The stool has a broad base that keeps you grounded when atop the stool. The two-step stool supports up to 300 pounds comfortably. The stool is lightweight and sturdy, giving you a convenient combination that is perfect for the household.


  • Rubber surface
  • Lightweight
  • Two-step
  • Treaded surface
  • Affordable


  • Non-folding

5. Little Giant Ladders Safety Steps

Little Giant Ladders, Safety Step, 3-Step, 3 Foot, Step...
  • Nice Wide, Slip-resistant Steps and Rugged Aircraft-grade...

Little Giants are a household name in all household equipment stores. The brand is well known for its products that have surpassed the performance standards set by other brands. Little Giants step stools have an aluminum body. Aluminum is known for its lightweight properties while remaining one of the strongest metal options in product manufacture. Aluminum does not rust but can corrode if not well taken care of. With slip-resistant steps and a foldable design, Little Giant towers over other brands.


  • Lightweight
  • Foldable
  • Slip-resistant
  • Aluminum body
  • Sturdy


  • Aluminum corrodes if not well taken care of

What Should I Consider Before Buying a Step Stool?

a) Weight Capacity

A step stool is made to support you whenever you are reaching for something placed a bit higher than your average height. Step stools are made of different materials. A wooden step stool will not have the same tensile qualities as a plastic stool. The load capacity for different materials will be different in most cases. Regardless of the material used to make the stool, a good step stool should have a sturdy base for extra safety. A step stool should support no less than a load capacity of 300 pounds at any given time. Most step ladders are strong and do not need extra support.

b) Rubber Feet

While you are on top of a step stool, you are not standing stiff. Maybe you are changing the bulb or picking something from a shelf, and the step stool needs to keep you safe at all times. At an elevated height, your potential energy is significantly increased, and the chances of falling are higher than when you are closer to the ground. One thing that increases the chances of falling is the elevated center of gravity. When the center of gravity is increased, stability is reduced.

A stool with rubber feet will create enough resistance to prevent any slippage. The rubber only needs to be at the leg tips, enough to be slip-resistant. To increase the efficiency of the tips, the floor needs to be dry so you can safely reach high places without sliding. Your feet need to be dry before you step on the step stool.

c) Nonslip Treads

A grip dot textured surface creates slip-resistant steps that increase the stability of the step stool by increasing friction that reduces the chances of slippage. The stability needed when on top of the stool can not rely solely on the rubber feet. Best step ladders ensure increased friction in every contact point with the ground or with the feet. The top step has to have treads because it is the surface from which you will be operating.

Step ladders are only as safe as the surface. Rubber can be an alternative option to metallic treads. Rubber creates an excellent slip-resistant surface for a stepping stool. Safety is non-negotiable when looking for a stool.

d) Lightweight

A step stool should not contribute to any inconvenience. A step ladder needs to be used by every member of a household. Everyone from kids to the elderly should move the step stool around the house with ease. The material used to make the stool will make a massive difference in the weight of the stool. For example, a metallic or wooden stool will be heavier than a plastic stool because of the difference in the densities of the materials. A lightweight step ladder does not equate to a soft step stool. The first consideration should be the strength of the stool. A lightweight step stool will get rid of any potential hassles.

e) Compact Design

A step stool should be able to stand firmly on all four feet. Not everyone is comfortable with heights, let alone unsteady high places. A wobbling step stool will reduce the stability, rendering the anti-slip surface useless. A kitchen step stool should be very stable because of the potential fragile utensils in the kitchen. Whether the stool is for household use or commercial use, the stability has to be high at all times.

f) Material

The material used to make a step ladder will contribute significantly to its features and longevity. A step stool with a steel frame will tend to be more stable compared to its plastic counterparts. However, a steel frame has its challenges as well. The stool might start having rusty parts with time if not well taken care of. Wooden stools work well in the house because they look good and blend in when not in use. The stools can double up as bookshelves or plant shelves.

Other factors that are a result of the material used to make the step stool include the weight. A plastic step stool will be lighter than a wooden or metallic stool. A metallic stool will not be wobbly and might be able to support a higher weight capacity. A metallic step stool will be used more in a commercial and industrial setting than a wooden or plastic step stool.

g) Folding Step

A step stool that can easily fold is a huge convenience because it occupies a smaller space during storage. A step stool folds when the steps have hinges connected to the frame. You can unfold the stool once you are ready to use it, but keep it away when doing other activities. Once a stool is folded, transportation is made easier compared to when the stool is unfolded. In addition, a folding stool is easier to fit in tight spaces during storage.

When moving the step stool around, you need to do it in the easiest way possible. In an industrial setting where you have co-workers moving around and tight spaces in warehouses, a folding step stool would be easier to move compared to a non-folding step stool. The step stool is easier to carry than a step stool that does not fold and occupies too much space when folded.

h) Tool Compartment

A stool with a compartment for holding tools makes your work way more manageable than a situation where you have to have someone hand you the tools. A step ladder containing tools ensures you have no extra load on you when working on an elevated surface. The best step ladder is equipped to ensure you are convenient at all times without the risk of your stability going down. Storage compartments on step stools have enough room for essential tools commonly used, like a tester or a screwdriver, that come in handy when making repairs.

i) Wide Steps

Wide steps create a large base that lowers the center of mass of both you and the stool. A wider surface will need a more significant force to topple over. Imagine how easy it is to topple over when standing on a stick and how hard it would be when standing on a solid table. Consider the nature of work you will be doing while standing on the stool and pick a stool appropriately. The number of steps will determine how stable the stool will be. A step ladder with three steps will have a larger surface than that with two steps.

Tips on How to Care for the step stool

i) Oiling Hinges

The stool needs to have smoothly moving hinges in case the stool can fold. Moving parts are mostly made of screws and knobs that are metallic. When the oil dries out, the friction wears out the hinges, reducing the efficiency and functionality.

ii) Storage

Keep the stool away from corrosive elements like water, especially if the stool is metallic. You might end up keeping the stool in the store together with other things. Ensure nothing heavy is on top of the stool to keep its integrity. Dust is the worst enemy of moving parts. Since the moving parts are oiled, they tend to attract the most dust.

iii) Respect Weight Limit

Respect the weight limit specified for the stool. At no point should more than one person be standing on the stool. Buy a stool that will support 300 pounds and above to keep the user safe and the stool in good shape. The stool will last longer when well taken care of.

Ian Mutuli

About the author

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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