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The Best Cordless Lightweight Leaf Blower [2020]

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A lightweight leaf blower can be one useful tool in any home. They commonly provide utility in several situations apart from the most common use of cleaning your driveway or deck of leaves. Furthermore, they can similarly be used to clean gutters, equipment, clear ice on sidewalks or driveways, and also dry up puddles on driveways.

A cordless lightweight leaf blower uses a battery to run and is mostly to clean dried up leaves and any debris fast and effectively. They are cordless and can be used anywhere without any limitations and also charges fully for only an hour. Additionally, they are portable, lightweight, and handy very tools in cleaning and maintaining the cleanliness of your home and environment.

The Best Cordless Lightweight Leaf Blower

1. KIMO Cordless Leaf Blower

kimo best cordless lightweight leaf blower

This lightweight leaf blower weighs around  2 pounds (0.907kg) which is way less than what the other lightweight leaf blowers weigh. KIMO Cordless Leaf Blower is effortless and one can use it for long periods without getting tired.  It’s 2 in 1 design that helps you to clean up any fallen leaves or even light snow. Also,  has a super-strong suction that helps to effortlessly clean up. The strong suction also allows the absorption of particles of either crumbled biscuits or cookies, dust, or pet hair easily.

The KIMO Cordless leaf blower is used as a sweeper and a vacuum that can be very useful for a lot of buyers. It can also be used anywhere since it is cordless and also perfect for use for tight spaces. It is recommended for the courtyards, car interiors, engine compartments, and even garages.


  • Best used for small jobs
  • 2-in-1 operation
  • Perfect for tight spaces
  • Simple functions
  • It is the lightweight leaf blower


  • Attaching vacuum bags can be frustrating
  • May need a battery recharge depending on the size of the job

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Other Great Cordless Lightweight Leaf Blowers

2. Hitachi Gas Powered Leaf Blower

hitachi gas powered cordless lightweight leaf blower


This is the best lithium-ion cordless leaf blower there is in the market. Also, it is a handheld lightweight leaf blower and one of the most powerful. It is a gas leaf blower that is mostly for commercial purposes or for the large yards. Its super lightweight design is the reason behind the comfort that users of this product get to enjoy.

The Hitachi RB24EAP serves as an ideal option that is lightweight with a remarkable balance for small spaces and desired performance for large spaces. This is the best cordless, lightweight leaf blower vacuum for cleaning up quickly. In addition, it works perfectly for eliminating huge debris, clippings of stray glass, or big jobs like removal of autumn leaves.

It also comes with unique features such as Simple and Quick start, a Pure Fire II low emission engine, and an Extended Large two-finger Throttle Lever for easier operations. Besides, maneuvering this leaf blower is also very comfortable and easy to use on account of its lightweight design.


  • No electricity needed to run so the blower is used anywhere
  • It is Lightweight and also well-balanced for comfortable usage
  • Outstanding power and long life
  • Easy to use as a result of its lightweight design
  • Has impressive class-leading air volume thus excellent debris movement
  • Auto return stop switch
  • PureFire low emission 2-stroke engine technology hence producing low emissions.
  • Excellent warranty conditions


  • Some may think this blower is a little loud
  • Uses ethanol fuel which is thrown out in the air

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3. DEWALT Brushless Blower

dewalt brushless blower

This is the best and most powerful cordless leaf blower, for the small to medium yards, where you need to get of leaves from several different areas. Nonetheless, this lightweight leaf blower model is a great choice for cleaning your yard, workshop, or sidewalk.

This has the best battery according to leaf blower reviews and is perfect for both tough jobs and daily use. It provides a runtime of approximately 40 minutes which is on the basis of settings. This product has an innovative axial fan design that maximizes air output and lengthens its runtime.

Additionally, it comes with some features such as a battery indicator, a trigger for altering power usage, speed locking feature, and a charger. This is a great and exceptionally resourceful leaf blower for its price.

Another unique thing about this Dewalt DCBL720P1 model is the battery placement that is below the handle which helps to maintain some balance. However, it lacks padding in the handle of this leaf blower and hence makes it uncomfortable to hold. Even though, this lightweight leaf blower is very portable in size and comes with a great warranty.


  • Perfect for small to medium size yards.
  • It has an instant-on trigger that starts the machine with slight effort.
  • Speed control allows an increase of airflow when one needs extra power
  • A large blow tube blows a wide column of air consequently allowing you to cover a larger area.
  • Intake being placed on the back of the unit prevents the unit from being a problem and pulling your clothing.


  • The limit full-throttle speed can drain the battery faster.

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4. Greenworks Cordless Jet Leaf Blower

Greenwork 40V Cordless Jet

This Greenwork 40V Cordless Jet Leaf model is among the best budget blowers for battery-powered blowers mainly because of the extras offered. The blower comes with an extension tube to boost efficiency and reach.

It contains a flexible speed option and functions more like a turbo button. It is easy to utilize and is good for generating less noise. This cordless lightweight leaf blower has a runtime of 14 minutes with a fully charged battery therefore quickly finishing your duties. The battery takes approximately an hour to fully charge it up.

The leaf blower reviews state that they are well-balanced, which is important for carrying it ergonomically.  Plus, It uses a thumb dial trigger, which removes pressure off your hands. This model of a lightweight leaf blower is an energy conservative blower and operates better than several other cordless blowers.

Moreover, it contains unique features like cruise control, variable speed trigger, and comfort over-mold grip which reduces fatigue. In conclusion, it comes with a two-year battery warranty and four-year tool warranty.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Easy to use and also store
  • Cordless Blower
  • Has a 40V lithium-ion battery
  • Approximately 1-hour battery charge
  • Low maintenance lightweight blower
  • Has an adjustable speed
  • Comfortable
  • Durable


  • Battery life is low
  • Expensive
  • Not ideal for wet leaves or larger lawns

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Things to consider when buying a lightweight leaf blower

1. The Types of Cordless Leaf Blowers

There are two types of battery-powered leaf blowers:

Handheld Battery Leaf Blowers

This type of lightweight leaf blower runs for 20 minutes maximum on a single charge. For further cleaning, you have to recharge the battery. This is best for cleaning or clearing a small garden.

Backpack Cordless Leaf Blowers

This is the best option for people with lots of trees in their garden. This backless lightweight leaf blower comes with big batteries. This enables it to run for approximately 60mins on a single charge. However, it is costly than handheld models. Its batteries are multipurpose and can be used in other garden tools such as lawnmowers and chainsaws of the same brand.

2. Battery Type

Cordless lightweight leaf blowers run on rechargeable batteries. Batteries the leaf blowers use should be an important consideration. The three common batteries in use are :

Lithium-ion (Li-ion)

This is considered the most efficient battery because of its high density and low self-discharge. It is a lightweight, powerful battery and requires low maintenance. Plus, it is highly recommended because of its large capacity and quick recharge. However, they expensive due to the high energy density and may explode at high heat.

Nickel Cadmium (Nicad)

This is the oldest type of battery that has great performance even in the low-temperature areas. It recharges quickly and it’s not expensive. However, it contains toxic chemicals and low energy density.

Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH)

This works almost the same as NiCad but its performance is more effective. Additionally, It is environmentally friendly but performs very poorly in low temperatures.

3. Motor Power / Voltage

The voltage has to be considered since a cordless lightweight leaf blower with a high battery voltage gives the best performance.

4. Noise

This is a major concern for many people coupled with the fact that some residences have strict rules about noise. Always check how noisy a blower is before you purchase. On the other hand, some blowers come with a variable speed setting feature where you can adjust the airflow of a blower to move the debris and thereby control the noise level.

5.  Battery Life

Long battery life will ensure you use the cordless leaf blower for long. Therefore, one has to check the battery life by either the ratings of minutes or Ah. With a long battery runtime, you recharge fewer times. Also, it’s important to check the battery charge time since a lower charge time allows you to continue to work faster.

6. Price

The price of lightweight leaf blowers usually depends on factors like brand, build, battery capacity, and mostly quality. If the blower is for cleaning occasionally, you should purchase the budgeted leaf blower than an expensive one. But if it’s for a large size, purchase a blower with good battery capacity and good quality.

7.  Air Flow & Speed

A leaf blower uses air to blow away the leaves from your backyard. A leaf blower with a high airspeed will perform the best in blowing away the leaves, dust, and other debris effectively at a faster rate. It is important to check the speed and the rate of airflow to have an idea of how it performs to clean the garden.

The airflow of a lightweight leaf blower is measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM). The higher the CFM rating of a blower, the more leaves it will blow away effortlessly and vice versa. For the best results, choose the blower with a higher CFM rating to get better performance.

  • Under 200 CFMs – First of all, any blowers ranked here are not very powerful blowers. They are best for clearing driveways, workshops, patios, or gutters. They do not easily push your leaves over your garden or even clear your bushes.
  • 200 – 400 CFMs – The lightweight leaf blowers that rate here is a little stronger. They are best at clearing small gardens, sidewalks, or patios and not favorable for huge yards.
  • 400 – 450 CFMs – These are reasonable blowers for medium-sized yards. They are powerful and might be slightly too powerful for ordinary sidewalks.

8.  Speed Settings

Very few models of the cordless lightweight leaf blowers are made with a one-speed setting since it only works for small yards to blow out leaves. One with variable speeds is preferable and helps with adjusting the speeds as required to finish any hard task. This multiple speed setting helps to adjust the airspeed.

Additional Features to consider when purchasing a lightweight cordless blower


A longer warranty period ensures the buyer uses it for a longer timer without facing any issues. Depending on the model, they come with different warranties.  Some have a 1-year warranty while others 2, 3, 5, or up to 7 years.

Extra Handgrip

This is more convenient for handheld models. The extra handgrip provides better weight distribution and proper control.

Nozzle Design

Most lightweight cordless blowers come with either nozzle that is round, flattened, both round, and flattened, and also there are narrow nozzles. The flat tip sweeps loose leaves and the round tip loosens any leaves that are embedded in the lawn. The narrow nozzle gives you control over the leaves with its powerful narrow nozzle rather than a large funnel.

Ergonomic design

Most cordless lightweight blowers need you to hold down a trigger for them to operate, so you should confirm it’s positioned within range. A soft grip and all-around balance can improve your operations and relatively reduce fatigue.

Convenient Shutoff Switch

This safety switch is to easily and quickly shut off the electric motor engine in case there’s a risk. This assists the lightweight leaf blowers in avoiding the problems of unintended or unexpected switching on the blower.

Why Should You Use a Battery-Powered Cordless Leaf Blower?

Easy to maintain

These battery-powered cordless lightweight leaf blowers only need cleaning every once in a while.

No cords

Most of the tools have short cords thus using an extension cord which is not very safe to drag them out in the yard.

No gas

No one wants gas fumes. They have an awful smell and are often a health hazard.

Environmentally friendly

Since gas is not in use, dangerous fumes won’t be sent into the atmosphere.

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