Best sisal rugs

Best Sisal Rugs to Upgrade Your Interior Spaces

Ian Mutuli
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Ian Mutuli

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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1. SAFAVIEH Natural Fiber Linen Border Sisal Area Rug

SAFAVIEH Natural Fiber Collection 3' x 5' Maize / Linen...
  • These rugs are made of natural materials such as jute, sisal, and...
  • Each rug is hand made and hand woven
  • Great for any home, from a beach house to a city apartment
  • This rug measures 3' x 5'
  • For over 100 years, Safavieh has been crafting rugs of the...

If you do not own this piece, you're missing out on the best sisal rug. This area rug is a great addition to any room and provides all spaces with warmth due to its color. You can use it for your farmhouse, cottage, rustic, contemporary, or even coastal decors.

Image source: Megan,

I knew I had hit the jackpot getting a rug as versatile as this one. The pile height is 0.5 inches and sturdy enough for all rooms, which lays flat on the floor with this height.

Like all other sisal rugs, this Safavieh rug is not very smooth. However, the strong fibers and quality construction make it highly durable. So, you can get it whether you have playful young kids or cats that tend to scratch furniture.


  • The perfect rug for cat owners
  • Quality construction
  • Budget-friendly price
  • Easy to clean


  • Quite rough, not suitable for walking on bare feet
  • Stains easily and are not color-fast

2. Tonchean Natural Sisal Area Rug

tonchean Natural Sisal Area Rug, 10 x 2.6Ft Hallway...
  • 【HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL】 The sisal floor mat is made of by...
  • 【ANTI-SKID DESIGN】Anti-skid latex at the bottom, convenient...
  • 【LONG-LASTING】 Incredibly durable and robust. The sisal...
  • 【WIDELY APPLICATIONS】 Ideal sisal area rug is suitable for...
  • 【PERFECT SIZE】Dimensions: 10' x 2'6''/300 x 80cm. Thickness:...

The moment I bought this rug was the moment my cat changed it to his favorite place. I used it in my hallway, and you'd almost always find the cat playing and scratching the mat. However, I couldn't help but be happy about it as it saved other items from the frequent scratching.

It features an antiskid latex at the bottom to prevent accidents that commonly happen at home. In addition, the felt dotted backing increased its stability and thickness, so I didn't have to use an extra mat underneath.

Image source: Brainyg,

It is made of durable and natural sisal fibers that make it robust. This also ensures it is strong enough to resist wear and tear associated with frequent use. Also, it is versatile for use in one area of the house but can be used in the living room, kitchen, dining room, and bedroom.


  • Antiskid design, so there is no need for a mat beneath it
  • Overlocking structure for stability
  • Great rug for outdoor low-traffic spaces
  • Cleans well


  • None

3. Raoot Natural Fiber Sisal Area Rug

Natural Fiber Collection Sisal Area Rug 2 x 5ft...
  • 1. Material Technology: 100% Sisal, Hand-Woven From Natural...
  • 2. Durable And Durable: Natural Fiber Sisal Carpet Has Amazing...
  • 3. Anti-Slip Design: A Breathable Flannel Interlayer Is Added At...
  • 4. Application Scenarios: Natural Sisal Carpets Can Be Used In...
  • 5. Perfect Size: Natural Sisal Runner Rug 23'' X 63'', 5mm Thick,...

The simple natural color of this hand-woven 100% sisal area rug, is both comfortable and memorable. The cotton core is hand-stitched to make it beautiful and durable, and the three-dimensional weave is clear and full of excellent texture.

Image source:

Amazing flexibility, natural materials and color, and the delicate woven structure make this a household essential. Additionally, the product feels firm and sturdy, and it delivered when I placed it in a high-traffic area because of its superb wear resistance.

I realized that it features an anti-slip design. It has a breathable flannel interlayer at the bottom. This pure natural anti-slip latex improves the floor grip and wear-resistance. This also protects the floor if you have one made from delicate materials.


  • Anti-slip rubber dots
  • Incredibly durable
  • Wear resistant
  • Easy to roll up for easy storage


  • Gets stained easily

4. Martha Stewart Farmhouse Sisal and Jute Accent Rug

Martha Stewart by SAFAVIEH Collection 3' x 5' Charcoal...
  • Contemporary design is a stylish addition to any room of the home
  • Refined machine-woven construction ensures an easy-care and...
  • Low 0.25-inch pile thickness for a sleek look
  • Safavieh has been a trusted brand and leader in home furnishings...
  • Product Note : Rugs may contain temporary creases upon arrival,...

Although this rug is not made of pure sisal, it is also a long-lasting option if you want something more natural. Its advanced machine-woven construction makes it durable as it prevents virtual shedding.

This sisal and jute accent rug is easy to care for. All I would do while cleaning is vacuum it up to remove all loose particles. Sometimes spot cleaning helped to prevent the accumulation of stains, ensuring that the rug didn't absorb any stubborn stains.

Image source: jcrum,

Its contemporary design gave it a stylish and elegant look in our bedroom. Depending on your interior setup, you can also use it in other rooms.

I can happily say that after buying this rug, my furniture could finally rest as the cat had something better to scratch. The best part is that the cat can scratch and not damage it, so it's an excellent option if you have playful pets.

One thing, though, it is not easy to walk barefoot. So, ensure you got something under your feet, but if you love style and elegance, that won't bother you much.


  • Ideal for people with pets
  • Great price
  • Quality construction
  • Rubber backing, so it doesn't need a liner


  • Hard to walk barefooted

Sisal vs. Jute Rugs

Image Source:

Often, sisal and jute are classified together, and this is because they are natural fibers that look the same. However, they differ in texture and durability, but both jute and sisal rugs look elegant in different rooms.

Image Source: pettyjohnsrugcleaning

Sisal comes from pineapple and agave plants in Africa and is used to make flooring rugs as it tends to be stiffer and more durable.

On the other hand, jute is a plant fiber made from the stalks of jute plants commonly grown in India and Bangladesh. Jute is softer, more flexible, and also slightly more expensive than sisal. You can even get the best jute rugs if you want something more flexible than sisal.

Benefits of Sisal Rugs

If you are wondering whether to go for sisal rugs or not, this is a sign that you should. They have a ton of benefits compared to other materials.

a) Natural Fiber

Sisal carpets are constructed of natural, sturdy, resilient, and eco-friendly fibers, as opposed to wool and synthetic materials. These fibers are weaved into handicrafts, including purses, area rugs, and carpets.

They are anti-static, contain flame-retardant qualities, and are also excellent for pet-friendly households.

Image source:

As a hygroscopic fiber, sisal will absorb water and regulate the environment. However, sisal is prone to spills and sprouting, so too much moisture will make it wrinkle and deteriorate. Fortunately, dry-cleaning solutions can effectively remove the majority of spills and stains.

b) Eco-Friendly

Sisal is one of the most eco-friendly carpeting materials available. Plus, it is more durable and resilient than jute or fiberglass.

In the automotive industry, it serves as a green substitute for nylon and polyester, as well as baling twine, maritime rope, and other uses.

Image source:

It is simple to dye and bleach to produce a wide variety of lovely colors and patterns. Unfortunately, sisal is not entirely stain resistant, so it must be treated to achieve that.

c) Durable

Sisal is one of the toughest carpeting materials on the market, not just when compared to other natural carpeting and rug materials. Sisal agave fibers are much more resilient and durable than other fibrous materials, such as jute.

d) Hypoallergenic

Since sisal is a natural fiber, it is non-toxic and safe for those who have allergies and asthma. In addition, sisal carpets and rugs will improve the air quality in your home because, unlike synthetic fabrics like nylon, they won't release volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

e) Ideal for All Home Decor Ideas

The carpets usually come in beige, off-white, and tan tones of neutral color. They also have an uncomplicated and sober appearance. As a result, you can use pastel backdrops with them. Knowing what colors go with tan or the best colors to use with beige can make work easier for you during decoration.

You can also use them in rooms with draperies that have a stripe design. Additionally, you can put them together with any type of contemporary furniture.

Cons of Sisal Rugs

a) Rough

Sisal is a robust material, making it durable, but this toughness also makes it unpleasant to the touch. So if softness is important to you, wool or jute might be better.

b) Stains

The main drawback of all sisal rugs is their propensity to absorb quickly. They can be cleaned with a simple vacuum; however, you cannot remove stains from them by using a vacuum. They are consequently extremely vulnerable to staining from spillage.

Image source:

c) Not Suitable for Humid Environments

Many insects, like silverfish and carpet beetles, regularly eat the fibers of your rug. And these are frequently found in more humid locations. So, if you reside in such a setting, you are strongly advised to avoid using a sisal rug.

Sisal Rugs Maintenance

For everyday cleaning of sisal carpets, simply use a vigorous brush-suction vacuum cleaner regularly. Because of the weaving, the beater-type cleaner is less efficient. The vacuum's powerful suction removes the fine dirt that has gathered on the underlay and between the fibers.

Even though the requirement may not be obvious, consistent vacuuming will prolong the life of carpets by reducing soil buildup and will aid in removing stains that result from spilled liquids dissolving soil accumulations.

A frequent, gentle, and even water application strengthens these natural fibers and improves their durable properties when they are subjected to dryness or low humidity.

Applying moisture can be done with a spray bottle, a sprinkler, a damp brush, a clean mop, or any other tool that distributes clean water evenly and lightly. As the carpets dry, they will become slightly more tightly woven. Therefore this dampening can also aid in removing small bubbling and looseness.

Spot Cleaning

As with other floor covering, immediate response to spills is crucial for spot removal from sisal carpets. With clean, undyed paper towels or cloths, or by scraping it up with a dull knife or nail file, the spill should be cleaned up as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions on the Best Sisal Rugs

1. Which natural fiber rug is most durable?

Despite the similarity in appearance between sisal, jute, seagrass rugs and other natural fiber rugs, sisal rugs have a firmer weave and are, therefore, more durable.

2. Can I use sisal and jute rugs for my outdoor areas?

Jute and sisal carpets are both suitable for outdoor spaces. Since they won't experience as much wear and tear as an indoor rug, they don't need to be as resilient. However, if you're putting these carpets outside, please remember to shake them well and brush off any dirt, leaves, or other debris before returning them. 

3. Do sisal rugs shed?

All plant fibers shed to some extent, although compared to jute, natural sisal sheds far less. A natural fiber rug loses less the more robust it is.

Sisal is durable; it can sustain significant wear and tear, which makes it frequently used for ropes. Therefore, sisal rugs should be carefully chosen and maintained to prevent shedding.

The secret is to routinely vacuum your rug while moving against the grain to remove any tiny dirt particles that can cause abrasion.

4. Are sisal rugs okay with cats?

Sisal rugs are exceptionally durable area rugs because of their tight weaves, which also protect them from damage from your cat's claws. A sisal is a great option for your cats because it is also a very pet-friendly option for area rugs.

5. What happens if you spill water or any liquid on sisal?

Sisal is a fairly absorbent fiber, so keep that in mind. Any dirt particles may rise to the surface due to liquid spills, staining the carpet or rug and possibly causing drastic shrinking. Spot cleaning is advised where you would handle any spills promptly and as they occur for the best results.

6. What type of rug pad is suitable for use with a jute rug?

Jute rugs are thinner and firmer compared to other natural fiber rugs. Therefore, it is better to use thicker, cushioned area rug pads to enhance underfoot comfort and softness. The rubberized side grips the floor as the felt side of the rug pad grips the rug, ensuring it doesn't move.

7. Can sisal rugs be vacuumed?

Yes, you can vacuum your sisal rugs; this is the best care to ensure it maintains their appearance and stays fresh. A strong suction vacuum will remove all loose dirt.

Ian Mutuli

About the author

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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