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Best Sticker Paper for Making Customized Stickers at Home

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Ian Mutuli

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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Hiring professionals to make stickers for you can be costly and inconvenient since there isn't a guarantee you'll get exactly what you want. That's why most people are looking for other financially sound methods of making stickers from the comfort of their office or home. If you want to make an ideal sticker for a particular occasion or function, you can make it yourself with the best sticker paper.

This post covers the best sticker papers including online labels sticker paper and more in the market and the buyer's guide that should inform your decision.


What is a Sticker Paper?

A sticker paper is an innovative DIY creation that enables personalized branding and expression. Often sticker papers come with either broad and themed pre-customed features or blank to allow for printed custom expressions, as is the case with an online labels sticker paper. Notably, it is possible to invest in a verified purchase of sticker packs that offer less relevant expressions in terms of color and text, thus the availability of printable options to allow for more creativity.

In their nature, sticker papers are meant for personalized home projects which should involve less effort and costs. Therefore, stickers are quick to produce, easy to use and cost-effective, not forgetting they are available in different customer shapes, designs and cuts. When it comes to the printable sticker options, they're cost-effective as long as you have invested in a quality printer and encourage more creativity.

For instance, you can use stickers to customize gifts, such as coffee mugs with messages suitable to the recipient. In light of this understanding, read on for online labels, sticker paper reviews and more for ideas of the best sticker options.

What Is The Best Online Labels Sticker Paper?

1. Online Labels White Matte Sticker Paper for Inkjet or Laser Printer

Sticker Paper, 100 Sheets, White Matte, 8.5 x 11 Full...
  • BLANK WHITE MATTE STICKER PAPER - printable adhesive paper -...
  • NO SLITS ON LINER - no slits on backing for use with electronic...
  • INCLUDED IN ORDER - 100 full sheet 8.5" x 11" labels + ships in...
  • COMMON USES - create DIY sticker sheets, custom-cut stickers,...
  • ACTIVATION CODE TO DESIGN SOFTWARE - every purchase includes...

The best sticker paper for making your homemade stickers is the Online Labels Sticker paper, a printable and permanent adhesive paper that won't turn yellow. Additionally, thanks to the premium quality build, this printable sticker material is smudge-proof, meaning you don't have to worry about your prints looking faded.

This 8.5 x 11 printable sticker paper doesn't feature slits on the backing, making it an ideal selection for those who want full sheets that they can cut with a Cricut machine or Silhouette Cameo. So, you can rest assured that it's compatible with various cutting machines.

Something unique about this verified purchase is that you'll get a free activation code on the packing slip using the Maestro Label Designer from Online Labels. As such, you can create your own designs for planner stickers, product labels, and other stickers. Also, these 8.5 x 11 labels offer a full sheet that allows for easy customizations and cuts for diverse surfaces.

These matte white sticker papers will permanently stick to metal, glass, cardboard, glass, and other surfaces for a professional look. You'll be glad to know that the package comes in a plastic clamshell casing which protects the sticker papers during shipping. Plus, the casing provides a neat way to store the papers when you are not using them.


  • Strong adhesion
  • Great print quality
  • Compatible with inkjet and laser printers
  • Easy to use
  • Smudge-proof


  • The backing looks identical to the printer paper

2. Printable Vinyl Sticker Paper for Inkjet Printer

Printable Vinyl Sticker Paper for Inkjet Printer -...
  • High-Quality Printable Vinyl Paper - set includes 15 white vinyl...
  • Self-Adhesive and Water-Resistant Stickers - Water-based adhesive...
  • Scratch and Tear Resistant Paper - our printable vinyl sheets for...
  • Compatible With Most Inkjet Printers - printable vinyl sticker...
  • Endless possibilities for your creativity - Vinyl Sticker Paper...

Next, we have the Printable Vinyl Sticker model from Limia's Care Store, which offers unlimited possibilities for making stickers. This printable label paper is great for various DIY projects like creating bumper stickers, vinyl stickers for laptops, car decals, and murals. The only application this paper is unsuitable for is printing on t-shirts.

The high-quality vinyl paper can produce images with impeccable resolution and clarity to ensure your stickers look like they were made by experts. In addition, these vinyl sheets come with a glossy finish to ensure they are water-resistant, which means they are durable. You can therefore use them for indoor or outdoor labels without any worries.

Even when you remove these self-adhesive stickers, they won't leave a sticky residue on the surface. As such, you can use them and remove them without destroying the appearance of the plastic, wood, metal, or glass surface.


  • Prints vibrant colors
  • Glossy appearance
  • Scratch and tear-resistant
  • Water-resistant


  • Not suitable for t-shirts

3. Neato Labels Clear Sticker Paper

Clear Sticker Paper - Vinyl Full Sheet Label -...
  • INKJET & LASER PRINTER COMPATIBLE: These clear printable vinyl...
  • PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: The package contains 10 blank printable...
  • FREE DESIGN SOFTWARE: We include and recommend multiple design...
  • CRAFT CUTTING MACHINES - The sticker printer paper have no back...

If you are looking for weatherproof and clear sticker material for your projects, this Neato product is a great option. This transparent sticker model offers a wide range of possibilities for customization. The only limit to what you can make with this item is your imagination since every detail will be up to you to decide.

Since it's compatible with any inkjet and laser printer, you can comfortably use it with the one you have available. Plus, it also works with all cutting machines, including the Cricut machine and silhouette cutting tools.

While this sticker's material is weatherproof, you'll still need to print on them with UV ink and apply UV-resistant sealer spray to ensure they are waterproof. Fortunately, even exposure to the elements won't compromise the durable nature of this clear paper quality.

Something else that makes this item one of the best sticker papers is the free design software included to make it easier to print your sheets.


  • Weatherproof
  • Great adhesion
  • Easy to use
  • Ideal print quality
  • Versatile


  • Easily smudges

 4. Avery Printable Glossy Sticker Paper

Avery Printable Sticker Paper, Glossy Clear, 8.5" x...
  • Let your next homemade project pop with glossy clear project...
  • Create unique label stickers in custom shapes and sizes; the 8.5"...
  • Guaranteed to stick and stay; the sticker paper has permanent...
  • Acid-free and lignin-free sticky paper is safe to use with...
  • Add your own logo or text to create your own custom stickers or...

Next, we have the Avery Sticker Paper, a full sheet sticking paper that allows you to create stickers and labels of any shape, size, or design for a customized look. Fortunately, the Avery brand has various styles available to ensure you can find the perfect fit for your project. For example, you can choose between matte white, glossy clear, or kraft brown, depending on your preferences.

Whether you want to make stickers or labels for your books, ingredient containers, or water bottles, this is the kind of sticker or paper label you want. This paper also makes excellent die-cut stickers if that's something you are interested in. You can tailor the shapes of the stickers with a die-cutting machine or scissors depending on what you have available.

You can also use your laser or inkjet printer for this sticker's paper material for whatever designs you want to make. Plus, if you need creative inspiration for the designs, you can find free customizable templates at the Avery website after your purchase.


  • Slits on the backing paper
  • Removable adhesive backing
  • Sticks well
  • Works with laser and inkjet printers
  • Compatible with any cutting machine


  • Not very clear
  • Not waterproof

5. Cricut Sticker Paper

Cricut Printable Vinyl, White
  • For use with ink jet printers and the print, then cut feature of...
  • Choose the custom setting "Printable Vinyl" for a kiss cut, which...
  • Remove excess vinyl with the Cricut Tools Weeder. Then use Cricut...
  • Keep printed images dry to preserve longevity

We have the Cricut Sticker Paper in fifth place, which is the best sticker paper for scrapbooking. If you'd prefer a brand-specific sticker-making experience, you can use this sticker model alongside your Cricut Explore machine.

You can create your designs using Cricut Design Space software for a more straightforward process. With more than 5,000 images to inspire your stickers, you can rest assured that the Cricut Image Library will have all that you need.

The Cricut Printable Vinyl allows you to make full-color decals that feature a smooth matte finish for a professional look. As you use this printable sticking paper on the Cricut machine, you can choose the printable vinyl setting to ensure the backing is left uncut, making it easier to stick your decals.

These sticker papers are meant for use with an inkjet printer and can create high-quality resolution images that will last long. You can use them for various items like decor projects, handmade gifts, and holiday decorations.


  • Easy to use
  • Ideal adhesion
  • Removable
  • No smearing or smudge


  • Easy for the sticker paper to jam

6. iLable Full Sheet Sticker Paper

8.5" x 11" Full Sheet Label Sticker Paper for Laser &...
  • ★【SPECIFICATIONS】Each Label Size:8.5" x 11",1 UP Labels,100...
  • ★【NO SLITS ON LINER】no slits on backing for use with...
  • ★【JAM FREE】iLabels are powerful adhesive that are used to...
  • ★【Quality First】Quality control by iLabel has extremely...
  • ★【TEMPLATES】These labels lays out the compatible with...

The next best sticker paper for your home projects is the iLable Full Sheet Sticker Paper. It's a standard letter size paper sticker material that has a durable quality. In the package, you'll receive 100 white paper labels that will appropriately meet your sticker-making needs.

Unlike traditional paper material, this one comes without any slits, which means that you can use it with various cutting machines like Cricut Joy or Silhouette. In addition, this means that you can control the shape the stickers will take for a customized look.

You don't have to worry about these sticker sheets jamming your printer. They are designed with the right weight and thickness to ensure they go through your printing machine as smoothly as possible. Even more, the adhesive on this sticker material will provide long-lasting results and will stick tightly to any surface you choose.

Plus, as any good sticker material should, this one will deliver a high print quality with your designs looking just as you imagined. The front side and backing paper don't look the same, which helps avoid confusion as you load them into your printer.


  • Easy to use
  • High-quality prints
  • Permanent adhesion


  • Not ideal for kiss cuts

7. ZICOTO Printable Vinyl Sticker Paper

Premium Printable Vinyl Sticker Paper for Your Inkjet...
  • Water-Resistant Vinyl Sticker Paper: With the ZICOTO printable...
  • Highly Durable Printable Sticker Paper: Create a sticker for any...
  • Compatible With Your Inkjet Printer: The printing paper for vinyl...
  • DIY Personalized Stickers: Get creative with your glossy printer...
  • Easy Application & Quick Drying: The printable vinyl paper set...

Another great pick among the best sticker paper options is the Premium Printable Vinyl Sticker Paper by ZICOTO. This waterproof paper sticking model will serve your needs whether you want to apply them indoors or outdoors. However, to ensure maximum waterproofing, we recommend adding a layer of UV-resistant coating to give it the durability you want.

You can use this sticker model to make planner stickers, labels, and decals, depending on your preferences. Since it's a glossy sticker surface, you can get as creative as you want to make stickers for home or professional use.

Since it's compatible with inkjet printers, it'll absorb the ink naturally to give you high-resolution prints that will make you look like a sticker-making expert. Once you apply the ink on these glossy stickers, it'll dry within minimal time and give you stunning results.

The sticker papers are thick and durable, making them a great choice out of many options currently on the market.


  • Quality adhesion
  • Decent print quality
  • Water resistance
  • Long-lasting


  • Not ideal for t-shirt application

8. Online Labels Waterproof Sticker Paper

Waterproof Sticker Paper, White Matte, Comparable to...
  • BLANK WATERPROOF STICKER PAPER - white adhesive paper - printable...
  • NO SLITS ON LINER - no slits on backing for use with electronic...
  • INCLUDED IN ORDER - 25 full sheet 8.5" x 11" labels + free...
  • COMMON USES - create DIY waterproof sticker paper sheets,...
  • ACTIVATION CODE TO DESIGN SOFTWARE - every purchase includes...

Last on our list is another printable product from US Online Labels Llc. This waterproof online labels sticker paper is printable for creating your own custom stickers with permanent adhesive. Fortunately, this 8.5 x 11 full sheet label is high quality meaning its white matte won't turn yellow after printing and sticking. Also, this paper from onlinelabels is smudge-proof, meaning your own stickers won't appear faded after printing.

Moreover, the non-shiny impression of this paper from online-labels makes sticker sheets in this pack only compatible with inkjet printers. Nonetheless, thanks to the premium quality of this inkjet paper from onlinelabels, it is comparable to gloss inkjet vinyl which applies laser printers. Another aspect we love about this verified purchase is that it comes in an adequate label size that allows for different creations and cuts for different surfaces.

In addition, this blank print paper doesn't have slits on the backing liner to allow for easy application of electronic cutting machines such as silhouette cameo, Cricut explore and silhouette portrait. Uniquely, every verified purchase of this blank sticker comes with a free activation code with a Maestro label designer for shop design-support company-connect with Online Labels LLC. This company label designer provides templates for easy creation of own custom stickers and product labels.

Finally, this sticker comes in a pack of 25 8.5 x 11 labels that give a professional impression on surfaces such as glass, metal, and cardboard, among others. In the end, you don't have to use all the sheets at a go, thanks to a sealed casing for storing the remainder of papers for another creative session.


  • Waterproof
  • Smudge-proof
  • Adequate full sheet label size
  • Free activation code for a label designer
  • Perfect cutting using electronic machines
  • Strong adhesive


  • Paper backing is similar to ordinary print paper
  • Not compatible with laser printers

Vinyl Stickers vs. Paper Stickers

Sticker papers come in two primary versions: vinyl material and paper material. These two materials are primarily distinct from each other due to their quality. Based on their obvious impressions, paper stickers come in the simple print paper format only that it has glue. At the same time, vinyl stickers come in a more heavy-duty texture made of vinyl film or polyvinyl chloride also with adhesive.

Starting with the paper stickers, they are thinner and more of makeshift options that often tear and scratch easily. Moreover, in the same category as print paper, the paper stickers are often prone to disintegration upon exposure to water. Subsequently, the printed colors on these ticket options tend to fade over time due to the aspect of water absorption. Nonetheless, you can find waterproof or weatherproof alternatives such as an Online Labels sticker paper that is made with stabilizers that improve UV absorption for color retention and protection against wetness.

Corresponding to their easy application and disposability, paper stickers come in large packs and are cheaper than the vinyl options. Even more, here are more benefits of using paper stickers:

  • Easy application on diverse surfaces
  • Quick printing function for both low and high volumes of stickers
  • Premium matte and glossy finishes

Accordingly, paper stickers can be used for personal or company branding. Also, paper stickers can be used on different packages, envelopes, jars, bottles and office shelves for labeling. However, it is critical always to remember that paper stickers don't come laminated and are ideal for indoor uses with minimal exposure to weather.

On the other hand, you can use vinyl stickers which come in sturdier qualities. For instance, vinyl stickers are resistant to scratches, tears and weather factors like sun and water. This premise implies that vinyl stickers retain colors longer due to their stabilizer-treated surfaces for better UV absorption. Additionally, it is also easier to clean vinyl stickers and labels by simply wiping.

As such, here are other benefits of vinyl stickers:

  • Offer custom styles, cuts, sizes and shapes
  • Available at affordable rates
  • Stronger and thicker material
  • Easy pressure-sensitive adhesive
  • It can easily be reused
  • Transparent and opaque options

Due to their weather resistance, you can use vinyl stickers for outdoor purposes such as ar stickers. Therefore, they offer qualities you miss in paper stickers.

Glossy vs. Matte Sticker Material

As you explore and help welcome shop helpful links, your shopping cart will include terms such as matte and glossy. Notably, matte sticker material comes in the ordinary form of typing paper, which is simple. On the other hand, glossy comes with a shiny surface which offers a more professional and versatile touch. In comparison, glossy stickers are more expensive than matte stickers, and the former is more compatible with gloss inkjet and laser printers.

How to Print a Simple Planner Sticker Using an Inkjet Printer

The first step is to use a free online label and sticker designer such as the Maestro designer offered by Online Labels. After your soft copy is complete and ready, download the PDF document and ensure its print preview fits the standard one-page label size. On your computer, you can choose the option of 'fit on page' depending on either portrait or landscape printing templates. Having checked everything is okay, load your own custom sticker printable paper onto your inkjet printer for production.

At all times, ensure that your print settings match the printable paper material. Also, ensure that your printer's cartridges have adequate ink for uniform and vibrant color impressions. Then, having set the printer settings to the best quality, go ahead and print your own custom stickers. In the end, wait for the ink on your printed sticker to dry before cutting by hand or using an electric cutting machine.

Tips for Making Cutting-Edge Stickers

The process of making quality DIY stickers begins with the right choice of sticker material. Considerably, we have made work easier for you with detailed reviews of the best products in this category. Next, with the suitable sticker material, ensure that your printer is quality and appropriate for the sticker material. For instance, check if you will need a matter/gloss inkjet or laser printer.

Furthermore, the print resolution of sticker papers also determines the printing suitability of a sticker, such that the best resolution will result in precise imprints without bleeding ink. Primarily, a premium quality printing paper can yield quality stickers even while using a basic but well-serviced printer.

Another trick followed even by professionals is ensuring that the soft copy of your designed label or sticker is the best. Actually, you will find yourself spending more time designing the soft copy of your label or sticker. Once every aspect is factored in, ensure that your sticker can fit in the ordinary 8.5 x 11 size and is the right size for your intended surface. At all times, ensure the print preview of your creation is in order.

If you don't have sticker papers, you can still make simple DIY stickers. All you require is plain paper and an idea of the sticker or label you desire. After that, draw your desired creation, cut it out, and apply glue on all edges. Eventually, you will have a DIY sticker that you can place on your select surface as a label or decoration.

How to Cut Stickers

Another essential step in sticker making is ensuring you make precise cuts for your labels or stickers. At the basic home DIY level, you can use a craft knife, scissors or a paper cutter when dealing with straight lines. Also, using a paper trimmer can save time while cutting stickers, and you will still obtain straight lines effortlessly.

Under the option of a paper trimmer, you can consider getting one with replaceable blades for consistent, precise sticker edges. Notably, paper trimmers are appropriate for aligned stickers with similar heights and can be used with creations such as date labels.

Beyond the home simple cutting tools, you can invest in a sticker cutting machine that is meant to make work easier with faster and precise cuts. In particular, a cutting machine works best with shaped stickers and can be used to make high volumes of diverse labels and stickers within a short time. Examples of sticker cutting machines are silhouette cameo, silhouette portrait, and Cricut explore.

Even with the simplified approach of cutting machines, we recommend using a light grip mat for easy sticker removal from a mat. Also, always ensure that the sticker material you buy is compatible with the respective cutting machine. Finally, always ensure that the sticker cuts you make are the right size for the intended surfaces to avoid messy repeat jobs.

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Sticker Paper

1. Type of Printer

Before choosing your sticker papers, you'll want to ensure they are compatible with your current printer. There are two main printers you can use on sticker papers; inkjet and laser printers. Unfortunately, some papers are strictly designed to work with only one type of printer, which can limit your flexibility to use them.

For the best results, you'll want to go with the ones that are compatible with both inkjet and laser printers. However, you can select one that corresponds to your sticker papers without hassle. Even though the paper can affect the quality of the final product, the printer you have and the ink you use have a lot to say about it.

For instance, when dealing with glossy print papers, you can apply a gloss inkjet or laser printer for neat color imprints on their shiny surfaces. When referring to compatibility with laser/inkjet printers, our first Online Labels sticker recommendation is a good example.

2. Water Resistance

Water resistance is a crucial feature for sticker papers since water can easily damage the color and clarity of your images. This feature is especially essential if you want to make stickers for an outdoor application like making bumper stickers. If you are taking the stickers outside where they can be exposed to the elements, you don't want to buy regular copy paper since it won't last long.

As such, you want to go with a thick and durable sticker model that can handle outdoor conditions without fading or tearing. As a result, this means you should go with a weatherproof paper material that can withstand UV rays, wind, and direct rainfall. In doing so, you'll have a durable option that will conveniently serve your needs.

3. Adhesion

When considering the type of paper you want, you should also look at the type of adhesive it uses. Some papers come with permanent adhesives, making them an excellent choice for making stickers that you won't want to change for a long while. Unfortunately, these sticker papers don't allow you to remove them from the surface you apply them on since they stick permanently.

If you want temporary stickers to remove or change up as time goes, you should choose a paper with temporary adhesives. These stickers allow you to remove them from the surface without tearing or ripping them apart. They leave the area clean so that you can apply another sticker if you want to.

4. Cutting Machine Compatibility

The last thing to keep in mind in your search for the right paper for your stickers is the cutting machine you have. Firstly, there are two ways you can cut stickers from a full sheet; with scissors or an electronic cutting machine.

If you have something like Cricut maker, you'll want to check the product description for compatibility with the machine. You don't want to get a paper that you can conveniently cut with the tools you have available, which is why you'll want to ensure it can work with the machine you have.

5. Dishwasher Friendly

Considerably, most DIY sticker creations are made out of paper, which is not compatible with regular washing, let alone using a dishwasher. To start with, dishwasher-friendly stickers are best made from vinyl or laminated paper. Particularly for labeled items that should be washed often, using vinyl stickers helps make their cleaning easy.

Nonetheless, regular washing of DIY labeled items might cause wearing out of adhesive, and stickers will eventually come off. Alternatively, if you don't often use items with stickers, you can opt for simple wipes such as on vinyl.


Manufactured sticker papers have made DIY label and sticker projects easier to tackle. As such, you can find ready-made sticker impressions that adhere to given themes. Alternatively, there are other sticker papers that come blank for increased customization. For instance, a verified purchase of Online Labels with blank stickers offers more room for creativity and suitability.

Furthermore, quality DIY stickers depend on the quality of the printer you use. At all times, the secret behind top-notch stickers lies in the quality of the soft copy of your sticker or label design. In the end, having factored for the target surface, a quality paper and printer guarantee quality stickers. However, never interchange papers if not suitable to avoid destroying your printer and melting adhesive.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best sticker paper to use for stickers?

The best sticker paper on the market is the Online Labels White Matte Sticking Paper for Inkjet or Laser Printer. The Online Labels brand offers strong adhesive on its stickers alongside high paper resolution for precise ink imprints. Uniquely, this select sticker type comes with a free activation code for a Maestro sticker and label designer.

2. What is the best paper to use for stickers on Cricut?

If you have a Cricut machine, the best paper sticker to use is the Cricut sticking paper designed to work seamlessly with the cutting machine.

3. What is the best printable vinyl for stickers?

The Limia's Care Store Printable Vinyl Sticker material for Inkjet Printer is the best option if you want a printable vinyl option. Vinyl stickers come with the benefit of versatility to different surfaces, particularly in the outdoors. In addition, some of the best vinyl stickers offer compatibility with gloss inkjet and laser printers.

Ian Mutuli

About the author

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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