Colors That Go With Blue

17 Colors That Go With Blue: Decor Ideas For Your Home

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Brenda Nyawara

Brenda Nyawara is an editor at Archute. She is a graduate architect with a passion for edge-cutting ideas in design, fashion, art and modern world interests.
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For a long time, people have believed that certain colors can evoke different feelings and moods. Blue is a color that is often found in nature and is, in most cases, associated with relaxation and tranquillity. There are many colors that go with blue pretty well since it has nearly universal appeal across all types of design styles.

With different shades ranging from dark blue, navy blue, and pale blue to sky blue, the color looks great when painted on the bedroom, living room, kitchen, and bathroom. Acting as a neutral in most cases, this color pairs well with almost every other color. Let's go ahead and learn more about the complementary colors for blue.

1. Classic Blue and White

This will be a perfect idea if you want Hampton's interior designs. Blue and white are a calming combination that creates a peaceful and polished feel to any space. White works perfectly with a luxurious blue bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, or living room.

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This color scheme works magic if you use blood finish wood and creams instead of dark wood or cool white. With white as the base, you can use different tones of blue. Some great blue tones are pale blue, light blue, royal blue, and deep blue.

2. Denim Blue and Burnt Orange

Blue and orange are other great pairings seeing they are complementary colors for the opposite sides of the color wheel. The denim blue and orange is a perfect combination that creates a high contrast pairing if you want a certain room to stand out.

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These color combinations offer an energizing contrast ideal for a bustling kitchen. Ideally, you can use one color, blue, as the lead to create a backdrop and then use the other color as an accent. For example, you can consider painting your cover tops, and cabinetry using island blue, then stool seating, rugs, kitchen towels, and other accessories can be in bright orange.

3. Cool Blue and Mint Green

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If you want a color combination that will fill your space with a fresh and invigorating mood, then blue and mint green will work. With these dainty shades of blue and mint green, you can transform your dining room or living room into a more vintage look or style.

4. Jewel-Toned Blues and Rich Purple

Although most soothing shades of blue pair perfectly with just about any color, orchid and blue will provide a stunning color combination. Since the two tones are somehow similar and on the same side of the color wheel, they will give a colorful and soothing feel in whatever room you use.

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These jewel tones will work best in a bedroom or living room. Eggplant and deep mauve purples will give you an elegant and romantic feel. Featured with some earth-toned neutrals and metallic fixtures, you will get a lovely space.

6. Blue and Pink

Blue and pink are other color combinations that prove that opposites attract. Although this combination is not as popular, this combination works for all rooms. Again, you can create different looks with this pairing, from deep navy blue and blush pink to dark Blue and Hot Pink and dark blue.

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These tones will be particularly beautiful in the bedrooms since blue is calming and pink gives a warm feel to the room providing a perfect balance.

7. Blue and Yellow

Navy blue is a wonderful color to use in rooms with high levels of natural light. However, yellow, on the other hand, reflects the lightest, meaning they will both balance out to make your room look perfect. In addition, these blue and yellow combo plays out in a more gender-neutral interior design.

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The amazing bit is that there are different tunes that you can use with this combo. Navy blue and mustard yellow, deep blues with zingy lemon yellow, and light blue with light yellow are some of the pairings you can use. Of course, a touch of a golden tone would also play well with blue.

Mixing a warm color, yellow, brings out the coolness of blue, giving you a stunning outcome. To make it even better, you can opt to use natural wood tone furniture and brass accents to emphasize the warm tone.

8. Blue and Gray

You will never go wrong with this contemporary and timeless approach when designing your living room, guest bedroom, or kid's room. Even though most people view blue and gray as a boring combination, you will be amazed at how good the two are.

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Blue and gray complement each other perfectly if you select shades that contrast enough to make an impact. The amazing thing is that the two will work in any room but are best used in rooms where you need to have an ideal atmosphere for kicking back and relaxing.

9. Soft Blue and Neutral tones

Even the muted neutral tones like beige will go with blue. For this color combination, you must create a sophisticated space by layering tones to strike the right balance between the dominating colors to pull out the look without feeling overwhelmed. The amazing thing is that even the lightest sky blue tone can give a different vibe in neural rooms.

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If you prefer your room to have neural walls and furniture, you can use blue through accessories like a soft blue and white table runner, a sky blue throw blanket, and so on. However, to maintain the neutral look, ensure you go for lighter tones of blue.

However, if you are not aiming at getting a complete neutral feel in your room, you can consider painting your walls blue or even getting a blue sofa or carpet. Adding a touch of white to the neutral and blue combo will make the look even more stunning.

10. Blue and Other Blues

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If you want a monochromatic scheme, you can go blue on blue. In this interior design, you will mix multiple shades of blue in a room to create a calming stabilizing effect in your room.

To ensure the combination sits well together, you should combine blues with similar undertones, like a blue-green turquoise and dark teal or bright cerulean and dark navy. To create a stunning look, a blue bedroom or living room can have hues across walls, curtains, area rugs, and accessories. You can also introduce different fabric textures and patterns of different scales to bring depth.

11. Blue and Olive Green

The subtleness of olive green looks great with all shades of blue. The blue and olive green combination is ideal if you want a dreamy bedroom. Just like yellow and orange, the olive green lights up your space and gives it an extra warm feel.

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For instance, in rooms with soft or royal blue walls, you can use olive green accessories to add a punch of color. You can mix blue, olive green, and other neutral colors like white to get a more modern look. Mixing lighter shades of blue and green will keep the room more visually soft but still interesting.

12. Blue and Brown

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Blue and brown will work perfectly if you want a rich and luxurious feel in your space. Seeing brown is a variation of orange, which sits on the opposite side of the color wheel from blue, you will definitely get a good combination. Layering various tones of blue and brown and mixing different textiles will enhance the look and give you a luxury feel.

13. Blue and Red

Red has a big buzz right now in the world of interior design. While it can be a bold shade to do deco, it can blend easily with a calm blue. However, while doing this combination, you must be very careful since it can be difficult to get the right shades that balance out well.

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The two main color schemes that work perfectly for this combination are sky blue and red and pillar box red and deep blue. Sky blue and the red combination will mostly give a vintage look yet a very elegant feel. The other one can be the pillar box red and deep blue; however, regardless of the combination you use, that accent color on fabric or furniture with blue as the lead.

14. True Blue and Natural Wood Tones

Blue is a color that has a color temperature that stands out sharply while used with natural wood tones. You can use strong shades of blue with medium to dark wood finishes.

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This combination can work perfectly in kitchens. For instance, if you have an open kitchen design, deep azure cabinets contrast with a rich stained wood floor to create a modern cooking space.

15. Watery Blue and Sandy Beige

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As we have mentioned before, soft shades of blue evoke a calm feeling mostly associated with the sea. Likewise, light, sky, or powder blue with light-washed wood or sandy-colored neutral will provide a calm feeling in your space.

You can still use the same colors with your fabrics and pieces of furniture. If you want to use these color combinations in your bedroom, you can try using white bedding and accessories. The amazing thing is you can use them in the master bedroom or guest bedroom.

16. Blue and Rainbow

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Since most colors go with blue perfectly, using a mixture of colors will also provide you with a beautiful space. You can try mixing bold colors that go with blue as part of your accessories and have blue as the lead color.

17. Midnight Blue and Black

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Midnight blue blends pretty easily with black and white. However, this combination can look edgy; it is ideal for minimalists who want an eclectic spin on a classic color pairing. You can use this in any room in your home. For instance, you could use blue as the lead color and black and white for fabrics and accessories.

Why blue Is a Good Color for Decorating Your Home

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1. Blue is easy to mix and match

As we mentioned, blue blends easily with most colors and looks stunning in various shades. The good bit is that you can use light and dark shades and create an amazing space without additional colors.

2. Blue is loved by most people

For years, blue has been one of the most used colors in artwork, housewares, kitchenware, and more. Most people prefer it over other colors because you can easily incorporate the blue color into your home.

3. Blue Light Goes the Farthest

When light shines on your decor or furniture, the light absorbs all the colors of the spectrum except the color you see. And because blue has a very short wavelength, it is not absorbed. This makes it one of the easiest colors to see compared to other colors like neutral shades. So using blue in these spaces is a great idea if you have darker spaces because it brings lightness and color to your room.

4. Blue colored Rooms are great for your Health

The blue color brings about calmness which will, in turn, lower blood pressure and heart rate. In addition to that living in blue color has proven to help people deal with depression. Blue also works great in the bedrooms since it helps promote good sleep.

Basically, the blue color neutralizes melatonin levels, meaning it is an energizing and refreshing color. It is a soothing and relaxing color that will help calm your body and mood.

5. Blue Won’t Overwhelm Your Design

The other amazing bit about blue is that you can have multiple shades of azure or navy in the same room and still get a stunning and approachable look. Since blue has a versatile palette, you can put colored furniture and decor in a blue room using similar hued fabrics, and your interior design will still look amazing.

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Brenda Nyawara

Brenda Nyawara is an editor at Archute. She is a graduate architect with a passion for edge-cutting ideas in design, fashion, art and modern world interests.
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