Colors that Go with Green

11 Best Colors that Go with Green for Interior Decor

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Brenda Nyawara

Brenda Nyawara is an editor at Archute. She is a graduate architect with a passion for edge-cutting ideas in design, fashion, art and modern world interests.
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The green color is as diverse as it's versatile. The color is available in various bright and dark shades, with undertones varying from soothing blue to neon yellow. So, whatever style or feel you try to achieve, a green color combination will bring the energy you want to the space. That said, knowing the colors that go with green is a good place to start before incorporating this shade into your house. So, here are the best options.

What Color Complements Green?

Color theory shows that secondary colors ( such as green) usually go well with the primary colors. And since green is near the center of the color wheel, you can use it for warm and cold colors. But, conversely, there are factors to consider, such as the base and undertones of the green hue you choose.

Besides, green is an excellent base color, so choosing another color that is unique against a green backdrop is a stylish option. That said, let's check out the best colors that go with green. Read on!

11 Colors that Go with Green

1. Pair green with other greens

For a starter, you can pair green with other shades of green for a simple color palette. Besides, when using green, you can't go wrong by combining it with a few other shades from the same color family. For instance, if you prefer a deep, dark evergreen, combine it with washed-out pastel green. Alternatively, if you choose avocado-toned walls, use jewel-green accessories to help lighten the overall look of the room.

The accent color in this room is jewel-toned jade green, although the designs use various greens to complement. There are many ways to create a monochromatic color scheme, but using black and white as a unifying design element is wise, especially with green, which works so well with these 'value' hues.

2. Pair green with white

If you are looking for a calming effect in your room, pair green with white color. White is one of the perfect colors to complement green. The color will provide contrast and freshness to any color scheme, from vivid limes to deep forest greens. However, keep in mind that 'white' paint comes in various colors, and certain shades go better with particular greens.

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Cooler-leaning greens and yellow-toned greens, such as fern greens, jade greens, emerald greens, and lime, pair perfectly with crisp true whites. For example, the kitchen is the heart of the home, you will want yours to feel warm and inviting. Green is a nature-inspired color, and its inherent calmness and connection to nature instill tranquility in the space.

3. Pair dark green with mint

For a soothing atmosphere, pair mint with any green shade you think of. Mint color usually softens out bright neons and adds an air of excitement to darker gray-green hues. Likewise, you can pair mint and kelly green to create a tranquil and rejuvenating atmosphere.

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The Mint green color palette is ideal for bedroom decor. Check out this image of bedroom space with several shades of green in its wallpaper and bedding. The color scheme style is modern, engaging, and not at all startling.

4. Pair olive green with light orange

For warmer, fresh, and interesting tones, pair a deep forest green or an olive green shade with light orange. Though the color scheme has a clear contrast, it still seems daring and makes an effect without overpowering. Besides, when it comes to furniture, olive green couches with light orange pillows are always a stylish combination that adds a dash of color to any sitting room.

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Additionally, pairing green with a vibrant orange will give a place more life; contrasting complementary hues emphasize the features of each and make a bold statement appearance. Besides, you can use dark black to create a truly modern mid-century scheme

5. Pair green with blue

Blue and green have recently been a designer favorite because it's color combo that feels fresh and vibrant rather than overplayed. In addition, green (like yellow and green) is a hue that works perfectly with blue as a neighbor on the color wheel, making a tonal scheme a perfect way to approach this palette again.

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Therefore, if you are unsure how to pair green shades into your design concept, start with smaller items like a headboard to test the waters before investing in a green paint project or a green sofa. However, if you pair the right green tones, this color combination can be a stunning pairing.

While deep jewel-like greens and blues work well together, more vibrant, main, and pastel tones can also be effective in the correct scheme. Besides, achieving the perfect green color scheme all boils down to knowing which colors appeal to you the most and use them confidently. On the other hand, we recommend choosing colors that can thread throughout the home in fabrics as well as other home accessories such as cabinets and trim work when pairing green with blue color.

6. Pair green with red

One of the green color schemes to consider when decorating your space is the green and red combo. This color combination is popular during Christmas. But, conversely, when you choose hues like red and green, you are approaching the design intending to make a statement.

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However, you're not limited to using the most basic red and green tones together. Instead, we recommend using this combo and other shades from each color family to have fun and create a unique design.

For instance, the space had to be lively yet have a relaxing aspect that the family could always appreciate. The shades accomplished this by softening the red and green values with wood tones and adding warmth with metal finishes. The best way to use these vibrant shades is to understand that they will stand out but remember that they need to appear as they belong.

7. Pair green with pink

The Green and pink color combination has been gaining popularity in recent years. These two colors sit opposite each other on the color wheel, meaning that the scheme has a strong impact. When pairing green with pink, ensure your proportions are correct for a refreshing space- a good quantity of green with hints of pink is recommended. Besides, nature-inspired designs, like botanicals or floral, are very effective when decorating with this color combination.

Image Source:

For a modern design, we recommend painting your kitchen cabinets green and then matching them with pink to bring in the nurturing quality. Pair creamy pistachio or a light sage green with a grounded rich pink if you like this combination but want it to be more subdued. Pairing sage green with an earthy pale pink makes your house feel soothing, inviting, and relaxing.

8. Pair hunter green with brown

Shades of green and brown are commonly seen together in mother nature so that they will complement one other well in interiors. That said, pairing earthy greens with neutral earth tones like browns or tans is ideal for more organic and contemporary spaces.

To keep the space from seeming too heavy, ensure you balance this combination with other light and airy colors such as pink or white. That's what the image above suggests.

9. Pair dark green with indigo

Since you are pairing dark green, you will need an equally iconic counterpart, and indigo is the perfect match. For instance, the artistic strokes on the area rug and the stripes on the throw cushions illustrate how to polish the style by incorporating touches of this favorite denim-y shade with lots of breathing room in the shape of bright whites.

Image Source:

Besides, there is also a lesson here about blending textures. You can see fringe, quilting, and velvet, all harmoniously coexisting in their home-a great lesson in mixology.

10. Pair green with yellow

Green and yellow are usually near each other on the color wheel; therefore, spaces with this color palette are harmonious to live with. Besides, there is a link between these colors, which we always try to achieve when pairing colors. In this image, the colors, though different, appear to be members of the same family.

Image Source:

Though bold, opposing tones of green and yellow can complement each other, gentle, tonal shifts in hues are a more contemporary approach to using this combination. For instance, chartreuse can be a terrific in-between tone of yellow-green that can add zesty energy while also shifting smoothly between shades, maintaining a tranquil overall look. 

11. Pair sage green with grey

If you prefer neutral color, this combination is for you. Grey goes well with various green tones, though a popular combination is a grey and sage green. Sage green usually captures the calming energy of green while anchoring it with an earthiness and depth not seen in more vibrant colors. 

Image Source:

For your kitchen, bathrooms, or any room that may be lacking in natural light, we recommend pairing a cool light sage green with an extremely pale, cloudy grey for a modern design. Then, to ground all those light, airy hues, add a touch of black, a dark marble, or a wooden accent. 

What’s a Dark Color that Goes with Green?

1. Black

Image Source:

If you want a sleek and elegant look, try pairing a deep evergreen with black accents. For instance, in a velvet-green room, buy a dark black couch. Alternatively, in a bathroom with a green focal wall, use black accents. Again, using the colors with subtlety is a great approach to pull off black and green. On the other hand, avoid overdoing it; instead, use these shades sparingly throughout the space.

2. Earthy browns

Image Source:

Earthy browns are virtually designed for vibrant green colors. However, browns of any tone or shade look great when combined with green. Besides, earthy greens make the space feel connected to nature. Use these two hues to add organic aesthetics and more authenticity to your house. Also, experiment with biophilic design to make these colors unique.

3. Deep maroons

Image Source:

The maroon color usually makes a bold statement, making it one of the dark shades to pair with green. Add a maroon feature wall or a maroon couch in an all-green space. This color scheme is ideal for homeowners who prefer splashes of color or want a twist on vintage-meets-modern decor. Besides, maroon accents in a green room may also help maximalists to emphasize a sensual and refined element of their personalities throughout their home decor.

Frequently Asked Questions on Colors that Go with Green

1. How do I create a green color scheme?

To create a perfect green color scheme, start by examining the undertones of your shade option. Though green is often considered a cool color, some shades can lean toward brown, yellow, or even red. Compare your green hue to other paint samples to determine undertones, then use those shades to dictate the other colors in the palette.

2. Is green color warm or cool?

The green color is cool. Cool colors' wavelengths are long, vibrant, and easily noticeable. Also, these colors leave a cold effect. Examples of cool colors include; green, purple, blue, and shades of these hues.

3. Can I pair more than one accent color?

Yes, however, don't overdo it. You want to generate intrigue rather than chaos. Adding color to space will make it more fascinating, but too much color may make it appear chaotic.

4. Why is green such a popular color?

Green has cultural significance regarding what the Western world equates it with. It's a popular color since it represents growth, freshness, and harmony.

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Brenda Nyawara

Brenda Nyawara is an editor at Archute. She is a graduate architect with a passion for edge-cutting ideas in design, fashion, art and modern world interests.
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