What is a Cottage Style Window & Can it Fit Your Home?

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Although some people may associate cottage windows with traditional homes, they aren’t strictly limited to older properties and are among the most popular window styles loved by architects. Cottage-style windows will give you maximum authenticity if you have a modern home and want to cozy up its traditional look.

So, what is a cottage-style window? It is a double-hung window featuring two sashes sliding up and down where the sashes are hung on each other but in the same frame. It also defines a double or a single hung window with different sizes of sashes. Moreover, the upper sash is smaller and shorter than the one below and will be found in the front of homes or commercial structures.

The top sash often has smaller lights divided by muntins, also known as a divided light pattern or a grille. However, the sashes may be divided in some circumstances. Lastly, cottage windows are mostly found in bungalows or Craftsman-style homes, also known as front windows.

History of Cottage Windows

Cottage windows were initially found in much older homes and were discovered in Tudor Styles. However, their widespread use became popular during the Craftsman era.

These windows were initially found in cottage-style houses, but today they feature warm and comfortable elements to fit the modern day. Some include modest porches, bay windows, external stucco walls, and gable roofs.

For many years, the cottage style has been popular in many continents and nations, including Russia, China, Scandinavia, and the US. Cottage windows are a good example since they have stood the test of time, making them ideal for any home, no matter the style.

What is Cottage Style Windows Made of?

Casement window

Image Credit: kingfisherwindows.co.uk

Fiberglass and aluminum are the best materials for your Cottage style windows. Both materials are strong and withstand weather conditions and normal wear and tear.

Both offer various customization options for shapes and finishes. However, fiberglass provides slightly more energy efficiency than aluminum windows, which must be treated for the metal’s conductive properties.

Characteristics of Cottage-Style Windows

Cottage windows bring back memories of fairy tales or that you appreciate while driving through charming, old neighborhoods or cottage-style homes.

a). Asymmetrical Sash Split

Cottage windows often feature a 40/60 sash size ratio split where the lower sash is larger than the upper sash. The unobstructed lower sash helps to maintain a clean line of sight.

b). Grilles

The small top sash may come with grilles, giving the impression of separate window panes.

How are Cottage Windows Different from Double Hung windows?

modern cottage windows

Image Credit: pellabranch.com

Upon closer inspection, you’ll see that cottage windows can sometimes be double-hung. However, their only similarity is that both cottage and hung windows come with two movable sashes that slide up and down.

In contrast, there are several main differences between a cottage window style and a double-hung window. They include:

  • Cottage windows have a traditional four-over-one or six-over-one design, meaning the top sashes will have four or six panes, and the bottom sash will only have one.
  • Openings on either side of the window frame give maximum light to both sides of a home.
  • A divided light pattern which sometimes features grilles

Types of Cottage Style Windows

Knowing the type of cottage-style window to choose from can be complicated, but we have listed the different types below to help you.

1. Casement Windows

Casement windows feature a sash hinged on their side and open horizontally like a door. Since these cottage-style window styles can be opened thanks to a hinge on the long side outwards, they offer maximum air circulation and ventilation.


Image Credit: homesfeed.com

These cottage windows are the perfect replacement windows if you live near nature since they blow the fresh smell of forest trees or the cool sea breeze into your home. They can fit into various rooms regardless of breadth or height and extend outwards to allow air in.

Casement windows are made of wood from the Victorian era, and their window panes are more vertical than horizontal.

2. Sash Windows

A sash window is a window type in which the curtain wall or sash moves to open or close a wall, where each window comes in multiple panels. As a result, they are taller than they are wide, which you should consider when planning your renovation.

vertical sliding sash windows

Image Credit: securetradeframes.co.uk

Traditionally, every panel slides within a track, although the modern variants use counterweights, rotating hinges, and spring mechanisms. Sash windows are more common in Ireland and the UK and less common in North America, where they were replaced with double-hung windows in the 1920s.

Choose a single moveable panel that functions like a frame holding glass panes to open sash windows.

What are the Benefits of a Cottage Window?

cottage style home

Image Credit: jhmrad.com

Cottage windows are classy and nostalgic, giving every home a feeling of an older time while maintaining the appeal of modern-day windows. They are among the best ways to keep the original look of older homes like cottage-style homes.

Cottage windows are classy and nostalgic, giving every home a feeling of an older time while maintaining the appeal of modern-day windows. They are among the best ways to keep the original look of older homes like cottage-style homes.

Some of its other benefits include:

1. Better Security

Cottage windows come with horizontal and vertical stripes across the glass, making them more secure than other window styles. As a result, they will stand the test of time and remain attractive for years to come.

2. Curb Appeal

Cottage windows are the perfect mix between modern-day durability and the old-world charm of cottage-style houses. Its traditional style makes it unique to your home living style, although its energy efficiency and security make it popular today.

Lastly, the multi-paneled look adds a curb appeal to your exterior while offering split light in your interior.

Open cottage window

Image Credit: pinterest.com

3. Energy Conservation

You can get aesthetic beauty with the elegance of classic cottage windows while getting the benefits of contemporary windows, such as energy efficiency. This benefits your cottage-style homes by offering enhanced insulation thanks to double glazing.

4. Comfort

Cottage window styles are double-hung for maximum comfort, offering an air pocket that keeps your home cold or warm, depending on the season. This also gives maximum energy efficiency all through the year.

5. It has a Beautiful, Timeless Style

Cottage windows have a historical appeal, and from their exterior, they will give your home a traditional English look that is classic and simple.

The cottage-style home window is suitable when renovating an older house and adds elegance to your home without changing your exterior.

The divided top sash in the traditional six-over-one or four-over-one style helps to add charm inside and outside your home.

6. Material and Variety

Cottage windows come in aluminum and wood configurations, and you can choose depending on your budget and preference. There are also various sizes, mostly large, and different configurations depending on where you are shopping.

What are the Downsides of Cottage-Style Windows

cottage style home

Image Credit: photonshouse.com

1. Complexity

Although cottage windows are not too complicated, they are to some extent. Therefore, the cottage window style is unsuitable if you want an authentic customized look and don’t have time to shop for your decor needs.

2. Maintenance

Since cottage windows are made of steel, wood, or aluminum, they need some upkeep to maintain them in the best condition. In addition, aluminum window styles will need regular lubrication of their hinges to deliver maximum efficiency.

highly durable window

Image Credit: pinterest.com

3. Size

Cottage windows are one of the largest types of home windows, and despite their huge size, they are not that costly compared to double-hung windows. However, if the cottage window size is an issue for your home setup, you should explore other options.

4. Sliding Panels

One of the biggest downsides of cottage windows is that they come with sliding panels. Although these slider windows are suitable for energy efficiency, they are difficult to clean.


Cottage Windows

Image Credit: ecosolution.ie/

Changing your doors significantly improves the appearance of your home, but don’t let boring windows overshadow that improvement. Upgrading and fixing cottage windows in your space can also help you feel more affectionate toward your home. If done properly, they can be an eye-catching feature that hints at what is inside.

Whether you live in a cottage-style or a modern home but want to incorporate the long history of cottages, cottage windows and doors are one of the ways to do it. We have explained in depth all about cottage-style windows.

Frequently Asked Questions on Cottage Windows

1. Are Cottage Windows more Expensive than other Window Styles?

The cottage windows usually cost between $150 and $1000 for each unit, with an average price of $450.

2. What Structures Do Cottage Windows fit well in?

As its name implies, cottage windows are ideally meant to fit in classic cottages since they complement the architecture of cottage-style homes. However, nowadays, people have embraced cottage windows to give modern homes a classic elegance.

Image Credit: burgess-group.com

Ian Mutuli

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Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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