Best Craft Table for Cricut Desk Setup In 2024

Ian Mutuli
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Ian Mutuli

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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There is nothing more productive than an efficient, creative process. Every creative knows how important a seamless workflow is. For this reason, the setup before starting any work is one of the most important things that will put you in that creative flow. Getting the best craft table for Cricut will make your work easier, more organized, and more enjoyable.

Before you set out to buy a Cricut desk, what is a craft desk like exactly?

What is a Craft Table?

A craft table is not your typical desk. These desks have surfaces that cater to your needs and help you do the job efficiently. Craft tables have surfaces that allow you to use large materials if you need to cut something. The desks can have storage to ensure your tools are always within your reach.

Some craft tables are designed to hold some machines at your convenience. Some desks let you install a sewing machine or a Cricut machine at will. However, it is essential to have a tidy surface to work on, and a craft table makes this an attainable goal.

Best Craft Table for Cricut

1. SHW L-Shaped Corner Desk

SHW L-Shaped Home Office Wood Corner Desk, Espresso
  • L-shaped corner computer desk saves space in home office, dorm...
  • Material: Espresso,wood grain laminated Environmental particle...
  • Open shelves provide a perfect room for your binders and books,...
  • Super Easy to Assembly, step by step instruction and hardwares...
  • Measures 51" W x 19.7" D x 28.3 " H (51" overall depth)

Corners are the best spots for desks because of the maximum space you can get from a corner compared to a straight wall. The SHW has a design that caters to your daily office or creative needs. This desk keeps you immersed in whatever you are doing by giving instant access to your tools, saving you time and boosting your efficiency.

The desk design has open drawers, making it easier to access your tools whenever you need one. In normal circumstances, you must change your sitting position to access something from a drawer beneath.

Your paper organization will be improved with this desk because the open shelves do not limit the size of papers that you can keep on the shelves. The desk further has enough room to give you the comfort of shifting from one side of the desk to another. Craft tables need maximum movement, and the SHW has mastered the design that makes creativity a breeze.

The cricut desk is made of durable materials and is adaptable to the different creative processes that you will have. In addition, SHW is easy to assemble and will take you only minutes to put up. This means that it will be just as easy to set down.



  • Easy to assemble
  • Perfect for Cricut craft setup
  • The table can fit perfectly in small spaces
  • Enough legroom, which is the best craft table for Cricut desk setup
  • Neat cable management
  • Affordable price point



  • The shape is restricted to corners.

2. CubiCubi Desk

CubiCubi Computer Desk 47 inch with Storage Shelves...
  • Functional Computer Desk with Shelves. Equipped with 3 Tier...
  • Modern Simple Style computer desk has an industrial charm...
  • Spacious & Sturdy: This desk provides ample space for writing,...
  • Installation Guide:Except for the manual, you can also refer to...
  • Materials:Melamine-faced board, Steel

Are you looking for a creative look for your space? Then, Cubicubi is the desk for you. The desk has a simple and minimalist design whose look you can customize to match your style. Design is everything when choosing furniture, and Cubicubi is the best craft table for Cricut with a functional design in the market.

The desk takes advantage of the upward space that desks rarely take advantage of. The desk has one more shelf above the desk level, adding to the storage potential of the desk. Craft tables are all about access, and this desk gives you all the access you need.

Cubicubi has an open design which opens the number of possibilities for the things you can do with the desk. You can even add a plant for vibes. Apart from that, the shelf designs make it easier to set up the Cricut machine on any level you want. You can then use the extra shelves for other purposes.

The desk is strong and durable with a steel frame that gives a beautiful visual tension to the rest of the desk. The desk can hold heavy equipment, including printers for vinyl stickers without buckling. Setting up the desk is easy, and you can do it alone.


  • Simple desk for a minimalist design
  • Perfect for a tiny craft room
  • Best craft tables for a natural look involving plants.
  • Reversible design to use on either the right or left corner.


  • No dedicated drawer for small tools like scissors.

3. Ameriwood Home London Hobby Desk

Ameriwood Home London Hobby Desk, Espresso
  • Organize your home office, sewing room or crafting space with the...
  • Espresso finish on laminated hollow core, particleboard and MDF...
  • Compact size fits in smaller rooms, but provides a generous...
  • Complete your room with other items from Ameriwood Home (sold...
  • Two adults are recommended for proper assembly. Assembled...

The organization is the best fuel for productivity and creativity. The Ameriwood turns your space into the best room to craft ideas. The desk brings your tools to one space, making the desk the point where creativity flows efficiently. Ameriwood gives you durability, elegance and functionality all in one desk.

Image source: - BJs WholeSale Club

The space on the desk has been divided efficiently to hold the things you need at an arm's reach. The open design makes it easier to manage the desk when arranging tools or dusting the desk. The top surface is sufficient to hold your machine and give you enough space to work on your other craft without making you claustrophobic.

This desk is your perfect Cricut set up because of the ambidextrous design that can go on any corner in the craft room. The best craft tables anticipate your needs, and Ameriwood does the best job at giving you solutions that count.


  • Open design for easy access
  • Works for any corner in the craft room
  • Ample top surface for your machine and other tools.
  • It comes in three colors
  • Sturdy design that can hold heavy tools


  • Requires two people to assemble, preferably adults.

4. Tribesigns Double Desk

Tribesigns 96.9" Double Computer Desk with Printer...
  • [Functional with Practical Simple Design] - This home office...
  • [2-Person Sharing Design]- Designed for two people, with this...
  • [Ample Storage Shelves] - Extra Printer Shelf Design with 3 open...
  • [Durable & Sturdy Construction] - This double computer desk is...
  • [Large Size & Easy Assemble] - 96.9"(L) x 19.7"(W) x 29.5"(D)...

Tribesigns desk solves many of the functional problems that other desks come with. The desk has ample space to set up your machine, your computer and room left for your tools and cutting mat. At the middle of the desk is more space to hold your printer or the Cricut machine if you wish to set it up there.

Image source:

This design makes it possible to have two people working from the same desk and allows you to set up a permanent workflow that will not require constant setting up and setting down. If you have a wireless cricut machine, you do not have to move across the desk.

The Cricut desk setup has yet another design that most creatives wish desks would come with. The desk has foot pads that keep the desk stable on uneven surfaces. This can come in handy when making precise cuts on your projects.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Enough room for two people
  • Shelves at the center for more efficiency
  • You can have one surface exclusively for the Cricut machine.


  • The design is not favorable for corners.

5. Tribesigns L-Shaped Desk

Tribesigns Modern L-Shaped Desk with Storage Shelves,...
  • [Space Saving L Shaped Design] - This durable reversible l shaped...
  • [360°Rotating L Shaped Corner Design] - A perfect fit to your...
  • [Ample Storage Space] - Keep everything you need at work within...
  • [Super Sturdy & Easy Assemble] – 0.71 inch thicker particle...
  • [Large Size] – 47"(W) x 19.68"(D) x 29.5"(H) , 57lbs weight &...

Tribesigns designs come in all shapes and provide different solutions to users. For example, the desk makes up for the two-people straight desk that is not corner friendly by creating a corner-friendly l-shaped desk for small spaces. In addition, the desk has an open design for easy access to tools. The open desk design means that you can place the Cricut machine in any location you wish to place it.

Image source:

The desk has open shelves, making it easier to store sheets or rolls of paper or the mats you will use for your designs. This desk makes a perfect option if you do not want to go for the straight design.


  • Corner friendly
  • Neat glossy finish
  • Open shelves for easy access
  • Good for tiny spaces


  • Two opposite surfaces are not on the same level, which may reduce your workflow.

6. Project Center Desk

Project Center Desk with 2 Bookcase Sides-White
  • Organize All Your Projects & Hobbies
  • Perfect for Scrapbooking, Sewing and Arts
  • Organize all your supplies in bookcases
  • Will fit bins or baskets up to 12” x 10”
  • Measures: 55″ W x 40 ¾” D x 38½” H. Buy Additional...

Whether you are into sewing, Cricut designs or other craft, this is the perfect desk. The desk is made for one main purpose: to provide a surface for creating crafts efficiently. The desk has a large dedicated surface with nothing to interfere with your creative process. You can choose what you want to do on the surface and how you want to set it up. Think of an empty canvas.

Image source:

The desk has storage cubicles on the side, which promptly keeps all your tools accessible. The project center is perfect for small spaces because of the tiny and compact design. You will be interested in this one desk because it can handle paper or fabric pretty well. You can paint on it because of the ample surface. Furthermore, the desk is a budget choice for you.


  • Perfect for DIY projects
  • Enough space for crafting
  • Solid design
  • Save on money with this budget desk
  • Crafters' favorite for small rooms
  • Store tools at an arm's reach on the side of the desk


  • No cable management

How do I Choose a Craft Table?

You need to consider some factors before you buy or build a craft table. The difference between a craft table and a normal table is that you focus on functionality first, then aesthetics can follow. However, as a creative, your space has to look neat to get the inspiration for always creating on a high.

Here are considerations to make when building your own craft table.

a) Size

You want a craft desk to fit in your room. You also want the table to hold all your materials and give you enough space to work. You have to be practical with your setup ideas because you are trying to make your art and daily life coexist. Your desk should not get in the way of other things in the house and should be large enough to hold a Cricut machine comfortably.

Considering your room size, you should be able to estimate the size of the desk you will get. This is a chance for you to redesign your house to make it look better while secretly creating space for your desk. Every craft room deserves a creative look; you can design everything around your workflow.

b) Workflow

I have mentioned workflow several times, and I would rather talk about it already. What does your creative process look like? A workflow would look something like making your design, cutting it in the machine, and photographing the final product. If this is your workflow, your room design should work for you.

Setting up every time you want to take a photograph or bringing the Cricut machine to set up every time will make your creative process slow and frustrating.

How does a desk fit into your workflow? First, look at the tools you will use and figure out how to optimize your desk to make working with these tools effective. Essentially, you should not get up from your desk to go fetching tools. Instead, create a desk with drawers that can hold everything you need at the table.

So, can the Cricut craft table hold your tools or other vinyl cutting machines well?

c) Cost

Whether making the desk yourself or buying a ready-made one, the cost is a factor. If you are a DIYer, you must consider the cost of materials and the time it will take you to build the desk. In addition, you have to factor in the cost of tools you might need for the project. Creating your craft table is fun and fulfilling. Your craft room will feel more comforting to look at if you made the craft desk yourself.

Your Cricut setup is aimed at creating a solution to the time wasted when creating on an inconvenient surface. Therefore, this means that you are saving on costs on a long-term basis. The faster you can create, the faster your revenue will come in. Best craft tables win at convenience, which is what we are going for.

d) Position

Before purchasing a craft table, you have envisioned the position it will take in your craft room. The space you have set aside for your crafts desk will determine the kind of a desk you will buy. You can not buy an oval desk for a square corner because it simply does not fit. You want the desk to fit perfectly to avoid unnecessary accidents like things falling at the back. You want your craft table to look presentable and welcoming to work on.

You have to style your craft room to look creative. Craft tables tend to be the center of attention, and you must satisfy the eyes that will fall on the table, including yours.

e) Drawers

You are going to need a lot of storage space. It is better to have more storage than you need than run out of storage for your tools. Craft tables with drawers will give you an easy time working on your craft. Your craft room will look neater if tools are stored in their respective places. The best Cricut setup should have the Cricut ecosystem sorted out with every accessory and tool at an arm's reach.

The drawers should be able to hold the Cricut mats and other papers that may need careful storage. The cutting mats need somewhere to go too. Your paper organization has to be on point if you want to steer away from frustrations. The organization has a way of making things slightly faster and more enjoyable to execute.

Drawers not only keep the things you need but the extra things you do not need at the moment, like extra cutting mats.

You do not have to go for drawers as long as you have storage compartments that suit your needs.

f) Color/Design

Craft tables are furniture at the end of the day. When choosing furniture, you must consider how it will express your personality in your space. If your space has a white theme, it will make more sense to avoid a green desk, for instance. On the other hand, you do not want the desk to stand out negatively in your space conspicuously.

Choosing a design that suits your theme will keep your focus on your work and not on how better your space would be had you chosen a different desk. If you are

g) Material

When choosing furniture, you often choose the kind of materials you want on your furniture. For example, some people will go for solid wood, while others will go for a lighter material that is easier to move around.

The best Cricut setup will boil down to your taste when it comes to things like materials and color. Materials can be a consideration if you are using heavy machinery on the craft table or if there is a possibility of spillage when working.

You do not have to be worried about sharp blades if you have cutting mats. It's never a good idea to cut anything on your tabletop anyway.

h) Foldable Desk

If your craft room is barely enough for an extra desk, you can have a foldable desk that you can use and fold away. The Cricut desk setup process will be long every time you use the machine. However, it is better than not having a desk altogether. Foldable craft tables let you use the space you have more efficiently than permanent desks you can not take down to create space for other things.

A foldable desk will need storage. The foldable design might be more convenient for a small space than a full desk. On the other hand, you might miss out on things like storage when using a foldable desk. There is always a bargain when it comes to anything anyway.


Your workflow comes first. Will the desk that you get make your creative process fast and efficient? The suggestions above will.

Ian Mutuli

About the author

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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