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Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Local Plumber in Northern Virginia

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Jim Morris

Jim Morris

Jim Morris loves to travel and visit a lot of architecture sites worldwide. He shares lots of information and is always looking forward to the next article on interior design, architecture and landscaping.
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If you have a pipe problem inside your home, or are considering significant renovations that would affect the piping system, hiring a local plumber might be the best option instead of making these changes by yourself. However, hiring a contractor to do a plumbing job might be a challenge if you are not familiar with plumbers in Virginia area. That is why, in this post we will provide you with useful tips in hiring a general contractor

Before you can decide who to hire, you must first ask your prospective contractor the right questions to learn more about the quality of their work, as well as their capability to do the job. Below are the common questions you have to ask before hiring a local plumber:

1. Are You A Licensed Plumber? 

Asking for a license should be on the top of your list of questions. A licensed plumber makes sure that you comply with any available legal building codes. Aside from that, hiring a licensed plumber also makes sure that your system and appliances are safe.

There are certain risks involved in not hiring a licensed plumber. For instance, if something goes wrong during and after the repair, your insurance company may deny your claims because the plumbing equipment was not installed by a professional. Thus, hiring a licensed plumber will provide you with peace of mind. Aside from guaranteeing their quality of work, licensed plumbers will ensure that your equipment and property remain safe.

2. What Is Your Training Level?

Training requirements that plumbers need to meet are different for every state. After securing a license, a plumber has the option to do some training for different kinds of specialized work or levels. You must know what the training levels achieved by your local plumber are.

  • On-The-Job Trainee – Most of the time, a licensed plumber has an apprentice partner when doing the job. Having an apprentice will help the trainee learn the basics that they need to get their license, allowing them to gain more opportunities to train at a higher level.
  • Journeyman Plumber – After spending years of being an apprentice, this is the next level that a plumber will reach. Training before getting to this level is around four to five years, and many states will require a license before they award a plumber with this mastery level.
  • Master Plumber – Each state has a minimum required number of years working as a Journeyman before they can award someone as a master plumber. Master plumbers are the highest training level for plumbers across the country.

Most of the time, plumbing companies will let Journeyman plumbers do the job in your property, along with an apprentice. Make sure that they have the right tools and licenses before working on your plumbing system.

3. When Can You Finish Fixing The Plumbing System And How Much Do You Charge?

Experienced and trained plumbers will need to see the system first before they can provide an estimate of how long the work will be. There is a time difference when you are doing home renovations or fixing damages involving piping systems. Do not be persuaded by rough estimates provided by sales representatives over the phone. If you want to know the actual number of hours needed to complete a task, quality plumbers will provide this to you upon inspection of the property or system.

Asking for the right quotation for the cost of the work follows the same process. Some companies will have an hourly rate for the labor and a separate quote for the total cost of the tools needed for the repair or renovation. Good plumbing companies will provide you with the exact price after they have inspected the area and explain to you the breakdown.

4. Are You Insured?

Before signing anything with a contractor or a local plumber, it is essential to ask if they are backed up by insurance. Reputable plumbing services companies provide coverage for their workers since you do not want to be legally responsible for anything that will happen during their time in your property. In case of injuries or if anything breaks, a reputable company will have insurance that will cover the repairs and accidents.


Hiring a contractor is no easy task. You need to ask these critical questions to ensure the safety of your appliances and property. Knowing that your plumber is licensed and had gone through enough training will provide you with the experience needed to complete a plumbing job. A reputable plumbing service company will also give you the breakdown of the cost and time needed to complete the job. Companies who make false promises will only give you a headache, and you might lose a lot of money during the process. Lastly, the contractor must also be backed by insurance since you are not liable for any injuries and damages done during their time working in your property.

Jim Morris

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Jim Morris

Jim Morris loves to travel and visit a lot of architecture sites worldwide. He shares lots of information and is always looking forward to the next article on interior design, architecture and landscaping.