How Much Is a Gallon of Dunn Edwards Paint?

How Much Is a Gallon of Dunn Edwards Paint?

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Brenda Nyawara

Brenda Nyawara is an editor at Archute. She is a graduate architect with a passion for edge-cutting ideas in design, fashion, art and modern world interests.
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Your latest painting project demands you use only the best paints and primers on the market. Dunn Edwards is one of the best paint brands, only competing with the bigger Sherwin Williams, Behr Paint, and Benjamin Moore brands. With the latter two brands offering some of the most premium and expensive paints, you can choose Dunn Edwards paints as they are more affordable. So, how much is a gallon of Dunn Edwards paint?

Dunn Edwards has different interior and exterior paint categories, where a gallon of each ranges between $24.99 and $80. Read on as we show the prices for each paint can.

1. Dunn Edwards Interior Paint

When planning your project, you can get all your interior paints from Dunn Edwards at affordable prices. The interior paints cost between $48 and $80 per gallon, and you can get them in hundreds of color options. Luckily, all these paints are designed to improve indoor air quality as they lack volatile organic compounds, also known as VOCs. Here are some of the best interior paints to use from the brand.

a) The Dunn Edwards Exquisite Paint

image source: Dunne Edwards

This is the most expensive paint from this brand and retails at $78.50 per gallon. The Exquisite paint is the company's most premium offer, dubbed the Deluxe paint. It is available in many colors from the brand's color families, ranging from whites, neutrals, blacks, greys, blues, yellows, oranges, greens, and many more.

The paint is an ultra low-VOC, 100% acrylic matte formula that offers exceptional hide, washability, and durability. In terms of washability, this paint is designed with a ChromaStay technology that makes it stain, scuff, and rub-off resistant. As a result, it is ideal for many interior spaces, from residential buildings to offices and hospitals.

b) The Dunn Edwards Suprema Paint

Image source:

The Suprema paint is an ultra-premium Dunn Edwards paint that is only second in quality to the Exquisite paint. A gallon retails at $55.50 and is available in many colors and different finishes. It is your best option for affordable paint with exceptional hide and washability.

It is an ultra low-VOC, water-based paint that is also fade-resistant. When buying this paint, you can choose between hundreds of colors and different finishes, including flat, velvet, semi-gloss, eggshell, and low sheen. You can apply it in any interior space.

c) The Dunn Williams Everest Paint

Image source: Dunn Edwards

This next ultra-premium paint from Dunn Edwards costs $61.50 per gallon. It is available in hundreds of color options and two flat and velvet sheens. In addition, it is a self-priming paint that saves you the money you'd have used on primers.

Like the two premium range paints from this brand, the Everest paint is a Zero VOC acrylic formula ideal for any interior walls, including homes, hospitals, offices, and more. It is easy to apply, durable, scrub-resistant, and creatively washable.

d) The Dunn Edwards Spartawall Paint

Image source:

This paint is one of the affordable offerings from the brand and only third after the Exquisite and Suprema paints in terms of quality. Defined as a Premium paint by the brand, the Spartawall paint retails at $48 per gallon.

It is a Zero VOC formula designed for great durability, washability, and easy appliance. In addition, the Spartawall paint comes in flat and semi-gloss finishes, thus, suitable for many interior walls.

e) The Dunn Edwards DECOGLO Paint

Image source: Dunn Edwards

If you want to paint beautiful cabinets, trims, and doors, this $70 per gallon Decoglo paint is your best offer from Dunn Edwards. It offers a semi-gloss finish and is an ultra low-VOC paint formulated with a urethane-modified acrylic technology to guarantee easy appliance, hardness, and durability.

Also available in many color options, you can apply this paint on any interior wood surface. In addition, you can apply this paint with the company's DecoPrime interior wood primer, which costs $53 per gallon, for best results. The primer is specially designed for prepared wood surfaces and, as a water-based formula, will guarantee you use less Decoglo paint for exceptional hide.

f) The Dunn Edwards Ceiling Paint

Image source: Dunn Edwards

Have your best multi-position ladder ready to paint your ceiling? You can get the Dunn Edwards ceiling paint that retails at $24.99 per gallon. It comes in classic white color and has a flat finish. The paint is designed for low splatter and offers the most exceptional hide.

Like other Dunn Williams interior paints, this option is also a Zero VOC formula. Finally, you can apply the latex paint to smooth or textured ceilings and expect it to hide various imperfections.

2. Dunn Edwards Exterior Paints

The Dunn Edwards paint brand also offers two exterior paints that range between $50 and $67 per gallon. These are designed for maximum durability when exposed to elements like harsh sun rays, rain, snow, and dust. They are:

a) The Dunn Williams EverShield Exterior Paint

Image source: Dunn Edwards

This paint is the most premium Dunn Edwards exterior paint and costs $66 per gallon. It is available in a flat or semi-gloss finish and tinted to the Swiss Coffee color offered by the brand.

It is an ultra low-VOC acrylic formula that offers the best environmental protection to your exterior surfaces like concern, wood, plaster, and metal. This paint can withstand exposure to harsh UV rays, mildew, water, and efflorescence to prevent fading, cracking, peeling, and other film failures.

b) The Dunn Williams SpartaShield Exterior Paint

Image source: YouTube

This premium exterior paint costs $52.50 per gallon. It is an ultra low-VOC acrylic exterior paint formulated for exceptional hide and durability. The paint comes in a flat or semi-gloss finish and is tinted to the brand's Swiss Coffee color. The paint is easy to apply for a smooth finish and is specially formulated to withstand environmental abuse.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dunn Edwards Paint

a) How Much Does a Gallon of Dunn Edwards paint cost?

Dunn Edwards paints are offered in different interior and exterior categories whose gallon cans retail between $24.99 and $80.

b) How many square feet does Dunn Edwards paint cover?

Since Dunn Edwards paints are formulated with superior ingredients, a gallon of paint can cover up to 1,604 sq. ft. of a well-prepared and primed surface.

c) How long will Dunn Edwards paint last?

After knowing how much paint you need for your surfaces, the next consideration before buying is how long your paint will last once applied. As mentioned above, the Dunn Edwards brand is known for superior paints, and you can expect your films to last up to 15 years. However, the durability relies on how well prepared your surfaces are before application and how well dried the film is.

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Brenda Nyawara

Brenda Nyawara is an editor at Archute. She is a graduate architect with a passion for edge-cutting ideas in design, fashion, art and modern world interests.
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