How to Move a Pool Table when You Decide to Relocate

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Ian Mutuli

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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There is nothing more enjoyable and soothing than a game of pool, billiards, or snooker with a group of friends or family members. But, are you moving into a new home? Here is a detailed guide on how to move a pool table when you decide to relocate and want to bring your cherished item with you.

If you're transporting a pool table to a new house, you might want to consider hiring professionals. A pool table is one of the heaviest items a person can own, and moving it entails a lengthy and difficult disassembly process.

Pool tables are extremely heavy, weighing up to 1,000 pounds. In addition, they are extremely challenging to transport in a moving truck due to their size and weight. For these reasons, it's critical to get as much assistance as possible when transporting a pool table.

While we strongly advise hiring experienced movers to handle all elements of the pool table's dismantling, reassembly and moving process, we understand this is not always possible. However, it is possible to move your pool table with the help of strong friends if employing professional movers is not in your budget or timeframe.

Here’s how to move a pool table Correctly:

1. Dismantle the Pool Table (Billiards)

Taking apart a pool table is the right technique to transfer it. You might be tempted to carry the entire item through doorways and upstairs without disassembling it, but this is a mistake. Instead, everything you take apart during the disassembly should be meticulously cataloged so that putting it back together is a breeze.

There's nothing worse than having to search through your possessions for misplaced screws after relocating a pool table across town. A staple puller, flat head screwdriver, safety goggles, socket wrench, and power drill are among the tools you'll need. First, refer to your table's instruction manual on how to disassemble it to relocate it. Otherwise, stick to the general rules.

To unfasten the six side pockets, start by removing the staples. You may also require the screwdriver at this time. The ball pockets are sometimes stapled in place, while others are attached with screws.

While unscrewing the bolts, use a socket wrench to grasp each rail. Remove each rail one by one. If the rails are attached at the corners, enlist the help of a friend to turn them upside down so you can disassemble them. Remember to mark all the pieces clearly so you can quickly reassemble them in your new home.

2. Carefully Remove the Felt

It is perhaps the most difficult element of the disassembling process since it is the playing surface. Taking the felt off decreases the risk of it being destroyed during transportation. You may rip off the felt if you need to replace it.

If you want to reattach the felt, though, you'll have to remove the staples first. You'll want to remove the staples with caution using a staple remover. If you make a mistake, the felt will become unusable.

3. Remove the Slate

Using a power drill, remove the screws from the slate and remove it. The slate might weigh up to 800 pounds if it's all in one piece. It will necessitate the participation of several persons. Even if the slate is broken into numerous pieces, you'll need a large staff. They might each weigh a few hundred pounds.

Following disassembly, securely wrap each part to prevent damage when moving it. Next, remove the frame, bubble wrap it and place it in the back of the moving truck. Bubble wrap the rails and table legs and lay them on top of the frame.

Any crack or dent in the slate can significantly impact how the pool table performs once it is reassembled. First, the slate can be secured using moving blankets. Then, you can use packing tape or wrap to keep the cushioning and blankets secured.

If the slate is broken into several pieces, remember that breaking one is as bad as breaking them all. You can't just replace one piece of slate because they're all matched. So the next and final step before you start moving is to load the pool table components onto your moving van or truck.

4. The Correct Room

Are you having problems deciding where to put it? You'll need a lot of space to maneuver the sticks and store all of the extras. This depiction will give you a decent idea of how much space you'll need to fit most pool tables comfortably.

Choose a room without a carpet if possible. Although a table can be leveled on the carpet, the inherent instability of the flooring makes it more probable that one leg sinks deeper than the others when the carpet is dense.

5. Reassembly

It is easier to reassemble if you keep all of the screws and nuts in their correct labeled bags and know where they will go. However, putting it back together has its own set of difficulties. With the pool table upside-down, you'll need to reassemble the legs or base under the frame. It means that you will require assistance in flipping it back over.

You'll now need to add the slate. First, the slate must be leveled with the floor. To get the table completely level, you'll need to use shims. Otherwise, your game will be off. Leveling the slate is a more difficult task than you may imagine.

In other words, the floor you chose for your pool table in your new home is most probably not completely level. Any floor that has gone through a settling process will have a modest probability of warping. After transit, the easiest method to bring your pool table back in good form is to level it.

You'll need to wax the seams after leveling. Beeswax is also used to fill in screw holes. The wax is melted with a gas flame. Once dry, use a metal paint scraper to smooth off the surface.

The next step is to add the felt and rails. After the felt is in place, you'll need a razor blade to cut holes for the bolts. It is a time-consuming and tiresome element of the procedure. Finally, you might use the metal paint scraper to smooth up the felt and remove any air bubbles.

Bumps or folds can determine the difference between a sweet shot and a scratch in the felt. The rails are installed after the felt has been applied. You'll need to tighten the rails and fill gaps while ensuring no creases in the felt.

How to Move a Pool Table Using Professional Movers

It is something that isn't overstated. It is wise to leave moving a pool table to professional pool table movers. Even when dismantled, some of the components are incredibly heavy, especially after moving a lot of other furniture throughout the day.

A specialist will check the frame for cracks in the wood and breakage in the joints that you might not notice. They will frequently include new felt in the pricing, allowing you to avoid reusing the same felt. They are the most competent to level the slate because they do so daily.

All the tiny details that go into dismantling and transporting a pool table might impact its future use. For example, do you want to be shooting uphill at an 8-ball when you could have paid a small fee to have the pool table moved by professionals?

You may take the middle road and disassemble the pool table yourself, then hire specialists to replace the felt and re-level the slate in your new location. Those are the elements of the process that require the most attention to detail.

Short of relocating a historical artifact or antique, this is the most complicated method for moving a piece of furniture. Professionals are not just an excellent option, but they are often the only ones if you are not the most skilled person in the room.

How to Move a Pool Table Without Dismantling It

You might be able to transport the pool table without disassembling it if you're relocating it within the house. However, disassembly is required when transporting the pool table to a different floor in the house. In that case, you'll want to be sure you have all the equipment you'll need to disassemble and reassemble each item carefully, like having a socket wrench and a power drill nearby.

1. Use of Dollies

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If you don't need to disassemble the pool table, you might be able to move it with dollies. However, each table leg requires a dolly. Work with a group of two to four persons who can assist you in maintaining an even balance on the dollies while moving.

Once you have secured the pool table on the four dollies, you can wheel it to a new location or room on the same floor. Measure doorways and corridors using a measuring tape to ensure they are wide enough. To prevent the pool table from sliding, ensure the dolly is fastened in place when loading it.

2. Invest in a Pool Table Lift

A pool table lift is another method for moving a pool table instead of using a dolly. These elevators are developed expressly to assist in moving pool tables. Lay them beneath the pool table's center and lift the table off the ground with the lever. The table is easily be rolled from one location to the next, thanks to the lift's wheels at the base.

3. Use of Furniture Sliders

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You may attach furniture sliders to the bottom of each leg and gently glide the pool table across the room if you only need to move it a short distance.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

1. Is it Possible for Me to Move a Pool Table by Myself?

Unlike moving a refrigerator, it takes more than a few strong friends with muscle power to lift a pool table from both ends and move it from point A to point B. Pool tables are big and hefty, but they're also surprisingly delicate and detailed. Your pool table must be disassembled correctly to avoid damage during transport and then reassembled when it arrives at its new site.

Even if you think you could move a pool table yourself, hiring an experienced professional is strongly suggested. Depending on the materials used, a pool table's weight can range from 500 to 1,000 pounds or more.

If your pool table is formed of a single slab of slate, moving it without professional help is considerably riskier. The table's tremendous weight might cause serious damage to your home or, worse, your back and muscles.

2. What Happens If You Don’t Take Your Pool Table Apart?

With enough assisting hands, you can move your pool table without dismantling it, but it isn't good for the table. The weight will be held mostly by the frame if you're carrying the slate. The frame may be damaged or out of alignment due to this.

When a three-piece slate is used, the slate might shift when the table is moved, causing the seams to become misaligned. As a result, you'll need to re-level the table at some point. If you have a one-piece slate, you can do it yourself, but if you have a three-piece slate, you'll probably need to hire a pro, and you'll have to disassemble the table anyhow.

The slate may be harmed. It is true for slates that are made up of only one piece. To lift the weight of the table, you'll need the assistance of multiple people. Lifting the big pool table could injure one of your workers or you.

We advocate hiring a reputable pool table mover because of the risk of harming the table and the chance that you will need to have the table leveled by a professional anyhow.

3. How Much Does Moving a Pool Table Cost?

Moving a pool table costs on average $369, with prices ranging from $200 to $600. Several factors influence the overall expense of moving a pool table. First, the moving company will inquire about the distance you are moving, including any stairs. They will also inquire about the size of the table, the model, and the make of the table.

Whether it has pockets or a ball return system, the age of your pool table, whether it is a one or three slate pool table, and other pertinent information. Refelting or upgrading parts are examples of add-on services that might raise the price.

Ian Mutuli

About the author

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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