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Jacuzzi Bath Remodel Tips, Ideas, & Makeover Cost

Ian Mutuli
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Ian Mutuli

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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Image credits: pexels.com

Do you want to relax in a dream bathroom after a long day's work? Then you may want to launch a bathroom remodeling project incorporating a hot tub. Hot tubs are also called jacuzzi baths, and they are large bathtubs fitted with a whirlpool device that circulates hot water around you, thus promoting relaxation. According to WebMD, jacuzzi tubs can also help ease aches and pains and improve nutrient-rich blood circulation.

But are you wondering what a jacuzzi bath remodel is? It includes a complete update of your bathtub, shower, and tiles. The process is fairly simple, and you will only need to pick a design and hire a professional to remodel your bath for you. In this article, we are going to talk about the most important aspects of a jacuzzi bath remodel project, including;

  • Considerations to make before installing a jacuzzi bath
  • Best jacuzzi bath remodel tips
  • Best jacuzzi bath remodel ideas
  • A jacuzzi bath remodel cost

So, read on for a stress-free remodeling process!

Factors to Consider for a Jacuzzi Bath Remodel

Image credits: pexels.com

Before you invest in the best hot tub, there are a few things you will need to keep in mind including;

a) Durability

Before starting your remodel, ensure you only invest in high-quality materials. So, choose a bathtub made with the best materials, such as solid surface, copper, or marble, as these will last the longest. Other features to consider are the faucets and accompanying construction materials, including tiles, wood planks, and grip handles.

b) Maintenance

Image credits: rachelteodoro.com

While a jacuzzi tub is relaxing and may even have health benefits, it is not an easy-to-clean bathroom fixture. The tub comes with air jets that circulate water as you soak, and these need proper maintenance to prevent mold and other impurities.

In addition, understand the warranties you will get when you buy your hot tub. As we will see later, a jacuzzi bath is a bit expensive to install, so you want to know what support to expect in case anything breaks.

c) Your home’s value

Is there a possibility you could sell your home in the future? If so, a jacuzzi bath remodel can increase your home's worth, but only if properly installed.

To increase the value, you will want to invest in the best hot tub and update other bathroom features, including the lighting, layout, and fixtures. A jacuzzi bath might not upscale your home's value if it is the only standout feature in the bathroom.

d) Installation spot

Before buying a jacuzzi, we advise picking the right installation spot. With this, you will also understand how big a tub you can get and leave enough space for other features, such as a shower and bathroom cabinets.

e) Installation process

Image credits: youtube.com

It is also vital to consider how long the installation process could take so you can plan your schedule. Hiring jacuzzi bath remodel dealers is best if you want a good outcome. Normally, these can finish the job in a few days or weeks.

Since the installation process will include removing an existing tub and replacing it with a new hot tub, set aside a budget for a professional bath remodeler who will advise on factors like tub removal, floor modifications or reinforcements, surround materials, plumbing, and electrical wiring.

f) Installation costs

Finally, you will need to consider the cost of remodeling your bathroom into a spa. A jacuzzi bath remodel project can cost between $1,500 and $17,000 depending on the cost of the whirlpool tub, accompanying fixtures, plumbing and electrical modifications, and labor, among others. More on the jacuzzi bath remodel cost later on!

Tips for a Stress-Free Jacuzzi Bath Remodel

Image credits: pexels.com

Have you started thinking of how to remodel your bathroom? Here are some tips to get you started sooner;

1. Scope of remodel

How many updates do you want to introduce in your bathroom? Here are three general levels of remodeling you can work with:

  1. Minor remodel. You can go for a minor remodel if you love most aspects of your bathroom design and maybe want to change a few features, like replacing an old tub with a new jacuzzi tub or repainting or retiling the shower walls.
  2. Mid-range remodel. This remodel includes changing most aspects of your bathroom outlook, but you can stick to the same design or layout. You can change features, including the tub, shower fixtures, bathroom cabinets, and lighting.
  3. An upscale remodel. With this style, you are willing to change everything about your bathroom. So, you will install a jacuzzi, rework plumbing and electrical connections, create a new shower space, install grab bars, and more features that might not have been present before. In addition, you can also change the bathroom style, for instance, from traditional to contemporary.

When you define the scope of remodeling you want, you will be ready to hire a professional to change your bathroom aesthetic. If you are unsure which bathroom styles can go well with a jacuzzi bath, here are a few to consider.

2. Bathroom style

A bathroom is a sacred place for relaxation and renewal in your house. So, it makes sense that, as you look for the best jacuzzi bathtub, you also define a bathroom style that marries well with the entire house. Moreover, doing so can also help you upscale your house's value if you ever need to sell it in the future.

So, here are some styles to consider for your jacuzzi bath remodel:

a) A contemporary bathroom style

Image credits: hgtv.com

This style is defined by clear lines and clutter-free expanses of space between a jacuzzi, a shower, and more bathroom features. However, since it is a minimalistic style, you will want to choose the best materials, including hardwood floors, clean color palettes that create visual contrast, and metallic accents.

b) A modern bathroom style

Image credits: houzz.com

Like the contemporary style above, a modern bathroom style relies on simplicity. So, you want to install minimal high-quality fixtures, including a jacuzzi bathtub, a shower, and minimalistic cabinets. The absence of clutter is crucial, and you will also want to follow a clear, straight-line design and minimize flashy elements like metal accents. However, you can include a bathroom plant to create a warm pop of color.

c) An eclectic bathroom style

Image credits: viralhomes.com

An eclectic jacuzzi bath remodel will include opposing elements. So, there will be elements from opposing styles, such as vintage and contemporary styles. In addition, you will want to mix and match colors and patterns, so you can use flashy colors against neutral backdrops of wood or stone. Furthermore, you can also play around with the tiles, going for different tile sizes, patterns, or even colors.

d) An Asian bathroom style

Image credits: houzz.com

An Asian bathroom style is arguably the most compatible with a hot tub. This is because the style maximizes open space, light, and air. So, it will be easy to incorporate a hot tub and work around it with accentuating elements like soft colors and natural wall and floor accents.

e) A traditional bathroom style

Image credits: bestonlinecabinets.com

This is the bathroom style to go for if you want to guarantee comfort, practicality, and functionality. It is especially crucial for a family jacuzzi bath remodel. Traditional bathrooms generally incorporate wood and glass features, warm tiles, and marble countertops. You will want to put your jacuzzi tub at the center because it will be the room's focal point. Then, use neutral colors to create a calming space.

f) A Craftsman bathroom style

Image credits: houseplansservices.com

You will want to install a hot tub on one side of a craftsman bathroom because the focal features here need to be the cabinets and counters. Normally, cabinets are made of high-quality handcrafted wood featuring intricate detailing. Furthermore, you can incorporate metallic and glass features to accentuate the rather plain look.

g) A victorian style bathroom

Imagine credits: lotuscg.com

You can consider a Victorian bathroom if you want an enduring style for your jacuzzi bath remodel. This style is the most famous across the globe and uses the best freestanding tubs with ornately-slippered feet, jewel-stone tiles, riser showers, elevated cisterns, and pedestal sinks. Unlike other styles, a Victorian bathroom will expose valves, and you will also need bold colors and taps.

h) A Mediterranean bathroom style

Image credits:architecturaldesigns.com

This style relies on bold colors, accents, and designs. For example, you will want to install a hot tub near a window, then surround it with rustic features, such as terracotta tiles, woven mats, and wooden cabinets. Consider very bold colors and textures for this style.

i) A shabby chic bathroom style

Image credits: foter.com

A jacuzzi bath is considered a romantic haven for many people, so you might also want to go for a romantic shabby-chic style. Install a hot tub near a window to encourage enough light and air and also leave enough open space for other bathroom features. You will want to use pastel colors on walls, while the cabinets take on darker hues and feature artistic metal accents. If you go for curtains, look for floral patterns to balance the bathroom aesthetic.

Jacuzzi Bath Remodel Ideas to Inspire Your Bath Design

Image credits: pexels.com

Do you want a spa-like retreat at home? Jacuzzi bath remodels are worth investing in for a myriad of reasons. To begin with, they help you soothe aches and fatigue after a long day's work. In addition, they can upscale your home's value before reselling and upgrade the look and feel of your bathroom.

So, after deciding the scope of your remodel and choosing a bathroom style, you need some jacuzzi bath remodel ideas to get you started. So, here are jacuzzi bath ideas to borrow from for your remodel plan.

1. A gloomy 1980s bath transformed into a modern spa

Image credits: wvpanoply.com

If you have a traditional bathroom, it was probably constructed many years ago, so the color palettes and jacuzzi bath may not reflect today's style. That was the case with the bathroom above, whose owners decided to go for a complete overhaul while maintaining some traditional elements.

The remodel project successfully replaced the outdated jacuzzi tub with a modern version. In addition, they also eliminated the brass touches and replaced them with modern chrome fixtures, while they replaced the old tiles with cleaner tiles for a modern or contemporary look. Finally, the bathroom maintained a traditional look with a freestanding tub that replaced the former built-in tub.

2. An old Sherwood Avenue Jacuzzi bath updated with new features

Image credits: kbcrate.com

This master bathroom remodel updated a previously outdated tiled jacuzzi bath to a modern-style spa-like haven. The traditional weeks-long renovation replaced an old jacuzzi bath with a modern built-in tub. In addition, the previously tiled tub enclosure was replaced with grey Soho Mosaic tiles that matched the quartz tub deck and satin nickel faucets.

The bathroom floor was also updated from white tiles to taupe mosaic tiles. Finally, the remodel also updated the walk-in shower with Bedrosians Manhattan glass doors while the bathroom theme changed from white to grey with Kelly Moore Smoky Day and Bone wall and ceiling paints with a satin finish.

3. From A spa tub to a spa shower

Image credits: kbcrate.com

If a jacuzzi tub is not working in a space-limited bathroom, the best solution is to replace it with a classy walk-in shower, as you can see from the remodel above. Previously, the bathroom featured a rounded jacuzzi tub that the owners did not like. So, they removed the tub and replaced its spacious walk-in shower with a bench to rest on after a long day.

This jacuzzi bath remodel is suited for older adults who might struggle with mobility, thus making a bathtub quite risky to use. In addition, a shower bench creates a healthy space for someone who needs to sit for a sauna-like experience.

While the layout and functionality of this bathroom changed, it maintained the white theme on the walls, although the window had to be trimmed for better privacy. This remodel is an example of how you can remodel a bathroom to suit your desired functionality.

4. A traditional round-shaped jacuzzi bath

Image credits: housing.com

If you can't settle on a bathroom style from the styles above, the safest bathtub to choose is a round or oval-shaped option. It works well with all bathroom styles and even accentuates the crisp and straight lines in some contemporary and modern bathrooms.

A round tub is also the safest bet to add a dramatic effect to walls or floors. You can pit it against busy walls and floors, especially where you have colored or patterned tiles. In addition, you will want to place the tub perfectly to give a good view of the outdoors, while a mirror will make the room look bigger.

The image above shows a round jacuzzi bath in front of a mirror surrounded by brown tiles and natural wood floors. The design shows the limitless opportunities of a round bath since you can pair it with round or angled sinks and plain or busy walls.

5. A corner jacuzzi bath

Image credits: dreammaker-remodel.com

A corner jacuzzi bath is the best option if you have a somewhat-small bathroom. This design saves space by anchoring two sides of the jacuzzi to the walls. The design of this jacuzzi also takes a rounded shape, so it works with most bathroom styles, from traditional and contemporary, to Victorian styles.

The image above shows a round-shaped jacuzzi designed for functionality and practicality. The large window behind it invites a lot of light and air, while the calming colors make for the best indoor relaxation spot. Since the design is best for saving space, the jacuzzi shower also stands next to the jacuzzi with clear glass partitions.

If you have more space, you might want to incorporate a wooden bench and a freestanding towel rack next to the jacuzzi. In addition, footrests and armrests are important features for a corner hot tub.

6. Jacuzzi in the master bedroom

Image credits: pinterest.com

This is another space-saving jacuzzi idea for you if your bathroom is small but the bedroom is spacious. Jacuzzi baths are loved for their romantic appeal, so nothing could be better than having one in your bedroom to share with your better half. But, you will need to be wise about the design, with one important factor being to conceal the entire drainage system and to have non-slip floors for the best safety.

The image above shows a spacious bedroom split into two main spaces, a sleeping area, and a jacuzzi bath. The room also has a fireplace to improve the aesthetic, while large windows provide the best views of the greenery outside. In addition, the room has a clear dark brown and white color theme that is also incorporated into the jacuzzi design. You will also notice the tiled floors that upscale the room's look, safety, and warmth.

7. Turkish-style (Hammam) jacuzzi bathroom

Image credits: hindustantimes.com

Do you have a big room you want to remodel into the perfect jacuzzi bath? Then, you can remodel it into a Turkish bathroom and enjoy a powerful bath every time you step in. Normally, it is best to have a pestemal and other essentials for a Hammam bath, but a jacuzzi is an essential feature.

The image above shows how you can remodel your home bathroom to create a rich Middle-Eastern vibe. The blue walls invite calm to the room, while a soak in the large jacuzzi tub will leave your skin well-soaked and ready for exfoliation. Of course, this is the best design if you'd also like to remodel your bath for steaming, so ensure there is enough seating space and counters or sills where you can place candles and aromatherapy products.

8. Victorian-themed jacuzzi

Image credits: homestratosphere.com

A Victorian jacuzzi bath is ideal for those with a knack for designing with old-world luxury. A style that is centuries old, a Victorian bathroom needs to highlight metallic colors and vintage artwork. But, the most important aspect of this style is a freestanding jacuzzi with bold freestanding faucets surrounded by clean tiles, chandeliers, and ornate pieces.

The image above shows such a bathroom. The white freestanding jacuzzi fits well into a cream bathroom theme. The vintage rug next to the tub marries well with the tiles, while bronze faucets and metallic chandeliers complete the vintage charm. While the hot tub does not feature ornate legs, there are touches of vintage artwork on light fixtures and the table and ornate pieces in front of the fireplace.

9. White-themed jacuzzi bath

Image credits: decoist.com

A white theme is ideal for a small jacuzzi bath. So, if your bathroom is small but you want to remodel it with a jacuzzi tub, incorporate a white theme with ample lighting and mirrors to make it look bigger. The only thing you will need is the perfect tub, then accentuate the room with pops of colors on knobs, lighting fixtures, window and mirror trims, or even a flower vase.

In the image above, the white jacuzzi tub is the room's focal point, and the white cabinetry, white tiles, and white rug add more elegance to the room. Notice how the gold hues from the chandelier, mirror, faucets, and wall-mounted light fixtures add a subtle feeling to the room. It is important to avoid harsh lighting, and you can even make do with a small window as the white theme is already bright enough.

10. A walk-in jacuzzi bath

Image credits: houzz.com

If you are remodeling your bath for an older adult, you understand how important safety becomes. According to this CDC report, bathroom injuries contribute to thousands of ER visits annually. Unfortunately, this risk goes up a notch when an older person needs to use a bathtub. But, not to worry, you can remodel your bath with walk-in tubs with a lowered entry door so you can get in and out safely.

The image shows a modern bathroom with a glass door and lowered entrance. The sturdy door also comes with a handle you can use as a grip bar. The door is designed to seal properly to mitigate the risk of water overflow as you start filling the tub, so you have to drain the bath water before getting out. The white tub comes in a wooden casing that marries well with the wall and wall-mounted planter.

In addition, the silver touches in the room, from the walk-in shower, the faucets, and towel racks, provide a good balance of colors in the modern bathroom design.

What is the Cost of a Jacuzzi Bath remodel?

Image credits: quirkyaccom.com

A jacuzzi bath remodel project can cost between $1,500 and $17,000 depending on a few factors, such as;

a) The jacuzzi tub cost

You can expect the price of a jet or whirlpool bathtub to be anywhere between $1,000 – $14,000. The hot tub cost is dictated by different factors, such as sizes, which range from small to medium and large.

The tub design will also dictate the price; you will choose between a built-in or freestanding tub. While a built-in tub will cost more to install, a freestanding option can also be quite expensive because of some unique features, including the base design.

The jacuzzi tub material will also determine the price. You can choose steel, cast iron, fiberglass, marble, solid surface, and copper jacuzzi tubs. A silver tub is the most affordable, while marble, solid surface, and copper tubs are the most expensive.

b) Labor cost

A jacuzzi tub will cost around $450 – $2,000 to install. The factors determining the installation's cost include removing existing features and any necessary plumbing or electrical work. In addition, if you want to install a built-in jacuzzi, you might incur more costs depending on the materials used and how long the installation will take.

c) Installation materials

The materials needed for the installation also contribute to the general installation cost. For instance, a single tub will require glues and sealants that cost around $60-$80.

As mentioned above, you will incur more costs if you want a built-in tub. Here, you can incur costs for joists or concrete slabs. The former will cost around $30 – $40 each, and you will need several joists for each tub. Finally, a concrete slab can cost around $4 – $6 per sq. ft. On the other hand, a freestanding tub can cost anywhere between $750 to $12,000, with the installation process requiring fewer materials.

d) Scope of remodel

The final factor determining how expensive a jacuzzi bath remodel is in the scope of remodeling involved. You will incur fewer costs if you only want to change the bathtub, in which case your project costs will include buying and installing the tub.

But, if you go for a major bathroom overhaul, you might have to pay more for other bathroom features, like walk-in showers, lighting, sinks, cabinets, and more.

Featured Image credits: pexels.com

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Ian Mutuli

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