Where Does Joe Rogan Live?

Celebrities Houses: Where Does Joe Rogan Live?

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Brenda Nyawara

Brenda Nyawara is an editor at Archute. She is a graduate architect with a passion for edge-cutting ideas in design, fashion, art and modern world interests.
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Given their remarkable careers, it's not a shock that celebrities favor luxury, often residing in immense properties located in attractive and affluent rural areas. If you have an interest in architecture, you might find all the intricate details about these homes fascinating.

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For instance, Joe Rogan's home has recently been the subject of conversation. Joe Rogan is undoubtedly one of the world's most talented individuals. He is a well-known actor, comedian, podcast host, YouTuber, MMA analyst, and lover of chimpanzees.

So, where does Joe Rogan live? He relocated to the beautiful state of Texas from California. Trading in his tiny 7,600 square foot home in the Golden State for a $14.4 million, 10,980 square foot, eight-bedroom estate in Austin, Texas.

What Made Joe Rogan Leave California?

Image Credits: NY Post

Rogan once resided in a $5 million house in Los Angeles. However, he felt that the state's high taxes and liberal policies had become intolerable. California has a 13% tax, contrary to Texas's zero taxation policy. Rogan can save approximately $13 million of his Spotify deal if he can make use of that.

He added that the overpopulation and homelessness issues in LA were another reason for his move. But unfortunately, we can't experience a genuine Joe Rogan Experience from California since he relocated his podcast studio to Texas and sold his L.A house.

Where Does Joe Rogan Live?

Image Credits: Youtube

1. Size of the Home

Joe Rogan's Austin home has eight bedrooms, ten bathrooms, and 10,980 square feet. This Texas property is a significant improvement over his former 7,573 square foot, five bedroom, five bathroom home in Bell Canyon.

2. When was the House Built?

The building was constructed in 2006 and was formerly a dull McMansion in the Tuscan style. The home was converted into an ultramodern, Asian-inspired dwelling by the former owner, an architectural designer, Benjamin Wood.

3. Location

The house is near Lake Austin. Beautiful Views of the Colorado River from the waterfront homes along West Lake in Austin, Texas's most desirable neighborhood. Lake Austin is a great location for boating, hiking, bicycling, fishing, and taking pictures of the natural world. Additionally, Austin has about 960,000 residents compared to 4 million in Los Angeles.

4. The Home’s Price

The former player reportedly paid $14.4 million for his Texas property. The mansion's 2015 valuation was $7.5 million.

5. Previous Owners

The renowned Lake Austin mansion's previous owners were philanthropist Theresa Castellano-Wood and architectural designer Benjamin Wood. The couple made alterations to the house, including incorporating an Asian-inspired motif.

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A Tour of Joe Rogan’s Home

1. The Front Door

Image Credits: Fancy Pants Homes

The house's front door leads to a little road surrounded by trees on both sides, creating a lovely look. There is yellow lighting on either side to emphasize the green of the leaves. It makes a type of front yard outside the actual house and is attractive.

2. Entry Hall

Image Credits: Fancy Pants Homes

Plaster walls once adorned the entry hall, but shiplap has since been installed in their place. It also includes furniture and sculptures in eastern styles to emphasize the minimalist Asian style used throughout the home.

3. Inside The Home

An open floor layout is used in the construction of the home. The library, living room, dining room, and bar are all a part of one large area, and there aren't many walls dividing the different sections. A rich, sophisticated blue was used to decorate the entire floor.

4. The house bar

Image Credits: Work and Money

The bar is a work of art. It is constructed on a slightly elevated platform and is made of hardwood that has been expertly carved to give it a lovely antique appearance. It contains numerous unique bottles of various alcoholic beverages, but knowing Rogan, he might replace these with buds of designer weed.

5. The Kitchen

Image Credits: Fancy Pants Homes

The kitchen is full of all conveniences and gadgets and has two islands with pull-up seats and a rustic design. It is a perfect atmosphere for relaxing and snacking. The kitchen islands identically mirror one another except for the appliances stored inside the wood-paneled drawers.

You are probably envious of this dream kitchen but are bound by a budget. Fortunately, this article illustrates how to create your dream kitchen on a budget.

The dining area and kitchen are crowned by a sizable contemporary fireplace flanked by antique cupboards.

6. Dining Room

Image Credits: Fancy Pants Homes

A large farmhouse-style table with two wide rectangles for legs and a set of striking dining chairs are used to embellish the dining area. Rogan, his wife Jessica, their three children, and three additional podcast guests can all fit at the huge table.

7. The back

Midcentury contemporary glass walls that extend from floor to ceiling have been installed in the home's back. Rogan has a great rolling lawn with the woods and Lake Austin in the background.

Image Credits: Fancy Pants Homes

8. The Sunroom

The entire living room space in the back of the house now functions as a sunroom thanks to the floor-to-ceiling windows. It is a very pleasant and comfy place to sit and unwind.

9. The Smoking Area

Image Credits: Work and Money

Glass barriers separate this sitting space from the rest of the house, making it a perfect area for consuming DMT or marijuana. The room has a stand ashtray for effective and clean smoking experience. Although Texas has worse drug restrictions than California, it seems unlikely that police would show up at Rogan's new house to conduct a raid.

10. The Gym

Image Credits: Work and Money

Naturally, Joe Rogan has a home gym of his own. So he hired Sorinex, a manufacturer of weights, racks, and high-end machines, to put up his private gym, which is furnished with various expensive weights and exercise machines.

He also has a set of barbells with monkey heads on them. These unique weights sold by Onnit give his already fantastic personal gym some flair. For those interested, Onnit sells these so-called Primal Kettlebells for a price of $85 for a 36-pound weight.

11. The Buddha Statue

Image Credits: Work and Money

Rogan claims that this Buddha was one of his most impulsive purchases and is kept close to the mezzanine on the second level of his home. Rogan added, "This is my big one," when discussing it on his Instagram.

It must weigh a few hundred pounds, even though I've never weighed it. It's the strangest impulsive buy I've ever made, but I felt like I had to have it since, when high as f—-, it reminded me so much of the Buddhas from my psychedelic trip.

12. The Master Bedroom Entryway

The area leading into his main bedroom has shiplap over plaster walls, much like the house's foyer. It fits in with the overall minimalist Asian luxury aesthetic of the rest of the property and has more Asian-inspired furnishings and sculptures.

13. The Primary Suite

Image Credits: Work and Money

Rogan's primary bedroom has wood paneling, a handmade headboard, and a distinctive minimalist woodland vibe. The bed is nestled in a big, custom-built wooden frame, a unique yet remarkable architectural feature.

14. The Primary Bathroom

Image Credits: Work and Money

Rogan's new bathroom has a spacious shower resembling a wall of frosted glass and a beautiful standalone soaking tub. A standalone tub sits in front of a marble wall with a decorative geometric backsplash. It is a wonderful spot to relax after a long.

The vanity with the marble top has a retro feel to it. The near-ceiling paneled windows, chandelier, and pendant lighting provide adequate lighting.

15. The Master Porch

This sitting space, complete with wicker furniture and stained-glass accent panels, is located off the primary bathroom.

16. The Office

A little office space has been created out of this nook, embellished with bird-themed wallpaper and birdcages. Even while it isn't Rogan's primary workspace, one of his younger children may work there comfortably.

17. The Backyard

Image Credits: Work and Money

Rogan has a large lawn backyard with trees surrounding it, creating a small woodland area. Additionally, the paneled floor porch is surrounded by vegetation. The high concrete walls around his home provide seclusion and security against intruders.

18. Outdoor Dining

Image Credits: Work and Money

The back porch offers magnificent views of Lake Austin and a full-sized dining table for outdoor dining, outdoor sofas, and chairs.

19. The Party Deck

This lakeside party deck is part of Rogan's residence. Given his love of fishing, Rogan undoubtedly loves the abundance of bass in the water. Two boat slips and a pool are located on his property.

20. The Pool

Image Credits: Work and Money

Numerous trees provide shade for the in-ground pool and lounge area, which also has a patio made of masonry with grass growing in the gaps.

21. The Trough

The beautiful trough in the backyard also serves as a sort of dog watering hole. Along with all of this, Rogan's home also features Austin Lake and two garages. In addition, he has a large lake outside his door, which shields him from prying eyes and enables him to go boating, fish, or host events on a small yacht.

22. The Podcast Room

Image Credits: Work and Money

This room is familiar to everyone who watches Rogan's podcast episodes on YouTube. However, it was made especially for Rogan sometime in the early months of 2020.

We have yet to visit Rogan's secret podcast room, someplace in his house, and it is where the magic happens. However, the property includes a carriage house, two adjacent garages, and a house.

Rogan has no intention of discontinuing his podcast, regardless of where he resides. No matter where the chimp king is at the moment, he will continue to provide us with the content we adore.

Joe Rogan’s Old House

Image Credits: Fancy Pants Homes

Joe and his wife Jessica paid $2.33 million in 2003 to buy their house in Bell Canyon, California. The Rogans made a $1.12 million profit when they sold it for $3.45 million in March 2021 after being there for 17 years.

The family home was 7,500 square feet and had 5 bedrooms, 5 baths, and 2.14 acres of outdoor space. Their prior California home had a pool and a deck in the backyard, but it was nothing compared to their opulent Austin property.

1. The Kitchen

Image Credits: Work and Money

The kitchen features a huge fridge big enough to hold a bear and an island big enough to kill an elk on. A big stove, a crystal chandelier, and arched wood beams support everything.

2. The Living Room

Image Credits: Work and Money

The first floor of this house has an open floor plan and many windows. The same arched beams that tie the design of numerous rooms are present in this inviting sitting area. In addition, you have floor-to-ceiling windows that view out over the outside scenery.

3. The Bathroom

Everything in this primary bathroom is doubled. The bathroom's vanity fills the entire space and has more drawers and counter space than we could count. The subterranean garden tub requires a separate stairway due to its size. Finally, there is the shower, which has two showers.

4. The Laundry Room

Laundry rooms are now popular, providing excellent storage areas for all your cleaning supplies and knickknacks. This laundry room features two sets of washers and dryers, a double farmhouse sink for delicate washing, and a large built-in pantry for storing supplies. Everything is covered in marble, except the floors covered in herringbone wood.

5. The Office Area

Image Credits: Work and Money

Even the office area, typically ignored in most homes, is brimming with stylish items. The back wall is occupied by an arched entryway and transom window that look out over luxuriant vegetation.

The office's left side comprises built-ins with plenty of display and storage space. The Art Deco-style palm tree light fixture serves as the room's focal point.

6. The Game Room

There is a full wet bar off the side of the main open room, which is large enough for a pool table. The bar has an island, built-in bookcases, and plenty of recessed lighting.

7. The Gym

In the past, the garage housed a deep freezer containing various foods, including slices of moose and bear meat that Rogan had personally hunted.

8. The Backyard

Image Credits: Work and Money

The understated backyard includes an inground pool, a short covered porch, and contemporary landscaping.

There are many open spaces with beautiful grass where children and pets can run about. However, many of the home's back windows look out onto the yard and have floor-to-ceiling windows, bringing nature inside.

9. The Pool

A basic pool, grassy grounds, and a chain-link fence can be seen at first look. However, if you turn around, the entire city is revealed. The land drops off at the end of a sloping cliff facing away from the house, exposing views of hillside views on either side and an unobstructed view of the city straight ahead.

10. Secret Garden Gates

Image Credits: Work and Money

The home's original front entrance, a massive double-carved wooden archway surrounded by trees, and a straightforward step-up foyer stand out. The fully developed vegetation makes the front of the house quiet. The contemporary trees and plants complement the California design while also partially hiding the house from street view.

11. The Courtyard

The atrium, seen from floor to ceiling windows in several main hallways, is intended to be a relaxing location with Spanish-style lighting, mature flora, and a lounge area for lounging outdoors.

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Brenda Nyawara is an editor at Archute. She is a graduate architect with a passion for edge-cutting ideas in design, fashion, art and modern world interests.
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