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Modern Carpet For Bedrooms For A Soft And Cozy Look

Ian Mutuli
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Ian Mutuli

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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Though hardwood has become incredibly popular, carpets remain one of the most stylish and convenient flooring options. Most carpet manufacturers use modern technology to ensure that the carpet you purchase is gorgeous and functional like other flooring options. This enables you to get more popular patterns and amazing new features. If you're considering getting a modern carpet for bedrooms, here are some trendiest ideas. 

Bedroom Carpet Ideas

1. Natural Fiber Carpet

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If you need the hardwood to feel and look, you could consider picking a natural fiber carpet. Most natural fiber carpets are made with wool, sisal, jute or seagrass, making them a perfect alternative to hardwood. These carpets are virtually the only natural fiber used in broadloom or as wall-to-wall carpets

Natural fibers are typically more environmentally friendly than other carpets since they are made from more sustainable resources. Although these carpets are expensive, they are usually worth every penny.

2. Wool Carpet

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The wool carpets will be ideal if you are looking for modern bedroom carpet ideas, as they are hardwearing and super-soft underfoot. In addition, these carpets are super durable, making them perfect for any bedroom.

Seeing that wool is a natural fiber, the carpet is breathable, meaning that it will remain warm in the winter and cool during the hot seasons. Again with a wool carpet, your room will be perfectly insulated, and it will be an ideal way to absorb noise to keep your bedroom peaceful.

3. Animal Print

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If you want to integrate a bit of maximalism into your room, you could consider getting a bold print carpet. You could get the best animal print, the leopard, zebra, giraffe, or cheetah prints, since they will make a statement in your room. Another advantage is that you get to choose from a load of textures.

The advantage of this animal print carpet idea is that you can go big with a wall-to-wall carpet or moderate your urges with a smaller area rug. And whichever you choose, you can never go wrong. These bold prints are ideas for distracting eyes away from dirt and stains.

4. Pale colors and Stripes

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Pale colors and striped carpets will make smaller rooms appear wider or bigger. These are the best carpets if you are looking for small bedroom ideas. The colors and stripes provide an optical illusion that draws th eye in-depth to any space. The pale colors will brighten up a small room, and the stripes add visual interest to the floor.

5. Neutrals

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If you a looking to get a carpet that provides a feeling of softness and calmness, then the neutral carpet ideas will work for you. Since the neutral color interior scheme is best suited for areas you spend a lot of time in, they would be great for your bedroom.

Most neutral carpet ideas come with a careful blend of muted colors complemented by a striking reflective accent. Plus, they will give your room an elegant and luxurious feel.

6. Layer Rugs on Carpet

Just because your room has a wall-to-wall carpet, it does not mean you can not incorporate some areas with smaller rugs. When done precisely, adding a layer of rugs would be a great way to add extra texture or even update your old carpet. In addition, these rugs give you the option of choosing bold colors and patterns.

Nevertheless, it is necessary to know that the layer rugs will look good in smaller sizes. These rugs are considerably cheaper than most modern carpet ideas for bedrooms.

7. Vintage Rug

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Installing carpeting in your bedroom is not only gorgeous but also exceptionally functional. Most people think that vintage rugs have lived a long life or even under many feet, but they are carpets designed to look worn. Consider using a vintage rug instead of a traditional carpet to modernize your bedroom. Aga\in the vintage rug will add a lot o virtual interests to your room.

To some, it sounds impossible to add a great look to your bedroom using these rugs, but it is the eclectic vintage look that provides style and personality to your room. In addition to that, the rugs are treated with a vintage effect, in which carpets intentionally lack bold colors or patterns to look aged.

8. Subtle Patterned carpet

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Another perfect idea if you want to find a perfect carpet for your bedroom would be to get the patterned carpets. These carpet ideas are eye-catching, and they will help a simple room look elegant and well finished, but they will also add a lot of texture to your space.

The best part is that you will have a wide variety of options. So if you don't like the bold patterns, you could consider a subtler option

9. Bold Colors

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If your bedroom has bold colors on the wall, that does not mean you can not go for a bold color for the carpet. The great bit with the bold colors is that you could try experimenting with vibrant colors to suit your bedroom design and style.

It is necessary to note that if you intend to make your carpet dramatically colorful, you could use your carpet as the base of your design scheme. This basically means you can complement the colorful flooring with a more neutral palette for your bed, bedroom furniture and other bedroom accessories to make the room look even more modern.

10. Herringbone Weaves

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The zig zag-like herringbone patterns have become very popular in our homes, and they are different items that have these patterns, from bedding to bathroom tiling and blankets to parquet floors. You can apply this pointed weave pattern to your bedroom to get a contemporary look.

Again apart from using them in your bedroom, you could also use them in the hallways or high-traffic areas like the living rooms. In addition to that, most of these patterned carpets are of high quality, creating superior definition.

Types of Carpet for Bedrooms

For rooms with more foot traffic, you wil need to go for a stain-resistant carpet and more durable. However, while purchasing a bedroom carpet, comfort is key, and it is the warmth and soft qualities that are essential deciding factors. Here are some of the best types of carpets for the bedrooms.

1. Higher pile

Most of the carpets come with a label that indicates if they are low pile, medium pile or high pile. This usually refers to the height of the carpet fibers. For the low traffic areas like the bedroom, you want to go for carpets with high piles are For the areas with high traffic, you will need to go for carpets with low piles. A high pile carpet offers ultimate softness and warmth, and they have sound-dampening qualities.

2. Plush carpeting

Plush, in most cases, refers to the fiber style and construction of a carpet. A plush carpet is commonly referred to as a textured carpet. This type is great at covering dirt and stains. It is a familiar choice for bedrooms or family rooms.

3. Berber carpeting

Berber or loop carpeting is a good quality carpet specially designed to use in the bedroom. This, however, does not imply that you can not use it in other rooms. The fibers are not cut while constructing the loop carpets, thus creating a looped texture. These carpets are best suited for kids' bedrooms since they are more durable and can do pretty well in high-traffic areas.

4. Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles or carpet squares are individual tiles of carpeting slotted together. They are usually constructed with a layer of fiber tufted into a direct backing supported by a second layer. They are designed to provide self-serve flooring solutions since you can easily install them yourself. The fantastic bit is that they come in different designs to choose from, and they will add vibrancy to a space.

Factors Consider When Choosing the Best Carpet for a Bedroom

1. Style

When choosing your next bedroom carpeting, you must consider the style you will like, especially if your bedroom has a specific style. Regardless, you will want to choose a carpet that fits well with the room's existing design.

2. Color

Of course, color is another primary consideration when purchasing a bedroom carpet. The color you choose will mainly be based on your taste and maybe the color of your room. For example, you can choose a neutral color for an adult's room and maybe something colorful for your kid's bedroom.

With that in mind, it is necessary to note that the bedroom’s primary function is as a space of relaxation, meaning that muted neutrals are consistently popular among carpet colors. Some of the trending colors for the bedroom are Earth tones and Gray.

The earth tones include browns and tans colors, and they are very popular for carpeting. Again they match well with almost any style or color scheme giving you a natural look. The gray carpet ideas are also popular but with mixed opinions. The Gray colors are very versatile and are well known to bring elegance to the room.

3. Fiber and material

Most modern carpets for bedrooms come in different materials that range from natural fiber to synthetics. Polyester, nylon and wool are the most common fiber materials to make these carpets. However, each material will vary widely in terms of comfort and cost.

Understanding each material before settling for a carpet will help inform your choices. In most cases, you will find that polyester and wool will feel softer, but they are more expensive than the nylon material.

4. Maintenance 

Maintenance is another factor to consider, especially if you have pets or children in your home. In most cases, bedroom carpets are not subjected to lots of messes, but still, you need a carpet that is easy to clean and maintain. Some materials like sisal and wool are easier to clean than others, making them a great choice in terms of maintenance.

5. Special Needs 

Lastly, you will require to consider any special needs the bedroom residents have before purchasing a carpet. For example, while comfort can be a principal focus for your lifestyle, if you have mobility concerns, you need to focus more on the length of the pile. Correspondingly, someone with severe allergies will need to find it most important to get an eco-friendly flooring hypoallergenic. 

What are the advantages of having carpet in bedrooms?

Primarily bedroom carpets should provide a comfortable environment to relax and sleep. Having a carpet on the floor has numerous advantages compared to other flooring types. First, the modern carpets will keep your room warmer during the winter season. Some are breathable, meaning they can keep your room cool during the summer months.

Additionally, the carpets will absorb noise or dampen footsteps or vibrations, meaning you can not be disturbed during your sleep, especially if your spouse sleeps after you. Additionally, most modern carpets are pretty affordable yet very durable.

Drawbacks to Bedroom Carpets

One of the main drawbacks of the best modern carpet for bedrooms is that some are relatively hard to clean and maintain. Compared to floorings like hardwood, vinyl, tile or laminate floors, they will need frequent vacuuming to keep them clean.

Additionally, carpets tend to trap pollen and other Gallery causing particles. This makes carpeting less appropriate for allergy suffers. However, as we mentioned earlier, if you tend to have any allergies, you could opt for a hypoallergenic carpet


Carpets can make your room look casual, formal and even elegant. Understanding the different types of carpets for bedrooms and their advantages will help you choose what is best for your room. Remember, you can install any carpet in your room that suits your bedroom design and style and matches your needs. If comfort is what you are after, many styles and fibers are ideal for bedrooms.

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Ian Mutuli

About the author

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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