Smonet Projector Review

Smonet Projector Review- Everything You Need to Know

Ian Mutuli
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Ian Mutuli

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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Whether you are looking for a movie projector or a mini projector, Somet has it all and more as we will see in this Smonet projector review. So, what are some of the features you expect to find in the Smonet projector, and what is the experience of owning one like? Here are all the answers.

Smonet Projector Features and Specs

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1) Resolution

The Smonet projector displays a 1080p image making it great for use in corporate spaces for presentations or at home to watch movies. The projector not only has a good display but will maintain the quality for a long period after you buy it.

The native 720p supported projector is 1080p supported, making every family movie fun with good-quality image formats.

2) Video Support

Smonet supports a variety of video formats, including;

  • mpeg-1
  • mpeg-2
  • mpeg-4 real time video decoder
  • h 263
  • h 264
  • h 265
  • vc 1
  • rv
  • vp6/vp8
  • sorenson spark
  • mvc

3) Extended Storage

Smonet supports USB 2.0, which you can use as extended storage for your apps or programs and media.

4) 55,000 Hr Lamp Life

The Smonet mini projector displays will stay clear and crisp for the next 55 000 hours. The LED standard resolution stays bright, and the projector still gives me a surprisingly crisp image after two and a half years of continuous use.

5) Manual Keystone Correction

Keystone adjustment saves a lot of time and ensures the image on the screen is well-balanced. Smonet has manual image correction, making it the perfect home theater video projector.

6) Image Brightness

The Smonet wifi projector has an image brightness of 7500 lumens, giving it a clear and quality image capability. A bright screen means that you can use the projector during the day and still get good-quality images out of it.

The brightness of the projector is adjustable to your comfort level.

7) Contrast Ratio

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The Smonet wifi projector has a contrast ratio of 3000:1, giving it an above-average image quality. The contrast ratio makes the projector able to cast a variety of image formats of any kind without reducing the image quality, making each movie night worth looking forward to.

8) Remote Control

Smonet wifi projectors include a remote control as part of their accessories, making them convenient projectors to use without having to get up from your comfort each time you are watching something. Furthermore, Smonet has control buttons on its top, so you would never have to rely on a remote control. The buttons can do everything you could do with a remote control.

9) Connectivity

There are different ways you can connect Smonet to different devices. Smonet can connect to almost all devices, making it one of the most convenient projectors to use. Here are a few devices you can connect to the Smonet wifi projector.

a) Screen Mirroring

Smonet allows you to mirror the screen from your device. Smonet allows screen mirroring by both Android and iOS devices. Smonet has 5G screen mirroring, which is the latest technology in the market.

b) Built-in speaker

The Smonet projector has a built-in speaker that gets its sound via connections like HDMI.

c) Audio-Jack Wired Connection

If you do not have a Bluetooth speaker or headphones, your wired headphones or earphones will do just fine, as the projector has a 3.5mm audio jack output. Smonet ensures you can enjoy good sound quality however you prefer it.

d) HDMI Cable

The HDMI cable works great for your home theater setup, as most devices have the connection. Therefore, the Smonet wifi projector blends easily into your setup. You can connect the following devices to the projector using HDMI;

  • Fire TV stick
  • Laptop
  • PC
  • Switch
  • Xbox
  • PS5, etc.

e) USB

USB connectivity is one of the most useful today, and Smonet has a port for that too. You can connect a USB flash drive or an external drive to the projector and enjoy movies.

f) AV Cable

While fewer devices use the AV cable, Smonet considers the availability of such devices. The AV cable makes it possible to turn the VCD or DVD player into a big-screen experience. The AV cable provides fantastic image clarity, just as other forms of connectivity do. The projector further supports VGA connectivity.

g) Chromecast

The Smonet projector allows Google Chromecast connectivity.

10) 200" Screen Size

You can project Smonet to a screen as large as 200 inches. This makes Smonet the ultimate projector for outdoor movies. The recommended viewing distance is about 9 feet for an immersive experience.

On the lower side, you can use a screen as small as 30 inches and still enjoy using the projector.

11) Wall Installation

I can hang the projector on the wall, making it a versatile choice compared to other projectors. This makes it easier to use the projector in a small room. The projector is easy to install on a wall.

My User Experience

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Apart from the features, my experience using the projector has been nothing short of satisfying. I will outline a few things I liked about the projector and some that I did not quite like.

a) Things I Liked About the Smonet Wifi Projector

1) Quiet Fan

The fan in the projector is almost inaudible. Fan noise can be a bit distracting when watching a movie on the projector, and Smonet has none of that.

2) Great Power Consumption

The whole power consumption for the projector is about 48W, which is way better than most entertainment devices in the household.

3) User-Friendly

The Smonet wifi projector is easy to set up and use. The buttons on top of the projector have all the controls you need, and you do not have to rely on the remote control. Since the projector has an extended keystone correction feature, setting it up is not a pain compared to other projectors.

Connecting the projector to other devices like the fire stick is straightforward too.

4) Better Sound

I enjoyed the sound quality of the projector as I could use it both indoors and outdoors. There are multiple ways I could connect sound accessories, which is a plus for the projector.

5) Throw

The Smonet projection distance allows me to use the projector in a small room or a large boardroom. I can use a screen as small as 30 inches, making the projector ideal for use in small spaces.

6) Adaptable

The projector supports various devices, meaning I can use it with devices that are generations apart. Very few projectors have MVC audio support, and yet Smonet has it.

7) Portable Projector

The beauty of having the Smonet wifi projector is that I can bring it wherever I want and still use it. The projector is not bulky and can fit into my bags easily.

9) Worry-Free Warranty

Smonet is a trustworthy company that provides great offers on their products, including a lifetime support offer. The offers include a 12-month return period, a 3-year repair period, and technical life support. I never worry whenever I am using the projector because I know Smonet has my back.

b) Things I Did Not Like About the Smonet Projector

a) Power Cable

While the tabletop model needs to use a power cable, there are projectors with built-in battery options for more flexibility. There are portable options, but for the tabletop version, the cable is a bit limiting.

b) Daylight Use

While the projector has a bright screen, it is best used at night or in a dark room. I found it a bit hard to use in a brightly lit room.

Final Thoughts

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I would rate the Smonet projector a 4.7/5 because it gets the job done for me. The projector has a compact size, looks stylish, and is one of the best projectors under $300. The features are exceptional compared to other projectors. If you are looking for a work or a home theater projector, the Smonet wifi projector is the one for you.

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Ian Mutuli

About the author

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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