17 Office Wallpaper Ideas to Style your Office Decor

Ian Mutuli
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Ian Mutuli

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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The workspace is one of our favorite spots to add an explosion of variety with a backdrop. Whether your office is a wholly fledged room with a work area, seats, and recognitions or a small corner cut out of your parlor, there are bunches of ways of integrating your backdrop fixation.

You burn through 8–9 hours, five days, and seven days in your work area or office. You should be encircled by something other than four plain walls, especially after you begin working an everyday occupation. There, you can determine your style, either design, office wallpaper-wise, or stylistic.

Personally, I’ve gone from one work area to another. A couple of years ago, I moved over to the corporate workplace and had a workspace with both a window and a sliding entryway, something unbelievable for most of my time working.

I began adding pieces of stylistic layout to a great extent, including four rather practical blossom boxes of French lavender (right up to the present day, individuals inquire as to whether they are genuine), which sit on top of my workspace cupboards.

As of late, I chose to give the work of art in my desk area a revival. Around that time, I saw a wonderful high-contrast photo of a young lady glancing through a window at the Arc de Triomphe on one of the records I continued to follow on Instagram. 

Since I love to explore, I promptly went to research, where I found the banner Young lady in Window accessible on the Desenio site.

10 Office Wallpaper Ideas to Add Some Patterns in Your Office

If you are looking for unique ways to decorate your office environment, we have listed some office wallpaper ideas to give you some inspiration:

1. Modern Jungle Home Office

The following is a workspace we can all drool over. Liz Fogarty, a Washington, DC-based photographic artist, needed a little natural motivation while altering photographs at her work area. She picked the largest, striking banana leaf backdrop with a good work area and breezy components.

2. Retro Botanical Office Energies

One of Fancy Wall’s clients, Ashley, has a few retro-severe energies in her work-from-home circumstance. We love it! She picked the Tracked Down in the Wild backdrop, matched with a 70s-style pelican print and mid-century current styling.

3. High-Contrast Workspace

At times, intense is best with high contrast. It’s easy to pick a major example (for this situation, the Marble Stone Current Wall painting) when the variety plot is on the money.

4. Floral

Most people could be skeptical of floral decor in an office environment, so will it work? Yes, especially for home offices where your home office and living room are under the same roof.

Floral wallpaper

Image Credit: wallsbyme.com

The floral prints can act as home office decor, making your working hours easy to navigate and ensuring your home is coordinated and harmonious.

Floral wallpaper

Image Credit: idealhome.co.uk

The floral design has been tamed down with the other choices of subtle shades, making it an interesting view but not distracting while you are working. The shades in the office wallpaper have been used on the stool and different accessories to maintain calm in the home office.

5. Minimalistic Office Wallpaper

If your office space feels cluttered and you want to revamp it to reflect your sense of zen, then choosing a minimalistic wallpaper design will work the best. Choose office decor that adds the most value to your space and helps it become a dedicated room to focus on the task at hand. The fewer distractions you create, the better for your space.

Minimalist plain wallpaper

An office wallpaper that will work well in an office setting is a one-art print, like an outdoor or forest scene. Although plain wallpaper can sound boring, you will get its true power when you see it in contrast with carefully curated office decor pieces.

textured wallpaper

However, if you don’t like the idea of plain office wallpaper but still want to try the minimalist style, you can opt for textured wallpaper. Embossed wallpaper works well in small businesses and home offices because it adds extra detail when it interacts with light.

6. Wood Office Wallpaper

If you are looking to change the cubicle feel to that of a vintage-inspired studio, a wood office wallpaper can work some magic. Some of the trendiest wallpaper designs for home offices contain distressed wood accents to add some much-needed warmth to your workspace.

Wood print wallpaper

Image Credit: wallsbyme.com

Alternatively, you can use a textured peel-and-stick wallpaper that contains weathered wood patterns that go well with all-white or warm neutral furnishings and fixtures. To make your faux-wood office walls even more adaptable, look for peel-and-stick wallpapers with gray undertones. The wonderful canvas texture finish on the latex-saturated wallpapers further enhances their photorealistic appeal.

7. Tropical Wallpaper

When you have a clear objective in mind, meeting deadlines is always going to be simpler, right? like a magnificent prize for a job well done, like an exotic trip. If you love all things tropical, wallpaper your office with a jungle pattern.

Tropical wallpaper

Image Credit: pinterest.com

This pattern is enjoyable and vibrant, and it always breaks up the monotony that can sometimes overtake us all. It also brings out a modern yet trendy work environment, which is perfect for creatives.

8. Black and White

If you are not a fan of color and you work better in a neutral environment, then black and white wallpaper in the office will work for you.

black and white wallpaper

Image Credit: idealhome.co.uk

Since everyone’s mind occasionally wanders while working, choosing a black and white office wallpaper with prints will elevate the entire room.

home office design

Image Credit: pinterest.com

Go for designs that make a statement, like a feature wall, even when viewed from a distance, but still offer a beautiful design in detail when viewed up close. This makes it a great option for home office spaces.

9. Industrial Chic

If your work environment doesn’t feel calm enough, you can add a cool and collected tone to your office space by using a chic charcoal color scheme. One way is to use gray wallpaper since it is timeless, modern, and versatile.

Grey office wallpaper

Image Credit: coloribbon.com

This wallpaper design can make bold statements, especially in darker shades, to give a motivating feel. The grey wallpaper design can also help you get things done by focusing your mind and creating a productive atmosphere.

When you pair the grey office wallpaper with plenty of green foliage, it creates an offbeat aesthetic that will give you a creative boost.

10. Geometrical Pattern

Looking for alternatives to basic geometric patterns for your workplace walls? The beauty of geometric patterns and prints is that they may range in style from traditional to quirky.

geometrical pattern

Image Credit: flodeau.com

For offices, edgy, dramatic, dark-toned chevrons liven up the space while maintaining a basic sense of symmetry and structure. If muted colors are more your style, some stylish geometric patterns break from the traditional chevron pattern to take on a more playful, ikat-print aesthetic.

11. Pastel Wallpaper Design

Pastel colors are not abrasive to the eye, but when they are used with geometric designs, they can create an unusual and stimulating home office design.

 pastel wallpaper

Image Credit: freepik.com

The good thing about geometric prints and patterns is that they can vary in style from quirky to conventional.

Pin on Home Office Inspiration

A pastel wallpaper design is an affordable way to create a dynamic look in an office without breaking the bank. You can highlight the wallpaper with metallic accents in silver, rose gold, or classic gold to get a youthful look.

12. Bold and Bright

If you work in a profession that demands a lot of creativity, your surroundings should also reflect that. To keep your mind active and your spirit inventive, we recommend experimenting with vibrant colors and daring patterns.

bold and bright wallpaper

Having whimsical or bohemian wallpaper will encourage creativity in the workplace.

13. Choose a Dynamic Print

For a creative feel in your office space and if your work is more hands-on and less screen-based, a dynamic print will be a great choice. A perfect example is sewing, which allows you to experiment with various office wallpaper designs.

Busy office pattern

Image Credit: idealhome.co.uk

Although these busy prints are not the best for screen-based offices as they cause distractions, they are an excellent choice for craft rooms and offices. They ensure the brain remains alert and occupied, so you should choose a design that will encourage vitality and creativity.

14. Jazzy Work Space Alcove

Whether you have a ton of room for your workspace, you can fit in some significant style. This little office alcove includes Fancy Wall’s Ocean Botanical backdrop and outlined family photographs. Add your PC and a journal, and you’re all set.

Jazzy work space

Image source: realhomes.com

15. Feminine Home Office

A little office can feel somewhat claustrophobic while gazing at transparent walls, yet add a sweetheart frill and a beautiful example to transform it into a getaway. Shown is the popular Fancy Wall’s rose-plaited rope backdrop.

feminine home

Image source: ilovewallpaper.co.uk

16. Dalmatian Spots Present Day Workspace

This workspace is from Olivia and highlights the Dream Wall Studio Dalmatian Spots strip and stick backdrop. We love everything about this office, from the Ikea-hack work area to the plants, cowhide seat, and backdrop. πŸ™‚

dalmatian spots wallpaper in office setting

Image source: pinterest.com

17. Lively Office Alcove

Now and again, all you want is the tiniest sprinkle of examples to add life to your space. This little office niche includes the Blue Bohemian Scallops strip and sticks backdrop in a custom tone, which truly adds a merry bohemian feel.

lively office alcove

Image source: hgtv.com

Frequently Asked Questions on Wallpaper in Office

1. What are unique patterns for a custom office wallpaper?

  • Geometric patterns- These can range from simple shapes like squares and circles to more complex designs such as diamonds or hexagons.
  • Abstract patterns- These range in lines, color, and shapes in a non-representational design.
  • Nature-inspired patterns- They are often images of trees, animals, birds, and landscapes.
  • Marble patterns- These imitate the look of marble with swirling lines and veins in a repetitive pattern.
  • Floral patterns- They often include blooming flowers, stems, and leaves in a repetitive design.
  • Scandinavian patterns- These are often minimalist, clean lines and follow a muted color palette inspired by traditional Scandinavian design.
  • Vintage patterns- These range from art deco-inspired designs to more traditional patterns such as toile and damask.

2. Can office wallpapers help to increase productivity and reduce stress?

Yes, using office wallpaper can create a more aesthetically pleasing and comfortable environment, which can lead to improved productivity and reduced stress levels. Bright colors, calming patterns, and inspiring quotes can be particularly effective in creating a positive and motivating atmosphere.

3. Is wallpaper good for the office?

Choosing office wallpaper ideas is a wise decision, even for your home office. These usually aren’t the biggest spaces, however, so you can afford to spend more on a more expensive paper because you have less area to cover. Furthermore, if you keep it neat, tidy, and organized, you might find that it’s the room in your house that you love the most!

Ian Mutuli

About the author

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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