Where does Ryan Reynolds Live? Inside the Pound Ridge Mansion

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Ian Mutuli

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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Once the sexiest man alive, Ryan Reynolds is a huge Hollywood star. Ryan is good at everything he does, including staying away from the paparazzi and keeping a private life. For this reason, it is hard to get the interiors of Ryan’s house. However, we know Mr. Reynolds is a classic man with good taste, and we have some good leads about where he spends most of his time. So, where does Ryan Reynolds live?

Who is Ryan Reynolds?

Who is Ryan Reynolds?

Image Source: wsj.com

Ryan Reynolds is an award-winning American actor and one of the most famous and highest-grossing actors. Ryan Reynolds other name is Ronald, making all his names start with R’s. Reynolds is worth over $5 billion, and he is worth it because of his immense talent.

Reynolds is married to Blake Lively. They bought their first property in 2012, just months after their marriage. Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds have maintained a very low-key approach to life, leaving nothing to the public’s eye.

Where does Ryan Reynolds Live?

1) Bedford Mansion

Blake Lively and her husband, Ryan Reynolds, moved to their Pound Ridge neighborhood a few months after getting married. The couple moved from Bedford Post Inn, a few miles from their house.

Bedford Mansion

Image Source: dailyvoice.com

The house in Bedford Post Inn is located along the Cross river reservoir and is one of the oldest houses in the neighborhood. The former Ryan Reynolds house fits his style and personality. Mr. Reynolds is laid back and does not do many things publicly, including parties and clubbing.

The Green Lantern couple owned the property, which sits on close to two acres of land. The house had three bedrooms and five bathrooms. There is another suite on the property that has a guest house with two bedrooms.

2) Pound Ridge New York Mansion

The Pound Ridge is a huge upgrade from the former Bedford mansion. The house is a colonial mansion which still fits Reynolds’ style of having a laid-back vibe. However, the house is old, with wooden panels on its walls.

The house has seven bedrooms and six bathrooms. The house’s interior is amazing, but there are hardly any photos because of how private Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are. But, of course, Blake Lively, the Gossip Girl star, probably knows how to keep celebrity gossip away from their lives.

Pound Ridge New York Mansion

Image Source: dirt.com

Ryan Reynolds has lived on this property with his three children, James, Betty, and Inez, throughout his acting career as a superstar. The New York home has seen the family through a lot of success.

A sneak peeks into the house through Instagram posts of both Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds shows a magnificent interior with marble countertops. The Hudson Valley neighborhood is affluent, and it goes without saying that the house reflects the value of the owners.

Here are a few things we can conclude from some Instagram posts about the house.

a) The Kitchen

The kitchen in the house has two marble countertops, which is atypical of houses in the era in which the house was originally built. The house probably underwent renovations to get the wooden flooring and marble detailing on the other parts. As a result, the kitchen has gold detailing. Something else that can be seen in the kitchen is the brick-wall design that adds to its rustic feel.

Having three daughters is a huge growth that guarantees to move to a new place. However, Blake Lively had her second baby shower in the house, and the couple seems to have settled for the house. The kitchen is enough for the family.

b) Dressing Room

Being the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants Star, Blake Lively takes her fashion seriously and has an amazing dressing room. The room connects to the main bedroom in the house. Lively and Reynolds do not show off a lot. However, their fashion is always on point.

c) Neighborhood

The Deadpool star lives in a close-knit neighborhood, and locals describe him as extremely nice. The Inn at Pound Ridge is where the couple hangs out most of the time for lunch dates and interacts with their neighbors. The country resort is no average place and has long played host to many celebrities.

The neighborhood has other celebrities, including Martha Stewart, who lives just around the corner. Other celebrities who live in the town include Ralph Lauren, Michael Douglas, Bruce Willis, and more.

3) British Columbia House

British Columbia House

Image Source: pixilink.com

In 1991, Ryan Reynolds lived in Vancouver, British Columbia, in a classic house with a stone fence. Ryans’s love for the old and vintage did not start today. You can see the taste even in his dressing and roles in movies. The now Hollywood walk of Famer has a growth curve that other actors can emulate because of its linear nature, as demonstrated by his property over time.

Final Take

Ryan Reynolds’s house has remained out of the public eye for the most part. However, this is one thing I love about Mr. Reynolds. As much as we cannot access many photos of the house’s interior, we can be sure that Reynolds and Lively have turned the house into a beautiful one. In addition, the few videos we have seen on social media are heartwarming enough.

Ian Mutuli

About the author

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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