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15 Most Inspiring Above-Ground Pool Deck Ideas

Ian Mutuli
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Ian Mutuli

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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Above-ground pool decks are getting more popular day by day. These pools are also more affordable than in-ground pools. If you would like one of these pools, we have discussed a few stylish above-ground pool deck ideas that you may like.

We all enjoy spending a hot afternoon by the pool, or who doesn't? Even if you don't like water, you may have a family member who does.

So, creating an adorable pool deck that your family and friends will enjoy shouldn't miss your to-do list. You may or may not be a fan of these type of pools; however, with the best above-ground pools, you will definitely have fun.

Some of the reasons you may be forced to build an above-ground pool include;

  • Poor soil quality
  • Building and zoning restrictions
  • High water table
  • Terrain issues

These are some reasons you may not build an in-ground pool even if you wanted one. On the other hand, though, above-ground pools are also beneficial in their way. We shall look at those benefits later on.

Types of Decks for Above-Ground Pools

Above-ground pools don't look as beautiful as the inground pools. However, you can change the look with a deck and give the pool lounging area.

So, if you own an above-ground pool and willing to equip it with a deck, you must know how you want it. What would you like your pool deck to look like?

Once you make up your mind, your next step will be constructing a deck of your choice. There are four main pool deck styles which we shall discuss below;

a). Full-Surround Decks

From the name, I bet you can already guess what a full surround deck looks like. These decks surround the perimeter of your pool and cover the walls.

Image: The spuce

Full-surround decks are large, allowing you to add fun features like lounge chairs, grills, and even hot tubs if you wish. This deck comes to the top of your pool, thus creating a flush appearance.

b). Side Decks

Instead of surrounding the whole pool perimeter like full surround decks, side decks fit only on one side of the pool. As a result, these pool decks are also smaller than the full surrounding pool decks.

Image: Swimmingpool

Side decks are the best options when you have limited space or are on a budget and don't want anything costly. Also, if you like a small lounging area, you can install a side deck.

3. Combination Decks

Another adorable type of deck is the combination deck for pools. These are mostly for custom looks, and you can be as creative as you wish.

Image: Define Bottle

This method would be great if you wish to expand your above-ground pool deck.

Materials Used to Build Decks For Above Ground-Pools

Above-ground pool decks can be constructed from different materials. You need to know that the decking material you choose will impact the overall look of the place. Let's see what materials can be used.

1. Wood Decking

Real wood decking is one of the most timeless choices you can have. Moreover, it is a luxurious choice as it is naturally beautiful, durable, and with a rustic appeal.

Image: Pinterest

Wood decking is also anti-slip, crucial when choosing decking materials for a pool. In addition, wood can be measured and cut to your desired shapes and sizes, making it suitable for customized above-ground pool decks.

With all its desirable qualities, wood can warp, rot, or splinter. However, you can use pressure-treated wood or add a wood stain to prevent such issues.

2. Composite Decking

Are you aware that you can get the look of real wood but be low maintenance? This is because composite decking consists of plastic and wood fibers.

Image: Houzz

This makes it durable as it combines plastic's longevity and wood's durability. Composite is a great choice as it does not warp or attract insects or splinters.

3. Aluminum Decking

This is not a very common choice among users. However, it is a good choice for above-ground pool decking. Some of the reasons why it's a good choice include; that it is lightweight and resistant to rust, mold, warping, insects, and cracks.

Image: Ingenio Virtual

Though aluminum decking is not as common, it is more durable and long-lasting than most other materials.

4. PVC/Plastic Decking

PVC decking is another option if you want something durable and does not rot. PVC can be designed to look like natural wood, giving it a beautiful look but with minimal maintenance.

Image: Trex

Moreover, PVC decks are stain-resistant. With PVC or plastic decking, you will not have to worry about insect infestation or splintering. This ensures you have a safe environment around the pool.

Above-Ground Pool Deck Ideas

You can never run out of pool deck ideas. With these above-ground pool deck ideas we have gathered, you will be spoilt for choices. So let's review them and see which one you'll like most.

1. Above Ground Pool With A Trampoline

Here is a lovely pool deck for those with enough space. With this wide deck, you have enough space for sunbathing and placing lounge chairs.

Image: Angie's List

The deck is simple yet stylish and does not raise any issues during installation. Installing this type of deck is also budget-friendly as you can even use lumber material coated with a special wet-resistant liquid.

With the trampoline, this above-ground pool is family-friendly, as kids can play without getting into the pool.

2. Above Ground Pool With Terraced Deck

If you would like t change the entire look of your above-ground pool, this is one of the ideas you can try out. You can submerge the pool into a wooden deck to change its look.

Image: How to Garden Design

The stairs in this deck design are used to reach the pool. However, they can also serve other purposes because they are all around the pool. For example, you can use the stairs to dry your towels or relax.

To add other visual elements and make it pop, you can plant grass and add stampcrete along the pool's perimeter. Adding flower pots at the corners also works just fine.

3. Above Ground Pool With Platform

This pool deck is an amazing option if space is not a concern. The walls prevent kids and pets from getting into the pool unsupervised, making it safe. We all know how kids and pets can get cheeky and careless.

Image: Pinterest

Because there is enough space, the pool also has a pergola where you can relax during a hot afternoon when you are not in the water. Check out these pergola ideas if you have a large space and would like to set up one.

4). Above Ground Pool With Automatic Cover

Did you know you can have an above-ground pool with an automatic cover? All you need is to build a wooden deck around the pool. The cover will sit on one end of the pool while its pull ropes run through the tracks running down the side of the pool.

Image: Alibaba

Automatic covers are worth investing in. They protect your pool water by keeping off insects and other debris. This means you won't have to clean it often as you would, if it had no cover. However, whenever you need to clean the pool, you can always use the best pool skimmer for best results.

This pool is an above-ground pool; however, the deck makes it look like an in ground pool. See how simple it is to create an illusion with a pool deck?

5). Above Ground Pool With Wooden Deck and Safety Fence

Another nicely done pool deck here that you will love if you have the space. The pre-assembled wall panels are easy to put up and provide privacy as you swim, sunbathe, or lounge.

Image: Pinterest

This design makes the pool a walk-in or walk-out. If you like this above-ground pool deck idea, you can add a sturdy gate to make it safer, as kids can easily fall into the water. A gate with self-locking latches will work perfectly.

6). Above Ground Pool with Flowers All Round

If you only have limited space for a side deck. This design is perfect. You can make the pool look like a continuation of your backyard landscape. You can do this by planting flowers along the edge of the deck.

Image: Pinterest

You can plant flowers of your choice, seasonal ones that reveal a pop of color, or ornamental plants. Although the deck is not very spacious, you can still add a few chairs and a table, or whatever you feel will make the space more useful.

A gate at the bottom of the stairs makes the pool safe and blocked from kids and pets.

7). Above Ground Swimming Pool With a Bridge

You can install the deck of your swimming pool as you wish. This is because there are endless above-ground pool designs to try out.

Image: Fox Pools

Whether you have a large space or not, there is always something for everyone. This pool deck design with a bridge gives the pool elegance and style.

A bridge makes connecting the outdoor to the inside of the house easier. For example, you can link your porch to the pool using the same material for construction.

This bridge ensures you don't step on dirt and get into the pool with it. Instead, you will get to the water with clean feet, hence not making the water dirty.

8. Above-Ground Pool With Slides

Be more creative and let out the inner child within you. You can do so by creating a swimming pool deck with slides.

Image: Pinterest

You can be sure that the slides will make every minute spent by the pool more exciting. Depending on the pool users, there are different slide types.

9). Above Ground Pool With Multi-Level Deck

A multi-level pool deck is another way to create a fascinating above-ground pool deck. A good deck will be sturdy and comfortable to relax on. In this idea, you can add a few outdoor furniture and tables.

Suck decks can cover areas around the pool that are difficult to maintain or rough terrain adjacent to the pool.

10). Above Ground Swimming Pool With a Lounge

You can create your pool deck as a continuation of the porch. This type of pool deck ensures your pool has an integrated look.

Image: HGTV

The deck also keeps your pool from getting dirty as it is constructed from the ground. It is also close and more accessible to the house.

11). Tropical Above Ground Swimming Pool

You can have an above-ground swimming pool, giving it an illusion of an in-ground pool. You can create this illusion by creating a higher deck, so the surface is above the pool's rim.

Image: Pinterest

The deck can be a relaxing zone where the lounge chairs are placed. You can add potted plants too to enhance the relaxing feeling.

With a wooden fence, you get enough privacy while relaxing by your poolside. With an added gate, your pool will be a haven for you and your family.

12). Above Ground Pool for Small Spaces

Don't be limited because of space. You can still have a pool deck even if you have a small space. For example, you can create a deck like this, with a top surface that coincides with the edge of the pool, creating an illusion of infinity.

Image: Backyard Boss

The pool has a small deck with lounge chairs. So, despite the small space available, you can still get a place to cool off on a hot day.

13. Above-Ground Pool with a Partial Deck

This is a custom pool deck built to meet codes while providing relaxation and entertainment space. You can store your pool equipment underneath such a pool deck. It will ensure the place is tidy and the equipment is not stored far from the pool.

Image: Pinterest

Use colors and shades of your choice to paint the place. Neutral tones that blend with other outdoor elements create a pleasing palette.

14). Above Ground Infinity Pool Deck by the Beach

An infinity edge, also known as a vanishing edge, looks like it's blending into the horizon. There are infinity pool ideas for above-ground pools as well.

Image: Pinterest

For this one, the pool is adjacent to the ocean. So, you can watch the sunset in the evening. It also has a rustic wooden deck and a matching sunlounger to make the appearance more elegant. Palm trees next to the pool also provide shade when it is hot.

15). Modern Above-Ground Pool Deck

This above-ground pool is suitable for large spaces as the deck is large. It is tiered, and you can use the steps to get into the pool.

Image: Next Luxury

The surrounding area covered in the grass makes the patio beautiful as it is well maintained. In addition, the lounge area is large enough for sun loungers.

The black color of the pool deck makes it classy and elegant. There is enough space to add a few outdoor pieces of furniture for lounging on the deck.

Pros and Cons of Above Ground Pool Decks

Like everything else, above-ground pools have their pros and cons. Let's have a look;

Pros of Above Ground Pools

a). Safer

This will highly depend on your setup. However, above-ground pools are safer, especially if you have small kids and pets. This is because it is more difficult for them to climb up the pool. A fence around your pool will make things even better and safer for your pets and kids if you have a deck around your pool.

In addition, above-ground pools are only 48-52 inches deep. This is shallower hence minimal chances of drowning. The surrounding handles used to reinforce them also prevent slippage.

b) Cheaper

The cost of inground pools and above-ground pools is incomparable. The difference in the two prices is tens of thousands of dollars.

For an above-ground pool, you do not need a lot of materials or labor as they are not fixed fixtures at home. Such pools are also non-taxable and don't require building permits.

c) Easy to Install

Unlike inground pools, which require a lot of digging, leveling, insulating and professional work, an above-ground pool needs assembling only.

Installing this pool does not impact the landscape; you can disassemble it when winter comes. If you rent, you can take it with you when you relocate. It comes with a lot of conveniences.

d) Low Maintenance

Above ground, pools are elevated; this makes it hard for insects and other debris to drop in. Besides this, you can easily install a pool cover over it. Pools can get damaged at any time; however, with above-ground pools, patching up is less costly in case of damage.

Cons of Above Ground Pools

a) Overall Look

If you want an upscale side, an above-ground pool won't give you that. They are more similar to hot tubs instead. So, it doesn't look very attractive unless you upgrade your pool with a deck.

b) Vulnerable

Unlike inground pools, an above-ground pool is very vulnerable to weather elements. They can easily be damaged by storms and snow and cause a lot of spillages.

c) Lifespan

If you have an above-ground pool, don't expect it to last longer than 15 years. That is usually their lifespan, but that of inground pools is 20 years.

What to Consider When Building an Above-Ground Pool Deck

There are many options to opt for when constructing a deck for your above-ground. However, before you construct your above-ground pool deck, you may need to consider these factors;

1. Heat on the Feet

Whatever material you use to build the deck, if it stays in the sun all day, it will likely heat up. Darker colors absorb and retain heat more efficiently.

So if you don't want your feet roasted as you walk around the deck, ensure you use brighter colors. Such is good at reflecting the heat, ensuring your feet don't get too hot.

If you live in a cooler climate, you may need darker colors to keep your deck warm. But whatever you choose, ensure you do not step on the deck barefoot without testing first.

2. Drainage

Having the water levels in your pool at least halfway up is always advisable to keep your pool's structure intact. Additionally, you also need to check the direction where water will flow in case it rains.

When constructing your pool and its drainage system, ensure the water drains downhill and away from your house to avoid damaging property.

3. Budget

Your budget is one of the most important things to consider when building a pool deck. Firstly, there are many types of pool decks, as seen above. This means that different designs will cost different amounts of money.

You may need a classic pool deck which is beyond your budget, that means you would have to look for another design. You can get a contractor to give you a quotation before you proceed. This will ensure you work within your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions On Above-Ground Pool Deck Ideas

1. What size should the gap be between a swimming pool and a deck?

The maximum space between the pool and the decking is 3/4 inches. Slip resistance, gaps between the slope of the deck, and boards can also be regulated depending on the local codes. You should also consider these requirements for any deck adjacent pools.

2. Must you have a permit to build a deck around an above-ground pool?

Building an above-ground pool does not require a permit as the pool is not a permanent structure. However, building a deck around it may differ depending on how you want it. For permanent structures, you will need a permit.

Featured Image: brazosvalleypools.com

Ian Mutuli

About the author

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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