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Best Airbnb Management Software to Maximize Your Profits

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Brenda Nyawara

Brenda Nyawara is an editor at Archute. She is a graduate architect with a passion for edge-cutting ideas in design, fashion, art and modern world interests.
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As an Airbnb host or a property manager, it's not easy managing one or more Airbnb rentals. The responsibilities might be overwhelming. However, with technological advancements, most of these responsibilities can be easily done using the best Airbnb management software solution. And as the competition in the vacation rental industry stiffens, the management software will help you scale up your operations.

What’s Airbnb Management Software?

Airbnb management software is a program that helps property managers and Airbnb hosts with day-to-day operations. The software usually automates the daily operations of a vacation rental business. Besides, the management software helps automate many of the time-consuming, monotonous, and repetitive chores that host deal with daily and provides new tools and services to make hosting easier and more lucrative.

Furthermore, the management software intends to simplify booking, calendar synchronization, and guest communications. Conversely, the software aims to improve property management efficiency, get rid of human errors, and save time.

How Does the Airbnb Property Management Software Work?

The software usually directly connects all your Airbnb listings to the program, allowing you to manage the listings from one place. Once this connection is established, the system assigns tasks, and information is effortlessly communicated between the Airbnb site and the property management software.

This management software solution is perfect for Airbnb hosts with many short-term rental properties and those who offer holiday rentals on different home-sharing sites. Besides, vacation rental managers that manage holiday rentals on behalf of owners can also invest in this vacation rental software to make their work much easier. 

Additionally, the management software allows you to access multiple properties in one centralized dashboard. That means, even if they're listed on multiple vacation rental platforms, you can monitor the status of each property and manage everything in one place.

Now that you understand how vacation rental management systems work let's check out the best Airbnb property management software options.

1. Guesty Property Management Software

Guesty is an advanced Airbnb property management software and app (you can use it on desktop and mobile apps and even include your brand website). The management software offers simple tools for managing short-term rental properties from end to end.

The Guesty's dashboard enables Airbnb property managers to handle payments, automate mundane activities, provide thorough on-demand reports, and centrally store all bookings and communications with guests. The software also acts as a property management CRM system. Additionally, it allows you to connect your account with external service providers such as third-party services or online travel agents.

This Airbnb property management software is ideal for property managers having substantial portfolios of at least 20 units. You can conveniently manage listings on more than 24 OTAs and in more than 15 languages. Besides, if you manage properties for multiple owners, you can set up portals for each of them to see what is going on with their specific properties.

  • Free Trial: 14 days
  • Pricing: Price on application

2. Beds24 Airbnb Property Management Software

Beds24 is the ideal system for property managers looking for an all-in-one Airbnb management software to consolidate multiple Airbnb accounts into one. It acts as a channel manager, automatically updating all of your property listings across different channels. Moreover, the property management system features tools needed for managing all reservations, bookings, and guests, as well as streamlining rates.

Beds24 system can manage listings, create websites, and collect payments, and it's accessible from anywhere through smartphone, tablet or computer. Conversely, the Airbnb property management software has various plans available, allowing you to select the functionalities you need to add to your system based on your budget.

  • Free Trial: 14 days
  • Pricing: $10.20 per month

3. Hostaway Property and Channel Management Software

Hostaway is a property management software and app for vacation rental managers. Besides, it's one of the most solid and comprehensive systems in the vacation rental industry. It has preferred partner status with Airbnb, Booking, Expedia, VRBO, and TripAdvisor. Additionally, it's ideal for large-scale or scaling STR property managers.

The software solution enables you to manage your vacation rentals as well as integrate all your Airbnb accounts in one location. But, on the other hand, the software has several helpful features. One of the benefits is that it automatically verifies availability information and saves you from the hassle of double bookings.

The Hostaway has a list of the ever-increasing range of connectors, open API, Zapier connection, and custom fields, making it one of the most flexible and customizable property management systems.

Since I bought this software, I can conveniently centralize all my messaging and automate repetitive tasks like sending invoices, cleaning work orders, and payments. On the other hand, the software's calendar conveniently collects all my bookings from various sources into one calendar view, ensuring that I am constantly updated on my booking statuses.

  • Free Trial: Limited for enterprise
  • Pricing: $20-50 / listing

4. MyVR Property Management Software

If you are looking for an all-in-one solution, count on the MyVR Airbnb property management software. This software combines data from different channels into a unified inbox, dashboard, and calendar. On the other hand, the system has a user-friendly design which makes managing vacation rentals easy. Besides, you can use the software as a marketing tool to help you enhance your exposure and bookings.

Furthermore, MyVR software offers a centralized listing management system and allows you to build your property website as well as accept online payments. It is also an amazing tool if you want a system that keeps all your financial records in one place. Conversely, it provides packages with varying costs, allowing you to select the functions you want based on your budget.

  • Free Trial: 7 days
  • Pricing: $29 per month

5. Lodgify Property and Channel Management Software

Lodgify is a full-service management software ideal for small to medium size Airbnb property managers or hosts. The software features an outstanding book direct website builder with stunning themes and customizations that make nice-looking quick websites. Besides, it can act as a plugin for popular website builders like WordPress, Wix, and SquareSpace.

By booking directly with you, the guests save on platform booking costs. But, conversely, the software comes with all of the automation features you would expect from a high-end product, and it is easy to market all your listings on multiple platforms such as Airbnb,, Home Away, and others from one dashboard.

  • Free Trial: 7 days
  • Pricing: $12-32 / listing

6. IGMS Property and Channel Management Software

If you are a small-scale Airbnb manager or host managing up to 50 listings, count on IGMS property management software. This low-cost management software has many features you would not expect at first. Though it performs all of the expected automation tasks, it has some incredible integrations.

Moreover, the IGMS's user experience and interface (UI) are smooth and easy to use. Onboarding and installations are easy, and you don't require a technical or onboarding team. IGMS is a great system, team, and organization that supports and understands its users. However, the software has limited integrations and doesn't have a book-direct website builder.

  • Free Trial: 14 days
  • Pricing: $14-20 / listing

Features to Consider Before Buying the Best Airbnb Management Software

1. Channel management

A channel manager is a system that usually assigns and syncs your vacation rental listing across several vacation rental portals such as Airbnb, TripAdvisor, Vrbo/HomeAway, and So, when a guest makes a reservation through one channel, it is reflected across all platforms. Besides, all changes you make will also reflect on one central dashboard.

Additionally, a channel manager exports your inventory, pricing, and other relevant data to the various online travel agencies, then imports each booking made on those platforms. However, keep in mind that some property management software collaborates with external channel management, while others have them built in.

2. Cleaning & team management

The cleaning and team management feature allows you to assign and track your cleaning team and virtual assistants, even when you are overseas. Besides, having a system where your team can report issues, monitor, accept, and mark completed tasks will make it easier for the management and everyone to keep operations moving smoothly.   

Besides, the management software got you if you have trouble remembering to send reminders to your cleaner and staff. So, another benefit of using this software is to help automate most of the monotonous activities of operating a successful Airbnb. And, since it is a computer, it will never forget to send automated reminders.

3. Automated guest messaging

Pay attention to automated guest communication when looking for the best Airbnb management software. If the software has the automated messaging feature, responding to inquiries and sending emails won't be time-consuming anymore.

Though the notion of a computer sending messages to your Airbnb guests may seem discouraging at first, when you understand how advanced this guest communication can be, you will appreciate it. The management software will allow you to communicate with your guests efficiently and smartly by consolidating your discussions from several portals into a single feed.

Besides, by using shortcodes, you can add dynamic content to every message you send, making each message quite personal and tailored to each guest as they move through their guest experience.

4. Unified inbox

As an Airbnb host with multiple listings, it can be tiring to keep logging into multiple Airbnb accounts to access your inbox. With a unified inbox, it will be easy to see where each visitor is on their booking journey, as well as what action needs to be taken by having a unified inbox/single dashboard for all of your listings.

Moreover, a unified inbox consolidates your messages into one convenient location. Then, it displays all messages from all platforms in one sleek dashboard. That way, you don't have to log in to any of these multiple platforms; you can manage everything in one place.

5. Financial reporting 

The financial reporting feature will help you manage your finances by keeping track of all your income and spending. It delivers a monthly report detailing how your listings performed over four weeks. Furthermore, it can summarize all bookings and payments made to personnel, suppliers, insurance, and other parties.

6. Dynamic pricing 

When you enter the Airbnb property management business and start building your rental portfolio, you will realize that the short-term rental sector is highly competitive. So, to keep up with the current market rates, you will need dynamic pricing tools such as Pricelabs and Wheelhouse. The tools automate rate modifications by evaluating market demand, trends, and your counterparts' rates.

Moreover, they anticipate which pricing category will optimize your occupancy using data analytics. Then, depending on your property's location, features, and price history, they will offer customized rates.

7. Automated reviews

As your business on Airbnb blossoms, the workload increases considerably. As a result, you can find yourself lacking time to leave a guest. Though this is not much of a concern when managing one listing, it is a headache when managing multiple listings.

Fortunately, decent Airbnb property management software can interface with the vacation rental review system and help you automate this process. The system allows you to create review templates. Once done, you can command the system how long after the booking you want them to be posted, and the system will customize, randomize, and send them on your behalf at the chosen time.

8. Website Builder

Before buying the best Airbnb management software, check whether it has a website builder. A website builder feature is extremely handy for Airbnb hosts who want to advertise and brand their properties.

The property management system will help you develop a custom website that includes professionally designed templates, advertising, SEO marketing, and content management. Essentially, when you have your website, you can accept direct bookings rather than relying solely on third-party platforms.

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Brenda Nyawara

Brenda Nyawara is an editor at Archute. She is a graduate architect with a passion for edge-cutting ideas in design, fashion, art and modern world interests.
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