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Best Electric Reel Mower for the Neatest Lawn/Yard

Ian Mutuli
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Ian Mutuli

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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If you want to have the most precise cuts on your lawn, then the electric reel mower is all you need. Reel mowers are one of the best upgrades that traditional lawn mowers have gone through recently. The electric mower is the new age of mowers, and the reel mower rules them all. The mower is an odd type, and the results you get from the machine are oddly satisfying. So be ready for a lot of satisfaction coming your way if you plan to get yourself an electric reel mower.

What is an Electric Reel Mower?

Unlike other lawn mowers, an electric reel mower is one of a kind. The lawn mower stands out from the rest in a way that may not seem believable. Instead of cutting the grass horizontally to the ground, the reel mower perpendicularly cuts the grass. The blades are angled at 90 to the ground. The blades rotate in a wheel-like fashion, delivering a clean cut that is hardly believable. While the blades are not what you expect them to be, the results are more than you expected.

We will talk about the reel mower. However, other mowers exist, including the cordless electric lawn mower and the push reel mower. A standard manual push mower is a manual version of the reel mower. Push mowers do a great job but are more suitable for smaller projects. The electric motor does more work than a manual operation of the lawn mower. A gas mower is an option you can find in the market too. However, the self-propelled mower is what we shall go for today.

Best Electric Reel Mower

1. Scotts Electric Tools Electric Cordless Reel Mower

Scotts Outdoor Power Tools 20-Volt 16-Inch Electric...
  • Scotts powerful brushless reel mower includes 20-Volt 2.0Ah...
  • Wide reel mower with a cutting width of 16 inches; Grass catcher...
  • Modern lawn mower design that can be used with or without the...
  • Electric cordless reel with a cutting width of 16” and durable...
  • Space-saving reel upgrades include a detachable handle for easy...

Scotts is a brushless reel mower that offers comfort and efficiency. The lawn mower is one of the lightest you will find. In addition, the mower throws a great spin to comfort levels by providing an arm that has a foam pad to keep your hands comfortable at all times. Scotts Electric machines enjoy record braking sale periods because of the convenience you will have when you buy the mower.

The mower is small enough to offer convenience for space. You do not have to worry about where you will keep the mower as it can fit in the tiniest spaces. Scotts has a grass-catcher that will leave a neat trail while working on your lawn. The lawn mower is affordable for you, giving you better results than the more expensive options.


  • More efficient than the push reel mower
  • Grass-catcher to collect grass clippings
  • Affordable
  • Small size
  • No cord involved


  • The mower will not handle a large field or tough bermuda grass.

2. Sun Joe Mower

Sun Joe MJ506E 16 in 6.5 Amp Quad Wheel 24 Blade...
  • [ELECTRIC REEL MOWER]: Power 6.5-amp motor cuts a crisp 16 in....
  • [ADJUSTABLE]: 5-position manual adjustment allows for cutting...
  • [STEEL RAZORS]: Each of the 24 steel razors are designed to lift...
  • [ACCESSORIES]: 14.6 gal (55 L) capacity grass bag collects...
  • [LIGHTWEIGHT]: Weighs in at under 32 lbs

Sun Joe is a notable company with some of the best equipment you can ever buy. Luckily, they have some electric reel mowers that will blow your mind once you start using them. The Sun Joe mower is lightweight and is easy to use. You will enjoy your time mowing without getting tired.

Sun Joe is a 6.5 Amp that will smoothly cut the grass evenly, making your work worth the time. The mower has a bag to catch the grass clippings and significantly reduce your work on the lawn. The lawn mower is light weight and easy to control, increasing your speed at mowing your lawn on any given day. The mower will never need sharpening sealed to improve the efficiency as it is foolproof.


  • Steel razors that are sharp and efficient5-point manual adjustment
  • Lightweight mower
  • In stock in most stores
  • Grass bag to collect clippings


  • Not suitable for large fields

3. Gardena Reel Mower

Gardena 4026-U 15-Inch 12-Volt Cordless Electric Reel...
  • Folding handle with quick lock feature for easy transportation...
  • Ergonomically shaped handle ensures a comfortable working...
  • Guide handle, featuring conveniently positioned switch make it...
  • Supplied with charger with a maximum charge time of 24-hour
  • Recommended accessories: Grass catcher model 4029

Tools and electrical equipment are things we need only when we need them. The rest of the time, the tools remain stored away, and you have to find the best place to keep them. Luckily, Gardena is built for both work and storage. The mower is foldable and can be easily stored safely for future use. Apart from the compact size, the mower has a guide handle that makes it easy to push the electric push mower. Reel mowers are the best to use, and Gardena is at the top with the best options.


  • Foldable structure
  • Easy to use
  • Compact structure
  • Guide handle for easy use
  • Supplied with charger


  • Suitable for small yards

Why You Should Buy an Electric Reel Mower

a) Zero Pollution

Mostly, all you really need to do is cut grass without having to give away the comfort of breathing in the grass smell. Unlike its gas counterparts, a reel mower will not fill the air with smoke and intoxicating gases as you go about mowing. The cordless electric mower is not only a breeze to use but also meant to put your comfort first. The lawn mower further saves energy by using the charge efficiently. The power that runs the mower is just enough to get the job done, and there is no power that will get lost due to inefficiency.

Another form of pollution that you will catch a break from is noise pollution. Have you ever stayed at home trying to relax, but your neighbor who is three houses away is mowing their lawn, and the whole neighborhood will not rest. The battery-powered battery is the best option to use when listening to music while mowing.

b) Save On Costs

There are many ways to look at the ways the mower saves you additional costs. However, regardless of whichever way you look, the mowers are the most economical options you can get in the market today. Once you have charged the battery, you can use the mower for a long period without charging the mower a second time. Batteries offer green energy, which is more efficient and more affordable than the other forms of energy. You will love using the lawn mower because of the time, energy and financial costs you will have saved. Once you make a purchase, you will notice that the cost of maintaining your lawn has reduced significantly.

c) Non Messy Engine

The one thing you have to dread regarding the gas mowers is maintenance. With the mower, you are getting value for the price you paid to buy the mower. With time, you will see exactly where your money had gone, and you will not regret spending it on the mower. As long as your mower is electric, you can be sure to be separated from a messy life that is full of mechanics such as cleaning the engine. If you are interested in keeping both the lawn and your hands neat, one of the features you should look for is the electric motor option.

d) Easy Operation

You will enjoy using the mower. You are guaranteed comfort that you will not normally get with the other mowers. Unlike the push reel mower, the mower option is lighter and easier to control as you will not be using up all the energy you have on pushing the mower. The light weight design of the mower means that you will just be walking most of the time. You have nothing to worry about with a full charge, and you can change your mowing sessions into walking time. You can mow larger yard sizes without getting worn out, unlike the other options you have.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing an Electric Reel Mower

When buying a lawn mower, you have to consider some things that place your comfort, convenience and efficiency at the forefront. Many factors cut across all mowers. However, some factors are specific to the mower, and they are as follows;

i) Battery Life

Any battery runs for a specific period. So whenever you shop for a mower, you need to know how long it takes to charge a battery and how long the battery will run before you have to recharge it again. Most electric lawn mower models are for small-scale home use because the battery might not last very long to clear large fields.

The battery will perform depending on the task at hand. For example, if you will be dealing with grass like the bermuda grass, you need to equip yourself with a powerful mower because you will take longer on the lawn. An electric reel mower is well suited for its function, and you can count on the mower to get its specified job done.

ii) Corded Vs. Cordless Electric Lawn Mower

If you are looking for the ideal cost-effective solution, the cordless electric lawn mower is your go-to choice. There are many advantages to this type of lawn mower because you will have more convenience than other mowers. The cordless electric mower depends on whatever power grid your area is under. You can mow your lawn without any worries concerning the power supply.

The cordless electric lawn mower is relatively cheap compared to the other mowers. There has been a lot of customer satisfaction reported concerning the pricing of the machine. The lawn mowers are flexible and can work from a small yard with no power supply close by. You need to know how long your battery runs, and you will be good to go.

iii) Availability

Luckily, the mower is available for anyone living in any part of the USA or abroad. Availability is a huge factor because it determines how easily you will be able to access the spare parts that you might need to use if you need to make repairs or upgrades. Also, while the reel mower life is long, the blades may still need sharpening to keep the work standards at an all-time high.

iv) Warranty and Customer Support

Before you take your mower for a walk, you need to know what happens when there is damage or when you need to do a replacement. While the prices vary with efficiency in most cases, you can still find defects in the most expensive products. Therefore, when buying a product, you need a support system that will listen to and cater to your needs whenever you need help.

Final Take

There have been a lot of inventions for mowing and tending the lawn. However, the best is the reel mower because of its conveniences and capabilities. From being lightweight to having foldable designs, the mowers offer so much more than other mowers can not offer. We recommend an electric reel mower if you have a small yard that you have to tend regularly.

Ian Mutuli

About the author

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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