The Best Ottoman Coffee Table for Your Home

The Best Ottoman Coffee Table for Your Home

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Brenda Nyawara

Brenda Nyawara is an editor at Archute. She is a graduate architect with a passion for edge-cutting ideas in design, fashion, art and modern world interests.
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An ottoman is a great option if you want a best coffee table that is also comfortable for putting your feet up on. The best ottoman coffee table complements your other furniture and has a shape and dimensions that fit your room well.

It should also be built of durable materials. A storage ottoman or trays that turn it into a regular hard-top coffee table that is flat enough to hold a wine glass or board game are just two qualities that your perfect choice might offer. Therefore, think about how important these elements are to you before deciding.

Regardless of your taste, one of these top-rated ottoman coffee tables on Amazon is guaranteed to suit you.

The Best Ottoman Coffee Table

1. Christopher Knight Home Juliana 50'' Storage Ottoman

Christopher Knight Home Juliana Fabric Storage Ottoman,...
  • Includes: (1) storage ottoman
  • Dimensions: 50.00D x 20.50W x 18.30H
  • Color: Gray
  • Light assembly required
  • Add some stylish storage to your living room with the Sheffield...

The Christopher Knight Home Juliana 50'' storage ottoman is our first recommendation because of its dapper style, slim rectangular silhouette, and the storage it offers. It is perfect for any space with both traditional and modern designs.

It comes in fabric or luxurious faux leather with tufted button accents for a high-end appearance. With this ottoman coffee table, you can choose whatever design you require as it is available in various colors.

Image Credits: Pop Sugar

We like it because it is ideal for multiple rooms in your house. It adds classy accents to your foyer, works as a bench at the foot of the bed, gives your living room more seats, and serves as a coffee table. Additionally, it provides ample storage for storing your belongings or organizing your space.


  • Easy to assemble.
  • It provides ample storage.
  • It is ideal for multiple functions.
  • The cushion is firm, solid, and well tufted.
  • It comes in fabric or luxurious faux leather.
  • All the inside walls are lined with a black velvety cloth.
  • The high-quality lid closes perfectly all the way around.
  • The feet are a rich brown, and the subtle angle makes them classy.


  • The hinges limit how high you can stack things inside when the lid is closed.

2. Simplihome Harrison 36'' Wide Square Lift Top Storage Ottoman Coffee Table

SIMPLIHOME Harrison 36 inch Wide Square Coffee Table...
  • DIMENSIONS: 36"D x 36"W x 16.5"H
  • Hand constructed using solid wood, engineered woods and high...
  • Upholstered with a durable Mink Brown Tweed Fabric
  • Features easy split lift up top perfect for a lap top, tablet or...
  • Multi-functional large square ottoman can be used in, living...

The Harrison 36-inch wide square lift-up storage ottoman is our second best choice because it offers a stylish solution to your storage needs. The piece is incredibly strong and sturdy, with a lift-up top and plenty of inside storage space.

We like it because it has a split-level top that extends over your seat to carry a laptop or food. It also has two separate storage compartments that open with child safety hinges. The top features a tufted detail and is offered in 18 colors and materials guaranteed to suit your style. Additionally, the ottoman is available in 34 or 36-inch squares.

Image Credits: Totally Furniture

This multi-purpose ottoman is perfect for your doorway, living room, family room, basement, or bedroom. Screw the wooden legs in, and the coffee table is ready to use after very little assembly. It has a one-year warranty and hassle-free returns if you're not happy.


  • Solid and durable materials are used in the construction process.
  • The easy split lift up top is ideal for various purposes.
  • It has a huge storage compartment.
  • It features child safety hinges.
  • There is no assembly required.
  • Multi-purpose ottoman.


  • The tufted top isn't the best option for supporting beverages or plates, but a wooden tray does the job.

3. Convenience Concepts Designs Comfort Sheridan Storage Bench with 2 Side Ottomans

Convenience Concepts Designs4Comfort Sheridan Storage...
  • Fully Assembled
  • Storage Bench with Two Side Ottomans
  • Built in Hardwood Tray
  • Botanical Fabric Finish
  • Will Provide Years of enjoyment

This rectangular Convenience Concepts Designs ottoman coffee table is on our list because it has some wonderful features and is reasonably priced. It contains deep storage space, two little cube-side ottomans for additional seating, and a reversible top. The ottoman is covered in fabric or faux leather, which is very simple to wash clean.

Image Credits: Walmart

The reversible top has a fabric ottoman top to put your feet up and a hardwood tray to set down beverages or plates on the other side. There is concealed storage in the ottoman beneath the tray. However, the wood top warps easily, so use a coaster.


  • The extra seating is perfect for kids as they aren't too big, high, or difficult to move.
  • Perfect for small apartments.
  • It is strong and durable.
  • Ideal for various uses.
  • It has a versatile top.


  • The wood top warps easily, so use a coaster.

4. Christopher Knight Home Zelfa 29.5'' Velvet Ottoman

Christopher Knight Home Zelfa Velvet Ottoman, Fuchsia
  • MODERN GLAM: Our ottoman showcases soft textures and jewel-like...
  • BUTTON TUFTED DIAMOND STITCH: The button-tufted stitching offers...
  • VELVET: Our velvet is 100% polyester, featuring a featherlike...
  • VERSATILE: Whether this is used as a cocktail ottoman, casual...
  • DIMENSIONS: Choose an accessory that is the perfect size for you...

We like this Christopher Knight Home Zelfa velvet ottoman because it is available in 7 vibrant colors and is ideal for adding a touch of luxury to your room. You can get a square or round tufted velvet ottoman, depending on your style.

This ottoman adds a contemporary touch to any design thanks to its deep tufting and simple structure. The button-tufted stitching adds a refined finishing touch to the modern style. It is made of polyester velvet with a special gloss and feather-like softness. This velvet is exceptionally durable and comes with built-in wrinkle prevention.

Image Credits: Amazon

We like this ottoman because it is perfect as a cocktail ottoman, for informal sitting, as a coffee table, or merely as decoration. No assembly is needed, and it is kid friendly.


  • It is versatile.
  • Looks great in any space.
  • It is super solid, easy to clean, and lightweight.
  • It improves your decor in terms of convenience and aesthetics.
  • Made of silky velvet fabric with button-tufted diamond stitching.


  • It has no concealed storage.

5. Simplihome Avalon 35'' Wide Square Coffee Table Lift Top Storage Ottoman

SIMPLIHOME Avalon 35 inch Wide Square Coffee Table Lift...
  • DIMENSIONS: 35"Wx 35"D x 18"H
  • Hand constructed using solid wood, engineered woods and high...
  • Upholstered in a durable Midnight Black Faux Leather
  • Features large interior storage space with four flip over serving...
  • Multi-functional large square ottoman can be used in, living...

The Simplihome Avalon square ottoman coffee table is on our list because it has a huge storage interior, a gorgeous embroidered outside, and is exceptionally solid and long-lasting. It looks rich and luxurious thanks to the sturdy faux leather or linen fabric and the delicate stitching.

The exquisite stitching and hand-constructed construction from solid and engineered wood are perfect for a busy home. It complements most sofas beautifully and is an excellent and multi-purpose piece of furniture that can be used as a storage space, a table for eating, or simply a place to put your feet up.

Image Credits: Mall

Here is the best coffee table for sectional sofas if that is an option you would like to explore.

We like it because it features a large storage box to conceal all of your junk and four flip-over trays for convenient entertaining or eating next to the TV. It comes in various colors. Join the legs for easy construction. If you are unhappy with the ottoman, you can return it within a year.


  • Solid wood, engineered wood, and high-density foam are used in construction.
  • It includes four flip-over serving trays and a spacious interior storage area.
  • Contemporary design with embroidery details.
  • A huge multi-purpose square ottoman.
  • It comes in various colors.


  • The trays aren't sturdy.

What Qualities Should an Ottoman Coffee Table Have?

1. Function

Image Credits: Home Designing

The first thing you'll want to do is determine the main reason you need the ottoman because ottoman coffee tables have a variety of uses, from formal coffee tables to storage benches. It is then simpler to choose the things you need to consider from this point on.

Whatever the reason, you should make sure the ottoman blends in with the design of the room it will be used in.

2. Size

Make sure you select a size acceptable in scale to the sofa or other main sitting in the area. Generally speaking, the width of your sofa or sectional should be 2/3rds the size of your ottoman or coffee table.

Leave 14 to 18 inches between your ottoman coffee table and your sofa. This brings it within reach while sitting and allows plenty of space to pass through.

3. Shape

Image Credits: Homed It

Make sure the coffee table ottoman you choose will fit in the space you have in mind, as they come in various sizes and styles. For example, a circular cocktail ottoman is easier to maneuver around if you're decorating a smaller space, while square or rectangular ottomans fit almost any room.

Always measure the area before deciding on the shape of the coffee table to ensure it will fit comfortably. For example, if the coffee table is next to a couch or sectional, choose one that is lower so that you can comfortably rest your legs or feet on the ottoman's surface.

Additionally, try and match L-shaped sectionals with round-shaped ottomans to balance out the rectangular lines of the seating.

4. Material

Image Credits: Home Stratosphere

Look for a durable material that contrasts with the furniture's material. For example, to provide texture and break up the homogeneity of the design, you might contrast leather furniture with fabrics made of linen, velvet, or a polyester/polyester combination.

Additionally, suppose your furniture is made of fabric. In that case, a sturdy imitation leather ottoman coffee table can offer variety to your design and is also simpler to clean if you have kids or dogs. Finally, consider what the base and legs of an ottoman are made of and how these materials will look in your room. There are various materials such as metal or wood.

5. Features

If you can find a trendy cocktail ottoman with concealed storage, get it. Storage is generally an excellent alternative.

6. Style

Ottomans work in various interior design aesthetics, from classic to Scandinavian minimalism to mid-century contemporary. However, the lines, decorations such as tufting, and the shape of your piece are the main factors that will determine its overall style.

If your taste leans toward modern, you should choose a new ottoman with clean, simple lines and no frills or embellishments, such as something circular or rectangular. Think about a piece that rests flat on the ground or has a distinctive metal or wooden base.

If the classic design is more your thing, find something that blends well with the other, larger items in your room and has fascinating visual aspects like tufting, curved legs, and studs.

Of course, these are just two of the many interior design trends you may experiment with. Take into account the visual components of your current style when choosing an ottoman, and aim to pick a piece that blends in or enhances the rest of your furniture.

Types of Ottomans

1. Standard Ottoman/FootStool

Image Credits: Wayfair

Almost every area can benefit from a standard ottoman. For example, a footstool can be placed in a nursery, family room, or any other home area where you need one that rocks or glides with you.

They are available in various design aesthetics, from simple and contemporary to strong and classic, that goes with almost any gliding seat. In addition, these ottomans occasionally have a storage area.

If you don't need storage, your ottoman can be slightly less expensive than one that does. Look for an ottoman with a sturdy, stain-resistant fabric because most ottomans double as both a footstool and a temporary seat.

2. Storage Ottoman

Image Credits: Strictly Comfort

Consider a storage ottoman if you're looking for a clever way to organize your pillows and blankets in the family room. This is typically square or rectangular and has a lid that may be pulled off entirely or swung open on hinges.

Some storage ottomans even incorporate drawers for smaller goods like TV remotes. Before making a final purchase, consider what you want to keep and be sure it will fit in your new ottoman.

3. Coffee Table Ottoman

Image Credits: Home Stratosphere

Coffee table ottomans function as a footstool, seat, storage space, and tabletop, among other things. They are typically flat, durable, and devoid of buttons or tufting, so nothing you place on it will spill. Any shape is possible, and chenille, microfiber, or leather will likely be used in its construction.

The top of the coffee table ottoman may be removed to reveal a comfy cushion underneath. Of course, you may always add an ottoman tray if you don't want to spend the money on a convertible coffee table ottoman. Just be aware that food and beverages won't be as stable as they would be on a completely solid surface.

We hope this helps your decision-making if you are torn between buying an ottoman or a coffee table.

4. Pouf Ottoman

Image Credits: Architectural Digest

Pouf ottomans are typically filled with down or cotton. They don't typically sit as high as a regular ottoman but function well as a footrest. Consider a pouf ottoman more of a conversation item than a regular ottoman.

5. Tufted Ottoman

If you want an ottoman that complements a refined space, opt for one with tufting. This design is beautiful and cozy, with plenty of padding for your feet when you rest them.

6. Cocktail Ottoman

cocktail ottoman is a larger ottoman used as a coffee table at gatherings. Its base typically consists of four short legs, and its surface can be used to set platters with appetizers. Although they are called "cocktail" designs, a reference to cocktail parties, they can be utilized for any occasion and as long-lasting fixtures in the home.

Here is the best modern coffee table to add a zing to your home.

Reasons to Purchase an Ottoman

1. Usable in Any Room

Image Credits: Homed It

When considering where to place an ottoman, your living or family room may be the first location that springs to mind, but they look great in just about every area. A cocktail ottoman made of leather or fabric placed at the foot of your bed will be the ideal place to sit while putting on your shoes in the morning.

Place one in your home office, so you have somewhere to relax while working or receiving calls. A unique ottoman will liven up your family room, media room, man cave, library, or any other area of your house. The possibilities are endless.

2. Colorful Ottomans are Perfect Accent Pieces

A colorful ottoman is ideal if you're searching for a wonderful method to add a burst of color to change the look and feel of a space without replacing larger furniture pieces. You can easily purchase a fabric cocktail ottoman that will help you achieve your desired style because they are available in many colors.

3. They Have Several Uses

Image Credits: Home Stratosphere

There are several wonderful multi-functional ottomans. For example, cocktail ottomans can be used as seats or coffee tables. Invest in a sizable rectangular ottoman, and you'll have a piece equally useful for supporting your feet while playing board games.

In addition, storage ottomans allow you to store and organize blankets, pillows, and other items inside them. Multi-functional furniture is quite helpful in a room with limited space.

4. They Never Go Out of Style

While design trends come and go, a good ottoman never completely goes out of style. After all, their initial purpose of serving as a place to rest your feet is still valid today. No matter the current fashion, your ottoman will look fantastic if you choose a neutral-colored ottoman or a timeless material like leather for the upholstery.

5. They Offer Additional Seating

Image Credits: Made in China

Ottomans are an excellent item on hand when you need extra seating, even though they aren't meant or advertised as seating. One person can comfortably sit on a small, circular ottoman, while two or more people can share a bigger ottoman.

This is useful in apartments and small spaces where there isn't enough space for extra chairs. In addition, you may utilize your ottoman as a footrest while still having a spare seat for visitors when you need it.

6. Kid Friendly

A cocktail ottoman is a fantastic replacement for a coffee table if you have young children. Cocktail ottomans are upholstered in soft fabrics and have rounded edges, unlike coffee tables with harsh surfaces and sharp corners. A fabric or leather ottoman will hurt much less if your child bangs their head on it than a wooden coffee table will.

You can also have your ottoman upholstered in kid-safe, machine-washable, and stain-resistant materials. They are safer for children, have tremendous aesthetic appeal, and withstand significant wear and tear.

7. Beauty Value

An ottoman provides softness to a space, especially if it has a lot of formal furniture, straight or angular lines, or hard materials. It's an excellent option for places mostly used for relaxation and lounging because it visually softens an area and exudes a cozy vibe.

How to Style an Ottoman Coffee Table

Image Credits: Ashley Furniture

A tray is the greatest way to keep everything together on your ottoman, regardless of the items you decide to put. The variety of trays available for storage includes rectangular trays, round trays, trays made of wood, metal, wicker, and any other material you can imagine.

Use a tray to show off your favorite ottoman décor items, such as figurines, books, beautiful boxes, magazines, and vases. Here are the best coffee table books to enhance your interior decor.

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