Best Hot Tub Brands for Soaks and Calming Hydrotherapy

Ian Mutuli
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Ian Mutuli

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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A warm, bubbly soak in a hot tub is a ticket to calming and blissful relaxation outdoors, whether you're unwinding at the end of a long day or hosting your close friends on the weekend. A good hot tub soothes tight aching muscles, as well as helping you to de-stress, thanks to restorative hydrotherapy. Also known as spas, hot tubs are equally a stunning addition to any backyard or patio, a classic example of impeccable form and function.

Finding the ideal hot tub for you, your family, and your friends isn't exactly a walk in the park. On this account, we've put together a comprehensive guide of the best hot tub brands and their top-rated products to help you narrow down to the one that suits your needs best. Most of these companies feature many customization options so that you can set up your ultimate hot tub experience.

1. Best Inflatable: Intex Hot Tubs

Intex is widely known for its superior above-ground pools. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that the company makes the best inflatable hot tubs. Their Spa lineup is a testament to the brand's ethos: delivering the best quality products at an affordable price.

[Image source -

The Intex Spa lineup features several portable and top-quality hot tubs. There are a couple of color and shape options to choose from. You can also get an energy-efficient hot tub cover from their website. Additionally, their customer service is also worth pointing out as excellent.


  • Portable hot tubs.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Great build quality.
  • Affordable.


  • Limited product lineup.
  • Limited customization.
  • Small hot tubs.

Intex PureSpa Plus

Intex 28429E PureSpa Plus 6.4 Foot Diameter 4 Person...
  • TOTAL RELAXATION WITH 140 WATER JETS: Pampering yourself is...
  • HARD WATER TREATMENT BUILT-IN: Built-in hard water treatment...
  • FITS UP TO 4 PEOPLE: Provides relaxation at the touch of a button...
  • EVERYTHING YOU NEED: Includes insulated grey cover,...
  • REQUIRED: This item requires 28523E energy-efficient cover for...

The Intex PureSpa is a great, easy-to-set-up, portable hot tub that comes with an inflation hose. It inflates ready for water in a quick 20 minutes and deflates just as fast. Even though it's an inflatable hot tub, it still features a phenomenal 14o water jets and a brilliantly built-in LED light.

The Intext PureSpa Plus can seat up to four people. It comes with a thermal ground cloth, two headrests, an insulated cover and even a carry bag. This exceptional hot tub also features a built-in heating system, hard water treatment, an air blower, a floating chlorine dispenser and a test strip.


  • Portable.
  • Plenty of add-ons out of the box.
  • 140 water jets.


  • Relatively small hot tub.

2. Coleman

Image Credit:

Coleman has been a well-known seller of hot tubs and recreational, outdoor, and sporting products for over 100 years. Their products, including the hot tubs, are popular for their reasonable pricing, well-thought-out design, long-lasting durability, functionality, and aesthetics.

Bestway, one of the two global leaders in the inflatable spa sector, produces the Coleman Hot Tub. These two renowned companies, Coleman and Bestway, have joined forces to create a family-friendly tub that offers a fantastic hot tub experience at a fairly reasonable price.

Unsurprisingly, the Coleman hot tub has become one of the most popular in North America due to its excellent build quality and affordable price.

Coleman 90476E-BW Napa Saluspa Hot Tub Spa

Coleman 90476E-BW Napa Saluspa 71" x 26" 2-7 Person...
  • INFLATABLE HOT TUB: This Inflatable Airjet Hot Tub provides a...
  • 180 BUBBLE JETS: Features 180 jets that release bubbles from the...
  • TEMPERATURE CONTROL: Freeze Shield automatic heating function...
  • REINFORCED COVER: Reinforced cover locks in heat while not in...
  • BUILT-IN PUMP: Equipped with a pump that quickly inflates the...

Coleman SaluSpa Napa is one of the best hot tubs available if you want a soothing massage experience that can accommodate up to 7 people.

It features an Airjet system that releases bubbles from the spa's bottom and creates a warm and bubbling hot tub environment to give the ultimate relaxation experience and comfort. It also has a massage system with two intensity levels, allowing you to customize your relaxation time completely.

Coleman 90476E-BW tubs and swim spas have inflatable walls made of a durable DuraPlus material to prevent damage. This internal construction also helps prevent the hot tubs and swim spas from expanding over time, ensuring the tub retains its shape no matter how inflated or deflated.

Image Credit:

It is the best hot tub brand to have, even in the winter season, since it's designed with an innovative winterizing technology that maintains internal temperatures between 42 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit to avoid damage.

Lastly, it comes with a pump that inflates, heats, filters, and controls the spa's massage system, making it super convenient and easy to use. It also has a reinforced cover that helps lock in heat when it's not in use and helps keep the water clean.


  • It comes with a pump to inflate the spa
  • Reinforced cover to lock up the heat while not being used
  • Freeze shield automatic heating function to prevent the inner components from freezing
  • 180 jets to release bubbles
  • It fits up to 7 people


  • Limited warranty

3. Bestway

Image Credit:

With Bestway, you can create a spa-like setting in your own backyard with inflatable hot tubs for a fraction of the price of a traditional permanent one. Before investing in a permanent model, inflatable hot tubs are a terrific way to test the waters.

These tubs could be a long-term answer for people who don't want a permanent setup. But instead, you can quickly fall into ecstasy because they are portable and simple to set up.

Additionally, Bestway offers a wide variety of spare parts and hot tub accessories to ensure you can keep using your inflatable hot tub year after year. They are also popular for above-ground pools, and you are guaranteed to love whatever product you choose from the Bestway brand.

Bestway SaluSpa Miami Inflatable Hot Tub

Bestway SaluSpa Miami Inflatable Hot Tub, 4-Person...
  • Enjoy the ultimate spa experience: Receive total relaxation when...
  • Operate from inside the hot tub: The digital control panel lets...
  • Superior strength and durability: The puncture-resistant tri-tech...
  • Simple setup and maintenance: No extra tools are needed to setup...
  • Dimensions: 71" W x 26" H. Inner Size: 52" W. Cord length: 9 feet

The Bestway SaluSpa Miami hot tub has plenty of additional features,  which is impressive especially given the affordable price tag. To start with, it has a digital control panel and 120 jets you can access from inside your hot tub, allowing you to adjust the settings while achieving maximum comfort.

This Bestway model heats up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit, and it also comes with a timer that you can set up to 72 hours before the time you intend on using it, which helps to cut down energy costs.

Image Credit:

Bestway SaluSpa features an extra durable construction that houses up to four adults and has I-beam support for side walls. This means that with this hot tub, you won't have to worry about it losing shape even when not set up or getting used.

However, this hot tub is meant for small spaces, and it can also qualify as a unique decor statement thanks to its white interior and black exterior. Also, it doesn't include a cover; you will need to purchase one separately, especially if you plan to set it up outdoors.


  • Digital control panel
  • It cuts down on the energy costs
  • I-beam support on side walls
  • Unique interior and exterior
  • One of the affordable hot tub models


  • It does not include a cover
  • The capacity is quite small

4. Lifesmart

Image Credit:

Lifesmart is one of those hot tub brands you won't miss when discussing the brands with the best features at an affordable price. Lifesmart is a clear winner regarding energy efficiency, premium design, and long-lasting materials for a great price. It is a top-notch hot tub manufacturer that offers everything you could need for a wonderful hot tub experience.

The pricing system might vary depending on where you purchase a Lifesmart hot tub. In light of that, it's critical to remember that these hot tubs are reasonably priced compared to other models with comparable features, and their prices typically range from $3,000 to $10,000.

There are many different hot tubs available at Lifesmart, and if you're looking for plug-and-play ones, Lifesmart has some of the greatest options. However, since each hot tub has different characteristics, it can be difficult to say which is the finest, so we have helped you below.

LifeSmart LS100 Taupe 4 Person Hot Tub Spa

LifeSmart LS100 Taupe 4 Person 9 Jet Energy Efficient...
  • RELAX AND SOAK: Pampering yourself is easy with the 13 graphite...
  • 4-PERSON SPA: Provides relaxation at the touch of a button for up...
  • UNDERWATER LIGHTS: Underwater, multi-color LED light system gives...
  • QUICK ASSEMBLY: Assembly is quick with no need for custom wiring...
  • TRAPS HEAT: Innovative thermal friction heating system eliminates...

LifeSmart LS100 should be your go-to if you want a plug-and-play model with an air control valve, a powerful 1.0 HP pump, and an innovative digital control panel. It has a seating capacity of four adults, holds up to 205 gallons, and can be plugged into any standard outlet.

This model has perfectly-positioned jets for each of the four bucket seats for maximum relaxation, where the jets can be adjusted to achieve a deep tissue massage. In addition, the jets turn on automatically when the tub heats or filters your water and includes an effective heat recovery system that helps to keep your water hot.

Image Credit:

As one of the best hot tubs from a good brand, it is also energy efficient, so you won't have to turn down the temperature while it's not being used. It is also perfect for use in cold weather, but you must ensure proper ventilation when using it indoors.

Additionally, to save on extra energy, this model has full foam insulation, which comes with a thermal locking cover that keeps the heat in and minimizes the electric bill to ensure you enjoy your spa for many years. You may relax knowing that Lifesmart Spas are approved by the California Energy Commission (CEC) in line with California Law and the APSP 14 National Standard.


  • Full foam insulation
  • Deluxe Digital Control Panel
  • 13 Hydrotherapy jets
  • A comfort dial to ensure the perfect water and air mix
  • Durable rotationally molded polyethylene material
  • Multicolor LED light
  • It can be used comfortably in cold weather
  • Effective heat recovery system to ensure the water stays hot
  • It comes with a thermal locking spa cover
  • CETL and ETL Approved for safety


  • The matching steps are sold separately

5. Edostory

Image Credit:

Edostory was established in 2017 as Zwaanendael Seashore Tech LLC as a trader of auto modification and consumer electronic parts. Over the years, Edostory has expanded its product line to various offers under the brand new name "EDOSTRO." They have since served thousands of customers with estimated sales of $20,000,000 in 2021 on Amazon.

Edostory is found in New Castle, Delaware, where they boast technicians with over 100 years of experience and craft. They claim to have worked hard to ensure that the models and parts they sell are of the best standard, and with access to the almost limitless supply of manufacturers and components in the area, they ensure they are picky with both.

Edostory sells lawn, garden, and patio toys and games in the hot tub industry. The seller sells over 28 products, and although they are a small business seller, they have made a name for themselves.

Edostory 2-3 Person Inflatable Hot Tub Spa, 75 x 47Inch...
  • 【All Around Bubble Massage Design】Oval inflatable hot tub...
  • 【Quick Inflation and Rapid Heating】The portable hot tub has a...
  • 【Extra Durable Fiber-Tech Construction】Durable 3 ply PVC...
  • 【What You Get】2 x Filter cartridge, 1 x cover,1 x 1 way...
  • 【Fast Delivery and 1 Year Limited Warranty】The item will ship...
Ian Mutuli

About the author

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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