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Ian Mutuli

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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A few decades back, searching for the best outdoor HDTV antenna wasn't strange. But, as the popularity of subscription TV took precedent, cable TV became a thing of the past. However, recently, The rise in the "cut-the-cord" movement has seen cable make a full-fledged comeback. On-demand streaming services are losing popularity since the pennies they charge easily add up. Besides, why pay for TV when you can easily access your favorite shows for free?

In fact, VHF and UHF signals are so accessible that over 89% of US residents can get five or more local stations, and 99% can get at least one local channel. Having that in mind, we did a little digging to find the top 5 best outdoor TV antennas to help you access free TV at top quality.

1. MATIS Digital Amplified HD TV Antenna

MATIS Digital Outdoor Amplified HD TV Antenna 150 Miles...
  • Outdoor antenna is an ideal solution for any rural or suburban...
  • 150 Miles Long Range receive digital broadcast high definition TV...
  • outdoor hd tv antenna is equipped with an easy to use user manual...
  • Built in Super Low Noise Amplifier,360 degree Rotation, includes...
  • What’s in the package,Outdoor tv antenna with wireless remote,...

A Matis HDTV antenna is a perfect choice if you are in rural and suburban areas. The antenna can cover up to a 150-mile range and has a 360-degree rotation. This promises full HDTV, 4k, 1080p, and 1080i viewing, the same as what you get when you subscribe to your favorite digital channels.

The antenna has an inbuilt low noise amplifier, thus boosting the signal, raising it above the noise floor, and using it for additional processing. This automatically gets rid of weak

signals so you can watch your shows without interruptions.

The antenna comes with an easy-to-use manual so that you can install it without professional help. In fact, all you have to do is install the coaxial cable to the TV, perform a channel scan and start watching HD TV.


  • It comes with a motor and remote control.
  • The package includes a mounting pole for better signal reception.
  • Easy to install.
  • Provides value for money.


  • The user manual is not detailed enough.

2. Channel Master EXTREMEtenna Long Range Multi-Directional Outdoor TV Antenna

Channel Master EXTREMEtenna Long Range...
  • Enjoy the Most Popular HDTV Channels and Your Favorite TV Shows...
  • Supports Uncompressed 1080i HDTV Broadcasts for the Highest...
  • Multi-Directional (180 Degree Reception Span) with 80+ Mile Range
  • Compact Size Allows for Easy Installation on Roof, Chimney, Eave,...
  • Comes Preassembled with Mounting Hardware and an Installation...

Channel Master can easily be called the gurus of HDTV antennas because they have been around since the inception of this technology. The CM 4228HD antenna has a 180 degree reception span, pulling the signal from 80+ miles away. Thus, it supports uncompressed 1080i and full HD and audio which is better than most cable and satellite subscriptions.

That's not all. The antenna is compact so you can easily install it on your wall, attic, chimney, roof, balcony, or wherever you want. Although the mast and coaxial cables are sold separately, the mounting hardware is preassembled so you can simply pug and watch.


  • Compact size so you can install it wherever you like.
  • Supports 1080i broadcast for high-quality videos and audios.
  • Long-range reception.
  • Easy to install as the mounting is preassembled.


  • Mast and coaxial cable are bought separately.

3. Winegard HD8200U Platinum VHF/UHF HDTV Antenna

Winegard HD8200U Platinum VHF/UHF HDTV Antenna (65...
  • Long Range Outdoor TV Antenna - The Winegard HD8200U outdoor HD...
  • 65+ Mile Range - VHF and UHF directional TV antenna delivers 65+...
  • Free TV Programming - Free ota programming has more options and...
  • Ultra HD and ATSC 3 0 Ready - Digital antenna capable of...
  • Vertical height 33"

Wingard is a long-range outdoor tv antenna which simply means it receives both low VHF, UHF, and High VHF digital signals. The antenna is around 11 by 8 feet which isn't the most compact design. However, watching all your shows in HD compensates for the weirdly huge antenna.

With the antenna, you get free over-the-air programming, so you can watch the news, live sports, and other shows. If this isn't enough, you can pair it with a streaming device and increase the number of shows you can watch.

This amplified HDTV antenna has a 65+ mile range and should be mounted outside for maximum range, clear signal, and additional range and signal reliability. If you are close to broadcast towers, then the signal won't be a problem.


  • Picks multiple channels.
  • Has a long-range.
  • It Has a good signal reception.
  • It comes with mounting instructions.


  • Awkwardly large which makes it difficult for some people to assemble.

4. RCA Yagi Satellite HD Antenna

RCA Compact Outdoor or Attic Yagi TV Antenna – HD...
  • Enjoy top-rated HDTV network programming on channels like CBS,...
  • Receives TV broadcasts including 4K, 8K and 1080 HDTV for...
  • Withstands tough outdoor conditions with durable construction and...
  • Easy installation with pre-assembled design, easy-lock fold-out...
  • The free RCA Signal Finder app is your digital compass that...

Yagi outdoor TV antenna from RCA is America's number one selling antenna. It stands out because it is easy to install, simple and discreet. Its compact design has a good signal reception and will integrate perfectly with your home system.

The antenna is constructed using high-quality materials that can stand extreme weather conditions. It receives more local VHF and UHF channels than you can receive with satellite and cable TV. It can also pair with Roku and Apple TV. The antenna supports more than 70 miles long-range and receives 1080, 4K, and 8k broadcasts and receives channels like ABC CBS, NBC, FOX, and

Installing the antenna is easy. It comes with a pre-assembled easy lock First, a fold-out UHF reflector, a mast, a locking mast clamp, a 75-ohm matching transformer, and mounting hardware. To find many high-definition digital channels, the RCA digital app will guide you through the process.

The outdoor TV antenna is suitable for rural and urban settings and is HOA friendly to comply with homeowner’s association rules.


  • Great size and design.
  • Discreet.
  • Complies with HOA.
  • Has a 70-mile range.


  • Coax cable is not included in the purchase.

5. 1By One 720° Omnidirectional Outdoor HD TV Antenna

Outdoor TV Antenna - 1byone 720°Omni-Directional...
  • 📺【720°Omni-Directional Reception Digital HDTV Antenna】-...
  • 📺【Built-in Pre-Amplifier and 4G LTE Filter】- Allows you to...
  • 📺【Easy Installation with Minimum Effort】- Cool UFO design...
  • 📺【Up to 150 Miles+ Long Range】- Built-in an upgraded...
  • 📺【Professional Technical Support】- If you have any issues...

If you are looking for a compact and convenient way to cut the cord, this antenna would fit the description. It is compact, and you can use it on the attic, rooftop, balcony, or exterior wall.

A 1 by One HD TV Antenna is made using a UFO design, making it weatherproof to stand severe storms and scorching UV rays. It has a crystal-clear filter technology with 1080 p and 4k signal reception. Additionally, it can pick signals from multiple directions, which goes a long way in supporting UHF signals.

The antennas 4G LTE technology filters FM signals resulting in clearer pictures, low noise, and access to free TV broadcast with enhanced gain and frequency rotation. Also, it comes with a 32ft RG6U coaxial cable and mounting hardware instructions. This allows you to place the antenna in high reception areas and to receive signals from up to 150-mile long-range.

Although the HD TV antenna comes with a signal amplifier, it works just fine even without one in areas with a solid TV signal. Additionally, it picks multiple channels, even in areas surrounded by trees and mountains.


  • It Comes with a long coaxial cable for easy installation.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Weather-resistant.
  • Has a long signal range.


  • The amplifier sometimes interferes with signal quality.

Factors to c consider When Buying the Best Outdoor TV Antennas

The best outdoor antennas for your home, there is more than meets the eye. Read on for the most important factors to consider when buying an outdoor TV antenna for your home.

1. Range

Range means the distance the antenna can cover. You may think that the longer length, the better, but the antenna might lose signal quality due to obstacles along the line of view. Settling for an outdoor antenna covering small distances may not be a bad idea. Still, if buildings and terrain surround your home, you should consider buying an antenna that will cover long distances. This way, you receive a strong signal.

2. Directional Or Multidirectional Antenna Picks?

Directional antennas are made to receive signals from one direction, while multidirectional ones receive a broadcast signal from multiple orders. An outdoor directional antenna covers a greater distance and resists distractions such as noise, so you receive a strong tv signal. On the other hand, multidirectional antennas usually have low-quality signals due to noise interference coming from different directions.

The TV's fool site will tell your area's transmission range which will determine your choice of an outdoor antenna. If the transmitter can only cover a 20-degree range in the direction of your home, a directional antenna will be exemplary. However, if the transmitters are located more than 20 degrees apart, a multidirectional or rotational antenna would be the best choice.

3. VHF Vs UHF Signal

Digital TV signals can broadcast either over ultra-high frequency (UHF) or very high frequency (VHF). Channels from 2-6 are regarded as low VHF, while channels from 7-13 are considered high VHF. On the other hand, channels from 14-51 are viewed as UHF.

Some outdoor TV antennas support both UHF and VHF signal reception, while others support individual signal reception. Before you decide which one, it is essential to know the digital signal number of your favorite channels and to check the manufacturer's label so you pick an antenna that matches your needs.

4. Amplified Vs. Non-Amplified

Amplified outdoor TV antennas come with an amplifier that improves TV reception and increases signal strength by overcoming size and height. But they also amplify noise and can be overpowered by strong signals. Unless you live in areas with poor signal reception, non-amplified TV antennas will do just fine.

5. Installation

Usually, you will install an outdoor TV antenna on your own because most come pre-assembled and with mounting hardware instructions. Antennas requiring professional installation may come at an extra cost. We prefer antennas with DIY instructions because they are simple to install and work just fine.

On that note, some TV antennas come with a mast and cable as part of the purchase, while others require you to purchase these items separately. However, the cable may be of low quality. Go with an antenna that you can install easily, but buy a cable that suits your needs if your budget allows.


An outdoor antenna is gaining popularity among the rising number of cord-cutters. They allow you to watch free on-air channels without worrying about high cable and satellite bills. When choosing the best antennas, follow our buying guide for the best solution for your entertainment needs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Outdoor TV Antenna

1. What Is The Longest Range Outdoor HDTV Antenna?

The most extended range an outdoor HDTV antenna can cover is 150 miles and 60 miles for indoor antennas. Some outdoor HDTV receivers can cover a 70-mile range, while others can cover 75 miles. The longest-range outdoor antenna is MATIS amplified antenna which has a 150-mile range and 360 degrees rotation.

2. How Do I Get The Best Outdoor Antenna Reception?

If you have already placed your antenna in the right direction and are still receiving a poor-quality signal or a low number of TV channels, consider doing the following to get the best antenna reception;

  • Install A Signal Booster

Installing a signal booster or amplifier on your antenna will improve your TVS audio and video quality. Modern signal boosters can easily plug on the USB ports on your TV to get a better range. With the correct line of sight, you are good to go.

  • Change Location

You could be experiencing poor signal reception due to the wrong antenna location. Most come with a wireless remote signal finder that will help point your antenna in a strong signal direction.

If your antenna is low-lying, consider moving it to higher ground to increase the chances of better signal reception.

  • Avoid Wireless Devices

If you want to have a better signal reception, you should start by avoiding wireless antennas because they interfere with signal quality.

Also, avoid wireless devices such as WIFI routers and FM radio. Finally, avoid mounting your antenna in an area with overcrowded antennas.

  • Replace Worn-out Coaxial Cables

Worn-out coaxial cables may interfere with your antenna's signal reception by allowing infiltration of moisture.

You may also be using older versions that may not have any form of shielding. Consider replacing the cables with newer RG6 wires with a shield against electromagnetic wave interference.

3. Do Outdoor Antennas Really Work?

Outdoor antennas work to increase signal reception in areas with weak signal strength. They allow you to receive free on-air HD channels and avoid bills by making a one-time investment of your time and money.

Besides, you get to receive quality and clear pictures, something you won't get with cables and satellites.

4. Can I Install an Outdoor Antenna?

Yes. Whether you are dealing with the amplified HDTV antenna or non-amplified, most of the time it will come as a pre-assembled package that you can install on your own without the need for a technician. All you need is to follow the instructions provided in the manual. 

Ian Mutuli

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Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.

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