Best Self-propelled Lawn Mower for Best Mowing Experience

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Ian Mutuli

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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Your yard is in rough shape and you're someone who prefers doing things on your own. That means you'll need a lawn mower. Given the variety of options available, it's likely you've come across self-propelled lawn mowers. So, let's start with the basics - what sets a self-propelled lawn mower apart from a conventional lawn mower?

Self-propelled lawn mowers use the power generated in the motor to turn their wheels which then saves you the physical energy you'd have to use to push the lawn mower. This feature comes in handy when you need to mow a large yard, especially if you’re working on sloped terrain.

Typically, self-propelled lawn mowers are best for more extensive lawns. In most cases, they'll see constant use from spring to fall, so it makes sense to carefully look through your choices before settling for one. Like all machines, these lawn mowers come at different prices with various features to suit the different needs of the person planning to use them.

Lawn mowers range from commercial to residential qualities. Others run on gas while others run on batteries for power. Your choice will also be determined by how much grass you need to cut and whether you prefer to let the grass mulch or you'd rather bag it for disposal.

The Best Self-propelled Lawn Mowers

1. Honda HRC216HXA 21 inch Commercial Rear Bagger Lawn Mower

Honda HRC216HXA 21" Commercial Rear Bagger Lawn Mower
  • 21" commercial rear bagger/mulcher
  • Self-propelled, hydrostatic, commercial grade transmission
  • Roto-Stop blade stop system
  • Shaft drive (no belts)
  • Easy to start commercial GXV160 Honda engine

The Honda HRC216HXA is a gas-powered self-propelled commercial lawn mower that features a hydrostatic cruise control drive system. The drive system offers a precision speed control of between 1.8 and 4 mph.

This particular self-propelled lawn mower runs on hydrostatic transmission without the use of belt-driven shafts. This feature lets you adjust your speed and seamlessly transfer power from the engine to the wheels in a maintenance-free walk-behind mowing technology. The gas lawn mower has a Honda GXV160 commercial grade 4-stroke engine that meets all 50 U.S states EPA emission standards and is CARB compliant.

The self-propelled Honda lawn mower features a MicroCut twin-blade cutting system famous for producing smaller grass clippings. This makes it easier to bag the grass for disposal and even better if you choose to leave the grass behind to mulch. Furthermore, it has a Honda Roto-stop-blade override system that lets you stop the blades from spinning if you need to step away without having to shut off the engine.

This rugged 21-inch heavy-duty Honda lawn mower has a height adjustment that can mow at eight different cutting heights, and its fuel efficiency is incomparably impeccable. One of the benefits of using a gas-powered lawn mower over one that runs on batteries is that if you run out of fuel, refuelling and turning on back takes a lot less time than having to wait for your lawn mower's batteries to charge back up. Even then, the fewer times you have to stop and refuel, the better.

It's also worth noting that the Honda comes with a front bumper and steel deck guards for complete protection. Overall, it's hushed, sturdy, and had enough power to take on whatever you throw at it.


  • It has a sturdy buildIt's one of the quietest at 86 dB(A)
  • It has a Roto-stop override system
  • It has Micro
  • Cut twin blades
  • It's very powerful
  • It has an incredible fuel efficiency


  • It has a fixed hand position when the lawn mower is engaged
  • It is relatively pricey

2. Greenworks 25 Inch 80V Double Blade Self Propelled Lawn Mower

Greenworks 40V 20-Inch Cordless (2-In-1) Push Lawn...
  • G-max 40V Li-Ion battery system powers multiple tools for...
  • 20-inch cutting deck offers a great balance of maneuverability...
  • Innovative smart cut technology adjusts for power or runtime...
  • Dual blades offer better cut quality, superior mulching and...
  • Kindly review the user manual under technical specification for...

The Greenworks 20-inch Double blade gets the win as the best battery-powered self-propelled lawn mower in the commercial category thanks to its 20-inch cutting swath and run-time. For a professional, the Greenworks commercial lawn mower should be among your top picks.

This cordless, battery-powered lawn mower has two counter-rotating blades that cover a large cutting swath. Constant gearing keeps the blade tips from colliding while their rotation pulls the grass clippings in through the middle into the bag.

Since it features two small blades, the RPMs are higher compared to most cordless mowers. This then means that they stand a better chance at maintaining that same speed in tough grass cuts.

Its single lever height adjustment, which gives you seven positions, can cut through field grass that's quite tall. More notably, it has plenty of cutting height power to handle higher or thicker grass through the use of its Greenworks SmartCut system.

This Smartcut system senses an increase in load and thrusts up the RPMs bringing in a higher tip speed to better handle it. When the load lessens, the motor automatically returns to a lower RPM.

This walk-behind lawn mower runs on a dual-port, power battery supply of 4.0Ah Lithium-ion battery with two active ports that automatically switch, meaning you won't have to stop for a while. For easy manoeuvre and control, it runs on a rear-wheel-drive system on its large 10-inch rear wheels and seven-inch front wheels.


  • It has a push-button start-up
  • It runs zero engine emissions
  • It requires very low maintenance
  • The battery level gauges are visible through its battery doorsIt's a 2-in 1 option for mulching and bagging
  • Has a thick and long grass cutting height ability
  • It has an outstanding run-time
  • It automatically adjusts its blade speed according to the amount of load
  • It runs on a self-propelled rear-wheel drive
  • It has a single height adjustment lever
  • It has a dual active battery port


  • It doesn't come with the side discharge option

3. Toro TimeMaster 30-inch Personal Pace Lawn Mower

Toro TimeMaster 30 in. Briggs & Stratton Personal Pace...
  • This refurbished product is tested and certified to look and work...

Everyone is drawn to innovation. Smaller yards will need you to select the best battery-powered lawn mower, while larger yards will have you looking for a significant time-saving machine which is what large gas-powered lawn mowers provide.

Popularly branded as the TimeMaster, this new lawn mower model aspires to save you time. As well, the 30-inch self-propelled lawn mower easily rates as one of the best large walk-behind lawn mower gas models.

This 30-inch wide self-propelled lawn mower operates on a 10-inch rear-wheel-drive to mow yard grass on any terrain. Compared to other models, these large wheels provide wide traction to give you a better grip and smoother wheel drive.

This walk-behind self-propelled mower is powered by a massive 223cc Briggs and Stratton overhead mower engine size, which gives it a significant boost to cut almost 50% more grass than the traditional push mowers. It incorporates wide dual-force twin-blades to spin the two mulching blades on the 30-inch  mowing deck. The Toro walk-behind mower includes a rear discharge plug to make a wonderful mulch.

 The Stop-Blade option is pretty useful in instances where you don’t need to turn off the engine. And the Personal-Pace Self-Propel and Traction-Assist feature on the handle work together to give you constant control and work well for tight corners where only one of your hands is available.

 The Quick Stow lever technology is a feature that allows you to work on two different handle heights, and more importantly, this lever option enables you to fix the handle at a fixed 90-degree angle to you. The combinations of this self-propelled gas lawn mower yield mow time that is up to 40% faster than ordinary gas lawn mowers.


  • Has a 21-inch cutting width
  • It has a 30-inch deck height
  • Gives you a faster mow that is ideal for large yards
  • The Personal-pace speed
  • The Quick-stow lever handle height option
  • It has a massive engine size


  • It has a high fuel consumption

4. EGO Power + LM2130 56 Volt Cordless Lawn Mower 

EGO Power+ LM2130 21-Inch 56-Volt Cordless Select Cut...
  • Select Cut Multi-Blade System for premium cutting performance...
  • Get 45 minutes of run time on a single charge when used with the...
  • High-efficiency brushless motor
  • 7-position cutting height adjustments: 1.5"- 4"
  • 3-in-1 function: mulching, bagging, side discharge

This self-propelled mower features an improved 1000W brushless motor with an all-new twin-blade design for a better mulching and bagging experience. You have the option to swap to the Tri-Cut blade system for a much more superior mulching experience. Additionally, it comes with a new back battery insertion angle that allows you to see the 6-segment charge indicators on the new EGO 56V batteries.

While using the mulching plug, the higher lift and teeth shreds grass even more for better mulching which then translates to a slightly slower run-time. A trade-off that is well worth the benefits for those who prefer to mulch.

You can naturally access the power-up start-button with your thumb. You can activate the front LED lights from the same handle, which means you no longer need to lean down to turn them on as you typically would with other self-propelled lawn mowers.

This push mower features a centre-mounted speed dial that switches on to the self-propelled mower drive mechanism. Upon purchase, these self-propelled lawn mowers come with a 56Volt 7.5 AH battery pack and a 60-minute rapid charger in the purchased kit.


  • It uses a Twin-blade system
  • It has a powerful brushless motor
  • It has an improved self-propel mechanism
  • IIt has a better speed contro
  • lt can cut up to 3/4 acre on a single 56V 7.5Ah battery


  • The optional tri-cut mulching blade reduces run-time

5. Cub Cadet sc500z (21") 159 CC self-propelled Lawn Mower 

The Cub Cadet is an electric start type mower, an incredibly convenient feature that's not in many self-propelled mower options. This self-propelled gas mower has a 159 CC engine that gives you a solid power performance.

The power keeps its blades at high speed while offering you an all 3-in-1 discharge option; the mulching, the bagging, and the side discharge. If you ever need to work early, your neighbours will thank you for the SmartSound Technology feature included. The SmartSound design reduces the engine's noise without causing a significant drop in its performance.

Another feature that comes uniquely included in this self-propelled mower is the deck wash port. This option lets you clean the area and blade beneath the deck when you're done mowing.

The handlebars will adjust to three different positions for people in a different cutting height. This self-propelled mower has wheels that adjust to six different cutting height positions.

Also worth noting, unlike most gas mowers, the manufacturers will provide a limited three-year warranty that comes in handy if you have any issues with your self-propelled mower


  • It is an electric start type mower
  • It has a 3-in-1 discharge option
  • It has a SmartSound feature
  • It has a deck wash port


  • The handles sink while the mower is in use

Buying Guide for the Best Self-propelled Mower

A. The Engine Size

 Mowers can be powered by an engine that is as small as 125 cc. However, most fall between the 140 CC and 190 CC range. Note that a large engine will help to power your self-propelled mower through tall, thick grass more seamlessly.

B. The Diameter of the Rear Wheels

The larger the diameter of the rear wheels, the better the mower ride over bumpy terrain.

C. The Speed Control

You can control your mowing speed in different mowers in different ways. Some use a squeeze handle.

Some have a drive bar that you can press forward or dial. Skim through the design you think you'd like to work with.

Frequently Asked Questions on the Best Self-propelled Lawn Mower

1. Can my self-propelled mower mow wet grass?

Most lawn mowers have blades that are well equipped to mow wet grass. However, it is not recommended to do so. It is because, when wet, grass stick together, making it more difficult to mow. Other than that, it could wet soil.

2. Can I use regular car oil in a self-propelled lawn mower?

Yes. Check for specific guidelines on how to do this.

Ian Mutuli

About the author

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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