19 Colors That Go with Light Pink for a Modern Look

Ian Mutuli
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Ian Mutuli

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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When you decide to decorate your space, the first thing that comes into your mind is the color. But most people do not consider light pink at the top of their list. Surprisingly, light pink blends so well with so many other colors. However, you must choose the colors that go with light pink to achieve the desired results.

What Does the Color Pink Stand for?

What Does the Color Pink Stand For?

Image Source: propertygeek.in

A person with a preference for the color pink is believed to be gentle, sensitive, and typically has a strong nurturing side. It typically connotes sensitivity, femininity, and a profound desire to be accepted or loved without conditions. It can go a long way toward producing a beautiful area when it comes to interior design.

Surprisingly, pink goes well with a wide range of colors, from rich hues like mustard yellow to muted tones like gray and dark brown. These hues give your home a rosy and upbeat feel when combined with some pink.

We will concentrate on color schemes that complement light pink in order to create the desired mood based on the function of your area and how you want it to feel.

Light Pink Color Combinations

1. Pink and Green

Pink and green are one of the greatest color combinations. The two colors complement each other on the color wheel, just like white and black create high contrast. This classic pairing crops up regularly in modern interior design.

Pink and Green

Image Source: homedesignlover.com

The pink and green color scheme works perfectly because they develop a sense of balance. Subsequently, pink warms and softens the green tone, while the olive green tone keeps the pink earthy and grounded.

These colors are emotive, and I believe they are favorites for bathrooms and bedrooms. I would prefer an emerald couch with pink pillows for a gorgeous appearance in my living room.

2. Pink and Gold

Gold and Pink Living Room Design

Image source: decorpad.com

You can never go wrong with this color combination, whether you are incorporating fixtures or utilizing gold color in your spaces. Mixing pink and gold provides you with an elegant space.

Remember to select the right tones of pink and gold, and the deeper the tone, the better. Do not choose things that are too light with anything that is too bright.

That is, if you select a lighter pink, introduce a darker, aged-bass shade for metallic wallpapers or pieces of furniture. In contrast, if you like a shiny and bright shade with your gold, mix it with a more muted blush pink shade.

3. Dark Pink and Light Pink

Pink Dark Pink and Light Pink Bedroom Designs

Image Source: architectureartdesigns.com

You may wonder whether more pink can give you fabulous results. The answer is yes. More pink is one of the best colors that match pink. The blush tones of rose and pink align excellently to give a soothing but feminine vibe.

Utilizing colors from the same family in different tones create a cohesive appearance with subtle contrast. I would use this color combination to get a feminine vibe and glamour in my bedroom.

4. Pink and White

Pink and white Bedrooms

Image Source: home-designing.com

Pink and white is a color combination that creates a bold and crisp color scheme. White offers simplicity permitting the boldness of pink color to take center stage. What is more, the combination is versatile.

I would prefer the color scheme in my sitting area, or dining, or to get that cozy feeling and a dreamy bedroom

5. Pink and Red

Pink and Purple Girl's Room Reveal | House of Jade Interiors

Image Source: houseofjadeint.wpengine.com

You may use pink and red because they are real power couples. Pink contains the primary color red making an effortless color palette that can be adapted into different schemes. Moreover, pink is considered a versatile hue to utilize in your space because it contains the primary red color.

Note that you should look for a bold contrast between the colors. You can paint your ceiling and walls in a rosy shade of pink to get elegant spaces.

6. Pink and Black

 Pink and Black

Image Source: homedesignlover.com

This is another interesting color combination you can use. Pairing pink and black can give you a unique appearance in your space. This color scheme creates an amazing design moment, even in your small spaces. I prefer paring black with soft colors like pink in my rooms to give a funky vibe with pink and rose accent pieces put against a black wall.

7. Pink and Teal

Teal and pink living room decor

Image Source: Pintrest.com

Are you surprised that the teal color can go with pink? The teal color is an intriguing match to the pink color. I believe that it can give you a fantastic look when used on the lighting fixtures in your pink room.

8. Pink and Mustard Yellow

Pink and musturd yellow

Image Source: apartmenttherapy.com

This combination is extremely intriguing and perfect. There is something about how pink color tends to soften the harsh yellow tone in mustard yellow hue that works right. I think you can use this color scheme to get that lovely and unique appearance in your bedroom.

9. Pink and Tan

Pink and Tan Bedrooms

Image Source: decorpad.com

What about the pink and tan color scheme? This is a soothing combination that can never disappoint you. If you need a bolder combination, brown, which is a darker shade of tan, is a perfect color that goes with pink.

Brown, when paired with pink, provides you with a comforting and homely feeling. That is why you find the combination of rustic and boho chic styles homes.

10. Pink and Olive Green

Colors that go with olive green, from classic to unexpected | Livingetc

Image Source: livingetc.com

The pink and olive green color is another fantastic combination. When combined, these colors have a warm neutral quality to them, and they have the potential to create a very calming and soothing environment.

These colors are complementary, sitting opposite each other on the color wheel; hence the high contrast provides a vibrant look. It’s a great combination that you will see a lot in nature, which is why I find it very comforting when it comes to interiors.

11. Pink and Brick

Incredible Pink Living Room Ideas And Designs

Image Source: designcafe.com

Have you ever imagined how pink color can appear against a brick wall? When you use pink against brick, you can have an amazing look. You can blend accent pieces with some pop of bright colors in your living room.

12. Orange and Pink

Pink and red orange Interior Design

Image Source: fabricsandpapers.com

Do you desire a sunset-inspired appearance, then pair pink with a warm color such as orange. Pink and orange are analogous colors that go well together. You place them next to each other to get an earthly and warm vibe.

Moreover, you can invest in pink and orange pillows in various shades to your satisfaction. What is more, you can mix this delightful color scheme with complementary pieces of decor like framed art prints. This combo is also perfect for your office or playroom.

And in your bedroom! This combination looks good and comforting. I think that you can have orange and pink bed covers to get that comforting feeling when you enter your bedroom. The feeling will make you sleep a little bit more.

13. Pink and Blue

Blue And Pink Living Room Ideas

Image Source: homedecorbliss.com

If there is a color combination that goes together well, it is pink and blue because they complement each other. We incorrectly believe that pink is for girls while blue is for boys. Therefore, matching this color combination produces color harmony.

In your house, pink and blue can give you amazing outcomes if you use different shades. I believe that a pastel pink wall can match a blue couch in your space.

14. Pink and Burgundy

Pink and Burgundy Designing Ideas

Image Source: designingidea.com

You may consider mixing blush pink with a moody and dark burgundy to get a rich contrast. The color combination can be powerful for your interior design. However, you must use slightly saturated neutrals on your walls, furniture, and lighting and contrast with accent pieces in darker tones.

15. Pink, White, and Gray

Pink, White, and Gray interor combination

Image Source: projectnursery.com

This is another great combination that you can use in any space in your home. Be it your walk-in closet, bathroom, kitchen, or children’s room. Plus, you can rely on this color scheme despite the tones or shades you select.

16. Pink, Navy Blue, and Green

Pink, Navy Blue, and Green

Image Source: hips.hearstapps.com

Pink combined with navy blue with a touch of green provides a fantastic look. Navy blue walls make an interesting backdrop for your soft pink loveseats, making them take a center stage with an emerald green coffee table as the icing on the cake. I would use the combination for my elegant living room. However, it can be used in the bedroom.

17. Pink and Greige

Pink and Greige Interiors

Image Source: essenziale-hd.com

Greige is lighter than gray but darker than beige. Greige is considered a pleasing neutral color that adds imperceptible contrast and depth to your rooms. Despite greige appearing stunning with various colors, the hue makes a sophisticated counterpoint for the color pink. As a result, it adds an earthly note and warmth. I believe the color scheme is excellent for your living room and dining area.

18. Pink and Bright Yellow

Pink and Bright Yellow

Image Source: decoist.com

If you are looking to achieve a more modest style, this working with this combination will give you your desired outcome. If you do not like the delicate, soft appearance that canary yellow and pastel pink provide, then hot pink and bright yellow are your choice. This color scheme is interesting and striking, giving you a feminine but fierce look.

19. Baby Pink and Grey

Baby pink and grey

Image Source: decoist.com

Pink goes well with muted tones such as grey. Grey is known as a neutral color that matches anything. However, the soft shade of baby pink appears excellent with a cool gray. This baby pink color adds a soft pop of personality and color to a neutral look.

Moreover, in your house, baby pink softens industrial interiors. I think that combining grey and pink for your bedroom walls will give you elegant and welcoming vibes.

How To Complement Pink with Other Colors

How To Match Colors With Pink

Image Source: architecturaldigest.com

Here is a straightforward way to identify a few essential ideas that will assist you in determining what colors you can mix with pink. Generally speaking, they fall into one of three categories: contrasting or complementary colors, analogous colors, and triad or rectangular color schemes.

1. Complementary Colors

The colors that are directly opposed to the one you are using—in this case, pink—are known as complementary colors. Simply choose a color from the color wheel that is directly opposed to pink. These hues will harmonize with your pink color and promote equilibrium.

2. Analogous Colors

Utilizing a combination of hue’s analogous hues is one of the simplest ways to develop a compelling color narrative. You can find these hues to the left, right, or left of your chosen color, in this case, pink. They won’t cause a jarring effect when positioned next to one another on the wheel because they are near to one another.

3. Triad And Rectangle Color Schemes

Three hues that are equally spaced apart on the color wheel are combined in triad color schemes. For instance, you may use the colors pink, yellow, and blue together. Rectangle schemes, on the other hand, are the colors you discover if you draw a rectangle on your color wheel; the four colors you discover will make an incredible combination. Pink, blue-green, red-orange, and indigo are a few examples.

Final Take

This discussion has shown us that pink combines beautifully with a variety of colors. Pink remains a popular choice in interior design because of this. Pink is a color that is always appropriate and can be used to design any room in your home.

Moreover, you can have pink walls and upholstered furniture in this romantic color. However, you must use the correct color combination to achieve the expected results. Note that the aesthetic of the room and the entire ambiance will be governed by the shade of pink chosen.

Featured Image Source: hausette.com

Ian Mutuli

About the author

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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