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13 Colors That Go With Olive Green In Interior Design

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Brenda Nyawara

Brenda Nyawara is an editor at Archute. She is a graduate architect with a passion for edge-cutting ideas in design, fashion, art and modern world interests.
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Are you looking for a way to match olive green with different colors in your interior decor but do not know how to go about it? Then, hop on to this article and get to know the colors that go with olive green to transform your home into a vibrant, enjoyable space.

Olive green is among the bright colors in the color wheel that goes with various others, making it a perfect choice for interior home decor. In addition, you can add it to almost every color.

What Is the Olive Green Color?

 Empty modern kitchen with olive / khaki green high wooden kitchen cabinets with tiled pattern background,  ceiling led lights.

Olive green is a color normally associated with earth or nature. It gives a calming, soothing, and relaxing effect, making it the perfect choice for relaxation areas such as the bedroom, balcony, washrooms, and living rooms.

You can also use olive green accents to create a sense of balance in rooms with too much color or bright energy. However, you need to use the color proportionally to avoid being monotonous; that is why blending it with a matching color is important. If you are looking for a versatile color with a calming effect, then olive green is undoubtedly the one.

What Does Olive Green Signify?

Olive green is associated with peace and serenity. It also brings a sense of calm and reassurance. The green aspect of the olive green color relates to nature. You can use it to decorate your indoor garden if you are a plant fanatic.

In some cases, olive green can be significant in luxury; blending it with black in your home gives luxury vibes.

Olive Green Shades

We’ve got you covered if you wonder which shade of olive green to go with. Olive green includes myriad shades that could keep you undecided about which shade to blend another color with. In addition, you can opt for light olive green or dark olive green.

1. Olive Drab Green

Abstract fluid art background dark green and olive colors.

Olive drab green is most common in the military, but you can use it for other purposes. It is more dark green, but mixing it with different colors creates different themes and shades. Besides military uniforms, you can use the color to paint vehicles, walls, interior decor, and camouflage netting.

The name “olive drab green” came through in the 18th century. The term drab was used in the mid-16th century about the homespun wool that was light brown, hence the adaptation. Before that, locals referred to olive drab green as dull light brown.

2. Dark Olive Green

Abstract art background dark green and olive colors.

Dark olive green is a darker version of olive green. An unripe skin of an olive represents the color. Dark olive green matches with most neutral colors, but you can also pair it with bright colors such as yellow and red.

Dark olive green is often associated with stability and security. In addition, you can use it to strengthen the feeling of solemnness in your home interior.

3. Light Olive Green

Light olive green

Light olive green is a desaturated shade of yellow. It blends with natural colors like beige, maroon, or tan. Light olive green makes it easier to include such colors in your interior design without the colors canceling. It is a softer olive green color that painters and interior designers use to color a room to bring a natural feel.

4. Black Olive Green

Black olives

Black olive green is a shade close to gray-yellow, often referred to as the “black olives” shade. The color closely resembles dark grey, making it challenging to pair it with any color since it has a yellow undertone.

5. Olive Green

Olive green blend

Olive green is a color in the shade between yellow and green. It exists in different shades, from a blend of dark yellow up to the dark green. It is often associated with the colors of olives, from when they are fresh to when they darken or ripen. It is a bold color that goes well with other colors and green shades in the color scheme.

How Can I Decorate Using Olive Green?

If you want to include olive green as an accent color in your interior decor, you can add props of the color throughout the room. For instance:

  • You can use an olive green couch or olive green throw pillows.
  • You can create a calming space by painting the whole room olive green.
  • Accessorize your home with olive green home decors such as rugs, wall art, or curtains.
  • Use plants in the olive green shade. The plant will not only match the olive green decor but also bring fresh air to your living space.

Try to be creative, as long as you match olive green to fit your home decor. An advantage to using olive green in your interior design is that you will never run out of ideas, and it complements each decor piece in your home.

Colors That Go With Olive Green In Interior Design

As discussed earlier, the olive green color is used to signify a serene and calm atmosphere that can free anxiety. The olive green color is connected to nature as it promotes hope, growth, and renewal. If you use it in your interior decor, it may promote harmony.

The olive green shade you choose affects the feelings you want to project. In most cases, the light olive green shade is good in promoting positive feelings, while the dark olive green brings a feeling of strength.

You need to get a balance of the olive green color to ensure you don’t go too heavy on blending. You can incorporate a hue with a lighter tint to uplift your space if you go for the dark olive green. Let’s look into some colors that go olive green.

1. Olive Green and Navy Blue

Modern interior Sofa with Green Plants on the Wall, navy blue throw pillows

All shades of blue will go with olive green, but let us stick to navy blue for now. In general, navy blue is a match to olive green as it creates an intimate, harmonious feeling to the whole interior decor.

However, if you want to achieve something softer, blue shades such as sky blue or cornflower blue can be the right choice. Navy blue and olive green act as the right foundation for floral patterns and themes as they do not overwhelm the feminine aspect.

This color combo makes it comfortable for both masculine and feminine gender to explore. In addition, the color combination blends perfectly with beige and grey accents.

2. Olive Green and Yellow

Abstract architecture - interior design with mock-up poster, pastel colored interior, decoration and plants,yellow and green

As weird as it sounds, yellow and olive green do blend nicely. Furthermore, they do well when adding a third color as a base. For instance, if you combine yellow, olive green, and white or beige, you can bring another color scheme into life. Yellow is a bright color that adds life and happiness to almost every color you blend it with, and olive green is not an exception.

For example, if your couch is yellow, you can choose olive green accents such as a couch, throw pillows, or decor accessories. On top of that, you can add yellow throw pillows to bring brightness to the room.

Yellow creates a bright and open space. While combining yellow shades, go for the bright ones, as the dull shades of yellow can be unappealing to the combo.

3. Olive Green and White

Home interior with poster frame mockup, green comfortable sofa on white wall with wooden furniture

Add white if you want to revamp your walls with a tint of olive green and another color. You will never go wrong with white as it brings a crisp and refreshing feeling.

Paint white on your walls as the base color as you add olive green on top to make the room even brighter and more appealing. You can also incorporate olive green with white decor or select a darker shade of olive green and break the monotony with white accents.

4. Olive Green and Black

Modern Style Bedroom Digitally generated in a black and olive green theme.

If you blend dark olive green with black, you need a third color to break the monotony. These two colors complement each other but can easily overpower each other if you don’t balance them with a third color.

In this case, you can use light gray, beige, or ivory white. Use green as a base for walls and black on elements such as a rug, wall art, photos, or curtains. To make the look even classier, include an olive green sofa, but if they are old, you can opt for black ones. In addition, the dark green accents can dull a room; you can add black accents to make the room feel modern.

5. Olive Green and Pink

Green interior in modern interior of living room style with pink sofa and green wall.

Olive green and pink could be contrasting colors, but the combo is the best choice if you want to give your home a summer vibe. The contrast is so intense that it is difficult not to notice the interior decor.

A fascinating fact about these two colors is that you can always find them in nature. You must pick the right shade of olive green and pink and transform your house into nature. The perfect shades are dark olive green and light pink.

6. Olive Green and Burgundy

Luxury apartment living room interior with olive green leather sofas and a burgundy mat

If you want to achieve an elegant and classy combo, you can try out the olive green and burgundy combination. Burgundy is a darker shade of red, while olive green is a bit lighter. When you blend these two colors, the result is a beautiful dark green color.

You can try pairing burgundy accessories in your home decor if you want a tint red feel. You can also decorate your home with olive green and burgundy accessories such as throw pillows, curtains, or artwork.

7. Olive Green and Brown

Interior design of modern dining room, wooden table and green chairs in a brown background

Try the brown colors if you want a nice color blend with olive green. Brown and olive green give your home a sleek and modern look. On the other hand, you can go for a cooler gray-based-brown look. If your living space is cozier and comfortable, you can blend olive green with a warm-toned brown.

For instance, if your room is olive green toned already, you can add deep brown wooden furniture, and they will be a hit.

8. Olive Green and Cream

Interior of modern dining room 3d rendering Interior of modern dining room, wooden classic table and cream chairs against dark green wall with door

Cream and olive green are the perfect blends in any home decor. The cream color creates a warm feel, and when blended, it brings a feeling of nature. These color combinations can go well in a living room or a bedroom to create a calm and relaxing atmosphere.

9. Olive Green and Gray

olive green and gray themed living room agaist plants on the outside

If you love neutral colors, you will probably want to experiment with the gray-olive green color combo. Since olive green blends perfectly with black, there is no doubt it will blend with a neutral shade such as gray.

You can create a natural look by using gray as a base color for your walls and olive green as your accent color. Such color combinations cancel each other to bring a modern look to your home.

10. Olive Green and Tan

Green kitchen interior with sink, furniture, decor and tan countertop.

If you want to achieve a rustic and earthy feel to your living space, it is time to try blending olive green with the tan color. These two colors best fit a living room where you want a mid-century and garden theme.

Alternatively, you can fit these two colors in your kid’s room if they love jungle themes. For adults, a blend of tan and olive green comes into play when you add house plants and natural fabrics into a room. Then, to break hue monotony, you can add tan-painted furniture to the olive green painted walls.

11. Olive Green and Orange

70s Style Living Room Digitally generated 70s style living room interior design.with olive green and orange theme

Orange and olive green is the perfect blend for people who want to transition from red. Olive green has a hue that fits orange to create a warm room setting. If you live in a cold atmosphere, you can try this combo and see if it brings a feeling of warmth to your space.

If you use olive green as the accent color, try including orange details in your decor and watch the combo stand out.

12. Olive Green and Gold

Luxury living room in house with modern interior design, green velvet sofa, coffee table, pouf, gold decoration, plant, lamp, carpet, mock up poster frame and elegant accessories.

Want a more refined look? Try gold accents and olive green shades. Gold gives your living space a classier and more fashionable look. Use fewer accessories with gold, as you can overdo the designs when you include more gold home decor.

If you are using gold on furniture, ensure they are small gold legs and are in detail. In addition, you can include art pieces with gold and olive green framed sides.

Get creative while using gold and include gold decor pieces within your olive green-themed room. While at it, choose a third color theme such as black, white, or cream since they go well with olive green and gold accents.

Alternatively, you can use olive green as your base color and decorate using gold and a third color.

13. Olive Green and Violet

Modern Nordic living room interior with purple sofa and lots of olive green details

You can never go wrong with violet! The color is subtle and gentle and goes with almost every color. You can add some detail to your olive green-themed household with some violet throw pillows or home decor. Violet sits right with any color blend making it easier to mix it up accordingly.

If you like, you can paint your walls violet and blend them with olive green accessories; the color contrast is beautiful since olive green and violet are accent colors.

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Brenda Nyawara

Brenda Nyawara is an editor at Archute. She is a graduate architect with a passion for edge-cutting ideas in design, fashion, art and modern world interests.
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