how much electricity does a ps4 use

How Much Electricity Does a PS4 Use on Average?

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Ian Mutuli

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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The PlayStation 4 (PS4) has grown to become one of the best gaming consoles that can entertain players for hours. But as the monthly electricity bill is received, one might ask why the bill is slightly higher? How many watts does a PS4 consume? Well, knowing how much power your PS4 consumes provides you with the necessary knowledge about its energy consumption. This allows one to make decisions that lead to a better and more resourceful gaming experience.

In the post, we shall delve on the power consumption of a PS4 in various modes as well as provide some tips on how to enhance power in the gaming room to provide the best gaming experience.

How Much Electricity Does A PS4 Use By Mode?

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1. PS4 Standby Wattage

In standby mode, the PS4 uses approximately 0. 47 watts of power. If you also have a PS VR connected, the total standby power usage of the PS4 increases to 0.W. 62 W Power consumption is relatively high because the PS VR uses an average of 0. 15 Watt in standby mode.

Furthermore, a Dualshock controller charging in the standby mode contributes to the PS4’s power consumption by 4. 5 W.

2. PS4 Idle Wattage

The PS4’s power consumption when it is in the standby mode stands between 83 and 100 watts. 9W and 92. 5W. The specific power consumption when in idle is determined by the location of the idle and any connected accessory or peripheral.

It draws about 83 Watts when on standby on the user login screen, which is the first screen that the user sees after booting up the console. 9 W. This rises to 85. 6 W when idle on the dashboard.

A Dualshock controller will consume about 90. 1 W while charging when idle on the dashboard.” However, if the device is left on the dashboard without the charging controller and if a PS VR is on, then the power consumption will be approximately 92. 5 W.

3. PS4 Streaming Wattage

The power consumption when streaming on a PS4 is approximately 98W. 4 W to 100 W. Streaming YouTube videos on a PS4 consumes about 98. 4 W on average, and streaming Netflix uses about 99. 9 W, and Amazon Prime Video uses approximately 100 W.

4. PS4 Gaming Wattage

To play games on a PS4, one needs about 99. 8 watts and 145 watts of power. However, the power wattage that is utilized during gaming is as a result of several factors. For instance, games that are less demanding on graphics and processing power consume about 100 watts or less. It is established that power consumption increases when using a PS VR for gaming. Gaming through VR on the PS4 uses about 144 W of electricity.

Power Consumption Of Different PlayStation 4 Console Models

As for power consumption various PlayStation 4 consoles can require different amounts of electricity.


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1. PlayStation 4 Classic

The original version of the PS4 has these energy consumption values:

  • Menu mode: During navigation of the operating menu it takes between 80 and 90 watts per hour.
  • Blu-Ray and video app functionality: Up to 100 watts are consumed per hour when watching movies and videos, for instance, those from Blu-ray disc or VidZone music video service.
  • Gaming: Play station is the most selling gaming system. Power use varies from 140 to 150 watts per hour depending on the game’s resolution and graphics engine.

2. PlayStation 4 Pro

The PlayStation Pro is the advanced model of PS4. It has more storage space and a faster CPU, which enables it to deliver a higher image quality and a higher frame rate, among other enhancements.

  • Menu mode: At about 75 watts, it uses less energy than the original PlayStation console did.
  • Blu-ray and video app functionality: This version uses approximately 87 watts.
  • Gaming: It has a power output of about 165 watts per hour, making it more powerful than the standard PS4.

3. PlayStation 4 Slim

The PlayStation 4 Slim consumes less power than the PlayStation 4 Classic and the PlayStation 4 Pro.

  • Menu mode: Compared to that the PS4 Slim only consumes approximately 50 watts which is significantly less.
  • Blu-ray and video app functionality: In video mode, the PS4 Slim uses approximately 55 watts. Once again, it is lacking compared to the other PS4 models in this regard.
  • Gaming: Even when in gaming mode, the console only uses approximately 77 watts per hour which is approximately half less than the original model.

Factors That Affect PS4 Power Consumption

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1. Gameplay Graphics Intensity

There is a close connection between the quality of graphics in a game and the amount of electricity used. Games that have detailed graphical images, rich textures, and graphics tend to exert more pressure on the console and therefore use more energy. Some of the games may exert a lot of pressure on the PS4 system thus leading to high power consumption as compared to other games due to intense graphics.

2. Game Optimization

Even the optimization level in a game also influences the power usage to some extent. As we all know, well-optimized games can run and perform well by utilizing the hardware strength of the PS4 with little power consumption. However, if the games are not optimized well, they may exert pressure on the console and cause it to demand more power.

3. Display Settings

Depending on the settings you use for display, you can be affected by power consumption. Higher resolution and brighter displays often need more power to run across the screen. Adjusting these settings down to an extent that you desire can help lower the amount of power the game console draws without affecting image quality.

4. Connected Peripherals

The PS4’s total power consumption might be higher if other accessories such as charging stands, external storage, or gaming headphones are connected. These accessories derive their power from the game console and can cause increased power consumption.

5. System Configurations And Settings

There are some configurations of settings and systems that may have an impact on the power usage. For instance, allowing background downloads and automatic updates means the console must remain powered on even when it is not in use, which may lead to increased power consumption.

Energy Saving Tips To Reduce PS4 Electricity Usage

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1. Enable Power Save Settings

There are some options that can be adjusted to decrease power consumption when the device is still turned on. For example, it is possible to set the console such that it cannot access the Internet and, therefore, cannot download updates. You can also turn off the power supply using the USB ports available on the controller.

2. Utilize Rest Mode

It is also recommended to use the rest mode feature on PlayStation in order to save energy and maintain fast booting. In Rest Mode, the game console has a lower power consumption than when running continually but facilitates background downloads, auto-update, and charging of controllers. It is worth mentioning that Rest Mode is suitable for breaks between games and sessions.

3. Use A Blu-Ray Player To Play Blu-Rays

As for energy consumption, the use of a Blu-ray player to play Blu-rays is about 20 W, or up to 80 W per hour less than the PS.

4. Turn Off The Gaming Console When Not In Use

Another simple and effective way through which power can be saved in PlayStation 4 is to switch it off once you are done playing games. Unlike using the standby mode in which some power continues to be used, this means that no power is used at all until the next gaming session.

What Is The Average Electricity Cost For A PlayStation 4?

The electricity costs of your PS4 are not solely influenced by factors such as energy consumption, usage, and price of electricity in your region. Nevertheless, the cost of electricity can be approximated based on the average power consumption and tariffs.

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When actively gaming, a PlayStation consumes about 145 watt-hours per hour. For 3 hours of gaming, the maximum power consumption would be approximately 435 watt-hours. Multiplied by 30 days gives a monthly energy consumption of 13,050 watt-hours or 13. 05 kilowatt-hours (kWh).

This is because it has an average power price of 13 cents per kilowatt hour so multiply this rate by how many units you use in a month. So, the average monthly electricity cost which will be required to run a PS4 will be approximately $1. 70 excluding the electricity cost of the TV for gaming.

Frequently Asked Questions About How Much Electricity Does A PS4 Use?

1. How Much Electricity Does A PlayStation 4 Use Per Hour?

A PS4 generally utilizes between 99 and 100 watts of electricity. 8 and 144 watt-hours per hour while gaming. It will only use between 83. 9 and 92. 5 Wh/h when left on the home screen, which rises slightly to 98. 4–100 watt-hours per hour if used to watch a streaming app.

2. Does PS4 Affect Your Electricity Bill?

Yes, the PlayStation 4 consumes 181 kWh of electricity when gaming while others consume approximately 300 kWh per year. That is the area where the savings are most visible.

3. How Much Does It Cost To Run A PS4 Overnight?

A PS4 typically goes for 2. 41 pence per hour played because it consumes 130 watts when on. The console uses 10 watts even when switched off; thus, it consumes 0. per hour, even when they are not in use 18 pence per hour.

4. Does PS4 Consume A Lot More Electricity Than PC?

A PC would thus require more power to operate than a PS4 or an Xbox. Most consoles are rated to use between 165–200 watts or less, while the Intel Core i9 and the 2080 Ti are around 290 Watts combined. Thus, a gaming PC will have a higher power bill, but the performance it delivers is out of this world.

Ian Mutuli

About the author

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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