how much electricity does a ps4 use

How Much Electricity Does a PS4 Use on Average?

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Ian Mutuli

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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The PlayStation 4 (PS4) has evolved into a gaming powerhouse, offering hours of entertainment to gamers worldwide. But as the monthly electricity bill comes in, have you ever wondered why it’s a bit higher? How much electricity does a PS4 use? Well, understanding the power consumption of your PS4 gives you insights into its energy requirements. It lets you make informed decisions for a more sustainable and efficient gaming experience.

In the post, we will discuss the power consumption of a PS4 in different modes and offer tips to optimize energy in your gaming room for an epic gaming experience.

How Much Electricity Does a PS4 Use By Mode?

How Many Watts Does a PS4 Use By Mode?

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1. PS4 Standby Wattage

On standby, the PS4 consumes about 0.47 watts of power. If you also have a PS VR connected, the total standby power usage of the PS4 increases to 0.62 W. This is because the PS VR consumes an average of 0.15 W in standby mode.

Besides, charging a Dualshock controller while in standby mode increases the PS4’s power consumption by 4.5 W.

2. PS4 Idle Wattage

When the PS4 is idle, its power usage ranges between 83.9W and 92.5W. The specific power consumption when in idle mode depends on various factors, such as where it is idle and any connected accessories.

When idle on the user login screen (the first screen that appears after startup), the PS4 consumes about 83.9 W. This shoots to 85.6 W when idle on the dashboard.

A Dualshock controller will consume about 90.1 W while charging when idle on the dashboard. On the other hand, when idle on the dashboard without a charging controller but with a PS VR turned on, the power consumption will be about 92.5 W.

3. PS4 Streaming Wattage

When streaming on a PS4, the power usage ranges from 98.4 W to 100 W. Streaming YouTube videos on a PS4 consumes about 98.4 W, while streaming Netflix requires about 99.9 W, and Amazon Prime Video uses about 100 W.

4. PS4 Gaming Wattage

Gaming on a PS4 requires between 99.8 and 145 watts of power. However, the power wattage during gaming depends on various factors. For instance, games with lower processing requirements typically use around 100 watts or less. Using a PS VR for gaming significantly increases power consumption. VR gaming on the PS4 consumes about 144 W.

Power Consumption of Different PlayStation 4 Console Models

Regarding electricity consumption, it is crucial to remember that different PlayStation 4 console models can have varying energy needs.

Power Consumption of Different PlayStation 4 Console Models

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1. PlayStation 4 Classic

The original version of the PS4 has these energy consumption values:

  • Menu mode: It uses between 80 and 90 watts per hour while navigating the operating menu.
  • Blu-Ray and video app functionality: Up to 100 watts are used per hour while playing movies and videos, such as those from a Blu-ray disc or the VidZone music video service.
  • Gaming: The PlayStation is the most popular gaming system. The power use ranges from 140 to 150 watts per hour, depending on the game’s resolution and graphics engine.

2. PlayStation 4 Pro

The PlayStation Pro is the most powerful PS4 model. It boasts a bigger hard drive and a faster processor, allowing it to play out a higher image resolution and a faster frame rate, among other things.

  • Menu mode: At about 75 watts, it uses less energy than the original PlayStation.
  • Blu-ray and video app functionality: This version consumes about 87 watts.
  • Gaming: With about 165 watts per hour, the console outperforms the original PS4.

3. PlayStation 4 Slim

The PlayStation 4 Slim uses less power than the PlayStation 4 Classic and PlayStation 4 Pro.

  • Menu mode: The PS4 Slim only uses about 50 watts, which is much less.
  • Blu-ray and video app functionality: The PS4 Slim consumes about 55 watts while in video mode. Again, it falls well short of the other PS4 models in this area.
  • Gaming: The console only uses about 77 watts per hour while in gaming mode, which is virtually half less than the classic model.

Factors that Affect PS4 Power Consumption

Factors that Affect PS4 Power Consumption

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1. Gameplay Graphics Intensity

A game’s graphics quality has a significant influence on power use. Games with complex visual effects, high-resolution textures, and demanding graphics usually require more console processing power, increasing energy consumption. Games with intensive graphics may strain the PS4’s hardware, resulting in higher power usage than less visually demanding titles.

2. Game Optimization

The optimization level in a game affects power use too. Well-optimized games usually take advantage of the PS4’s hardware capabilities, allowing smoother gameplay with minimal energy usage. On the other hand, poorly optimized games might strain the console, making it work harder and use more power.

3. Display Settings

Your choice of display settings can have an impact on power use. Higher resolution settings and brightness levels usually require more power to drive the display. Customizing these settings to a level that meets your preferences can help reduce how much power the game console uses without compromising visual quality.

4. Connected Peripherals

The PS4’s overall power consumption may increase if you use additional peripherals like charging docks, external hard drives, or gaming headsets. These accessories draw power from the game console and can increase power usage.

5. System Configurations and Settings

Some settings and system configurations can affect power consumption. For instance, allowing background downloads and automatic updates may require the console to stay active when you are not using it, resulting in higher power consumption.

Energy Saving Tips to Reduce PS4 Electricity Usage

PS4 Electricity Usage

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1. Enable Power Save Settings

Some settings can be changed to save energy while the device is on standby. For instance, you can configure the console not to connect to the Internet, preventing automatic updates. You can also switch off the power supply using the USB ports on the controller.

2. Utilize Rest Mode

Using the rest mode feature on your PlayStation can help you save energy, ensuring quick startup times. When the game console is in Rest Mode, it uses less energy than running continuously, allowing background downloads, automatic updates, and charging controllers. Rest Mode is a practical option for short breaks between game sessions.

3. Use a Blu-Ray Player to Play Blu-Rays

Compared to the PS, using a Blu-ray player to play Blu-rays consumes about 20 W, i.e., up to 80 W less per hour.

4. Turn Off the Gaming Console When Not in Use

Turning off the PlayStation 4 entirely after you are done gaming is one of the easiest and most efficient ways to save power. Rather than keeping it in standby mode, which still drains some power, turning it off ensures that no energy is consumed until your next gaming session.

What is the Average Electricity cost For a PlayStation 4?

The electricity costs of your PS4 don’t only depend on various factors such as how much energy it uses, usage patterns, and local electricity rates. However, we can estimate electricity costs based on typical power consumption and average prices.

Average Electricity cost For a PlayStation 4

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When actively gaming, a PlayStation uses about 145 watt-hours per hour. If we estimate a daily gaming session of 3 hours, the maximum power consumption would be about 435 watt-hours. Multiplying this by 30 days results in monthly energy use of 13,050 watt-hours, or 13.05 kilowatt-hours (kWh).

With an average power price of 13 cents per kWh, multiply this rate by your monthly consumption. The average monthly electricity cost for a PS4 will be around $1.70 without considering the electricity cost of the TV for gaming.

Frequently Asked Questions about How Much Electricity Does a PS4 Use?

1. How Much Electricity Does a PlayStation 4 Use Per Hour?

A PS4 usually consumes between 99.8 and 144 watt-hours per hour when gaming. It will only use between 83.9 and 92.5 watt-hours per hour if left on the home screen, with a slight jump to 98.4–100 watt-hours per hour if used to watch a streaming app.

2. Does PS4 Affect Your Electricity Bill?

Yes, the PlayStation 4 uses 181 kWh of electricity during gameplay, whereas their counterparts use virtually 300 kWh annually. That is where the savings are clearest.

3. How Much Does It Cost to Run a PS4 Overnight?

A PS4 usually costs 2.41 pence per hour played because it consumes 130 watts when used. The console uses 10 watts even when turned off; therefore, it still costs 0.18 pence per hour even when not in use.

4. Does PS4 Consume a Lot More Electricity than PC?

A PC would consume far more power than a PS4 or an Xbox. Most consoles operate at a power consumption of 165–200 watts or less, while the Intel Core i9 and 2080 Ti consume nearly 300 watts combined. So a gaming PC will have a higher power bill but at the expense of outstanding performance.

Ian Mutuli

About the author

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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