how much is a gallon of benjamin moore paint

How Much Is a Gallon of Benjamin Moore Paint?

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Brenda Nyawara

Brenda Nyawara is an editor at Archute. She is a graduate architect with a passion for edge-cutting ideas in design, fashion, art and modern world interests.
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Are you looking for premium paints for your next project? Benjamin Moore paint is a leading option to consider, but it is vital to understand how much money you will spend to guarantee excellent coverage. So, how much is a gallon of Benjamin Moore paint?

Generally, a gallon of Benjamin Moore paint costs between $45 and $100. However, different factors contribute to differing prices, including finishes, type of stain, and coverage. In this article, we will discover the different Benjamin Moore paints you can buy and detail how much you will pay for each gallon. Let's get to it!

Benjamin Moore At a Glance

When looking for the best paint brands in the country, Benjamin Moore leads the pack that includes also premium brands like Behr and Sherwin Williams. This company was incorporated in 1883 in Brooklyn, New York, and today is known for producing high-quality paint that is also as expensive as the other two brands. Luckily, Benjamin Moore paints get 4.5/5 stars in user satisfaction ratings according to Consumer Affairs.

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Benjamin Moore sells different paints like interior paint, exterior paint, and primers. When buying, you can choose your best price range guided by the different paint families the company offers. For instance, you can choose products from the different exterior and interior paint lines, including:

  • Benjamin Moore Aura paint
  • Benjamin Moore Regal paint
  • Ben Waterborne paint
  • Benjamin Moore Muresco ceiling paint

The paints also differ in quality; you can choose different paint finishes, including flat, matte, eggshell, satin, semi-gloss, high-gloss, and pearl. In addition, you also can choose from different color collections and color families with each gallon.

The brand has up to 10 categories of color collections, including; Affinity, Benjamin Moore classics, Colors for vinyl, Designer classics, Williamsburg, Off-white, and Historical collections. Some Benjamin Moore paint color families include whites, neutrals, greys, yellows, oranges, reds, purples, blues, greens, and more.

Benjamin Moore is a brand to choose when you want an excellent paint job. But, while they offer these excellent paints, some can be quite expensive, which can affect your budget, especially when you want to cover a large area. Therefore, it is important to understand how different paint options like the type of stain, finish, and colors affect the price per gallon.

So, we will tell you how much different Benjamin Moore paints cost per gallon. To get started, we will look at the prices of the interior and exterior stains and the paint options you can choose from for each stain.

1. Benjamin Moore Interior Paint Offers

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If you have interior paint projects in the pipeline, you can choose between the different interior paints Benjamin Moore sells. The paints offered in this category include wall paints, ceiling paints, and bathroom paints. The paint prices per gallon range from $40 to $90, but different preferences can increase or decrease the cost.

All these interior paints are offered in thousands of color options. In addition, the paints come in different finishes ideal for different areas. For a better understanding, here are all the interior paints you can buy from Benjamin Moore;

a) The Benjamin Moore Aura interior paint line

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The Benjamin Moore Aura line has some of the company's most premium paints. As a result, you can pay as much as $90 per gallon.

That said, the Aura line is designed for beauty and perfection. Each gallon of paint is a powerful formula that comes in a deep, rich color. The paints adhere easily and you will only need a few coats to achieve a high-hide finish.

Aura paints are designed with a color-lock technology that makes the walls easy to clean with no paint rub-off. Here are the two Aura paints you can buy today;

  1. The Aura Waterborne Interior Paint. A gallon of this premium quality Benjamin Moore self-priming paint costs $89.99. It is available in four finishes plus thousands of colors to choose from. It is a low-VOC formula made with the color-lock technology for durability and can cover about 350-400 Sq. Ft.
  2. Aura Bath & Spa Waterborne Interior Paint. A gallon of this 2-in-1 paint and primer combo retails at around $89.99. The paint is designed for humid surfaces and thus comes in a matte and mildew-resistant finish. The paint also comes with odor-fighting features and is designed with color-lock technology for longevity.

b) The Benjamin Moore ceiling paints

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If you have a ceiling paint job, the Benjamin Moore ceiling line has the best paints you can use. Available with different features, the two types of ceiling paints cost around $40 to $55. The ceiling paints are also formulated with the Gennex Color Technology that guarantees zero fading for many years. These paints also come in deep, rich colors that will hide your ceiling imperfections for many years. Here are the two paint options you can use;

  1. The Benjamin Moore Waterborne Ceiling Paint. This paint gives an ultra-flat finish, and a gallon retails at around $54.99. You can choose your color from thousands of options, while the formula itself is zero-VOC and fade resistant. A gallon of paint can cover 400-450 sq. ft.
  2. The Benjamin Moore Muresco Ceiling Paint. This $41.99 per gallon offer is your best option if you are looking for flat-finish ceiling paint. It is available in many colors, is easy to apply with a roller, and offers great coverage. The paint can also reduce light glare to make your spaces more comfortable.

c) The Benjamin Moore Regal Select interior paint

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The Regal Select paint is the second most premium interior paint from Benjamin Moore. A gallon retails at around $74.99, and you can choose between five finishes; eggshell, matte, semi-gloss, pearl, and flat. Like other Benjamin Moore paints, the Regal Select is available in over 3500 color options and comes with zero VOC and low odor features.

It is also a self-priming paint that will reduce your budget if you want to avoid an expensive primer. In addition, this paint also contains mildew resistance features so that you can use it in basements and other humid walls. You can expect each gallon to cover 400-450 sq. ft. since you will only need to apply two coats on any surface.

The Regal Select paint is a stain-resistant formula designed with the company's Gennex Color Technology that prevents fading. As such, your walls will be easy to wipe clean while holding on to the rich colors for many years.

d) ben Waterborne Interior Paint

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As a novice painter, you will want to steer away from paints that dry up too soon once you open the paint can. Luckily, this budget ben Waterborne paint is designed for newbies with an extended open time. Also coming in over 3500 colors, a gallon retails at around $48.99.

This paint is available in four finishes, so you can apply it to different rooms and surfaces. In addition, the formula has odor-repelling features and is smooth, thus guaranteeing easy application and fast drying. Finally, it is a 2-in-1 paint and primer combo that is fade resistant and can offer excellent coverage over 400-450 sq. ft.

2. Benjamin Moore Exterior Paint Offers

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Do you have wooddecksfurniture, and other surfaces outside that need durable paint coats? If so, you can use any of two Benjamin Moore exterior paints whose prices range from $59 to $75 per gallon. As with other paint offers, your preferences, such as colors and finishes, can lead to higher prices.

The Benjamin Moore exterior paints are designed to withstand abuse from different weather patterns, so they are formulated with acrylic resin to improve longevity. As such, the paints are fade, crack, and peel-resistant, even in hot or cold conditions. You can also apply them in low temperatures as they guarantee excellent adhesion to different surfaces and are mildew resistant and easy to clean.

You can use these Benjamin Moore paints for your exterior painting project.

a) ben Waterborne Exterior Paint

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The Ben Moore exterior paint costs $59.99 per gallon. It is a 100% acrylic exterior paint that guarantees adhesion and durability after application. You can apply this paint on outdoor surfaces such as wood, shingles, aluminum siding, concrete, hardboard, and metal. In addition, the paint offers excellent coverage of over 350-475 sq. ft. per gallon.

It is also easy to apply due to its smooth consistency, which will not be an issue even at low temperatures of 35°F. Furthermore, the paint will set-to-the-touch in one hour, making it easy to add additional coats if necessary. This paint is formulated with the Gennex® Color Technology to guarantee fade resistance, which is quite an important feature for surfaces exposed to elements.

When buying the paint, you can choose from an extensive catalog of Benjamin Moore colors plus three finishes: flat, soft gloss, and low lustre. Finally, this paint will expel water as soon as 90 minutes after application and comes with a 25-year warranty from the manufacturer.

b) The Benjamin Moore Regal Select Exterior

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This premium Benjamin Moore Regal Select exterior paint starts retailing at $74.99. The paint is formulated with an advanced Gennex® Color Technology to prevent fading, while the formula's tinted finishes also offer excellent hide on all surfaces. You can apply the paint with a brush or roller or even use a paint sprayer.

The acrylic paint is 100% weatherproof, so it will not start fading, cracking, or peeling after application. In addition, applying it in low temperatures extends your painting season so you can easily cover larger surfaces. Finally, the paint comes with a mildew-resistant coating and many color options. If you want to nail your outcome, you can also choose your best finish from a flat, low luster, or soft gloss finish.

3. Benjamin Moore Primer

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While most Benjamin Moore paints are 2-in-1 paint and primer combos, it is always advisable to use a primer underneath your paint coats to guarantee better adhesion and paint durability. To achieve the best paint job, you can also get the Benjamin Moore All-Purpose primer, which retails for around $42.99.

The acrylic primer has a white base and guarantees high hide so your surfaces can adopt the rich colors you choose for your paint. In addition, it is easy to apply even for novice painters and has mildew resistance and low-VOC features to improve your spaces.

How to Determine Benjamin Moore Paint Cost

As with other paint brands like Sherwin Williams paint, you need to understand the different factors determining your favorite paint's cost. So, before buying any of Benjamin Moore's paints, you may need to pay attention to these three features.

a) Choose the best type of finish

A paint finish or sheen determines how shiny your paint job looks once you are done painting, which also refers to how pigmented your surfaces look. A high sheen is glossy or shinier, but it does not allow much pigmentation when painting, while a low sheen is not shiny but allows most pigmentation to come through your surfaces.

In addition to outlook, the finish determines the durability, ease of cleaning, and stain resistance. These factors ultimately affect how expensive a gallon of paint is.

For example, a flat sheen could make the cheapest gallon of paint and compliment your paint color better, but it is also the hardest to clean and least durable when considering stain or water resistance. On the other hand, a gloss or high-gloss finish will not allow deep paint pigment to come through, but the surfaces will be more weather and dirt-resistant, thus making the paints more durable.

b) Choose the best extra paint features

Apart from the finish, different surfaces also call for different paint features to improve your spaces. These extra features include mildew resistance, weather resistance, low-VOC features, and self-priming and cleaning features.

For instance, if you want to buy a gallon of paint for your bathroom, it would be best to use mildew-resistant paint to guarantee more durability. In addition, low-VOC paint is healthier with fewer paint fumes, while self-cleaning paint for exterior surfaces is repellent from dirt and water.

Before buying paint, it is good to remember that, while these extra features may make the gallons more expensive, they will ultimately save you more money in the future because you won't need to repaint your surfaces for years.

c) Use the Benjamin Moore paint calculator

Since the best Benjamin Moore paints are expensive, it is ideal to estimate how much paint you need for your project before buying. For this, you can use the Benjamin Moore calculator that estimates how many gallons you need depending on the surface area you need to paint.

However, remember the calculator may not be 100% accurate. For example, it calculates the estimates for applying two paint coats on a surface but does not factor in your applicator, e.g., paintbrush, sprayer, or roller.

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Brenda Nyawara

Brenda Nyawara is an editor at Archute. She is a graduate architect with a passion for edge-cutting ideas in design, fashion, art and modern world interests.
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