Gaming Room Ideas for an Epic Gaming Experience

Gaming Room Ideas for an Epic Gaming Experience

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Brenda Nyawara

Brenda Nyawara is an editor at Archute. She is a graduate architect with a passion for edge-cutting ideas in design, fashion, art and modern world interests.
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If you are into video games, you, most likely, have a special place to play – a gaming room. Or, you would like to have one. That would be your kingdom with your rules. 

The interior design will be essential for such rooms. Even if you aren’t going to stream on Twitch (and demonstrate your interiors to millions of followers), having the maximum comfort is necessary. What should you have in a gaming room? The computer, the monitor(s), the gaming chair, the speaker and the headphones – these come by default. What else? Let us consider it together. 

How to design the gaming room to feel comfortable and impress your visitors 

It all starts with defining the purpose of the room. You might dedicate it to video games only or add some physical activities like Billiards or Darts. You might want a more futuristic style or a more retro approach with old arcade-like machines. What if you find the chair from the “Millennium Falcon” on Amazon and decide to build the interior around it? Still, the heart of your gaming room is an entertainment center

Quality video gaming requires large screens and powerful devices – lots of devices. There are game consoles, CDs, and means of connecting to online gaming channels. You may need to install a router with a VPN – visit website to define which type you need for video games. While it is not a strict demand, making such technical precautions will ensure the absence of lagging during your gaming online, let alone grant access to the resources. 

And Entertainment center will carry all those items you want to use in your gaming – the screens, the consoles, the headphones, and all kinds of stands, etc. There are lots of ready-made centers in Ikea, or you may design yours from scratch. The style and color will depend on your preferences. And, it also depends on the chosen color scheme for the room. 

Color Schemes 

Colors are the most fundamental things for any design job. They prove to influence both our perception of the room and our feelings in that space. The home improvement routines usually start with color selections. 

  • White – adds visual space, allows you to play with various textures to make the interior more exquisite, and is perfectly combined with other colors. 

  • Gray – is the most common gaming room color. It is neutral and serves excellently as a background color for the brighter elements, arts, and collections. 

  • Blue – it is calm, professional, and you don’t even need to paint the walls or ceilings – you may get away with the LED lights. 

  • Green – is a perfect choice if you are an Xbox devotee. Various shades of green get combined with black, especially if you imply neon lights. 

  • Red – is a challenging option, and you'd better pick some home décor elements to add to more neutral backgrounds. The red room entirely is certainly too much. 

  • Black – the color adds a mystery and helps you focus better. Don’t forget to use the dark theme on your computer to protect your eyes (and apply the VPN for Chrome to keep access to the online game and protect your identity in a multi-user company!) 

Other elements to show the style and individuality 

You have chosen the color and installed the necessary items to play. But what about those additional things making your gaming room cozier? 

  • Wall Art. It depends, of course, but we find it great if the walls aren’t bare. Classic posters, modern arts, and even a picture of your kitty will be in place if they bring your more joy. 

  • Collectibles. You don't have to be a geek to collect the action figures of our favorite characters or various types of thematical merch. It seems that everyone collects them. And what can be a better place for them than your gaming room? 

  • Lights. If you are more into PC games, you should illuminate the keyboard, and console gamers use the overhead lightning usually. But the most essential role of lightning is helping you create an atmosphere to get your mind ready for moving into the gaming world. 

  • Pool, Darts, and Board games. If you like holding “game nights” with your friends, you may add more entertainment options. A large company will enjoy the change from World of Warcraft to Monopoly or a frame of pool. This way, your gaming room turns into a full-on entertainment space.  

And, of course, the price will also matter. You might pick ready furniture or use and modify some of your favorite pieces, you may paint the room yourself, or ask for help, and plenty of other factors impact the price of the modern gaming room. At least, the VeePN provides a free trial, so you can be sure to get smooth playing your favorite game without wasting any cent. 


The gaming room is a place where you spend hours. So, put your comfort into the focus and pick the home décor according to your tastes. But if you also feel like spending quality time with other people playing favorite games, why not make it more impressive to show your personality? 

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Brenda Nyawara

Brenda Nyawara is an editor at Archute. She is a graduate architect with a passion for edge-cutting ideas in design, fashion, art and modern world interests.