Best Quiet Garage Door Opener for All Garage Door Types

Ian Mutuli
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Ian Mutuli

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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With the best quiet garage door opener, your neighbors and everyone in the house will stop complaining about the loud noise when you open your garage door. Besides, no one, including yourself, likes opening their garage door and creating distractive noise. So a decent garage door opener should offer noise-free operation.

We have compiled the best quiet garage door openers to help you avoid complaints and sleep peacefully in case your bedroom is directly above the garage. The good thing is that you can use any of these openers on any garage door type.

Why Invest in a Quiet Garage Door Opener?

Some garage door openers are quite noisy and annoying when operating, and since a garage is part of the house, it's wise to invest in a quiet garage door opener. Besides, we all want to live in a house as quietly as possible.

With a quiet garage door opener, you can enjoy your sleep at night or napping without being bothered. Also, you won't be bothered while enjoying your favorite movie or TV show. In addition, you will live in peace with your neighbors that you share a wall.

Another reason why investing in a quiet garage door opener is that if your living space is directly above your garage, you won't experience vibrations from the garage, and your elderly or kids in the house will have peace of mind. Also, it is worth mentioning that quiet garage door openers use low energy so you will save on your electricity bills.

Now that we know why investing in the best quiet garage door openers is recommended; let's check out the best quiet garage door opener models to choose from.

1. Genie Ultra-Quiet Garage Door Opener, 7155-TKV

Genie 7155-TKV Smart Garage Door Opener StealthDrive...
  • STRONG AND QUIET: The Stealth Drive Connect smart garage door...
  • SMART GARAGE SYSTEM: This smart Stealth Drive Connect garage door...
  • BATTERY BACKUP INCLUDED: The Stealth Drive Connect garage door...
  • EASY TO INSTALL: This smart garage door opener features a strong...
  • WORKS ON: The Genie Stealth Drive Connect smart garage door...

Genie Garage Door Opener, 7155-TKV, has a 1.25 HPC DC motor connected to a steel-reinforced belt drive system making this unit ideal for heavy garage doors. Besides, the belt drive system is strong and effective; it minimizes noise by lowering vibration and friction. So, this is one of the best quiet garage door opener options, especially if your neighbor complains about your loud garage door since it operates quietly.

The unit integrates with the most common smart home automation systems. It works with Alexa, Google Home, Walmart InHome, SmartThings, and many more. You can open or close the garage door from anywhere with your phone or smart home device. Besides, you can still use remote control if you prefer keeping things old-school.

The garage door opener comes with a sturdy 5-piece rail system that conveniently snaps together for convenient installation. Also, this unit utilizes BILT intelligent 3D interactive instructions for an incredibly easy setup. On the other hand, the garage door opener comes with a backup battery for about 50 cycles of the door opening and closing during a power outage.


  • Easy installation and setup
  • Features backup battery, which is essential during a power outage
  • Comes with remote control for manual control options
  • Ultra quiet when in operation
  • The unit has smart technology that allows you to control it through smart home automation systems


  • Some users complain about the customer service.

2. Genie Chain Drive 2035-TKV Garage Door Opener

Genie Chain Drive 550 Garage Door Opener, Heavy Duty...
  • RELIABLE, DURABLE OPERATION: The Genie Chain Drive 550 garage...
  • EASY TO INSTALL: The Chain Drive 550 garage door opener is...
  • HOMELINK AND CAR2U COMPATIBLE: Out-of-the-box this Genie garage...
  • GARAGE DOOR ACCESSORIES: The Genie Chain Drive 550 garage door...
  • STANDARD FEATURES INCLUDE: Safe-T-Beam Non-contact reversing...

If you are looking for a heavy-duty garage door opener, count on the Genie Chain Drive 2035-TKV. The unit has a heavy-duty chain drive system that encourages long-lasting stable operation. Unfortunately, although the garage door opener operates silently, it's not one of the quietest garage door openers on the list.

The unit has a 0.5 HP DC motor. Besides, the garage door opener has a strong 5-piece rail system that conveniently snaps together without requiring extra hardware. This makes it easy to install. Also, no cables are needed when installing it.

Furthermore, the Genie Chain Drive 2035-TKV features a wireless keypad for accessing the garage door with a PIN, two pre-programmed 3- button remotes, and a multi-purpose wall console with a vacation lock and light control button.


  • Easy to install and set up
  • It comes with a light control button
  • Features a wireless keypad for accessing the garage door with a PIN


  • Not quite quiet as you would expect

3. Skylink ATOMS ATR-1611C Chain Drive Garage Door Opener

ATOMS ATR-1611C By Skylink 1/2HPF Garage Door Opener...
  • Powerful DC motor provides extremely quiet operations compared to...
  • Durable chain drive delivers reliable performance
  • 12W LED built-in to the garage door opener for long-lasting...
  • Soft start and stop gradually accelerates to full speed and slows...
  • Compatible with Backup Battery Model BA-100 (sold separately)

Skylink Atoms ATR-1611C features a powerful 0.5 HP DC motor that offers extremely quiet operations than other residential garage door openers with AC motors. Also, the unit has a durable chain drive which delivers reliable performance. Conversely, there is a 12W built-in bulb on the garage door opener for illumination, especially at night.

When installing, I used a 7-foot sectional rail (included in the package) and then passed the chain over the rail. I noticed a slow start and stop feature on the garage door opener, which is essential in reducing the wear and tear of the motor and its components. Another thing that I find worth mentioning is that operating the unit is much easier. I use Skylink internet Hub HU-100 to control and operate it.

Though the unit doesn't include a backup battery and internet hub, you can buy them separately. On the other hand, the unit features rolling code technology which generates a unique code with each remote click. With this technology, no uninvited guest can make an entry into your garage since the code changes with every click.


  • Easy to install and setup
  • One of the best quietest garage door opener options to invest in
  • Features built-in LED light for illumination, especially at night
  • The unit comes with safety features such as the rolling code technology


  • It doesn't come with a backup battery.

4. Chamberlain Ultra-Quiet Smart Garage Door Opener, B970T

Chamberlain B970T Smart Garage Door Opener with Battery...
  • Smart garage door opener comes with built-in myQ technology to...
  • Battery backup: Ensures safe replacement ins-and-outs even during...
  • Ultra-quiet & strong belt drive: Steel-reinforced belt drive and...
  • Powered by Chamberlain’s Max Lift Power System, the B970...
  • Superior range: Includes 2 3-button remote controls that let you...

Chamberlain B970T is a smart garage door opener that uses belt-driven technology, contributing to its quiet operation. Besides, it has reinforced stability from high-grade materials. On the other hand, this garage door opener features a powerful motor system ( 1.25 HP), so you can use it on any garage door. Furthermore, the garage door opener operates with minimum vibration and can lift and close the door, regardless of how heavy the door is.

I love the quietness when this garage door opener operates; it's definitely worth the money. Since it's a smart garage door opener, I use the myQ app to conveniently open, close, or monitor the door's status. Besides, I never worry about forced entries because the unit usually uses a strong encryption system to boost security and prevent breaches.

This unit has a battery backup handy in a power outage. That means you can still open the garage even if the power is out. However, the Chamberlain B970T garage door opener is not all perfect. For example, I noticed that the unit struggles to detect low Wi-Fi signals. But, if you ensure the Wi-Fi signal in your garage is strong enough or you have a Wi-Fi extender signal, this won't be an issue for you.


  • The unit operates silently
  • Features backup battery
  • Has strong security encryption
  • The unit features safety sensors (the motion detector light)


  • The myQ app allows only one user.

5. Chamberlain Smart Garage Door Opener, B1381T

Chamberlain B1381T Smart Garage Door Opener- Battery...
  • See your garage in a new light: Corner to corner lighting, smart...
  • Smart garage control: Open and close your garage door from...
  • Max lift power system-1. 25 HPS: Delivers the highest lifting...
  • Battery backup: Keep your garage door accessible even during...
  • Ultra-quiet & strong belt drive: Steel-reinforced belt drive and...

If you're looking for the best garage door openers with lighting, we recommend the Chamberlain B1381T. The unit features 3 LED lights (100 lumens) that are handy in illuminating your garage at night. It is a steel-reinforced belt drive opener built with high-grade materials making it durable. Furthermore, the unit is powered by a 1.25 HP motor. The motor power system allows smooth performance without vibrations, hence lower noise.

The unit is compatible with standard garage doors up to 7 ft. Conversely, using and operating the garage door opener is very easy. I use the myQ app on my smartphone to open and close my garage door from anywhere. Since the garage door opener has safety sensors, I never worry about uninvited entries.

Besides using the voice control function by connecting it with Alexa or Google Home, you can use the remote control that comes with the garage door opener. The package includes battery backup, a wireless keypad with security 2.0 encryption, full-function wall control, another three-button remote, and safety sensors.


  • Easy to use and operate
  • Comes with lighting
  • The unit operates silently
  • Has strong security encryption


  • Smart home integration requires a separate subscription fee.

6. Chamberlain Smart Garage Door Opener, B1381T

Genie QuietLift Connect Model 3053-TKV...
  • ULTRA-QUIET OPERATION: The Genie QuietLift Connect is an...
  • EASY TO INSTALL: This smart garage features a strong 5-piece rail...
  • ¾ HPC POWER: The DC motor will smoothly and quietly lift a...
  • Can be used for any brand door opener

Genie QuietLift 3053-TKV features a 0.75 HPC DC motor. The motor can easily lift a sectional garage door to a maximum height of 7 feet and up to 500 lbs. Besides, the steel reinforced belt drive system is responsible for the silent operation and adds strength and durability. If you are looking for the best garage door opener that's affordable, durable, and operates silently, count on this unit.

The garage door opener features integrated Aladdin Connect technology, allowing you to open, close, or monitor your garage door from wherever you are with your phone. Besides, you can operate the garage door with voice control using Alexa, Google Assistant, or the Aladdin Connect app. Also, you know when the garage door is open without your knowledge. I find operating this unit easy and fun.

The unit comes with a sturdy 5-piece rail system that conveniently snaps together for convenient installation. Besides, the package includes two pre-programmed 3-button remotes, a multi-function wall console, and a wireless keypad.


  • Easy to install and set up
  • It comes with an affordable price tag
  • The unit features safety sensors (the motion detector light)
  • Quiet when in operation


  • It doesn't come with a backup battery.

How to Fix Loud Garage Door Opener

Here are the main ways to deal with garage door opener problems.

1. Lubricate essential parts

One of the main reasons your garage door opener is loud when operating is because some of its parts are rubbing against each other. So first, determine which component of the garage door opener makes noise when you open or close the door. Then, lubricate all those components to reduce the friction.

2. Tighten the bolts and nuts

Another reason why your garage door opener is noisy is due to loose bolts and nuts. To tighten them, use a wrench and socket. However, avoid overtightening them since they support the entire structure of the garage door opener.

When tightening the bolts and nuts, we recommend following safety precautions; one of them is having someone help you. Also, ensure no one opens the garage door as you work on the opener.

3. Regular maintenance

Regular maintenance will prevent the garage door opener from making a loud noise and increase the lifespan. First, we recommend cleaning all the components of your opener. Then, tighten nuts and bolts and lubricate all the parts. Finally, lubricate the opener every two to three months. And the good thing is that you can do the maintenance on your own; there is no need to hire an expert.

Factors to Consider Before Buying the Best Quiet Garage Door Opener

1. Types of transmission

i). Belt Drive Opener

Belt drive openers work like a bicycle's metal chain. However, the motion of a trolley is produced by the motor rather than the bicycle wheel spinning. Besides, the belt is usually made of rubber, fiberglass, or steel-reinforced.

The good thing with a belt is that there will be a reduction in noise since the belt smoothens the operations and absorb vibration. Besides, there's no metal-metal contact because of the rubber coating. However, a belt drive opener is more expensive than other openers, such as chain drive openers.

ii). Chain Drive Opener

The chain drive and belt drive openers use the same mechanism. It uses a chain in place of the belt. The trolley is connected to your garage door, and each time the trolley goes along the chain, it will pull out the door and open it. Conversely, the garage door will close when you "push in."

Chain driven system is a cost-effective option if you are looking for an affordable one. Also, installation is simple. On the other hand, the opener is durable and reliable. However, since most parts are made of metal, it tends to be noisy when in operation. And because we are looking for the best quiet garage door openers, chain drive openers are not the ideal option.

iii). Direct Drive Opener

A direct drive opener uses the same mechanism as chain drive openers. However, the motor is usually in motion instead of the chain, while the chain is stationary. You usually attach the motor to the garage door. And the motor pushes or pulls the door as it moves along the rail. They operate quietly. So, if you are looking for the best quietest garage door opener, this is the model.

iv). Screw Drive Opener

The screw drive opener has a threaded rod that revolves when the motor is running. You attach the trolley to the garage door and fasten it to the rod when installing. Besides, when in operation, the threaded rod ("screw") turns, making the trolley move away from the door and open. On the other hand, the opposite rotation of the threaded rod will make the trolley move towards the door and close it.

Although not as quiet as the belt drive system, you can count on it when looking for the best quiet garage door opener. Since there is no chain, the system operates silently; however, it slowly pries your garage door open. Besides, screw requires less room. And because of its size, it's a unique option for a garage with a low ceiling space. Another thing is the screw drive system is more affordable than chain or belt garage openers.

2. Power

Before buying the best quietest garage door opener, consider the power of the opener. Power requirements provide you with information you need to know about the device's reliability. Most garage door openers don't require professional installation, you only plug them in a power socket, and you are good to go.

3. Motor

The motor usually determines how much weight the opener can pull. The good thing is that most garage door openers can lift virtually any garage door. However, when discussing speed, power does often play a role. A garage door opener should be able to open your garage door faster. The more horsepower and torque it has, the faster it should be.

4. Safety features

Most garage door openers have important safety features, such as a rolling code that helps prevent any hacker from intercepting the code transmitted between the remote and the garage door. Also, the garage door openers feature lock mode, which enables you to lock your garage while you are away, and only you can unlock it when you return.

5. Price

Check the price tag when shopping for the best garage door openers. We recommend going for the cheaper opener with advanced features. However, the quietest garage door openers tend to be costly, especially those that use belt drive technology. That said, don't allow the price to compromise the quality you are looking for. Again, look for the options within your budget.

6. Additional features

Modern garage door openers usually come with different additional features. So, when looking for the best quiet garage door opener, here are some features to look for:

  • Backup battery -A backup battery is essential, especially in a power outage and if you want to make your system power-independent. On the other hand, if you don't experience power outages frequently. A garage door opener with no backup battery will still be enough.
  • LED lights - Going for an opener with LED lights is a plus. Some garage door openers have lights that serve as the garage's main light source.
  • Control through the phone - This feature is handy because you can control your garage anywhere. For instance, you can provide access to a delivery guy while you are away from home.
  • Multiple remotes - Having extra remotes is important. An extra remote comes in handy, especially when you break the other one, forget it, or run out of battery.
  • Keyless entry pad - Has a control panel that enables locking the garage door using a code.
Ian Mutuli

About the author

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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